Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 106A Translation Al-Tawbah 53-63

Taimiyyah Zubair
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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the huddle on a Sunday and out of Sunni Hill Karim Allah vata are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Beshara Lee Saudi where Sidley Emery will handle rock data melissani of coho Cody openers in our in my

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lesson number 106 surah. Two Toba is number 53 to 63 Translation

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don't say unphysical you all spend Thorin willingly

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Oh or girl Han unwillingly learn never Utako Bella, it will be accepted. Men come from you. In ACOEM indeed you consume you all were a woman or people first you lean, want to disobey once across limits.

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Warmer and not men are home, it prevented them. I'm that to Kabbalah. It is accepted, men whom from them never call to whom their spendings in law except under home in the day, care for rue de disbelieved. Billahi with Allah will be Rasul Li and with His Messenger wanna and not yet tuna they come a solid to the salah to the prayer Illa except where whom while they go Salah are ones who are lazy.

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When Allah and Nora you and Fiona they spend Illa except we're home while they carry Hoon ones who dislike fella so it should not throw a gibca it amaze you and while home their wealth their properties wala and Nora Ola the home their children in nama indeed not but you redo he wants Allahu Allah Lee or dibba home so that he punishes them, be her with it. fee in and higher the life of dunya of the world. What does her car and it passes away it departs and foster home their souls were home while they get your own ones who disbelieve

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were actually foreigner and they swear belay by Allah in the home in the de la min come shortly from you warmer while not home, they may come from you when I came home, but they are one of people who have raccoon they fear they are afraid.

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Low if Yoji Duna they find manager in a place of refuge. Oh or Mahabharata in caves o or muda holen place of entrance lava low surely they will turn la towards it while home while they Yajima Hoon they flee

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woman whom and from them man who yell Mizuka he accuses you he criticizes you fee concerning a sada caught the charities. For in so if or at all they were given men her from it horrible they were pleased. We're in and if lamb not your oppo, they are given men her from it either then home they yes her tone they are enraged.

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wallow and if unknown indeed de Raju they were pleased MA with what other home he gave them. Allahu Allah. What I saw Liu and his messenger will call you and they said has been a sufficient for us. Allahu Allah. So you Dina will soon he gave us Allah who Allah men from Ferb li his bounty whare Zulu and this messenger in that indeed we enter to Allah He Allah Raha Boon one to turn

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in nama indeed not but a sadaqa to the sadaqa the charities linfoot Cara are for the poor ones, while masa keen and those who are needy, well Emmeline, and those who were, or lay her upon it, while 1130 and those who are joined the noble home their hearts were fee and in a record the freeing of the next or the freeing of the slaves will all remain and the indebted ones were fee and in severely way Allah He of Allah

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Where Binney and son are Seville of the way for the Latin a duty and obligation, men from Allah He Allah, when Allah Who and Allah or Lehmann always all knowing Hakeem, and always always

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women whom and from them Alladhina those who you don't they hurt, and be here, the Prophet, where your coluna and they say, who are he isn't an ear

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Ponce with an ear Hayden is best Lacan for you. You may know he believes bIllahi min Allah while you may know and he believes level Momineen for the believers. Well Ramadan and immersi the ladina for those who are Manu, they believed men come from you. When Medina and those who you don't or they hurt Rasul Allah messenger Allah He of Allah, La home for them, are there been a punishment a Lehman painful?

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Usually funa they swear Billahi by Allah, La con for you, Leo Bukom. So that they please you will Allah Who and Allah wa rasuluh and His Messenger or Haku are more deserving and that you know who they place him in if Ghana they were meaning ones who believe

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and um, did not yet ultimo they know and know who that indeed he man who you had it he opposes Allah Allah wa sunnah who and his messenger for and then indeed LA who for him Naira fire Jehan nama of * hardly than one who abides eternally he had in it vaniqa that is the humiliation under Aleem the great

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we listen to the recitation of these if

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people call one

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of them

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he won't be on so all he wants

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wire Khalifa

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on language

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me let me zoom

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on one

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has gone a long way

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you logging

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what did

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he mean

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he was doing this me that he wanted me he was

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liking what I mean

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the yellow Apple owner who I

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don't know how come you may know you are you? Meaning you may know

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me mentally

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any game yesterday

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buco more lawsuit Oh How are you

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meaning LM yeah

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then he can he's you lovely

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