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After Ahmed was released,

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he did what the best of people do. What did he do? He forgave all of those who harmed him, with the exception to the chief innovators, who he believed, could not be given the benefit of the doubt they were doing what they were doing consciously and upon knowledge. Everyone else was forgiven within the ones who were lashing him. And everybody would recite the I Will the awful one as well allowed to have Buddha and your fear Allah Who let them, let them harden, and let them overlook. Don't you want that Allah should forgive you? And Mohammed would say, beautiful heart warming or hot melting words, he would say, medallion Falcon. And you had the bat who can Muslim? If he said, really? How

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will you benefit? Ahmed would say, how will you benefit if your brother is punished because of you? How will you benefit? Pardon? If your brother is punished because of you,

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had taken an oath in Allah's name that he would not speak to anyone from the Muslims, particularly the scholars who gave into the innovators and testified to their beliefs. Even if it was just outwardly Of course, till the day he died, he won't speak to them.

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And this included his lifelong friend and Travelmate, your higher AB domain. And you have no mine was seven years older than I happen to talk to him talking to him.

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Yeah, hey, I once came to visit him during his illness. Yeah, he agreed to do him with Sam. I didn't return his greeting. Yeah, he apologized to email Muhammad and he sought to excuse himself and he gave justifications as for why he professed to their beliefs when they were interrogating him and he was quoting an idea from the Quran and the Hadith from the Sunnah, which excuse people who testify to false beliefs under duress. Muhammad kept his face turned away from your heart. He didn't even look at him.

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Yeah, he said to me,

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you don't want to accept any of my excuses. So yeah, he walked out of the door, and he just sat outside in grief. Then another person who was with them in that room, his name was Mr. Becker. He came out and he sat next to you higher. Yeah, he said, ubercute. What did it say after I left? What did he say to you? Abu Bakr said, Ahmed said that all of those durations that you are quoting, they are in reference to people who were under actual duress they were being punished. So Allah gave them the excuse when they testified to false beliefs. They were under duress, he said, but people like you. They were threatened with duress and then they succumb to them, you were merely threatened at

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the new succumbed.

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Upon hearing this, yeah, even the minute he said to himself, or Ahmed

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instruct as you wish, do as you wish, may Allah forgive you. Because by Allah I have never seen any human being beneath the sky. Who has greater understanding of Allah's religion than you.

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Yeah, Allah.

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Some of Imam avaliable humbles statement before we conclude,

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Imam Muhammad would say,

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ma caleffi Dunya Kana Akane.

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The lesser a person's worldly possessions are, the easier the accountability will be

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another one of Imam Muhammad beautiful statements he would say, up lobola Aina in an attitude of copper, I will continue to pursue knowledge till the day I entered my grave.

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And someone once said to Imam Ahmed, when they saw him carrying his ink pot and his paper, they said Father of Abdullah used to carry around your pens and papers despite having become the the Imam of the Muslims.

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Like running around like a student with your pen and paper. You've become the Imam of the Muslims. He said MALBA hamara, Elan Maqbara with the ink pot to the graveyard with the input to the graveyard

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an email Muhammad was once asked the question How are you this morning? Listen to this response brothers and sisters and take note of it shows you who you might have otherwise and how he thought and how he saw the rock. How are you this morning? He said Kay for us Baja manga, Boho Utah label who we are in Farah, how is the morning of a person who has a Lord who demands from us the obligations and when they be you who you are people who we are there is sunnah. And he has a prophet who is demanding that he carries out his teachings while Mala Can you tally Bernie with enamel and he has two angels demanding that he correct his actions. One of Suharto to Alibaba will be hawa and

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he has a

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soul that demands its desires, what he believes you are a liberal who will fascia and Shavon is demanding that he commit sins, while molecule moutier, rocky beaucoup de Rohi, and the Angel of Death who's eagerly awaiting to claim his soul, why Allahu Utilizo, the hope in Africa and a family who are demanding their expenditure. Wow, what a response to the question. How are you this morning? But that's how I hammered was. All of these things are demanding things from me Allah who has rights the prophet has right. My soul is demanding things angel of death and family that is a man who was conscious of Allah. And this is one of our 100 statements. As for the death of Imam Muhammad,

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it was during the reign of Omotola Qin where the illness of Muhammad intensified and it's weakened his body, but he would continue fasting and would ever kill would send his doctors ignore us away he his personal doctor to to treat and prescribe medicines, Muhammad would not take any of the medication.

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So if no matter where he told the Khalifa, that's not ill.

