Tommy Robinson’s Mate Punches

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The speaker describes a situation where a man hit his head with a shot, causing him to run away from police. The police try to defer and eventually do so, but the speaker refuses to go to the police. They later discuss their past experiences with a challenge, which they consider legal, but ultimately decide not to use it. They also mention their past experiences with bribery and the potential consequences of it, acknowledging the lessons they learned from the challenge and the potential consequences of it.

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Probably the most significant blowed hours. I was dealt. Yeah. The whole

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in the whole afternoon. As you can see guys here the police are here. I've put this, this is

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what you call it video vids Rogers channel diseq that comes to speaker's corner. Now you're going to see basically the most significant blue, I put it on speed 24 0.25. So you can see it in slow motion, what happens here? So let's see

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if you can see here.

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I'm coming out.

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All right. Literally what I'm doing here is I'm trying to come out. I'm trying to come out of this because there's a lot of them trying to attack me. Now look here.

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I'm walking. Now be careful this guy, hopefully, you know he moves away. He moves away. So as you can see here, guys.

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All right.

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Okay, can you see that? Yeah, someone comes and gives me a shot. So let's just watch that in real time. And non real time in slow motion, but I'm not going to come in to commentate on it. Just watch it.

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All right. So a lot of people will ask him why did you go into this position here? Yeah. Why did you start defending yourself all of a sudden?

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If you come here, there was a time. I remember this. When I was in the middle of it. There was a time why literally.

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Okay, this is fast.

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I get hit.

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And then there's a time when I go like this look. I stopped putting my hands up like that. Okay, you can see I put my hands are very firmly. Yeah. Try and defend myself. You see.

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This is this is a point where actually, I felt a massive shot on my chin. Okay, so this corresponds perfectly with this. This is this right? So here.

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As you can see, I'm slow motion.

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I was here.

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The same characters are there.

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So are getting a shot, boom, boom, yeah.

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Boom, boom. One of the invertebrate cowards. shoots me. As you can see, I go straight into that position. On back,

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straight into that position, boom. Yeah. I straight into the defensive position. You can see my hands on my head there.

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So that is that, basically why did I do this?

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Yeah, it's because I got shot, I got hit with a big shot. So I got hit with that shot. So I tried to defer. Because I thought, I'm not gonna be able to take too many of those shots. It was a very clear shot. I need to get down at the Fed myself, and need to

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get out of harm's way. police know now. As you can see, the guy hit me and run away. Because that's what happened. He hit me one time.

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As you can see, so he hit me.

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And he ran away.

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here is got the blue t shirt and runs away you can see and the police are looking in that same direction now. Trying to look they're all looking. So corresponds. This corresponds to this.

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sealer. They're all looking that way. 123 look into the right.

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And hear the police officers are looking to the left. So it's the same incident. Okay.

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To be honest, that was the biggest shock that I got

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that connected. And so this was a reaction to that.

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I just one more thing I'm going to put on this video.

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I want to say this very categorically clear that I don't believe it was. I believe it was a mistake for me to go there in the sense that

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Look, I don't want anyone to try and follow my footsteps just was wrong with Yeah, I went into a place which was hostile, had a lot of people there which were hostile people and the potential for violence was there.

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Obviously, we make the mistake, so you guys don't have to. Yeah, I made the mistake by going Minato. Erica, that it would have been a problem. The only reason why we felt a little bit encouraged to go there is because we had a formal invitation before the lesson to the backstage area. And the security guards were would allow us to go in. And you know, in our religion in Islam, we have a category of person called and will step in, and will step in is a person who is granted security.

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And so in our religion, we have this thing where if you have like, say, for example, it should be the case. And we'll say Muslims necessarily inactive, just like these guys didn't like that. But it should be the case. If you're, if you go into hostile area, even if it's an enemy territory, yeah. And protection is given to you, and you feel like okay, you're invited, then you should be given the benefit of the doubt, even though that person might have a different opinion to you or might be ideologically averse to you. So I thought these people were going to secure us, I actually did think that i think that i thought that we have police that we have security there, and it was a formal

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thing. And these people are going to secure us. I didn't think that they would stoop to the level of try to attack us or bust like that. And

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it was gullible of me or sorry, I was dying. I was gullible to believe that I was naive to believe that as well. So I made that mistake. I agree with that commentary, or the the criticism I should have got there. Yeah, I agree with that. And also one more thing.

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I also agree with those who say, I come to think about it. Now those who say that this whole MMA challenge is legal, every challenge thing is,

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is actually provocative to think about, I think the world has got dry with that now. And I'm not going to use that now. I'm not going to use it because I think that it does create problems. And we use as a defensive mechanism that we use as a way to try and flaunt something that we've got, which we don't i don't have. I don't I'm not trying to claim that Anderson Silva or john John's got it.

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Far from it, I just use it because people don't actually I challenge others to challenge others as we bully others. So I thought that would be a legal way to try see if they can put their money where their mouth is but I realized that that the world has run out of that and I've learned my lesson from this. So there's a lot of lessons I've learned a lot of mistakes I've made Yeah.

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Which I need to kind of think about as well and I've I want to be a self reflective as possible but definitely I don't think many people would agree that would disagree with me to the fact that look, this was an attack and I'm really shocked that Tommy Robinson Yeah, I should not be really shocked that he hasn't good dead This is actually could live this one time.

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In fact, he's made me out to be the aggressor the attacker

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somewhere so that some people were like some sincere white people working class white people have come to me said well, why why did you get offered? Why'd you do this? Why'd you come in and attack him? kind of ridiculous but

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anyways, that's that guys.