2min Hack – What is Self Worth – What is My True Value

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Join me on an exploration that resolves the issue of self worth. Research shows that peak performance happens not when self worth is unusually high or low. But when it's mostly steady, let's see how this works. The first thing to know is this your worth as a human being is high and fixed. Why? Because you're inherently worthy. Without having to do anything you will value lies in your wish to be a good and effective person. That's it, the wish. Second, we look at inside versus outside validation. The theory is called locus of control, you make a mistake, you get rejected, someone calls you an idiot, everyone loss. This should make you feel bad, but not more than 20% 80%

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of your value should be from the inside fixed and steady. Do you let the outside world and its events dictate your value? Or do you hold your emotions and value study yourself Call upon your center it does that better than any other part? A strong and inherently steady internal locus of control can bring emotional stability and cognitive strength. It benefits how we perform in every element of life. Those phrases like control your emotions, and believe in yourself sound good, but they're a bit empty. How do we really do it? We'll break it down into actionable steps backed by research. It's like mining for gems. You have to find and treasure whatever gems you have your best

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is the only best that can't forget chasing superhuman goals. We focus on finding and appreciating your strengths and capabilities. You can do certain things better than others. That's where you should focus find those rough stones, refinement. Imagine you're polishing the gems, we'll explore techniques grounded in science that layer upon each other to reveal a brighter, more strong person you refreshed, justified in your self worth. Let's embark on this journey where theory makes practice to empower yourself perception and elevate your performance.