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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. It is wrong to say that people who suffer from mental illness have a weakness of faith. But it is right to suggest that when they suffer from mental illness, they do find that their sense of connection to Allah might be imposed upon. We are not the ones who are doing the wrong. Now, we have good reason to feel very good about this section because we are talking about the heart, your true self. As you remember, the heart is the part of the mind which you have the most control over. And if you nurture it, you can truly conquer many things, and become successful in both this world and religious matters.

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To look at how the heart helps, again, we have a list of ours rules, reflections, refuge, Rukia, remembrance and remedy. So let's go through these one by one rules are about the rules of conduct. You will remember from the series on a clock, what the rules of conduct are, therefore, their descriptions of how you would like to be. There are also life truths in a clock, which will be helpful. For example, good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. And we don't always have an explanation for why life seems unfair. And in terms of your rules of conduct, you may have certain rules that you're trying to live by every day trying to find something to be

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grateful for every day trying to please the people who you love. These small things can help structure your day and give you something to believe in. Other than that which is consuming you.

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When you remember Allah, it is more than just by praying.

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It is by giving of yourself entirely to your life. The next thing is reflection. Those who reflect are mentioned many times as being more blessed. What does that really mean though, when you reflect you are applying yourself deeply to thoughts of Allah. For example, there was a study where people compared those who prayed Salah mechanically versus those who prayed Salah giving deep attention to a law.

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Doing that five times a day will help to bring you in proximity to Allah and gives you a sense of comfort.

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When those two groups of people were compared, it was found that those who applied themselves more to deep thought had a beneficial effect in their mind. Their blood pressure lowered and they seem to be more kind and cognitively clear afterwards. Reflection outside the law includes things like and meditation if you feel like it, but really reflecting on Allah is something we can do all the time. The third one is refuge. Now, the Quran says and if an evil whisper from Satan tries to turn you away, then seek refuge in Allah. Verily, He is the old Hara, the old Noah. One conception of what's worse is that there are whispers from Shakedown. When we seek refuge in Allah, what we are doing is

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asking to be within his cloak. That law that the Quran suggests detailed here translated is my Lord, I seek refuge with you from the whisperings and suggestions of the shade down and I seek refuge we do, my lord less they may attend or come near me.

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Remember these thoughts and temptations, if they can be dismissed with the word you should be very grateful. But if they don't disappear, do not feel that God has forgotten you. It may be that you're manifesting an illness, in which case you are might help but you are also commanded by Allah to seek remedy. The fourth element is Rukia. And Luca is described by the prophet very beautifully. In this terms, put your hand in the place of pain, and say Bismillah three times and say seven times I seek refuge with the power and majesty of Allah against what I suffer.

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Putting your hand in the place of pain, in this case, would be putting it on your head. Remember, as we said earlier, think of this issue as outside you. Just like a painful knee, or a painful arm, your brain is something that is part of you. It isn't necessarily you. So putting your hand on your brain is a reminder that you are trying to help a part of you to move forward and feel better. The fifth arm is remembrance or in other words, Vicar. Verily, In the name of Allah, do hearts find rest. That's the Koran. Abu huraira narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah says, I am as my slave thinks of me, and I am with him. If he remembers me, if he remembers me

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in himself, I to remember him in myself. And if he remembers me in a group of people, I remember him in a group that is better than that.

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And if he comes one span nearer to me, I go one cubit nearer to him. And if he comes one cubits nearer to me, I go a distance of two outstretched arms nearer to him. And if he comes to me walking, I go to him running. In other words, if you try to remember Allah, He will come to you twice or more the distance, he will make it easier, the more you remember him, at the war that people often pray for anxiety is quoted by the prophets allow us lm here, Oh Allah, I am your servant, son of your servant, son of your maidservant. My forelock is in your hand, your command over me is forever executed and your decree over me is just, I asked you by every name belonging to you, which you

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named yourself with, or revealed in your book, or you talk to any of your creation, or you have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with you, that you make the Quran, the life of my heart, and the light of my breast, and a departure from my sorrow and a release for my anxiety.

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What better than to copy the war by the prophet himself?

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Remember again to pray duar is informing your heart directly. It is building and strengthening your character and your proximity to Allah. These things in combination with dealing with enough's and with taking steps to treat a disease can overcome most difficulties that you face mentally.

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The next R is remedy. I mean Kalonji or cumin seed, a boohoo writer is said to say, I heard a lot of possible sallallahu alayhi wasallam saying, there is healing in black cumin for all diseases except death. Now, what does the science say? Science seems to be discovering new things about human all the time. One study where people took 500 milligrams, that's half a gram of cumin, a day when they were compared to people who didn't their cognition, their very thinking improved in three important dimensions. Now the science might be backing it up. But regardless of the science as I said before, faith doesn't need science. Taking biology is something that everyone can do when they suffer from

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anything. That's like a bonus that we can all take.

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I hope in describing the three ways to deal with obsessions, anxieties, and waswas. Over the last three videos, has given you some reassurance and an overview of the many ways in which we can handle issues of the mind and make the mind a more peaceful place. In the next videos, we will explore more specific ways how to bring peace to the mind. I hope you can hang around. And if you like this video, remember, the more views it has the more people who can get to see it because my mission is to give of myself and what I've learned. If this video can help even one person then I am so thankful to Allah. Please spread the word. Please subscribe. And may Allah bring blessing to you.

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And may Allah bring healing and help to all of us. I look forward to making the next video for you. Army

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was so long