Tawfique Chowdhury – 03 Of 12 Journey Through The Hereafter

Tawfique Chowdhury
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smilla rahmanir rahim Alhamdulillah horrible alameen wa Kiba today Mata Ki wala quwata illa. Allah volley me, well I shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allahu Allah and Allah

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wa shadow Mohammed Abu hora solo Allah He after the salata, Mata slain Welcome brothers and citizen Islam to our gardens of peace to this Muslim Cemetery in UK.

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Last episode, we had taken this really important question that we all have to answer and that is the moment of our death. Today we will be talking about this amazing thing. And this is something that we'll all go through the first night in our grave.

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Once we sort of lost it alone, how to set it up so a procession of people passing by and they were carrying a dead body as they were taking the dead body to the grave at that point. He mentioned something very interesting. He said in this authentic hadith in Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, he said Mr. Mustafa Han almost around Minho. This person will either be someone who will rest or people will rest from him, or her. At that point, the companions were amazed by that answer and said, jasola, what do you mean by that? So that point was sort of last, Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, perhaps this person is a righteous person. And if he's a righteous person, then indeed he is going to his abode

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of dwelling and peace and rest. So he will rest in his grave, after this toil and hardship in this life. And if and if he was an evil person, then all of creation, the heavens and the earth, the the, the trees, the plants, the animals will all rest from his evil and from his sin. The question that we should ask each other today is, are we from the people who will rest in our grave? Or people will have rest from us? Are we from those people who are righteous? Or are we from those people who are the sinful transgressors? I remember Subhanallah when I was in Makkah, and we used to get up for fudger prayer, and we'd go for fudger prayer. And the advantage would be given we would would pray

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Our Father, and then we would hear that, that sound that that call, again, that would send a chilly shiver through my spine from head to toe, and I would hear a Salatu al Meteor Hamdulillah, the prey upon the deceased, the prey upon the deceased, may Allah have mercy upon you. And then I would see the precession of people bringing in the dead bodies in front of us shrouded in green, in front of the Imam ready to pray, the last prayer that would ever be preyed upon this person. Then thereafter, suddenly, as soon as the Imam had finished, people will grab the dead body and would rush towards towards the, the the graveyard, graveyard would receive handler, and they would walk so fast, then

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you just could not follow them, you would have to run nearly to really just catch up with them. What is the hurry? What is the Hurry, the hurry is, we want this person to die, the rest of you want us to have rest from this person. So hard unless such is the reality of the grave. Once Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on a horse, and it came to a series of graves from the graves of the disbelievers in Medina, that were buried in Medina, and his horse that he was on. When he came near the graves, the horse started to jump up and down, and nearly three or four Lassila low and it's a little off the horse. At that point, also less of the law, while you send them said, in the home

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law, you as demand, verily, they are being punished, they are being punished, they are being punished. And he said in this authentic hadith, he said in a double kabarak Verily, the punishment of the grave is a true matter. The punishment of the grave is a true matter. My beloved friends sometimes sometimes when you hear about the stories of the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu. When you hear about the stories, you think somehow you're amazed Why so much dedication, why so much fear of Allah why spend the nights in crying so much? Why spend the nights in prayer will lie when you come to the graveyard? Then you know why? When you come to the graveyard, you know some handler why,

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yesterday, when I had completed my shooting of one of the episodes of this series, you know, I had this tremendous feeling that Subhan Allah, what is all this about? What is all this life's about? had difficulty eating my food last night. I had difficulty going to sleep and Subhanallah I urge you, my beloved friends.

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Come to the graveyard comm and have a look. Look at where all the all the graves are being dug and have a look. Where is your place going to be? Is this grave that is being dug? Is that your place? Or is that my place? So Panama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in that beautiful Hadith he said, verily, if you were to know what I know, you would laugh less. And you would cry more. Verily lo talamona alum, or people if you were to know what I know, you would cry a lot. And you would love very little. What is he talking about? He's talking about the reality of the first night in the grave of our life in the grave before we go to the tremendous day of the hereafter.

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It is for this reason why the companions was struggled so much, we strive so much for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, in order to ask Allah to have mercy upon the day in which they will be entering into the grave when the reality will start. Sometimes we think when we read about the Day of Judgment, we think that's, you know, another day of judgment. That is a reality. But in reality, there is a day of judgment that will come to us before that day of judgment. That is the ultimate Day of Judgment. And that is the day when we will enter into the grave the first night into the grave. My brothers and sisters in Islam, have a look at this grave in front of us.

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Have a look here.

