13 Tips to Achieve Khushoo in Salaah

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What I want to say to you brothers and sisters is I know this is about turabi that I quickly said something Yeah, but for our individual Salas winning to slow the solid down, and we need to basically get our horseshoe now I'm going to give you a few tips right now and how to get your horseshoe in. So I've got about 10 minutes left in this in this 10 minutes, I'm going to give you tips on how to get your concentration in Salah number one, one of the biggest ones if you can please get the meaning of Salah look at the meaning. I've done it in this lecture inshallah this will be on YouTube, you can go through to get and again, I'm trying to get the whole meaning in your mind.

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That's one of the best ways to get your connection number to

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try and do some Vicar before the Salah. So just before the Salah, get your mind into a mode of thinking about law. So for example, if you were just playing a computer game, and you start reading a book or try to go to sleep straightaway, you see the computer game in your mind yes or no guys.

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When you're doing an activity straight when you when you'd be watching something or engage with something so deeply, you get to the next activity, that thing will follow in your mind immediately. It won't stay there for good. But for the first few minutes it will be in there. So what you've just done is you've you've just been in dunia to go straight into the Acura, you're doing your play in your mind. It's natural it will play in your mind. So have a little breaker that's why we have the advanced before see the advanced supposed to be a moment where everyone breaks up and cuts off from everything else. This is how traditionally was traditionally the progress and a lot of time when

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beloved of the alojado got onto the roof of the masjid because there was no minaret at that time. He came onto the roof of the mustard. And they made a separate place for him to to climb up onto all when before that he gave you from you know from outside of the masjid when he said a lot.

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Oh, when they heard that in Madeira, everyone dropped whatever they had sellers they dropped but that two buyers dropped it but they had two people work in the field, just left it and they walked off and then listen to the

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Hearing the beautiful sound of the law I don't know how blah blah the law who used to do it. I'm just doing whatever than I can at this moment. When they heard that he was like allies the greatest allies the greatest and they're walking towards a law they're getting the wooden and the listen to the other

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allies the waves and then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam you know is we mentioned in the in Allah Allah mentioned first that we bear witness that Allah is the only God we say, Allah Allah Allah and then Rasulullah sallallahu has mentioned is their shadow.

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Oh, bear witness. Oh I bet witness that Rasulullah sallallahu is Allah seven is messenger and they're doing the will do or they're coming for the Salah coming in the masjid and the listening and the breaking off see the whole thing is break off from the dunya

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come to Santa Why should I come?

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come to your success come to success. And the last thing before that and beautiful just allies the greatest of breaker from everything in between it was about statement about a law statement the profit and loss statement about the Salah three things. Allah is the Greatest Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam we follow. He showed us how to pray Salah we're going to do it and at the end who's doing it for a long

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Sonia law can you imagine the mind if you listen to if you break from the hole of the dunya you're in a mindset of salah

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and you broken off now What did the Muslims do? In the early days they came to the masjid. First they left all the work when their van was said maybe 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes before whatever it was. They left everything they did the booth and they came to the masjid. They prayed this individual knuffle Salah they pray the sunan Salah

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not like last minute get inside they don't want to do missing the roccuzzo alone trying to catch the mom in the recruit Nononono slowly steadily they prayed and they sat down and they were in Vicar in remembrance of a law until the Imam appeared and the province of Lahore ism has told us that a man

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is in his Salah.

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As long as the Juma prayer is holding him back and making him sit there What does that mean? That means you've come for Salah you sat down quietly, you just in the remembrance of Allah you're just sitting quietly not even the remembrance of Allah just sitting quietly just waiting for the Imam to come but you're not breaking the etiquettes of the mustard visit which is talking Allah azza wa jal will give you the reward of actually praying

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you're in Salah so another person is there you know the best thing to do just your Salah just just go into just go into scoring to your rhythm of getting to think about Lhasa city

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just think there is no no God but Allah no God but Allah, there's no God. There's no word but Allah. Just think of a la la la la la la isla

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La Isla

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homeline is another new standard for prayer. The thing to do I'm giving another point in that one is to do the second one that I've said to you Third thing what do you do

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you think Allah is watching me allies watching me allies watch me those of you that this is a short talk I'm giving on the subject and it's quite different from another one that I did on YouTube but if you want to go on to YouTube, just type in that how to attain horseshoe in salah and you'll see a whole sort of our something talk talking about again the same point but there'll be a lot on this point about building the vicar up and building the mind up before the Salah. So inshallah look at that and you will get inshallah you get extra benefit from them so to build a mind up and to think that allies watching me I say that in the other one allies watching me allies watch me glides watch

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me that's what you want, because that's that's the ultimate thing about getting your crucial or your your devotion to Allah. Now some of you like I said, you don't know the Arabic meaning.

