Alaa Elsayed – The Life Of The Messenger Episode 08

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The story of Prophet Mohammedignadi is discussed, including his actions and behavior, importance of learning from the Bible, and the use of deadly force and the internet. The importance of words and actions in one's opinion is also emphasized, and the use of negative words and actions is discussed. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a beauty program and a photo mechanic. The use of deadly force and the importance of being proud of one's appearance is also discussed.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brother, sister Islam, and welcome to the ninth episode in sha Allah zero Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim as we left with led the Madeira. And what he claimed the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim to be. And of course, when we talk about these things, one of the one Prophet Mohammed Salam was called again, I said, as I had acquired a lawyer, fortune teller, a crazy man or a magician, just in case if he you think that you're better than perfect mom, send them a low hug. But of course it's not. We've been called worse I know, I know. But think about it and use you will see a loss of adult

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Allah gives you that tightening and the reward for holding on Be patient. And then Prophet Mohammed salam, as we mentioned, Allah subhanho wa Taala defended him. But think about whatever either mahira in a movie or what happened to him. And when he thought about it, it is narrated, nothing originally says, and he loony. Let me think he says

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it then he started to ponder and reflect. And then he started to pace and go back and forth, because he almost was a Muslim, also panela and he's again, the tribalism and his pride and so why get in the way. And now he says, Allah subhanho wa Taala, in his honor revealed a few verses. One of them is a lovely woman, Hala wahida leave me with the one that I have created alone, yes, because he will be resurrected alone, he will have to be held accountable alone, he will be buried alone and so on. He says that to

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speak about it, I've given him all this stuff. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, so

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I will let him go through difficulties in climbing, climbing, what some of nourish interpretation that allows the panel to Allah will create a mountain specifically for him from from hellfire. And that it's so hot that he will he will actually think alone will make him think that if you climb this mountain, you will be saved. So he will climb the mountain, his fingers everything down to the bone and will be burned. As soon as it goes up to the mountain. And on top of the summit of it, it will set us under come right down again. And then allows them how data will create that mountain again. And he will start thinking the climbing again. So older people who are older, that will make

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them go through a difficult time climbing. So Pamela, and he and ot

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think and I'll just tell you what your word is what do you do, so don't blame anyone else. And don't point fingers to anybody else. The loans of Han Allah to Allah was the way I forget the years and he forgives a lot more velocity takes it takes a hold accountable of what we do not protocol

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that we all know Allah subhanaw taala if you hold us accountable of what we do, none of us will be walking on the face of the earth Dabba may have anything that walks on the under on the face of the earth, but alone forgives a lot more. And at the end of the day, we understand that alone Subhana Allah gives us chances after chances after chances to repent and come back and we will talk about the mercy of Allah it will take the whole episode but inshallah maybe some other series. But now this the same man, the same man Believe it or not, when he heard the Quran, he was touched,

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it touched his heart and when Prophet Mohammed Salim was reciting and when the region facilite is having,

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this is the how I mean, among the the sort of the the chapters among the hand him his facilite when Prophet Mohammed Salah was talking and reciting this, it touched him till he came to for under to come now I've given you a great warning, what will happen to add and remove is

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I asked you for the sake of Allah and the kinship between us stop, stop, he couldn't take it. Because he knew was true. And it came down to the frustration This is the and he says, indeed that's all I can afford.

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Now you understand that even a disbeliever was touched by the the words of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, we have to be honest with ourselves of unity. How does the Quran touch your heart?

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Or will the Quran complain to Alon Jasmine the palatal soul these people might try but Khurana Majora those people that are on the left the band in the Quran? Is that what we do at the end of the Quran? Do we leave it on the shelf till next Ramadan and it comes out.

