Abdullah Oduro – Nightly Reminder 18-10-2023

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various political and media topics, including recent terrorist attacks and the recent "has been a lie" story. They also touch on the significance of "has been a lie" labels and the use of "has been a lie" language in world events. The conversation includes discussions on the use of Rhetoric and Media to demonstrate actions, including a photo of Katherine and a man named Hope. The segment ends with a call to review history and the media's weight on Muslims and the world.
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is where after the fourth Rakhi or after the last Rakhi you stand and you make dua that is we're very familiar with that with Ramadan, and it's offered in winter

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and in this particular situation, it is called coluzzi and naskila and nasbla means that which has descended we see the Quran is Munna, Zelle. So Nigella is that particular catastrophe or that as a current affair that is a detriment on Islam and Muslims in general. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is recording in Bukhari that he would make connotes a Nigella you make cool notes, and Nazir if it was a DUA, or coming up after the second raka or the last Rica and he will offer dua after the last record Salah and it's recorded that he would offer in every salah, you will find in particular methods particularly the Hanafi method, they will say that that is monsoon is abrogated. So you may

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see you grew up in it was never particularly done you go to a masjid, where they're offering in every salah. It is a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he would offer do our analysis and you will find particular with the chef or he or they'll say that it is after slots and Fajr slots and Fajr in any case, offering quotes and any Salah is Sunnah, particularly if there is a catastrophe and obviously what is going on right now may last month Allah protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine may protect the ordinary Muslims that are hanging Muslims of Sudan and Muslims, the Nigerian Muslims in Nigeria, the Muslims in Afghanistan, the Muslims in Morocco,

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the Muslims in Libya and places that are not that we do not know of when I'm guarantee you that there are some that we do not know of.

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So that is the first thing I want to just confirm and bring us ease Inshallah, because I heard that some people didn't know and Subhan Allah wasn't announced and that's my fault that I didn't announce it but it is a phablet sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The second point that I want to bring about is those who know. So

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those of you that are on our WhatsApp group.

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I've been sending a lot of videos and I think it's important that we sit with our children. This is a demonstrate that we sit with our children. And watch some of these videos. There's one particular video that there was a comedian. I don't know if you saw the Adam comedian

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Hamdulillah. At the beginning of the video, he said he use some vulgar language, but it's probably the one of the best

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Piers Morgan I mean, May Allah guide Piers Morgan because he's interviewed three people. He interviewed Muhammad hijab, which was phenomenal. Phenomenal. He cut off his time only gave him 22 minutes, but he gives Ben Shapiro 45 minutes and lets him give.

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But it's okay. Muhammad, Your phenomenal job. I advise you to watch it with your children and any anything that he says you just don't know. Go and research it. Okay. The second one he did with

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was Bassam Yusuf Islam.

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That's probably the best one, because he touched on a point that I was wondering why the rest of the people wouldn't touch on it. It was two things. The first thing is you'll see that a lot of the questions will say, Do you condemn what, what the terrorist group is doing?

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And you will find that pursuit particularly Hassan's omelette was the third interview, he would not answer the question. He would not acknowledge and say, Yes, I condemn and then move on. You'll find number that they won't say yes, I could. They will move on. But he was sad. He said yes. Okay, I condemn them. They're terrible. Okay, what's next? What about the Muslims in the West Bank?

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Where are they? Football eternity. Kefar, Yanni hulless. Parrish, Roy had nothing to say it was a moment of silence. Not a moment of silence for the for the disease. It was a moment because he had nothing to say. He's saying you're talking about what's going on in Gaza? Yes. Okay. Terrible. What about the Muslims in the West Bank? tration of Wirecast.

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A nice, I don't have to answer this question. But then right after that, then right after that.

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Sam asked him another question. And he answers the question. It was very clear that Subhan Allah and then who some some logist particularly pardon my French, he gave him the business like, totally just annihilated him for the third time. Because there's times I'm like, give the definition of terrorist state. And then he said, and he said, Okay, is this a terrorist? I couldn't answer the question. He gave the definition of terrorism, the international law definition of terrorism of Wirecast. And then he just put this if the shoe fits, wear it couldn't answer the question. Brothers and sisters, I highly implore you to, to watch these interviews, probably not this time use if you're an adult,

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watch it. But the other ones, please watch them because it's very important. It's very, very important to understand, particularly in this situation, revisionist history, who knows what I mean by revisionist history.

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And I'm going to be quick who knows what I mean by revisionist history.

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Is it done?

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ministration of Wirecast

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you recall what happened in history in before the current time to remind them. Look, this is what happened in the past. That's why what's going on? That's why what is happening in the future is happening. You're revising historical events that give you a clearer context of the current affair. You understand. So when they start from October 7, what happened, which was a catastrophe demonstration, but it didn't just start there. This started way after World War One.

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When the British and the French caught up, okay, where they just deceived them. And then they took and then they took Palestine, all the way going to the Balfour Declaration, then to Subhanallah the Six Day War, then moving on to

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Subhanallah Nakba. If you have you looked at how many of you looked up Nicki Minaj necklace.

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Okay, and Sharla I hope there's one day within the week that all of us including the youth know what neck bass lie It's the hack of the listens and those impossible for us to know exactly what that is, because that was probably the worst day I think is May 15. And what 1987 1947 1947 1947 That is a very important day for all of us as Muslims to know because you will understand get a very good context in this and I want to mention one small point in the chapter of Shuara in regards to if revisionist history in the US only take three minutes to Sharla figure out

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figure out

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is speaking to Musa when Musa returned from Medion

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when Musa was around 40 Okay because Allah says one of my Bella got a student who was still attending recruitment when man what can I can say, I lost Putana toxin, which when he reached the age of discernment, the age of puberty, the age of strength and wholeness. That's when he went to Medion because Musa was fleeing from Egypt. Why did he flee from Egypt? Who knows demonstration because he accidentally

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killed someone very good. He fluid somebody and he stayed there fled somebody and he stayed there for how many years? Who knows roughly

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very good 10 years, and then he got married to the individual, the man that some say was straight, but that's less than majority opinion. He got married to her then he came back on his way back what happened?