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If you don't know yet just use this mechanism. Allies watching me allies watching allies watching allies, allies, watch me allies, but that's going in the head while you're saying Suhana rabina diems honorable diems honorable and standing up somehow, but your head is saying allies watching me allies watching your mind is saying allies watching me allies are you seen Robin Allah callaham allies watching me allies watch me that's that's what's hitting in your head. That's in itself a great way of getting your shoe and your devotion to Allah azza wa jal if you can. Just Just think of it as your last Salah is another point, the fourth point, think of it as your last Salah, after the

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Salah, I'm going back to Allah, an angel of death is behind me. He's just standing there. If you can think of fifth point that I was on the Day of Judgment. And Allah azzawajal was about to question me and I said, Allah, you know, like

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You know what criminals is asked? You're about to be sentenced Have you got your last wish that you want to say? And Allah asked you that and you're out in the desert when you said a lot my last wishes. I want to go back and do two tickets for you. salon here you are right now or for tickets here you are right now. Although prayer here you are right now a sharp red here, you right now. Okay, so you're going to think of that, Oh,

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another point, which is that you're standing on the Day of Judgment, you they're standing on the Day of Judgment malakian within most of the day of judgment, you're they're standing there right now think of it. You're standing there right now and you're doing two rockets, and then you're going to be judged on that point. And number seven, you're in your cupboard or your grave and you're inside your saw in the in the in the grave, six foot down and you're standing there and you're doing the saliva, you think of that and that's where I am right now doing my Salah, you build your consciousness, some people can you know the binturong Ron Hodge, and if they think they in front of

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the Kaaba, it brings a, you know, a whole moment of devotion inside them, that's fine. But obviously, we think more of Allah or we should think of Allah than to think of the Kaaba itself, but if that's going to build your momentum, fine. Some people they, they will close your eyes for a little while alone. The sooner is to open keep the eyes open while you're in Salah. That's the sooner but gradually you can do that first you close your eyes and trying to get the concentration and then after that slowly, slowly, slowly you get used to opening your eyes and then you can open your eyes and you'll be in full concentration in your Salah. Another one number 10 is to slow your

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Salah down whenever your mind drifts off to slow yourself down whenever your mind drifts off. So if you just thought like you were saying, molecule Medina ear canal Buddha has done it and then you realized my head is drifting. A Dino's. Ron Paul knows that the Syrah levena and I'm lame, that's gonna hurt your ego. But it'll make you concentrate. Okay, so that's another pointer. Another point is that if you think of something, sell something in your mind, ask yourself a question. Who is the one that will get me out of this negative thing I'm thinking about, let's say for example, in your Salah, you thought my exams are coming up, who will make me pass my exams who take his name?

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Allah so therefore Why am I thinking about my exams? Allah is the one to make new paths. If you think about a pain that you've got, or a doctor's appointment that you've got to Oh my god, what's gonna happen when that x rays result comes? Who's the one to give you good health? Who? Allah so think about a lot. My mom is not well, who's the one who's gonna make your mom well, Allah, Australia, a legged washing machine is going on. When's that going to finish? Yeah, somebody might be in the house, you know, just put the washing machine on and come to solando thinking oh my god, I'm gonna minister who is the one that will give you know, keep the washing machine going and make

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to make sure that they close the waterfall Who is the one last thing about it, okay, appointments, whatever Allah is always directs back to Allah. So that's another good point. That you know, if you're in Salah, you can do that. And if you're in Salah, and you're praying, make sure that you don't make it a burden for yourself or you make it too long. Don't go all along too long. Just do gradually do the short sutras are things that are moderate, not every time in outline and kuwano is moderate sutras short, Saurus. Tarbosaurus, do slow, do rhythmic and try and do it try and build up on it. So if you're to rocketry for rockets, let's say they took certain amount of time, try and