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You brush up the dust and say okay, it's time towel it's on or put it in the back of the car for what for Baraka, of course, is that what the client has felt? Yes, lots of work actually. But that's not what it's for. Is it

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houden this is who that this is again we talked about the the beautiful Guiding Light This is it for us. And we of course we put it under the pillow of our children. For what? nightmares? Yes that's apparently that's one of the reasons for the karate revolution or when he had the will of some of the people buried under the the step of the house so this house will be protected. This house is doomed the Quran yada yada Lee How could we insult the words of Allah like this, nothing is supposed to be on top of the Quran nothing, nothing on supposed to define it. So we have to take this. So from heart if you want inshallah, we have to have a homework everyday we have to listen to the

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Koran, or read one page, one verse one word something, when we hear it in Sharla in the cars we do whatever it takes, we understand that the proceeds not just the Quran in itself, we need to know what it is. And some of the scholars says we should have a book for us. Every day we should open this book. Now he commands, what is the prohibited and every time you read something, you write it with your own hands. There is um there's a lot of demand you do something and something that is forbidden, you're writing with your own hands, and then you review yourself. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala will have mercy upon you. One day when you resurrected, is this has some covenant or has known

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they held themselves accountable before it held him accountable. They will go to gentlemen sha Allah without any accountability, punishment, how's that? For a reward? It should be good enough in sha Allah. So let's go back to the client and find out who this this man was touched by the Quran and then I thought I'd take a look at some of the brothers and the young among the youth when I visit them and they're in universities. So Pamela one time I was driving the pulling up the car and the windows were down and I hear Mashallah good brother. You know hearing the Quran Beautiful, beautiful, then another brother in humanity come in on the other side of the car.

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Allah homestead Allah help us inshallah so now even my ears couldn't take it and this guy has got the windows up and I don't know how they do it alone this down. So now when the brother sees now and is crying uncle Mashallah, go and touch your heart? And he goes, No, no, I heard this song. And I love this sister Fatima, but I could marry her. And every time I hear this song, I think of sister voting and then you start crying. I love him was that Yeah. doesn't touch your heart but the sons about Sister 14 What does your heart Come on? I will say my brothers and sisters this go back to who we really are. Fly to the Buddha,

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willing to ponder and reflect and contemplate on the ground when it has this one day the duck shell women will dilute your you should have the goosebumps when you actually live and teach the beauty of the Quran and live as if Allah subhanaw taala revealed upon you only there was one story about the family. And among all the scholars and scholars.

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He said a man came to him. He says I was reading the Quran and I finished it in three days.

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Is it okay? I want you to go back and read the Quran. As if I'm listening to you.

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He came back to him and says I finished it in three months.

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says I want you to go back.

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And as if Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem is listening and watching.

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He came back almost in three years.

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I could be wrong on the dates but it's a lot longer, considerably longer. And then he says I want you to go back and read it as if Allah subhanaw taala is watching and listening to you. He says I couldn't get over the first verse.

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The understand he they understand they understand our mobile devices that we used to attend 10 at a time then versus to come 10 years and some narration to memorize the Quran. This is what you start learning in our lamina man. Yes, we learn the Quran and the actions and deeds of the Quran together. So it becomes a plea for you not against you. I've memorized it but I don't know what it means and then I go against what it is. I'm Kerry of the choir and that is enough of an honor to memorize the plan. May Allah bless you and inshallah we'll get you the reward. But now add some more add someone to the bank because in the bank of what Allah will say enough hamdulillah but in the back in this

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dunya is never enough right has been moseyed more and more is to do the same thing in the hereafter inshallah. So let us come back to the Quran and for a naked a homework for us something daily inshallah sure in order for us to have this challah reward in the hereafter if karate recite and elevate in that your highest level is where the last verse in sha Allah grant us the four doses added in the level of Prophet Mohammed Salim Amman.

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And then the other one will laws of how notice is in Norfolk Eurocopter.

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look at how many stages he's gone through. He thought he founded he turned around, he reflected he again he found he's all of this too.

