Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #17 – Controlling The Tongue

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Of the primary hallmarks of a believer (Episode 17 in our series) is the purity of his speech: the believer avoids lying, slander, backbiting, gossip, vulgarity, and argumentation. Multiple times in the Quran, Allah describes the believers as those who ‘…turn away from idle talk,’ or those who ‘…when the foolish address them, respond by saying: Peace!’.

The Prophet (SAW) said, ‘Whoever guarantees me [the control] of what is between his cheeks, and what is between his thighs, I shall in return guarantee him Paradise” [Tirmidhi]. This means the two primary causes of failure are what the tongue reaps, and the following of one’s sensual pleasures. In another tradition, we are told that the harvest of the tongue is a primary reason for punishment.

So many problems of this world are caused by speech: just look at how many relationships have been broken, how much corruption has spread, how much deceit has taken place, and even how wars have been started and lives lost, and you will see that evil speech is a primary factor in all of that.

Hence why the believer prefers silence over vain and useless speech.The Prophet (SAW) reminded us: “Whoever remains silent is safe” [Tirmidhi].

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filthy who will be found Ed? Leahy Senator Steve Rubino be here

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at me or Canada? is so hot in soybean corn okay me late summer is zoominfo Mihaela region me one can warning you are

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Spill Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was supposed to be here woman whether Hammerberg of the clock of the movement is one that our caught it began our recitation with today. But the Avila Helmut Menon Allah, you know, homefield, Salah to him harsh your own will Lizzy now whom I didn't love we more or you don't. Those who turn away from idle talk. They're not engaged in idle talk. When I began this series, I began with the verse of Surah Al Furqan. Worry about the right man eldini I'm sure a lot of the homeowner will either have taba whom will Jah? He's gonna call you salah. The servants of Rahman are those who walk with humility on this earth I began

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the series with humility. Right after What does Allah say? And when the foolish people try to provoke try to start an argument. They say salam, although Salam in the same series of verses of Surah Surah Furqan at the very end of the surah Allah azza wa jal describes the believers as what way the Maru Billahi Maru KERAMA when they pass by vain talk, idle talk, they pass by with dignity, they don't get involved in that idle talk. What Allah Dena whom I they love, we more ideal boon. This is of the characteristic of the believer, they monitor their tongue, they're careful in what they say. Now this talk is multifaceted because monitoring the tongue is actually many different

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topics altogether. But overall, the Mortman must be cognizant and aware of everything that comes from his mouth, ma yell freedom and Colin Illa de Hirak table it is not a single word that he says except that the angels are writing it down KERAMA and Kathy Bina Yeah, the Mona match of our own. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked must subunit Allah Naja, what is the way to be saved? What is the path to be saved? He responded, I'm sick, I Lakely Sanuk keep your tongue in check. Number one, keep your tongue in check. And number two, stay within your house, mind your own business. And number three, cry over your own sins, concentrate on your own sins before the sins of

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other people he began to list with. Keep your tongue in check. Another man came to the Prophet system said O Messenger of Allah, what is the thing I should be worried about the most? What's the thing that is the most scary, scary, scary thing. The Prophet system held on to his tongue. And he said, I'm sick I legally Sonic keep your tongue in check. This is the most dangerous thing. And that's why when why the bingeable said yeah rasool Allah, Allah is even going to call us to task for what we say, because he found this amazing or shocking or sad, like how are we going to you know, possibly do this that what we say Allah is going to call us to account for and our Prophet system

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said, Woe to you, oh, my eyes? And what is the primary cause of the people being taken to jahannam on their faces upside down? What is the primary cause of people being dragged to Janam except the after effects of what they have said, the cause of what happens when you say something, the pain that you caused, or the LIBOR, or the slander or taking people's Coke or lying or backbiting? The number one cause of going to jahannam the prophets have said is going to be what did the tongue what the tongue says. And that's why we have to be so careful about what we say and what we are the content and also the subject and also the actual words that we are saying our prophets Allah said

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I'm said Hadith isn't Behati the person who will be the closest to me on the day of judgment are the ones that have the best o'clock Hamdulillah we want to have the best o'clock then he said, and the ones who will be the furthest away from me, and the most hated to me, of whom even use the word bold, the ones that I hate the most, even though they're from the OMA, he said, a thorough Tharun al Moutere shut Deikun al Motta Fe headcorn A thorough sow rune, those that are so thorough, is an Arabic word. That means constantly babbling away, the ones who's constantly talking all the time, about that

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which they shouldn't say. And Elmo, Tasha diccon, the one whose words is used to demean others sarcasm, putting people down and then motivate her corner the ones that are arrogant, so thorough thorough, you always just keep on speaking idle talk, vain talk, you shouldn't be speaking like this. By the way. Satara has a synonym in Arabic. Most Arabs don't use this word anymore. But us this is have taken it. It is baka baka. Do use the word baka baka you don't use it. You never heard it. Loud Ibaka he doesn't know what baka baka is. But all of us are the speakers. We know Buck Buck. Buck Buck, is a pure fasea Are the word I'm not joking. It isn't original Asli Arabic word goes back