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This is a place that will soon there will soon be dug out to Panama, you think this is where you're going to live. But in reality, all of this mud will be taken out, everything will be poured on the side here, about two meters deep. So panela, two meters deep inside the bottom of the belly of the earth, you will lie and this is your final abode. My beloved friends

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of mine are the low and who used to cry a lot when thinking about the grave. And the people used to ask your man of the animal or companion to the solar system. Why is it that when the agenda is there is talked about when Johanna has spoken about you don't cry, but when the grave is spoken about you cry a lot because he said I'll cover our Luma novel. Verily the cover the grave is a first reading of the Hereafter is a first place that people will enter into and that is when the kiama that is when their judgement will begin to happen. When you think about the most important event in a woman's life. What do you think is the most important event that our sisters perhaps the ones that

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are seeing this episode, what is the most important event in your life? You would say perhaps the day that you get married and if you think about for example the brothers that are watching what is the most important event in your life? Well, you'd say perhaps the most important event would be perhaps the day that you have a child or perhaps also the day that you get married. Well think about the bed on which you spend your first nights panela How beautiful is a bed, How wide is a bit how beautifully laid out and Subhanallah perhaps rose petals on it. Some beautiful fragrance on it. And this is the bed that we all dream about. But but there is yet another bed and there is yet another

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house that we will be spending longer than we will be spending perhaps in this life. And to handle that bed is a bed that we have in front of us.

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Have a look at this bed. Very simple. There are no rose petals on it.

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There are no nice coverings on it.

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There are no cushions on it.

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It's a very simple bed. This is the bed that will bring you from where you have died to your grave. This is the bed which is really the bed that you should be thinking about. This is the bed that we should all be preparing for. This is the beds panela that is our true bed. The bed that will bring us to our first home in the hereafter. Think about the home when you get married and you spent your first night on the bed. Then you start thinking about the house that you want to live in. How nice is the house you want to live in? How big and how wide? How many rooms? Where is it going to be? Is there going to be a backyard? You think about that house online, you plan it out and you dream it.

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Think about the future worlds you think about the leather couches, you think about the furniture panel. This is the house that we're thinking about. Yet there is another house that we will all have to enter and that house is a grave. It's not two storeys, it's two meters.

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It's not wide, it's just barely enough for you to lie down.

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It doesn't have nice furniture. It's just got really smooth walls

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Have a look at this. This is exactly where we are headed.

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So who is going to be laid here today? There will be a janazah very soon who is going in this grave? Is it you? Is it me? Is it someone who woke up in the morning for fudger and then and then he did not finish the Salah is a someone who spent the night praying is as someone who spent the night sending, who is the one that will be going into this grave?

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the most important realization that we must all ask Omar Abdullah Aziz, one of the righteous rulers of Islam, the fifth Hanif as he's known as he used to switch the light off at night, and then he used to go to bed. And then when it was all dark, you would put the cover on top of his head, and then he would think about the day the first night in which he will be in his grave. At that point, the only thing he used to say is I could hear is my breathing, and Subhanallah nothing else, no one moving, not a creature. And I knew that this is exactly how we would be in the grave. Yes salon. And that at that point you would make a dua to

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Allah Oh Allah put light in my grave, or Allah put light in my grave. All these lofty palaces have not benefited me. All the power and authority has not benefited me. Where are my children, they have left me, I am left with nothing except these four walls, who is grateful.

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This is great for someone who spent the night praying. Or someone who spent the night in worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. or just someone who spent the night night singing perhaps, and you woke up in the morning, only to find that the angel of death was knocking on his door. Who was a force for you? Is it for me? So patrulla I know that there is a genetic code that is going to happen in Shaolin about a few hours. And this is the great the grave that has been dug for that person isn't such as Islam, I'm actually in a grave at the moment. I wish you could be here with me and feel what I'm feeling at the moment.

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This amazing feeling

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of Subhanallah almost this amazing,

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eerie feeling.

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When I'm when I was up above the grave, I could feel the wind on my face. Here, I don't feel anything. And I can hear my voice coming back to me.

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And I can smell the fresh

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and wet mud

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and Subhanallah I can see how deep it is.

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It is barely enough for me to lie down is barely enough for me to move around. It is barely enough for me to walk around. And I'm walking now. And I'm going back.

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And this is what Allah subhanaw taala promises as will be our final or first destination before the Astra.

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Brothers and sisters Islam when the soul is ripped out of the body of a disbeliever or flows out just like a drop of water from a vessel.

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The soul of that of a believer comes out Then the angel sprouted up either in a very nice, fragrant manner or in a very ugly or a pungent clothing. And then it is taken up to the heavens of the earth. Either it is called by the good names or by the bad names. And then either the doors of the of the of the heavens heavens are actually opened up to the soul or they are kept closed. And at that point when the body is being washed and the body is being brought down. And it is put down in the grave right over here.

