Mohamad Baajour – The Dua to Answer All Duaas

Mohamad Baajour
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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sought refuge in Allah from many things

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we took for last week and I hope that you memorize it. Today we're going to take another for

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every single one of them is worse than the other. And the salah Salem asked Allah azza wa jal to protect them from all from all of them.

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Allahumma inni ubica Minnelli mean lion fat? What Calvin, Leia? Yaksha What do I in law you smell when I've seen Lashkar Allahumma in the I O obika minha Allah II herba

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Ya Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge that is not beneficial. Take them one by one.

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knowledge that's not beneficial could mean one of two things. Either the knowledge itself is not beneficial. Like learning how to dance or learning even sometimes the knowledge itself is harmful like somebody wants to learn how to do black magic.

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So yeah, Allah protect me from knowledge that's not beneficial. It could mean the knowledge itself is not beneficial or which is applies to many of us unfortunately, I am not benefiting from the knowledge that I have.

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Yeah, Allah I seek refuge in You from a knowledge I learned a lot of things I heard a lot of footballs I heard a lot of lectures. I learned many times but I'm not applying anything. This is a

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lion fat it's not taking me anywhere. Ya Allah protects me from that. Women Calvin Lai Yaksha Allah protect me from a heart that does not have who should does not humble itself.

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Before we explain, you have gave a beautiful rahamallah Beautiful example. He said you have three houses.

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You have three houses a house of a king

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packed with jewels and money and you name it all precious stuff. And a house just like our house has some stuff in it. Average house and then a house that has nothing in it completely dry. Nothing and the thief came and wants to rob one of those houses which house will the thief choose?

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Which house do you think

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your house

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the king This is the only house he's not going to touch all kinds of eyes security topline bodyguards surrounded his very secure and the other house the empty house has nothing in it. So he's gonna come to our house. He said similarly, the shaytaan if my how if my heart, the shaitan with our heart is the same. If my heart is very strong and powerful, and always remembering Allah Salah dhikr of Allah, He will not come to he said, such a beautiful example. He said the shaitan will come and hit and bounces back just like the jinn when they approached the sky. Allah sent the Shihab on Falcon Allah send the rate to them right? He said and the other house it's empty. So similarly the

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shaitan will come to the house that whispers that has

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Iman, but also has

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shallot has some desires some you know weaknesses he comes whispers look deal cheat lie you know he comes and goes that other house he cannot touch and the other the third house that is empty he already have the the contract signed right i mean sign so done.

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So here I'm asking Allah azza wa jal ya Allah protect me from a club that has no who should protect me from the from the first one and make me from the Protect me from the last one and make me from the first one. What does that mean? Yeah, one we sit in a in a job

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where you sit in a talk lecture and the brother next to me is crying.

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And now nothing is happening to me.

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The shakers reciting and the guy next to me is like I cannot even stop him and me. My eyes are so dry.

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A brother comes to me we had attended the same football and he told me Did you hear what happened? Subhan Allah Allah He I felt so guilty and I have nothing this is exactly what I'm asking Allah to protect me from your Allah protect me from a law Yaksha any we hear that shake mountains and did not shake does not shake this. This piece of flesh does not

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move at all women do I enlarge your smile Subhanallah here even though if you do the literal translation it means from a dua that is not heard. But Allah hears everything right here you smart means what? answered your Allah protect me from a dua that is not answered. What does that mean? Yeah and yeah Allah answer all my dua

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how many times all over the word right Allah Who among certain Islam only Muslim in all over lay little cuddle half an hour dua all Ramadan dill hedger, nothing is happening

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to not being answered. That's a different topic. But this is exactly what we are asking Allah azza wa jal to protect us from and the last one Subhan Allah like I said every single one is worse than the other women Neff sin lat ashba and enough's. neffs that is not satisfied.

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Not satisfied with his wife not satisfied with his job not satisfied with the gender of his children. He has all boys he want girls he has old girls he wants boys not satisfied with where he lives not satisfied with his car not satisfied with anything and if he has a million dollars he wants to and if he has to he wants three not satisfies him anything and even that includes also enough sluttish buy enough that always eats and only stops when the food gets here that's included also. And we experienced that a lot, right? Especially in Masha Allah Vatika Luffy so I'm asking Allah to protect me from all these four So repeat after me Aqua Allahumma inni Ahus obika Min el Min

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We're Calvin law Yaksha What do I in law you smell when I've seen law Tushar? Allahumma inni obika When will he have ba ba wrestlers SLM added at the end said Yeah, Allah like you know you mentioned and then he specifically he specified ya Allah protect me from all four herba and Arabic is for ya Allah protect me from all four. May Allah protect us all from all these Amin Amin federal tomorrow 630. The most beloved salata Allah slotted fissure of July in JAMA, a lot of solid Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Zakon Lockyer see tomorrow's Panchen Lama? I shouldn't lie that he learned the stuff you do counter to Willeke in

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our mana

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who use one Luna

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water he wants to label this NEMA Nima.

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In leadin, Luna Allah

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Allah will feed to Nia

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mother mui in

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what levena You

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meanie know what it means to be a while at MCC this phone call

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