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Decisions what to do what to make dunia Dean here after decisions you have to make every day in your life actually only we're only but what a fraction of a second a decision.

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You say it's halal or haram. That's it. Yes, there is a measuring stick for us. It is not a shame what people say what will Allah say in the class, the measuring stick for us is halal, or haram. What is a please Allah or displeased Allah? And that should be it. Unfortunately, he made the wrong decision. When it has a really horrible I mean, so I'm sure inshallah, according to the smart people out there that's listening and watching, we'll make the right decision in sha Allah. We're not saying that your angels are not going to make a mistake. It's it's a naive statement. It's hopelessly naive statement. However, we know that that is the school when all the children of Adam

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and make mistakes, but why it'll happen in a terrible in the best of those who make mistakes and sin. Those who come back never despair of Allah's mercy, come back all the time, keep repenting and Sharla as you will see how profit mom's alum handles that job. And then the people now

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are coming. And the force they thought of how to keep the people away from them. And guess who used to walk behind Prophet Mohammed Salim?

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You guessed it, his own uncle, Abu lahab. Imagine

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he used to walk behind people says Don't listen to him. He's a liar. Don't listen to him. I know him. Well. I know he's from my family. Don't listen to him. He's a he's this. He's that Allahu Akbar. Even when he did no malaria says What are you doing? Is he one of his recommendation says leave him. Follow him. His follow him. Let him go with the dour face.

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His honor is your honor. He's from your own family. He's from your own tribe. What else do you want? Who can come up and claim from their own tribe and family is a prophet and messenger who has that honor sapan Allah? But no, he says there

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if people believe him, the follow him. And if he's now up and honored, it's also your up, Your Honor, is and if people go and kill him, you've now taken your hands off, and he got rid of him. Whatever we learn, of course, that's not the case. Because I know that Allah subhanaw taala says that

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that's it,

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that Allah will protect you from that from the people. And there is another verse also, that Alonso panatela given Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, in a way indirectly that you will not be killed by the but your people lead the certain people or their faith or the people or the tribes and when they liked some of the prophets and messengers, they kept them they didn't like what they heard. They got rid of him or killed him Subhana Allah

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then Allah says men cobble

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the word men cuddle before meaning what those nations are used to kill their profits and min cobbler before so that means what we need here that I've seen it and understand inshallah that that woman that puts the province allowances min cut before Not anymore. Allows upon Allah tala will protect you. Okay, so this is one thing that allows a panel to Allah promise, and it was to be, even though they tried to kill him with a stone on the title, you know, falling on his head. They tried to kill him in so many ways. They try to get the strongest man as you will see and kill him in his bed. They tried to poison him, they tried to do everything to kill him. As you'll see, we're not going after a

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specific grid level light. We're going to establish justice as again, in time that you will see there's so much to share with you. But Chawla will take it one step at a time. And now

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the people that came around from the different tribes they started hearing about Prophet Mohammed says Alan, his reputation was worn around and they wanted to hear it however the people now they come in and they said that you're not allowed to speak to him. You're not allowed to speak amazing. You see exactly what's going on history repeats itself. Okay, you will see the scholar is not allowed to come to a certain country. Unless you're afraid when you will be subpanel your whole this mighty country viewers with all the power and all the the armies and all the oldies, ammunition, all that stuff. No, no, don't listen to him. Why are you afraid of something? Are you trying to hide

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something or afraid of the truth? Why are you afraid of truth? People are smart, they're intellectual. They can make up their own mind now, or is it? Exactly what happens is you see history repeats itself.