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It's his continuous fasting at his minimal food and his intense worship that's fatiguing his body

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during his knowing moments, have managed to indicate to his family that he wants what ought to be carried out on his body, and he communicated his wishes that his fingers are to be washed and water is to be to pass through his fingers as well in keeping with the Sunnah right down to his last breath.

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And when they had completed the voodoo

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and his body was pure, during the forenoon of Friday,

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in the year 241, after the ninja in the month of Ramadan one the blessed soul of Imam Muhammad in your humble with returned back to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It was estimated that His funeral was attended by 800,000 people.

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There are other narrations that predict it was around 1.3 million people and there are some durations, Allah knows best how true they are. That estimates 2.5 million people and what is interesting

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and what is interesting is that Imam Muhammad used to say in his life, only Alameda bein and our young will geneticists used to say in his life, say to the innovators,

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the funeral procession shall determine who is upon the truth. The funeral processions shall determine who is upon the truth and look at the funeral procession of ashmit his intuition his prediction was correct. As Abdullah will happily work, he said that we don't know of a funeral procession, whether during Islam or pre Islam that was larger than the funeral procession of Imam Muhammad. And then you take a look at the funeral procession of Amity maybe to add the one who was really the cause of so much suffering of Imam Muhammad.

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It his funeral procession was largely abandoned, barely attended. May Allah subhana wa Tada have mercy upon EBO.

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Brothers and sisters, we have come to the end of this series.

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In conclusion of it, I want to leave you with a parting message.

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In just 100 years from now, every single listener to this series will be underground,

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our bodies will have become part of the soul. And during that time, our fate with respect to paradise or hell would have been made known to us in just 100 years from now, it will apply to you, it will apply to him. Meanwhile, the houses that we had left behind would have become homes, other people, our clothes will be worn by others, our cars will be driven by others. And as for you and me,

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we will be for the most part never thought about.

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I mean, for example, how often do you think about your great granddad?

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How often does your great grandmother cross your mind our presence here on Earth today? This this presence that we make so much noise about so much fuss about? We shed so many tears for this presence of ours here on Earth

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was preceded by so many generations before us, and shall be followed by so many generations who will come after us.

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And every generation that passes through this world barely finds the time it needs to just even take a glance at this world before finding itself needing to bid farewell and handing over the baton having not even fulfilled even a fraction of their ambitions. Our lives in reality are far shorter than what we had imagined.

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In just 100 years from now, every one of us who is watching this video and understanding these words, will realize from within the grave just how worthless this world actually was.

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And how trivial those dreams that were centered on it work. Every one of us will be wishing that he had dedicated his life to the great matters of life that matters of Islam.

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And that he had devoted all of his time and his effort to the collection of as many good deeds, particularly those good deeds that continue to benefit a person after his death.

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It is for this reason that it should be on the top of our list of priorities to leave behind this legacy that will outlive our short lives that are rapidly rapidly ending every second of the day. We should yearn to leave behind this project

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that will feed our scrolls with good deeds, when would our limbs are no more

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and that will cause the believers to speak well of us. After we die of many generations to come. We should crave this. Just as Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam crave this he wanted people to speak well of him that believers to speak well of him after he dies. Look at the Doha look at his speech to his community followed by a DUA, Carla for a to quantum taboo Dune, he said have you not considered what you are worshiping? And from what often will occur the moon you and your forefathers for in whom I don't want Lee in out of that? I mean, they are all enemies to me, Ibrahim said except Allah the Lord of the Worlds Who is he Ibrahim says

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Allah the Hala Connie for Hawaii ideen He is the One who created me and guides me. Well let me who are you to Imani while your spleen and he is the one who feeds me and gives me a drink. Well either Maria Topher who is Fein and when I fall ill It is He is the one he is the one who kills me when living up to me. So now you're here, and he is the one who will cause me to die, and then will resurrect me when Lady automa or any other funeral how do we deal with Dean and he is the one whom I hope will forgive my sin on the Day of Recompense. Then Ibrahim makes the DUA Robbie heavily Hawkman what I've had the need to slightly heed My Lord give me judgment and join me with the righteous

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people. I think he said what Yeah, Lee sadness Dukinfield actually read.

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And grant me Oh ALLAH a reputation of honor among the later generations of people.

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And in another area, Allah Almighty said about Ibrahim whatta Rachna. And even actually, we left for him a favorable mention among the later generations. So what has happened as a result of this new hobby, but I hate

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that the RRB give me a good reputation in the later generations of people. That dua that was backed up with with a work ethic and sacrifice. Ibrahim has because of it now become a celebrated figure across the nations of the world.

