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A Talk during Taraweeh 2017@ Dar Al Tawheed

Ramadan 2017

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Alhamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah

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was less than

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a shadow

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Abu who also

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brothers and sisters in Islam salamati from the lightning dialer.

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We started today

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the recitation from Surah Al anon

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a chapter in

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the capitals.

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This is the

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meaning of Koran that was revealed in Mecca before the history of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the McKean Quran

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is the time that that dress is the heart

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a companion by the name of Dubai, even if not ignore it.

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Amount one can further

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when the Muslims imprison almost 70 of the disbelievers after the battle.

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And most of them if not one day, he did a favor for the Prophet sallallahu he was an author the prophets of Allah. How do

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you recall the journey to Torah, when the Prophet returned from authority in Makkah, and was the one who given him Judah protection, his son, Dubai. So because of this fever, he can go to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu and intercede in order to release the prisoners of the disbelievers of rice. And take the moon when

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he said when I outline Medina, I arrived at a time when Salatu McCurry was be beautiful, and

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is leading the salon, and he was reciting the verses from the pool

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the world they created out of nothing, or did they create themselves?

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Did they indeed create the heavens and the earth and they are not paying attention today? That is the left click on a photo, it faces you. It faces you to establish one thing, but before I go, the Euro,

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he said,

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my heart, upon hearing these verses, was about to fly out of my chest

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because of work because of the questioning of the Maquis

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Can you make towhee

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ilaha illa. Allah,

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this Kelly man, is the most precious thing that we have. And this is what the map coupon is all about. is teaching us about this caliber? What does it mean? If I ask you right now, a straightforward question. What is the meaning of La Ilaha? Illallah in English? How do you say it in English?

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Come on.

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No one was

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no deity would be of worship except Allah. It is a big mistake to say there is no God but Allah.

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And this is what a common a common Muslim will translate the Kenyan man. He will say means there is no God but Allah. That's the literal translation. But in reality, that is not correct. Because there are other gods.

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Yeah, you don't believe them. You don't believe in them. But there are other people who worship other gods. There are people who worship Jesus. There are people who worship the cow, the cow, there are people who worship the moon. So there are other gods, and this is why you're supposed to say lemma abou.

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In the law, lemma abou

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then in the law, no deity, no object. No person is worthy deserves my

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Worship accept who accept who? Now comes the question why?

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why I made such a statement? Why did you make such a statement? Why? answered me? Why?

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Come on Why? Why only Allah deserves to be worshipped?

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This is what the school or school memorize these lines yet what?

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When Why didn't the gentlemen of your loved one was sent to Yemen

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if you're wondering why that hour in the West in America is not progressing because of this very subject, when why the material was sent to Yemen,

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I was also allowed to send them sent to me,

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Omar in neck cadet Coleman and Nikita Yemen is a place where the people are living, let be the first thing that you talk to them about is

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don't talk about anything else.

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And if they accept it, then talk to them about the salon, talk to them about this. I can talk to them about impacts, you can talk to them about drugs.

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Talk to them about this stuff. And this is the methodology. I should have said for 15 years. All what was revealed from the Quran, who is among genders, Hill.

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That's all. That's all.

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That's all, she said, would have diversion, about stopping liquors, loving and ducks chickens would have revealed that we would not have adhered to. You have to let people know the incentive

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for them to give up the lifestyle

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that you do this for a law because there is a reward called gender. And there is a punishment called Hill.

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Why? Why I'm saying

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Allah memorize this line, memorize this line will you memorize in Arabi an English E to Ruby? Yes, though, due to

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the fact that you believe Allah is the LORD, the LORD, meaning he's the Creator. He is the Sustainer he is the provider, he gives you the life that you have is going to take it away from you, they given you the hill,

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he given you the children, he's the one you're hoping he will forgive your sins and that you believe in that.

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The lordship of Allah this necessitates that you're shipping

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your ship.

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So why Allah is the only one is worthy of your worship, worthy of our submission? Because he is the absolute law? No a thing else everyone else besides Allah has created?

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Is it a true Allah, the only one who is not created?

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He is the absolute, eternal God exists, everything else is created. So why do you go and worship another object, another person who's created like you Jesus was created, the cow was created. So Buddha has been in law why because now he will be the Lordship of Allah necessitates his horseshoe Tao either Ravi nestos without Italia. You've been hearing him say we're in a very worrying will very worrying me very worrying me when you when you use that in me very, very, very it showed I

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look at the calendar. This is very important here for the Kadena is made of two components together, two pieces together. The first piece is called negation.

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Very important you

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are Muslim cannot believe that Allah is the God and Jesus and all of you cannot. You cannot. You have to believe first that there is no other deities. That's why you begin with

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ILA negation.

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Again, then you affirm, you negate that there are any other deities who created and then you affirm the Lordship to Allah subhana wa Taala and the world

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Allah subhana wa Tada. This is La ilaha illa Allah. This is the Candyman, which you're going to need in the pit of death. This is the kalama which will save us in the Day of Judgment. This is the caramel which will take us out of trouble. Even in the dunya

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dimensions we have a burst do I will come when you go through the stress, la la la la, la,

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la la la la, la la,

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la la la la, la,

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la Santa when he was in the belly of the whale, under three darknesses is his

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partner in Nippon cumin of volume in moussaka Surat was set up one day as Allah subhana wa tada yo teach the words with which I can walk you that no one else ever use. Allah said to me, almost

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everyone says

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everyone says de la

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ilaha illa ma

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and glory if the seven heavens seven Earth in one pair of the scale, la la la la and the other part of the scale

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it will outweigh the creation of Allah subhanaw taala heavy Academy is what we're here in America to convey in the kindness manner possible to let people worship the Lord inshallah.

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Is that good?

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Okay, I was supposed to fundraise. Remember we had a fundraising of tomorrow today, but we're not going to do a lot of brothers. Were so generous condyloma

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announced that we're looking for we said I gotta be careful with you know, we said we need $12,000 ladies

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I was actually hoping that we can raise another amount tonight but you know what I'm going to stick to my word because we got what we need but maybe I will raise the bar next time in Sharma so this way I'm falling but please if you want to contribute to the economy, if you want to contribute to a foreign dinner right after we have the boxes right here inshallah go ahead and it's up to you be delayed Allah May Allah subhana wa Tada. You will all the brothers and the sisters who spend their money today. We collected $6,000 cash we collected

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six 5600 in in Thailand. Hello thoughts on our credit cards, Shama and Masha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala and we deposit the money in the cmcc account this afternoon in sha Allah de la pena we love you all for the sake of Allah May Allah bless you we will accept promoted

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dark green shading

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licensed 8966

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Eq D

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parked in the grass of the fire department we cannot do this.

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We cannot do this please go and remove the call. The fire department are very good to us. We cannot do this