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And then the face is then turned towards the fibula. That is the time in which the test is going to begin. What test am I talking about? The tests that are sort of muscle love while he was setting that authentic hadith in Sahih Bukhari Muslim. That's an amazing Hadith he said what he said, oh here la verily it has been just revealed to me now. And now come to Tanana peekaboo Rico, that you will be in, in horror and you will have the trial and and you will be tested in the grave. COVID-19 mercy had the germ like the test of the time when the the gel comes? Yes, Allah Subhana Allah will be tested in our grave just like when the mercy had the gel with the false antichrist when it comes

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the fitna that you will bring that will cause us to almost leave a religion that will cause so many Muslims to forget Allah subhanho wa Taala and leave the religion that will be tested in that form. Don't you know how the Hadith mentions the authentic hadith you mentioned that two angels with completely black appearance and with lightning in their in their voice and with bright red eyes or bright blue eyes call to one narration and with lightning in the eyes will come and then they're the one coming

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Key, they are the two questions. Those two questions and the tests that they will give and the fright that they will give will be like the frightening frightening of the day when the child is the false antichrist comes Subhana Haleakala, the who will all go through this, we'll all have to go through this. This grave is barely big enough for me. But Cipolla in this grave will also be two angels in this grave will also be actions in this grave will be also the punishment if it is to be punished in this grave will also be the door and the window to gender and in this gray will also be the door or the window to Johanna, Have you not heard what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the

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Quran and he says,

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Well, how could it be early for our su Allah, and indeed the people of Iran and the people who followed around the pharaoh will be in the worst and the most terrible of punishment, and narrow your aura Do not lie, Alia boo Masha the fire will be lit and Kindle for them in the morning and in the night. 1:01pm at the other

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end of the day of judgment, there will be said enter the people of Pharaoh into the worst punishment. So when Allah is talking about another euro do not allow Russia when the fire will be lit, when the fire will be lit. in the morning and in the night. What is Allah subhanaw taala referring to referring to the fire that will be in the grave, that there will be huge and tremendous fire, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause to be kindled in the grave. In the grave, my brothers and sisters Islam will be terrible punishment in the grave will be either terrible punishment or a peace and blessing for the believer, the one who is righteous. This grave that we see over here will

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turn into a grave of fire. We find for example, the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam telling us about some of the punishments that people will have in the grave. And so he mentioned mentioned to us in the authentic hadith whence once Russell's Islam was actually asleep, and jabril Alyce rato salam, and Mikhail Allah Sato Salaam, the two angels came to him in the sleep and took him to a place and showed him a couple of people having punishments. One of them was a person who was lying down, and then this angel was tearing this man was tearing from his side to the back, and then with the iron rod, and then he would start with the next slide. And before the next slide, he would start

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the first I was start to get healed again. And he was continuously doing this until the day of judgment. Who is this your rasulillah? Who is this algebra Who is this advocate, and that Hadith, they told us that this had that this refers to a person who has been punished in his grave a person who used to back by a person who's to spread an amoeba person who used to eat the flesh of his brother, a person who used to forget the sanctity of brotherhood, such as a person who's been punished in that way, another person was sort of described was a person who was swimming in an ocean of blood. And every time you try and swim out of every time he'd be drinking, he'll be drinking the

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blood and vomiting upon himself and still drowning the blood. And every time you try and swim out of it, an angel would take a stone and throw a boulder and throw at him and then he will push him all the way to the middle of that ocean. And what is that punishment that punishment was it was the punishment the grade for a person who takes labor, a person who deals in rubber, a person who writes and signs the contract rather than a person who buys his home on rubber, such as a person that has been described in this habit, a person who deals in rubber, and another and in the same Hadith Solar System said and I came upon a people who were naked in the in the in the, in this cold run in this

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oven, and the fire was burning them from from from the from the ground, and they were trying to climb up trying to climb up, but every time they climb up, they would fall down, who are these people who have left the net? They are the people who committed Zina, and but Allah weekends in every day, by either our eyes or we can Zina with their hands, or we commit Zina with our mind, or we commit Zina with our bodies, or people who commit sin and lower your gaze or people who are given up to sin, lower your gaze or people who attempted who attempted by women get married, and if you cannot fast and if you cannot, then hold on, hold on, for the Day of Judgment, do not be impatient,