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He became a prophet. So he became a prophet or on the age of 14.

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They only became Prophet he came back to Egypt and this is when everything took place with the magician's with for our watch Allah subhanho wa Taala says here,

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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we're in that dialogue book isn't Rob Booker in rabuka Musa until Homer volume in and when when your Lord called on Moses to go to the oppressors call with their own Elia tekun to go to the people for an owner asked him a layup took one Do they not fear Allah? Allah Musa said Robbie in a half way you can reborn oh my oh my lord, I am scared that they will belie me. We will be considering whether young people when they're young, particularly Sandy for other silly Isla Harun and my chest to become tight and I will not be able to speak clearly so soon with me how to and then he says and they have they have a crime upon me that one of whom they get some boon for a harmful and they have

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a crime. They know what I did before. They know that I killed him in and I fled. This is what they have upon me. So I'm afraid that they're going to kill me. And then he says, color color forever be 18 And this is important. Allah says can

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go with our signs forever big in America, Mr. Moon, verily We are with you. And we are listening. This is what we should say in sha Allah The people in Philippine are saying this at the moment we're like this versus company after this last month ISIS foot TF your own if Akula in Naira suitable for both of you. Go to your own and say that we are the messengers of the Ebola alameen and Ursula and ebene Israel to let Bani Israel eel go with us then here. This is what Iran says listen closely then we're in here to three minutes. Call an alumna Rebecca fina when he then we're left with the Phenom in Ramadi Cassini listen to a few hours saying who says coming back for our season? He says alum

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neurotic afina where he didn't didn't You didn't we raise you as a boy

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when a bit tough enough he or more like us and you stayed with us for a long period of time.

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well for identify, let's say Colette if antamina carefully. Now fit around is using Rhetoric and Media to demonstrate people around him he's

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painting a picture using particular words particular words he's using and the media does this very well condone terrorists right he says we're fighter to fight let's a calamity for Delta.

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He says and you did this action that you this action that you have done he doesn't even say what it was he says in this terrible X file to fat let's say collective Altia is like a you did this doing this terrible doing of this act. One terminal caffeine. He called him a caffeine. What do you think he means here by Katherine?

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What do you think he means it by Katherine?

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Harris, no.

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Traitor, but well.

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no, he was the linguistic meaning of caffeine means the one that's ungrateful, the one that denies the favors. So far, I say, look, we've done all this for you. And you're from the caffeine you are someone that is not grateful. Now everyone's thinking, oh, yeah, he fit around. He raised Him 30 years, and he's so ungrateful. He killed a person. He's coming back. And he's telling us he's telling for artists, we should go with him. And in fact, I want to say that's the picture for an artist. But look at what Musa says.

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Call her out to her. Even What anime not balling. He said I did it and verily iron from ambolyn here can mean not misguided, but mistaken. I didn't mean to do it. He admits it by then he says, For all two men come Lemma 15 for whatever li rugby hookman wa Jalla Nieminen mursaleen and he says after this is important, she says what till connect Mattoon, tamandua Alia and Abeta Bani Israel in Sophiatown gives revisionist history for our saying, Oh, you're back, and you did this terrible acts. And you stayed with us. We raise you for 30 years, and you killed someone, you're coming back and you are so ungrateful. You're telling me to give you B'nai Israel, what's wrong with you? Musa

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says La La La La La La La La La. La. Musa says here, in this this nightmare, you're talking about this scenario you're talking about to maneuver our lair to Manohar lair. monad, means you're trying to mention your favorites. This is an impermissible as press you say I've done this, we gotta do that. We know this is impermissible in essence, because it's ultimately a law that's giving you faculty to do so. So Musa saying, Oh, this net me you're talking about the you are bragging that you have done for me? The reality

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that what you really did is an I bet to Benny Israel,

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that you enslaved Benny Israel, how? Because how did Musa end up with Freon in the first place?

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How did Musa end up with Fernando in the first place? Who knows?

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Because fear Allah was killing the boys. Any one one year he will kill the baby boys. And then the next year he would he would leave them. So mooses mother put him in a box and left him in the river.

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And then Musa drifted and fit her out and found him but fit Alan's wife not fit around, found would have killed him. For Alan's wife said should we not take him and nurtured him. So this is very important because Musa alayhis salam use revisionist history and rebuked fitted out in that regard. And you see that with these three interviews will lie

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and that's what I advise you muslim brothers and sisters to do because now with a lot of the flooding of the news and the media mashallah you see the Muslims and the youth mashallah May Allah bless them. They're sharing these videos, they're sharing what's going on, they're going out there being peaceful, but they're letting their words be known. And it's bringing pressure, pressure with integrity, with respect with honor, but just saying we want to play on an even playing field. Yes, what was done was wrong. But let's not forget our history or the history of this blessing country. So the last point I'll make us of those that consistently call on him sit on what Allah Ania in

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secret and an open may last month Allah make us a laws that are dedicated to the cause of Islam and the Muslims malice from Allah protect beta muck this may protect the beta mock this in quotes the last month Allah protect all of the weak that are around the world may Allah make us more diligent in understanding the current affairs and tying it back to his beautiful book sort of law with some of our convener Muhammad whether it was just like luck

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