Tom Facchine – Don’t Be Quick To Correct Others – Advice from Sheikh Abdullah ash-Shanqiti

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people in their community have different faith schools and traditions, and how they often miss important information. They also mention a brother from Yemen who had a difficult experience praying at a Burmese---- The speaker describes a practice where people come up from the records and pray differently, but eventually find precedent for their practices. They also mention that people in their community may have learned something from past experiences, and that they need to accept and tolerate certain practices.
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to not be too quick to correct other people. Because if you study something, then maybe you've learned a few things. But there's always lots of things left to learn that you might have missed. And especially in a diverse community, like in Utica, we see this all the time. You've got people from different parts of the Muslim world. They have different faith schools that they follow, they have different sort of traditions. So I remember my first year here, there was a brother from Yemen. And it was read aloud ha. So he went to Burmese masjid, to make the read prayer. And they were had a fee. And this brother from Yemen wasn't the he was more familiar with the Shafi method. And the

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Hanafi must have the School of Law, they pray prayer very differently. So the extra tech the route that they do, are actually after they come up from the record. So later that day, this gentleman he came in, and he was very upset. And he was like, I am in doubt whether my prayer even counts or anything, and this is ruined my eat, etc, etc. So I said, Oh, tell me what you saw. And let's go back to the books. And let's see, you know, where this can we find a sort of precedent for this sort of practice. And, sure enough, we went back to the books of filth. And we saw that this is something that is narrated from a couple companions, that they pray there a prayer like this, and he was very

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happy, you know, from the law, that this was something that was it had a precedence from the companions. So sometimes things are like that. You might have learned one way to do things. But that doesn't mean that there's only one way to do things. Sometimes there's more, and especially if it goes back to the companions, and this is something that we need to usually be prepared to accept and tolerate.

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