Hold tight to the rope of Allah – Quranic reflections 2 Episode 10 – Abdur Raheem McCarthy

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The speaker describes the process of falling off a cliff and feeling death near. They encourage viewers to hold onto a rope and see the rope being removed. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being strong and keeping up with the Quran.

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Imagine you're out in the forest, you're walking all by yourself, what all of a sudden you fall off a cliff, you're waiting for help but doesn't come. And then you feel that death is near. All of the sudden you open your eyes and you see a rope has been sent down for you. How would you hold on to this rope in order to save yourself? Subhanallah when you look into the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala gives us a similar example when He commands us why I trust him obey the law, he Jimmy and and hold firm to the rope of Allah all of you, the rope of Allah, what is the rope of Allah, the scholars of Tafseer gave many definitions from it is the deen of Allah, the religion of Allah. And from the

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definitions is the Quran, hold firm to the religion of Allah hold firm to the Quran. There is no way for us to be saved for us to be saved in this life, except with the Quran. Our Beloved Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in his Farewell Pilgrimage. He told the people that I've left behind something if you hold firm to it, you will never go straight the book of Allah and after that command, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala didn't forbids us saying without a thorough coup do not become divided amongst yourselves. Because if we're going to stay strong, we need to hold firm to the Quran. And also we need to have our brothers around us to help us stay strong along the path. But

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once we become divided, and we become far away from the Quran, we're going to remain in Las Walla humiston.