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The Jews, believe in Prophet Musa and have rejected Prophet ASAP Jesus, whilst the Christians believe in Prophet ASA Jesus, but they rejected Prophet Mohammed Salah Assam. However, all three of these religions are unanimously agreed that Ibrahim is an ally of Allah who should be praised and celebrated.

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The lives of these four Imams have displayed the importance of living a life in preparation for the hereafter. And that when Allah subhanaw taala sees his last sincerity within a person's heart, Allah will take it upon himself to sponsor your efforts to sponsor your project. Even if you are ill resourced, even if you're outvoted, even if you feel weak.

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Allah will nurture your deeds till you meet him on the day of judgment and your deeds will be like mountains, doubting this is to doubt Allah subhanho wa taala. So live for the great matters. Trust Allah subhanho data, and with the enthusiasm of a believer who hopes for Paradise and is excited for it, start planning for your religion, start planning for your hereafter, then just watch how Allah will guide each and every one of your footsteps and how Allah would open up doors of clarity, guidance and inspiration, which you could never have imagined. Allah will facilitate, but take that step towards him and start planning.

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I want to close with one final example a contemporary one. If I was to show you a picture of this man,

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I think most of us may not recognize him. I choose this one because it's a recent example. And we like recent examples. Who is this man? Maybe a lot of us will not know but if I show you a picture of this booklet now. Most Muslim

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across the world will recognize it fortress of the Muslim has knows a booklet of Doha,

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which he compiled prayers that are to be sent in various times of the day different circumstances in a person's life. The author of this very well known booklet was the very same man in the image whom you just saw. He is Sheikh Saeed he'd been worth Afghani, who passed away in October 2018.

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The idea of the booklet is not novel, The size is not enormous, the graphics are not exist.

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But what seems to be the situation, that it was a moment of sincerity which Allah saw within the heart of this man. And so this booklet was sent across the continents of the world, being translated into so many different languages and printed millions of times, covering the East and the West. And now Muslims from all across the world are remembering Allah praising him, glorifying him

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under the supervision of this simple, modest booklet.

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Can you just imagine the amount of good deeds, which we hope that this man has accumulated because of this simple book, and continues to do so? Now, are you saying to me that you're incapable of producing something along these simple lines? Of course you can. And of course, you must.

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And one last message before before we bid you farewell.

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It is so important to remember that the efforts that you exert today

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may only come into fruition many years after your death.

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Don't despair, if you don't see your efforts taking off in the life of this world. Regardless of what the nature of your project may be, it is different from person to person and the circumstances vary.

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Your duty is just to sow the seed with a dedication to plan to consult to start then Allah decides how and when to give life to matters and place Baraka in them.

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And an example of this is highly able to apply here a salami. A key example in this department. He was a jurist upon the Shafi school of thought,

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teaching in the Umayyad mosque, in Damascus.

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Now, Imam i Li authored a book which he called Kitab will Jihad meaning the book of jihad, which details the rulings of jihad and explains the different Quranic verses that address it? The different duties of different categories of people, and he frequently cites the works of Imam Al Ghazali, who was also of course, Shafi, you can say that this was pretty much the very first scholarly response to the Crusaders.

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Now, the initial readings of this book, they were in around the year 1105, six years after Jerusalem, had just been conquered by the Crusaders. Now Subhanallah, a person would assume that these readings of this book the book of jihad would be popular, right, because of the urgency of the matter and, and, you know, Al Aqsa has been taken away, but Subhanallah the readings of these books were very poorly attended. And the book was largely forsaken, thereafter was forgotten.

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A year after this, the author I leave no to her, he passes away, he didn't live to see much seems to be the end of his works, right wrong.

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In the year 1187, his books of handler managed to find its way to the limelight once again. And there was another public reading of it 81 years after his death, which provided the Muslims with a much needed push forward. And so the Muslim armies were consolidated, they came together in a really spectacular way of gathering different diversities and ethnicities and languages. And Ali Bhutto, his book would be publicly read again, in the lead, and the build up to the famous battle of Hedlin, the battle where Jerusalem would be recaptured by the Muslims under the leadership of Salahuddin and you will be

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what does that tell you? It tells you that people's talents are different than they vary and their interests and their circumstances vary. But what is key is that a person gathers His thoughts, His ambitions, her talents, her time, his resources, and then dividers a clearly defined plan, as per how they shall be invested for the greatest matters of life, that is Allah and the home of the Hereafter. And when you do that, to realize the fruits of your work may show up during your life, or many years after your death. Oh,