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do not give up too soon. So panela this, these are some of the punishments that also some told us and look at this punishment. I just remembered it right now. The punishment was a man will be laid down on the ground, and a big huge boulder like a like a mountain would be thrown upon his head that will crush him crush his body and crush his whole face, and then it will be lifted again and his face will be formed again, and it will be crushed down again. Who is this person Arizona law. This is a person who learned some code and then he forgot it. This is a person who does not read the ad. This is what Russell's describing this authentic hadith in Bukhari, a person who learns the Quran

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and then he forgot some suitors from it. A person who has the Quran

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In his home, and he does not read it, he's neglecting it. So Pamela, this is the punishment

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that will subscribe to us in these authentic hadith. And in this gray modern system, Islam will either be people,

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a either a black man, or a very white man, a black man, meaning our sins are a very white man, which is our good deeds, and he will be with us until the day of judgment. And over here will be a window from Jenna or a window from Johanna and SubhanAllah. When the people when the angels or punishment come upon the people in this grave, your actions are the ones who will defend you so your prayer will defend you as an authentic hadith and Muslim Mohammed, your prayer will defend you, your fasting will defend you the Quran will defend you, your your charity will defend the unsaved go away go away. This person used to used to used to pray this person is too fast. And so you can punish him

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My friends Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said, that Hadith that I mentioned to you the beginning of my episode today, he said, we're not that I'm afraid that you would not Bury Your Dead, I would ask Allah to let you hear from that which I hear. And he also said, if you had known what I know, if you could only hear what I hear, then you would not find pleasure in sleeping with your wives. So what then, my friends is the solution? What then is a solution from the punishment of Allah? in the grave? Shall we just burn ourselves and just say, sons, please, oh, my daughters and sons, please throw my ashes where Allah can get me?

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Or shall we say, for example, let's just drown ourselves. So you know, we won't be in the grave, no one will find a body and so they can't put our body in a grave. And or Let's be eaten up by some wild animal or perhaps in the, in the oceans. What is the solution from the punishment of Allah

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Subhana Allah, when we think about the punishment, the gray we think it's just in the grave in reality, it's not just the grave, it's the punishment of the hereafter. As soon as someone someone dies, if the punishment is written for him, that the punishment will start, wherever he is, whether he is buried or not buried, whether he has been lost or not, whether he's been eaten up by a wild animal, or he has been burnt out by a fire, and Subhanallah The only way, the only sure way to be saved from the punishment, Allah subhanho wa Taala from its starting, as soon as you die, is for you to come back to Allah. Allah says, and fulfill rule Illallah run away from Allah to Allah. Run away

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from Allah to Allah. And remember, your last deeds are the ones that will judge you. Your last day. The last thing that you do is that what will judge you, as soufiane authority Lama likes to say, and that narration and I will quote you again. In that narration, he said, I'm not worried about my past sins, because I know that if I ask Allah for forgiveness, he will forgive me. But what I am worried about is my last deed, after which I will pass away because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had indeed said in normal ama with our team, very early actions or bites, endings, very early actions, about endings very early actions about endings, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

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seek refuge and love from the punishment of the grave for myself and for you. seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the punishment of the grave, whilst you're praying towards the end of Allah before you say Salaam, seek refuge in Allah subhana wa Taala. And I hope Allah will answer you to

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also be steadfast upon this religion because when you're steadfast, that is the time when Allah Subhana Allah subhana wa Taala tells us that the angels will come down at the time of our death, and it will tell us a lot the half a wallet that has no they are the ones who will then tell us Do not be afraid nor be worried, for indeed and take the glad tidings of a reward from Allah for you is in this life, whatever you wanted, and for you is a beautiful dwelling, from the most generous, Most Merciful, so therefore remain steadfast upon the religion, and then fortify yourself with good deeds, because these good deeds are the ones that will defend you from the angels of punishment in

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the grave. They're the ones who will say no away away. He was a person who used to stand up his knights in prayer. He was a person who needs to give charity. He was a person who fed the poor. He was a person who read me read the Quran, he was a person who loved Allah and the messenger. And remember brother and sister Islam. If you truly want to save yourself from the punishment, then be like the Shaheed the person who struggles in the cause of Allah and he passes away struggling in the cause of Allah struggle with your life, with your money, with the efforts with your minds with everything possible and the cause of Allah. And surely, if you do that Allah subhana wa Taala will

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guide you to his path and will save you from the terrible punishment. I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to benefit us from this session today and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to save us from that from that punishment of the grave and to make our graves graves agenda.

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places and dwelling agenda you're allowed do not punish us For verily we are We love you and we follow you are allowed to not punish us in our graves or Allah make it a place of dwelling for us and peace for us not a place of agony and torture for us until inshallah next time was set out more Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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