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And I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about. Allah homestyle. Again, Prophet Mohammed Salim used to be called wakad we are living in Nicola Majnoon again Allah is repeating. It is mentioned the Quran or the one that claims that the revolution is bestowed upon you, you are indeed a crazy man hasha holier the will of course, this is a sort of hedge. And after this, it says that they said, Why did you go

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that session? And they used to say that the Wonder establishment How could this man receive it? And he is he said session because he is a magician is a

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Lie in magicians panela and perhaps a mistake in that in again, the the way they look at him not just the utterance and Hamza lems with the wings and the official instruction and and the words by the way, Prophet Mohammed Salim. And one of the times when he used to go around, he used to hear all this stuff and he used to swallow but one day one day he came up to them he says good to come with that said he couldn't take any more. He listened to everything and he came up to them is just to come visit. That's it I come to you killer be killed.

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Because what is this?

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You know, fear, man, okay, fight like a man. Don't be like, uh, you know, just words and words are cheap. I know that actions speak louder than words, but even a human being came up to them. And you said that so they were afraid. They were afraid Believe it or not, the group of people were afraid of Prophet Muhammad Salah. He says yeah, and he can

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take it easy. Take it easy, don't mean any harm. We're just having fun. I love having fun. I believe also there could be contempt.

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They used to make fun of Allah and His messenger and so on to do what to make fun of that level like, let's act a little young. No, you cannot apologize today. It is too late. This is

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bad. You have state of disbelief after the State of Belief accordingly, of levels of Han Allah to Allah has repeatedly given Prophet Mohammed Salah condolences after condolences reminding him of the prophets and messengers before him, what happened to them give them the strength to carry on, given the reasons to the reward for it. It says when he used to sit around as a habit odilon as main, as we knew that the weak and the poor and this leaves follow them in the beginning, very few among the adults is it so nice to see how this is the one that he's sitting together with, look who is sitting with and he's leaving the honorable society. And then Allah subhanaw taala says hello, Mandela,

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Mandela Ali, this is the one that he chosen Allah Subhana Allah, this is at least a local alum to check it isn't the laws of Harada is the one that knows most of the one that grateful read for what a shoe could have been Nima will just be a comfortable job.

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If you become thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah recognizing a good or blessing or a provision that is giving you this is shook while in Chicago. And if you're grateful and you thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, He will increase the system so me among the Shekar effi among those not brother Shekar down the street, I mean Shakira, meaning grateful to Allah subhanaw taala be thankful to Allah and we're introducing Mr. de la Hinata. So you will not even be able to comprehend one comprehensive, just one NEMA a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala. So be thankful to Allah for what he's given you. And then allows of hideouts Allah has given this beautiful, beautiful story in the

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livina agilon Walker normally they live in a manner without going well, either one will be here to Amazon will either own Kaduna loan waiver COVID-19 waiver of

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lien fell Yeoman Latina aminomethyl cooperia takuan

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at under one, healthy women who photomechanical It's a beautiful story. If you go back to the end of social capital feed, when you find out that Allah subhanaw taala called them what criminals in the levina Luca Norman and levena M and we otaku indeed those criminals who those whose you see the attributes in alladhina Jomo, those criminals used to make what fun of the of the believers in Allah Tina M and we are going to use to smile and make mockery in front of them hey man, what a llama soon as the walk by them the Wink a manual unbeliever check this out

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look at look at there's a black tend to walk by hey there's a guy wanted yeah isn't the guy he was on TV man. Is that the guy with the column? Start with a T word lol hope he would lie with Amazon

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when they go home they do what you won't believe what I saw today mom I saw a guy that look like this and I saw sister look like that. Isn't it hot out there then they can they believe that? Why do they have to cover themselves don't you want to show off their beauty will never ever say the Hellfire is that hotter? Well lay this was said was told by a young girl in a country I'm not going to mention where it is but one of the of the people so called modern and those people that are you know of the high type of society thinking that they are now Mashallah have reached the plateau in their life. They've taken off everything against the will of Allah subhana wa jal and that's the

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listen to a man that says you know what? You are a puppet now I'm going to put some gloves on you I want you to suit to wear read everybody read I want you above the knee everybody above me know slightly from the left slide from the right slide from the front slide from the back. Yes, Master. Yes, Master. A man out there 1000s of miles away once you go to * fire. You say Yes master to Allah Subhana Allah is trying to honor you

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and covering you. And you say no, Allahu Akbar, manga me

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at least to say I believe in it, but I'm just not very it's much too hard for me. But uh, please don't deny it and don't enjoy evil and for the good of the

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And this young older woman told this young girl is in his heart out there. You're wearing hijab.

