Sins are the real Cancer

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The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Xena purifies a woman named Emad and leads her to death. She tells them that she wants to be forgiven from her mistake and that everyone has a chance to solve problems the end of the day as small as down 20, you have a chance to solve problems. The woman is the end of the day as small as down 20, you have a chance to solve problems.

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You will never ever value and appreciate the gift of forgiveness until you understand how huge Your sins are.

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And I repeat that so you can understand you will never, ever value and see the value of forgiveness unless you understand how huge Your sins are and how big of an obstacle there

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are salami says man Swami Rama bon Emad and rocky seven Warfield Allahu Mehta Cardamom in Zambia. Ramadan is an opportunity to be forgiven from your sins. But what I'm saying is you will never appreciate this gift until they understand how huge your sins

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until you recognize how much you are in need of a lost me forgiveness.

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sins are an issue and the people of the past used to see their sin, getting it used to blind them. The one sin used to blind them. They were so bothered by it, they couldn't even move in life anymore.

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Do you hear the story of this lady that came through Salalah sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And she said the other Sula, la mina, Xena, a woman in the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we can learn a lot from this woman. She came in she said the auto Salalah purify me from a Xena meaning implement a laws law upon me because I committed Xena

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fadnavis Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he turned away from her. An indication to the fact that go make it over. Don't come to me. Fake it over low think if you don't come.

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She insisted. She's back in front of his face. But here Nia Rasul Allah purify me. So then in the vehcile, Allahu alayhi wa sallam He attended to her. And he said, Go and give birth and come back. Give birth, that's nine months. She gave birth she came back.

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to her, go and look after this child.

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That is just newborn he needs his mother

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had the mercy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So she goes, she breastfeeds him. She wins him. After two years he is able to walk on his own. She comes to them and in the boy or in the kids and there is a piece of bread and implication to that look at all I can look after himself. Now he's eating by himself and he's walking. So the hidden he claims me. This is two E's plus three plus one, three E's. She's bothered because of one sin.

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Chica movie life, purify me.

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People today when they are diagnosed with sickness, may Allah azzawajal give us a long life with good health. But there are people that are diagnosed with a sickness, cancer, let's see what he has.

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And he's bothered by his sickness. If you ask him, what's the biggest problem in life, my cancer.

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But did we know that the sin should bother you more than cancer?

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The same is the cancer. Because the cancer, the sickness, if you remain patient, it's gonna clean your sins. With the law you'll meet a lot of pure on the Day of Judgment. But until your sin is the actual cancer, what's going to cleanse you from that? If you don't rush to take and seize these opportunities Allah gives us what's going to happen from the vessel Allahu alayhi wa sallam implemented allows law upon her

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and they stone her to death and some of her blood came on one of the companions and he Costa fanime sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said do not curse her. She made a Toba that if this Stover was to be divided among 70 people of El Medina, it would have been enough for them.

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Last or she loved her and accepted her tober. Why? Because she understood how huge the scene was. She was worried and terrified. How am I going to stand before a law on the day of judgment

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and be questioned about the Zener I'm not gonna say

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she's not ready. She's not ready to stand before along with the sin.

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And to my brother and he said, What sin do you have in life? Have you ever thought? How are you going to answer to alarm the day of judgment? When you stand before Him? And you asked about your sins? Allah azza wa jal, he told

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me. He tells us how the state of a servant would be when a law is questioning him. When Allah azza wa jal makes him acknowledge his sins.

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For you oddly for whom we don't obey,

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Allah azza wa jal would begin to mention to you your sin. He did he do such and such

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On such and such date, and you say yes, yes

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or no who holla

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until the servant Javon, meaning is sudden, he's destroyed.

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The servant would suddenly suddenly be well on shore. He's going john Ross undestroyed. In the resource lm is telling us that the state of the one being questioned by Allah would be like this.

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Then a law with his mercy and His blessing. At the end, he says to him, settle to her alayka dunya. I covered your sins in this life, while your mouth

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and today I forgive you for your sins.

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Mr. Humala, they set a condition for your sins to be forgiven on that day is settled like that you keep it covered, that you keep it covered. You don't speak about it. The one who covers the sin, there is a chance that a large social would forgive him on the Day of Judgment, and it made him into the paradise.

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This is the problem my brothers, our sins. Don't look at any worldly problem. worldly problems can be solved. But you can solve them eventually the end of the day as biggest as small as down 20 you have a problem by yourself, since no one's gonna solve that for you. No one can solve it for you. You're the only person to solve it. How many times have you begged the Lord to forgive you?

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Alone foon to Hepburn alpha alpha alpha. Now how many times have you said it? How many times