A13 How to Make a TAYYIB shopping list.

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Fr TAYYIB Book, Forward by Mufti Menk

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Chapter 13 revising the shopping list.

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Two things need to be considered. Firstly, what changes, if any, we would like to make to our diets.

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And secondly, preparing on the day or evening before fasting.

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Take a look at your shopping list. Many people have taken to shopping online over the past couple of years, which is a good thing in my view, if it prevents us from being tempted by the senses when we're out shopping, and it reduces traffic on the roads and carbon impact and what have you. However you shop knowing what you know now, you may wish to think about making some changes.

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To eat more foods. The main changes focus on increasing the amount of wholesome natural foods without fear of natural fats and proteins if they are naturally occurring.

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So meat is far better in both health and in halaal terms if it is organically raised not battery for

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many people assume Hello meat is simply that which has been slaughtered in the name of Allah. But the true meaning of Hello also looks at the life lived by the animal. So pay close attention to the way in which the meat has been produced. Signs such as organic, naturally fed meat, grass fed beef is far more suited to the philosophy of good treatment that Islam demands. And it's better for you nutritionally,

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even seafood must be thought of in the same way.

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Farming that harms the environment cannot by definition be at a way of doing things that much of our seafood is caught or farmed very harmfully indeed. For example. Most of the prawns people nowadays eat are farmed in shallow water lands which are taken over for farming. Rivers are blocked off or diverted and artificial shallow pools are created by clearing natural land and destroying estuaries and other natural ecosystems. These lands were previously natural filters of water, such as mangrove forests or estuaries. They provided homes to a large variety of creatures and plants, which kept our water and land healthy, and in tune with the environment where nurseries and habitats for bigger

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predators and other creatures.

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The water is now pumped full of artificial nutrients, the land is taken. And those nutrients can't be broken down easily. The farmers who found this way do so because it's cheap. And they don't get much for their crop. Because of the buyers and the wholesalers. One or two farmers doing it may not see much. But we are talking about hundreds of millions of tons of seafood being made in this way. This catches up with you.

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Many of our fish are actually caught extremely wastefully by large commercial portlets, who compete on the open seas, avoiding the attention of authorities.

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They do full catch fishing, casting massive nets which catch every single living thing within them. And then when they haul the catch in only about 20 or 30% of the catch is what they see. The rest, believe it or not, is thrown back into the sea dead.

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If we did this on land, it would be like sweeping over a forest, looking for birds. But then catching all of the elephants, the Tigers, the Buffalo and everything else, letting them die in the net, and then dropping those animals back onto the forest floor dead.

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It goes without saying that if you know this is going on, you will be asked by a law what decisions you made to support or avoid such a practice. Vote with your money. Prefer line court or naturally court seafood.

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Prefer food that is caught locally by local fishermen. Not large elusive companies which if you do your research, you will find are extremely into hide their methods. When journalists or other people try to find out what they do.

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coming to our vegetables well. leafy vegetables and fiber sources of starch and nuts and seeds are going to be a bigger part of the diet menu. Look especially for green leafy vegetables. Be aware of how potatoes and rice must be eaten in moderation. And it really is better to use fats and fibrous vegetables and more whole grain foods then to have the amount of rice and white bread that we tend to eat.

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You might think that these changes are too dramatic. That might seem the case now. But think back to the day

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When I knew nothing about potatoes or rice or even corn, did you know that potatoes and corn were imported from South America around 400 years ago,

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even chilies came from South America. Before those things we ate what was more local,

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probably had a more wholesome diet as a result.

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oils and fats needed mentioned. There's nothing wrong with full fat milk, or butter or cheese, fats, eat and slowly give a sense of fullness and your body can totally process them as well. Avoid fats alongside sugars because the sugars is what causes the insulin to rise up and the fat to be then used up to build its own reserves.

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Evidence also shows that children fed on full fat milk, as opposed to skimmed or semi skimmed have better cognitive function in later years.

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Artificial fats and fats which are obtained in harmful ways are extremely bad. You might not know what they are, but there are some easy pointers. For example, anything which includes hydrogenated fat

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on the ingredient list is artificial fat. It's chemically processed to make it thicker.