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to ancient Arabic. And it is found in our books earlier books. But the Arabs lost Buck Buck. We kept the art of bok bok alive. That's the joke guys. Okay. So the word Buck Buck is like Thoreau. It means just blabbering constant. And our profit system disapproved Buck Buck Karna. Literally we can say he disapproved or those people they speak about every matter, they have to have something to say that's not of the lack of the believer, you keep your speech reserved. You don't just keep on talking and blabbering and sing everything because that's gonna get you into trouble. Even Mr. Rude said, If anything should be put in jail. It is our own tongues. If anything should be put in jail,

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and trapped and locked up. It should be our own tongues. That's what we need to keep in jail. So the min, the one who has good Croc monitors what he is saying, what are some of the main things we need to monitor again, the time does not permit it to permit me to go into all the detail. But let's mention five or six things that we have to be especially careful about the first one I already mentioned a whole lecture about it and that is lying. I already give a whole lecture about lying the believer does not lie speaks the truth, lying and slander. This is of the biggest sins of the tongue. The second we need to monitor and this is not in any order of severity. I'm just giving the

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main things. The second that we need to monitor is to be involved in argumentation, constantly arguing gentle, this is something that the Quran discourages except when it is done in the weak in the sake of Dawa when you're trying to convince somebody of Islam. Otherwise gentle, arguing constantly, always having to prove your point. This is not of the lack of the movement. Let go you gave you a point to help us move on. But to always give jeden and the provinces have said arguing all the time. It only happens when Allah azza wa jal wants to misguided people. When Allah wants people to be misguided then they are frequently arguing amongst themselves. So the second thing we

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have to be careful about when it comes to our tongues is constant arguing. Number three, the Quran and Sunnah also forbid us from putting people down, making them feel bad sarcasm, Wei Lu liquidly houmas Attila Lumumba, what is Lumas Amin llamas means to do something with your tongue that will make the person feel derogatory denigrated, and there are people like this everywhere they go we say in English to have a sharp tongue, right? This is not of the lack of the believer that you just have to poke somebody you have to do something to make somebody feel bad make a sarcastic comment put somebody down all the time. It's not the lack of the believer know the believer uplifts and

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encourages doesn't put people down. So this is the third thing is to be sarcastic. The fourth thing that the Quran and Sunnah also forbid, is to remind people of your favors, to remind people of your favorites. This is not to have the clock of the believer if you've done a good deed, right? You don't rub it in the face of the person Hey, remember I gave you a loan that day. Don't forget that Subhan Allah that Allah says in the Quran, that sometimes when you do this is going to destroy the entire validity are the entire reward of what you have done. So we avoid reminding people of favours. The fifth thing that we have to be careful about one of the most common Sins of the globe,

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LIBOR and Nima and these are two separate things, but I'm putting them together. Reba and Amina, we have to be especially careful, we don't mention even if it is true, we say something bad that might be true about her brother behind his back that is Riba. And if it is said and you hear it, then you go and tell the brother what was said that is an amoeba, and each is a separate sin, and each of them is a sin. We don't do Heba and Nima we know this from the Quran. We know this from the Hadith, we have oily but an amoeba. And the last thing that I'll say it and there are many other things. The last thing that I'll mention here is of the things that we avoid is vulgar words, speaking in a foul

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manner, right. The prophets have said the movement is not far HESH NBv. The Mothman is not somebody who uses vulgarities in their regular speech. This is not the clock of Abu Bakar. Mr. Rothman, it will be Allah and we don't speak in this manner. And I've said this multiple times. It's a HELOC of the moon effect that when you're in

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Common Language and unfortunately our youth think this is cool. They think this is how they're going to prove their manhood. No, you prove your lack via dignified speech. And there are other things as well that our tongue should not do. But overall what is the advice that a prophet says some said about the tongue? He said, two very simple Hadith you can memorize it three words, man Samata, Niger man Samata Naja, whoever remained silent, shall be saved. So, of the o'clock of the movement, the the movement is not extra talkative, because the Movement understands that speech has a consequence in price. And that's why Hadith in Bukhari, our Prophet system said, mankind you know, Billahi, WM

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will occur, failure call hyaluron, only a smart, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, either they they say something good, or else they should choose to remain silent. So, of the clock of the movement, the movement is frequently silent, you will not find the movement, the high movement, the one that has perfected the clock, you will not find this person to be talkative wherever they go. On the contrary, they will be reserved in speech. And the reason is not because speech is expensive. The reason is because speech generally has consequences. And the movement is worried about those consequences. And so the movement guards the speech and the movement does not speak except where it

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is beneficial. That's why Allah said in the Quran, well, lady in her Manila, we more or you don't, Allah didn't even say they don't do love who Allah said they turn away from law who they're not even a part of those conversations and Subhanallah brothers and sisters, how much time we waste in love when people come together, and they just do literally a Buck Buck literally thought about literally talk, talk talk dog of what benefits. The Prophet system said, I will caution you against too much speaking without the vicar of Allah. Because whoever speaks too much without vicar of Allah, those gatherings will be a source of regret on the Day of Judgment, speaking too much for no cause. It's

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not the lack of the believer. So be careful brothers and sisters guard your tongue make sure you try your best to say that which is beneficial or else choose to be silent and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow with Santa Monica Malama to live with

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the home being found Ed lane, Senator cultivo being on the he's calling me on Canada is

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in soybean corn. Okay, me. Lenny server is zoominfo me he'll read me one can

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me let you say you will be Malky he won't be muddy.