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So large enough sample set amounts for this ceremony probably had a lot of cattle.

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So this probably wouldn't be my final final reminder for this Ramadan 2022, which was an exceptional Ramadan

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alized my weakness this is really one of the most amazing Ramadan's I've ever had in this country. So as usual to accent from all of us, and for those of you who want to go back and reveal those types of bites, I call them to see the bite series they're all on YouTube and they're all on Facebook and social media. You can find all the series all the lecture that we have since the beginning of this or Modan until the end

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so today I'm going to end with

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Sharla tried to keep on the high not on a low because

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I've seen the bytes 2020 to

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one my name reality I ad lottery as Riyadh I

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Allah subhanho wa Taala citizens and fell by the membership our team in them animate me Luna Lavina either knocking on

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in the middle of meno and Latina either go kilo mama wants to know why either Tonia Tala him I had to hold that whole email no I know.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he describes the quality of the believers in Reno Nevada either looking at Allah would you like to put a woman when Allah has mentioned their hearts shake their hands tremble there has got connected with either two years or even if that's a man

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that will carry on and when the age optimization as being recited upon them that email that email will get empowered as we have here today my business is the entire month of Ramadan I'm sure all of you

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must have hamdulillah

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get empowered must have one up because our image goes up and down. The image of the insulin goes up and down it goes up with but

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with obedience normalization and it goes down with mastering with sales.

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So we want to remain on that high and the million dollar question is how can I keep this empowerment How can I keep this high of him and most likely because once we go back again as this model will be over all of us not some of us are taking time off from from work and they're doing it decaf and some of us will be mashallah come in everyday to the magic even those who did not wake up. They came and they pretty much in the messaging people who did not pray sooner they pray and Sunnah and Brenda we had. But now the thing is once we're gonna go back to our work and to this world in this dunya most likely as it is, as where human beings are, amen may go back up, you know, up and down, up and down,

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up and down. How can we keep it on that? Hi, I want to share with you a couple of things and how to remain on the high because it may happen and it shall happen it will happen that at some point you will feel low.

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You feel weakened. What are you going to do?

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First and foremost?

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The same connection that you had with the book of Allah azza wa jal in Ramadan Allah, the key Kitab Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah one day he was recycling one iron and a half is the Tabular. He recited one idea which puts him in bed sick for over a week

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in Ebola because

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the punishment of your Lord shall happen. He went down on his knees, they carried him home, crying and crying, he couldn't get up he got sick in because I

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used to cry so much used to weep that the tears left a mark in his cheek

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birthmark on his cheek I mean, I'm on top of the law.

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I spent the defense also was known to cry Allah,

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these to weep a lot.

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used to love to listen to the words of Allah azza wa jal and read the words of Allah Subhana Allah

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this environment that we hear, definitely is another means to increase your email.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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By the overload the ship are watching with regard to Sakeena trunk in the tranquility descending was huddled masses who will levy Sakina toffee.

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Many who are loving

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Sakeena toffee

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ekonomi no meaning minions or EMA, Ema and he, he is born who stepped down Sakina Sakina is tranquility peace when mashallah Shia forever was recited? I don't know, did you get connected? Did you feel that peace? Did you feel that's really deep? I felt like, keep going, keep going, don't stop.

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You feel that's that softness

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This is how you want to feel Subhanallah

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when you listen to the word of Allah, Allah says He is the one who said Sakina Sakina tranquility in the heart of the believers. Why? Leah's Dettol email and my email names not the men get increased. And in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad when he says, you know, it managed heaven upon Winfrey making the beauty law you also have Allah with us enough. One question for Mahatma oneness Allah Allah He was Sakeena what have Fetterman melodica was a California la femenina when the Prophet Muhammad says when people they get together, talking about Allah reading the book of Allah as studying

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Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet says that Russia will descend upon them, Russia will overwhelm them. Mercy of Allah will overwhelm them number one number two Sakeena will descend upon them and when Sakinah descends, you even get up

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you human will get high, when Sakina goes down, Iman will go high. So you need to keep this environment if not in the masjid countermeasure. Definitely. But I did maybe a home with your families to do some HELOC as of the end with your families.