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She says the same verse called nanogen.

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February tallarico, Allahu Allahu Akbar kapa. haka. Dona Khufu not taking anybody out of the village Allah, Allah of Islam, but we said there are rules and regulations, at least say that don't say there's no such thing called hijab. It is very clear I'm not going to go into the specifics of the hijab again is there but hopefully this is a great timing for you. I'd like Thailand for you ally, especially out here in the West. When you covering your your when hijab when you cover your face or whatever it is that the choice of your opinion that other scholars mela plus, police will all enjoy Allah have mercy upon them all you go with, can you imagine the difficulties you're going to go

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through here, the peer pressure on people pointing at you, and everybody's not? What happened? You're now holding on as if some of the scholar says as if you're the only one fighting when the armies fled. You're the only one a walk in perpetuity. You should be proud of who you are. Well, law II I need to add for every time I see a sister in law that is wearing the hijab when

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the strength the power it takes and if you don't know that brothers will let you go ahead and wear it. I'm not asking you to do that in sha Allah, I'm Stan say, this guy is asking us to No, no, no, you understand what I mean? But at least have that feeling of strength. May Allah bless you sisters, and the reward is there. You know why? Because Allah subhanaw taala said that.

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He says that when they go back to their family, they will tell him here's what I saw on all that stuff. What happened when I was in rally him hopefully, they want to send to be guardians or protectors over you. They're not the one to say the measuring stick of right and wrong. It's Allah our Creator who says right and wrong. It is what we say somewhere in our karma to natural human beings, they will not come and help you on Judgement Day. So if you please allow the displeasure of people, Allah will be pleased with you, and make sure people will be pleased with you too. But if you displease Allah, to please people, Allah will be displeased with you, and make sure people will

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be displeased with you too. And inshallah so make sure you please, olanzapine Angelica, not the people because the end of the verse stays where Allah Subhana Allah to Allah turns the tube is fairly young by the way the

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meaning right away fairly young, even though this day even though doesn't make sense. Right away. Yes. Because time is not pretend to Allah subhanaw taala right away because what is dunya he most people think they don't yes 50,000 million or whatever yours dunya laka

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what is life do you is Leah lifespan that's life. According to you, that's what it is. So when we die this is a

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super narrow Cobra Kama Sutra, we will be held accountable in the grave. So this was a minor judgment, the non dementia judgment, but allows apologizes fairly young on that day, the 50,000 years they have judgment the the gentleman Athena ama nominal. cavalleria chacun. Those who believe make fun of those who disbelieve those who made mockery of you have to make a mockery of you. Okay, so hold on look for that day. Those who laughs last laugh, longest and Sharla. Now we understand that olanzapine Allah Allah says in what way? He says Alan Araki on your own. You will be in heaven in sha Allah this beautiful Erica, this beautiful bed. It says the stuffing of that pillow is made

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of salt. So what's the outside like Effie? It is some narration that says when you go into the gender you see this beautiful bit. You will stay there for a long time you think that this is the name this is it gender is just made of this beautiful bit. Hello. And I know that some of us have this bit that make it noise and we only have a few pounds here if you Allah help us and show love and hang in there okay Hang in there. We reward is waiting for you my brother and sister Hang in there. So this is all I can do to help do the photo mechanic. Is it is it was it worth it is not worth it if he so what I tell you what's worth it hold on to the Quran and Sunnah We ask Allah

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Subhana Allah to make us among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it. Work with our Ahmed hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam

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know Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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