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AI: Summary © The host of a video discusses the importance of faith in Islam, as it can lead to a world where everyone is the same. They stress the importance of thanking Islamists for their actions and for their parents' support, as it is crucial for achieving their goals. The transcript also touches on the culture of thanking Islamists for their actions and for their parents' support, where individuals should be humble and support their parents. The culture encourages individuals to be mercyful and not give them too much support.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the Quran as we are trying to see our lives to see this world, this universe in the Divine Light of the whole and the literal Word of God. So that we know where we are heading to. And we know our goal we know where we stand, and this gives us a lot of determination. This gives us a lot of

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confidence and a lot of strength to carry on, on the way leading inshallah to the eternal abode of the believers which is paradise gender that Allah promised the true servants. Today's wisdoms, or today's light is from a very beautiful soul, most of us know them, and they talk about beginner's wisdoms on the individual level. It talks basically about the perfect character, how Winston's can be perfect individuals with perfect conduct with perfect character, perfect behavior, the wonderful example Muslims can give to Old World and this is how Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was, we will recite the verses and then we will take the meaning of how this these wonderful wisdoms shape

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up the righteous and wonderful character of the Muslim Let's start with the recitation first and shall not

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. Now, these verses from this wonderful Surah Surah, of Le slaw, we know the surah talks about the incident where a lot of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to, he caused or retold and ordered

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the angel, debris and peace be upon him to take Prophet Mohammed to Jerusalem to understand and then to ascend with him to the heavens. And we all know about this story. But in this verse, Allah gives us the frame of the wonderful Muslim character, the first thing of the Muslim character, the first important aspect of it, is to worship Allah, Allah, Allah says that Allah has ordained you, Allah has commanded you that you worship none but but him. That's the first aspect to this competitor, we worship a lot alone as He created us, as he's the one who bestowed His bounty upon us. Without him, no one would be alive, nothing would be here. So the first thing is to be thankful to Allah, this is

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the basis of the Muslim character, thankfulness to the Creator. And we are and we established this basis or this foundation, everything in our lives will fall in place, everything will be right we will follow the right track inshallah. So the first aspect of the Muslim character is to worship only Allah alone. This is the principle, this is the foundation of the Muslim character. Then Allah said after that, and that you be dutiful to your parents, look at the Muslim character, how beautiful it is beautiful to your parents, the beautiful to them, Do not disobey them, do not treat, treat them harshly or badly. No, treat them in the best of ways. And then Allah says that,

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especially when they reach an old age, is at the time when they become very weak and fragile, and they need help. They need support of their kids, as they dedicated their lives to help you they spend all their time all their efforts to look after you and bring you up, in the best of ways. Now it's your turn to look after them when they have become weak. Could you see how Muslims should be actually and when we will apply this Can you see how life can become can become so wonderful and good for us. Now, we know today that so many people and unfortunately this disease has spread and has reached the Muslim lands and the Muslim countries. When their parents reach an old age they they

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send them to old people and have people in their houses that look after all people, the old or the folk houses, isn't it, some countries call them

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Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us that your mother and your father or your get gate to paradise, if you want to enter Paradise, look after your parents. And one day someone came to him Norma. And he said to him, I want to make Jihad I want to fight for the sake of Allah to raise the word of Islam to spread Islam to the world.

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And almost said to him, Are your parents alive? He said yes. He said, Oh, actually, this incident happened with the Prophet Mohammed, someone came to them and did the same with someone else who came to him said, Your parents are alive. He said yes. He said go and through them make Jihad makes driving through them because Paradise is with them is by serving them looking after them, especially when they reach an old age and they need help and support. And they need someone to look after them. That he says and never ever rebuked them or give them a very bad word like saying car, forget it, or stop doing that you cannot say you cannot speak to your parents in that manner. You have to look up

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to them speak to them gently in the best of ways, as they have so much weight on them. No matter what you do, you will never pay them back what they did to bring you up what they did to raise you in the best of ways. Then Allah says, and you should actually be so humble before them. You should have humility before them. And you should give them carry over even over yourself even over you kids, even over your family. Why? Because of the sacrifice that they did for you. Then Allah said Allah told us to pray to Him and support

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To him to ask or our Lord, be merciful to them as they

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looked after us when we were kids. So this application should be part of our character of our worship of Allah have mercy upon our parents, because they looked after us when we were kids, very weak kids who needed help and support. And then Allah says, Allah talks about certain details, like, some people sometimes get busy, and they cannot spend all their time with their parents looking after them. Unless is here, Allah knows what's in your heart. So if you are sincere in helping your parents, just do your best, and do what you can, and allow will accept that and the low will magnify your reward, then Allah tells us about the rise of our relatives, our kings have upon us, that we

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should not cut the relations of the womb, we should always be in touch with them, give them their rights, you see how beautiful the social life of Islam is. And this is how Muslims should be. So wonderful life is a beautiful social life. People have some kind of integrity, solidarity among themselves to help each other. If anyone falls into a problem, we all help we all come together to help each other. Then Allah Subhana Allah tells us about a very great wisdom, a great light, that when you spend Do not be excessive, do not be excessive, less, you will spend all your wealth and then you will have to ask, you will be blamed for that. You have to ask people for money, no, be

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moderate follow the middle costs in your life in spending, and will not be miserly as well. So always, always follow the middle course. And Allah warned us against killing people. Murder is a heinous crime in Islam is unacceptable. And fornication is very evil lesson. It's a very bad way to satisfy one's needs. And a lot talks about the money are the wealth of the orphans look after it, never abused it, never take it for yourselves. And Allah told us to be just to the people in selling and buying and all that stuff. The lust gives us a very important wisdom. Do not follow the things about which you have no knowledge, always have knowledge, then follow the knowledge that you have.

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And Allah says, Don't be arrogant, never be arrogant. These are the wisdoms that Allah gives us because Allah at the end says all of these are very evil. Then Allah concludes this set of verses by saying that these are wisdoms that unlight Allah has given you, so follow them. inshallah, by following that, we will achieve the wonderful Muslim character. These are wonderful wisdoms. A lot of lights in this wonderful swirl let's take it and benefit from it and live by the slide inshallah. This will lead us to paradise. Until we meet next time I leave you in peace was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.