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But maybe my advice and sincere advice is keep this this is your mission. This is the the house of Allah azza wa jal don't quit. Do not have a Santa Monica Padilla. We'll see you next hour. Don't wait. This is the message. This is the environment of email. This is what even goes on. And last but not least brothers and sisters are not a very, very amazing, important advice. A sort of a solid

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if you want your image to be on the high on the rise, a softer side you have righteous friends righteous companionship.

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You know, the pious the dissenter, look at Muslim Fulani says whenever I feel my email is low, I go to my chef, I go to my homestead and who's his dad? Who's the chef? It will take him here because the thing that I'm not Allah Lee in his home and then he says by the time I leave his home, my email has increased

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I feel the high

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when was the last time you felt lonely maybe emotions I mean or the 11th I just want to come and see you because my email is weak. I want to come and talk to you a little bit about the the Sahaba used to do that. That I don't mean but let's go believe in Allah and let's go remind ourselves about the deen about Africa for just a moment these to tell one another for a moment. Let's talk about the the

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if the team that I happen to love and who has it been a Tamia by the way he died young.

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He'd been in jail for so many years.

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His jail partner who was with him in jail he says in his final year before he died, he had 8100

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in that last year before he died, he had at one end and when he died he was for a second before the final idea that he recited before he passed away is

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in would have been a Fijian nothing more than a half

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female body setup in the lottery game of the day.

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In the opinion fees are met in the righteous they will be in Jannat heavens and Maha and rivers in a safe gathering in a safe face a the Maliki mortality of what's

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the best way

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so this friendship pick a good friend, pick a righteous friend. If you were to feel awesome times give them a call meet with one another hacker the choose your friends meticulously as the Prophet Muhammad is also used to say a mother or her daddy funny. For example, I have a company Hi. And then we'll follow the footsteps of his close friends. They each one of you the youngsters right here, let's each one of you pick and good friends and meticulous friends. Choose them properly. Because these are the friends who will not going to be there to abuse you they will be there because they love you. If you were to go wrong, if you're doing they would come back and remind you and bring it

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to the mission. So inshallah Jota Hara let's get this Hi be able to let you know let's keep going Cha my calling about sincerity. It's all about what you have in your intention. Am I going to keep coming to the masjid after Ramadan? Or am I going to quit after Ramadan? It's your choice. But I don't want that you don't want that you don't want after you tasted honey. And then you quit that taste of honey let heavy Have you tasted sweetness. Keep that sweetness in sha Allah who keep the image in the high

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If it appears that it will be looked just to chat about data, it'll come back to the legit little mix of solid MLH about the other insha Allah Allah it'd be on the rise again we hit me that I had an amazing time with all of you. I really did. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from all of you. And we want to thank the volunteers for the amazing job that they have done throughout this month. Be patient with all of us be patient with brothers and sisters you know the bargain and whatnot. I asked a lot is really to bless them and to reward them I asked Elijah to bless your reward you for your patience with me when you patiently as it'll be here talking and talking and talking and you're

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gonna we just want to, you know, pass it stop because we just want to pray and go home. Thank you for being patient with us. May Allah bless him. In other words, you may Allah as the increase in health and wealth increasing man, may Allah make your homes like the home of the prophet like the home of the Sahaba Insha Allah, Allah Phoenix with serenity for your homes with peace with tranquility, with happiness and joy insha Allah who Allah, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to gather us in a better gallery, not in not in this Masjid in a better Gallery in the companionship of Prophet Muhammad, Ali Jinnah, in sha Allah Allah insha Allah Tala I wish to take all of you for his

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Allah the land so if you have not gone for federal aamra please have another intention make an intention. You know money does not take you for cash I'd say this by experience money some people say don't have money. Money does not take you for what takes your potential another is your sensitivity your life your sincere and truthful Eurasia and yallambie I want to come and visit your house yellow dot prevent me for a magazine and decency. Allah will make a way out for himself. Like Luffy comes up on the left hand side Am I equal?