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This type of fat is very sticky in the body, it's settled in the arteries, contributing to heart disease and blood pressure problems and strokes. margerine is mostly hydrogenated vegetable oil. use butter instead, seriously,

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use naturally occurring vegetable fats, such as those found in olive oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil,

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or sesame oil.

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And watch out for palm oil. Palm oil is everywhere in foods and even in cosmetics. But unfortunately, palm oil is farmed in plantations, which result from clearing vast rain forests and local wildlife. And there are some areas where local wildlife is virtually wiped out. Because of the demand for cheap palm oil from large businesses, which are forcing farmers to create these kinds of plantations.

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You may need to alter some of your cooking techniques a little bit. But most of the people who eat the healthier fat will probably find that it tastes better. And if they to eat slowly and mindfully, reducing the sugar and the carbs, they will feel more full and have better health

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and they'll lose weight into the bargain.

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Our snacks need attention to so many snacks pretend to be healthy. cereal bars are particularly bad for this. They're laced with sugar, sometimes even more than chocolate bars. It's better to minimize and substitute snacking. We snack because we're conditioned to believe that eating little and often is good for us. It's not we also snack because we believe we are hungry.

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What in fact is happening is we are probably experiencing sugar hunger, rather than true hunger. Or we are dehydrated. So Mr. snack, drink water or black tea, black coffee,

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the hunger will disappear.

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If you do feel like eating something. It is a healthy middle ground to eat snacks, which are higher in proteins and fats. For this nuts, salted or natural nuts, not glazed and sweet coverings. They're great. In fact, a handful of elements really fills that hunger gap if it comes and if eaten half hour before food can help you to eat less at your main meal. The same goes for seeds such as pumpkin seeds, and so on.

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And, as part of your your practice, think about removing or reducing the temptations in your house. Get rid of the bulk of the sweets and chocolates in the sweet cupboard. fill them with more wholesome foods instead. and educate your family about the truth of hunger. They will appreciate it if you do so with sincerity and passion, showing them that both science and Islam are behind you. But don't ban things altogether. And don't force people. It's totally fine to have ice cream with the family once a week, especially if their children make it an occasion which the family enjoy. And don't feel any guilt about when you do enjoy the snack. In fact, as we see, you don't have to make

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any changes to your diet whatsoever. If you just want to do the fasting part instead.

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It's fine to make small changes incrementally.

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Fruits are to be approached with better education and a little bit of caution. Here are the facts. Many fruits are not quite as healthy in terms of weight. As people imagine. The sweeter and fleshy the fruit, the more likely it is to convert

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fructose and sucrose and no matter what people tell you fructose is a sugar and it pumps insulin upwards. Such fruits include things like mangoes, Grapes, melons, peaches, bananas and sweet plums, even if they're dried, these foods don't help with sugar control. Substitute, use less sweet, more fibrous and more tart fruits. apples, pears, avocados, berries, pomegranate. Avocados have tremendously healthy fat.

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dates and figs are good because they are fibrous, and the sugar within them takes time to release. Eat them in moderation though, especially if diabetic.

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macrobiotic and live foods need to mention the profit ate those in decent quantity. yogurts, cheeses, and dishes which involve fermentation are healthy for another exciting reason. They contain bacteria, which live in the gut and help digestion.

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These bacteria can reduce acid irritation, and the ease of passage of food through the gut. They also process extra sugar being or preventing its entry into your blood in the first place.

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So much research is coming out about the nutrient factors that these natural bacteria release into our blood, which also play a role in many other healthy chemical processes. emerging evidence suggests that probiotic foods may have the keys to preventing other diseases such as ulcerative colitis, heart disease, and even depression. The research in this area is growing even as you read this.

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Consider dosing yourself up with probiotic baguettes, just plain live yogurts, especially if you've been taking a course of antibiotics. Add probiotic foods or side dishes to your daily meal. A couple of tablespoons of live yogurt is both delicious and cooling to the palate, at school, or any other time.

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Consider having the live yoga especially alongside dates and cheese for example, or perhaps eggs or unprocessed oats with full fat milk. These are far better than jam on toast or bowls of conflicts or other empty cereals

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and the of chapter