Reflections from the Quran – Dont be like this

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The Quran is so beautiful in its expression. When Allah speaks about spending, Allah speaks about two extremes. And he speaks about this by way of example. On the one hand, he speaks about a miserly person. And he says, learn to draw Yeah, the kimono let an either oh no click. And don't be a miserly person, like the one who has his hands tied to his neck like prisoner. Meaning His hands are so close to him. He is not willing to let go of anything that Allah has blessed him with, for the sake of Allah.

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And on the other extreme, Allah says, what a double Sudha Khalil bossley And don't spend so freely that you open your hands totally wide open and you are left with nothing. For TopCoder Maluma masala, Allah says you will end up sitting in regret. So the point is, be moderate in your spending. Where there's a need, you must spend. You need food in a clothes you need to spend on your family where there's a need, you must be and where there isn't a need. Don't spare. Be in the middle of be thrifty when you have to