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increase it a little bit. But don't make it burdensome. Don't be so long that you know your feet were aching straightaway. Your legs were aching anything and I don't want to I don't want to you know, when you think about yourself again, maybe not this time, maybe not this time, because that will that will hurt you. So what you want to do is build up gradually. The people who go to a gym don't go first day inside there when they have gone no training, go inside there, take 220 pounds

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and pick it up and put it back down you next day you are gone. All right, well, you won't be able to lift that up anyway. But you know, even if you did, you're gone next day, they don't do that they start with it with a lightweight first to get used to that and then add a bit more, add a few more pounds on a few pounds on add a couple of kgs on and every day they go every day and then add on then you see them taking on the big heavyweight, you know, the weights and being able to lift them up and then there's no sweat, they're able to do it 10 times 20 times and so on. That's what I meant by Rasulullah sallallahu isn't doing that long Solomon's tahajjud because he salaallah. Harrison

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built it up over time.

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And people who do tahajjud over time they start off with let's say eight rackets eight minutes.

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Eight minutes, eight minutes. No problem. Do that for as long as you like. Then slowly eight rockets 10 minutes, same eight rockets 10 minutes. COVID slower than eight rockets 12 minutes and when you get used to that eight rockets 15 minutes when you get used to that

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Eight rockets you know take it a half an hour and you want to add on some nonprofits and laws Minister 12 rockets fine do 12 rockets if you want to but if it's eight rockets ultra overcast extended extended until and get used to it don't don't make it on one day so long it used to slowly stalled over a number of months and years get used to it until finally you know what when you're in your Salah there's nothing more beautiful than being inside your Salah You know why? Because a person will say

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a personal cell now these guys are showing me the time but you know sometimes you get into one you want to just say right guys I'm saying save me Okay, so you know you get into your Salah a lot when you get into Salah in another world a completely different world handloading

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me nah man Mr. e me man Aniki the

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Buddha canister

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the nostril often stuffy matsuno levina and Nam darling

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woombye Allah

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masabi Duna

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laquon de nuke umani de la chemo? Imagine I'm saying this to myself yet? Super hanami Elohim Super hanabi been allowing silver Hanauma below the Susquehanna,

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the Susquehanna.

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This is another point. Another point and probably one of the final pointers I'll give you a 12th. One is that if you can think of a beautiful tune that will get you involved like instead of saying handler of LogMeIn or Rahmani Raheem, if that if that motivates you, that's fine, but just some people with a good tune. They might they might get they might lift themselves up

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hamdulillah you know Minami

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Maliki only Dean. Can our Buddha Ganon study

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so often levina

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lift yourself up with either you saying it yourself and maybe some of you can't say but bringing your mind a tune that you love. And Frank think that you sing it in that tune is it lifts you up? It brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal, our pachala This has been a beneficial session and I hope you make the offer inshallah. When you pray those if you can get your devotion to 100% for every Salah they'll be brilliant. If you can do it, you know, when you get into that you just don't want to let go seriously. You don't want to miss another gadget. You don't want to miss another prayer. And when you get to prayer every time it's so enjoyable, your prayer, take your time getting there

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really nicely and with good horseshoe. I'm saying this Why? Because I want everyone in the world to taste it. Because I've done this session you know today we haven't got time for a practical one. But I'm done this up and down the country you know people when they get to the day when they've done 100% concentration of Salah in a in a tutor cut Oh, you know the enjoyment. It's like you've climbed a mountain, you've conquered a tower. It's It's so thrilling that you made your whole soul from a lower to saramonic model and no other thought except for law. And you know what the Hadith says, Whosoever does will do really nicely. And then they pray the Salah to record for Allah, their face,

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know them heart turns to anything but Allah when they finish that Salah, the halogen, Allah will enter them into paradise, meaning that when you get to the next world, Allah will give you paradise in return of those two rockets a lot. So when you get to that it's like you've achieved so much I want every Muslim out there to achieve this. I'm not to see a Salah as a burden. Zack Mohamed, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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