Lauren Booth – Quran Burning And The Truth About Sweden

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reasons behind Sweden's success, including the importance of social equality, healthy work-life balance, and the cultural acceptance of Islam. They also touch on the problem of the current school system being closed due to the loss of Christian students, which is causing schools to close and lead to schools being closed. The speaker also mentions the use of Islam as a threat to unite against Islam's " grudging respect for Islam" and the potential for schools to close in the future.
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In today's video, I'm going to be talking about Sweden, the home of IKEA, one of the most happy places in the world to live. No wonder Muslims have been rushing there for decades. It's a beautiful place to live and it should be celebrated right.

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Samadhi Aleikum How you doing? Pray this finds you well and blessed through a huge outcry because the Holy Quran, the scripture of the Muslims, subhanAllah was burnt with the legitimization of the Swedish government in its capital. Everybody seems to be really shocked by this, like, how could they do this? Why would they do this? This isn't like Sweden. This isn't the sort of thing we'd expect here. So in this video, I'm going to be looking at the reasons why we should be reframing Sweden. Why is Sweden considered one of the happiest countries in the world? Well, there's a great weight given to social equality, and an emphasis on the importance placed on life outside the

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office, and truly healthy work life balance, but they do health really well. And they take their countryside seriously, Mashallah. What's not to love, a strong economy, good education, and excellent health care. These are the important factors in why Sweden performs so well, in the Happiness Index. Traditionally, Sweden has been a nation that has been very accepting of migrants as well. And that's why in all the migration crisis that has been taking place, largely due to wars instigated by Western nations, but not by Sweden, Sweden finds a percent of its population. Now Muslim. What we don't seem to be talking about enough is that Sweden now has a far right populist

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government. And here are three other things you need to know about Sweden, it's one of the least religious nations in the world. They don't want God in their country. Religion isn't very big in Sweden, most people in Sweden are atheist, or at least agnostic. And it seems a bit of an odd thing to start to talk about your faith. If you have to say anything, just say that your spiritual, that's much more accepted. Faith is something a dirty secret that you do at home, it's a little bit embarrassing for the very modern Swedes. How is that going to sit? I wonder, with modern day Muslims who keep to our faith principles, we live our faiths. This is a contrast with European culture now,

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which for the first time has more people who do not believe in God and believe in God ours will be left 2019 17 Muslim schools have been closed nationwide. 10,000 children have been stopped from their Islamic education at the whim of the Swedish government. A new bill prevents private religious schools from expanding, but so far, it's only targeted Islamic institutions. Is this move Islamophobic This isn't coming out of nowhere, there is a toxic atmosphere there. It's not all mountains and chocolate box beauty. They say they feel that their culture is weak and easily filtered down, and that they need to come up with something stronger to unite behind this idea that

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these ravaging hordes of Muslims are going to bring Islam notice to overwhelm a weakened culture, which is kind of the Britain the Swedes own problem, I think, I mean, I'm British. I don't know what Britishness means apart from, you know, a cup of tea and a football on Sunday and I never knew what Britishness was to be honest, beyond, you know, Empire, and a good steamed pudding.

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I missed him putting to his thing, because the Swedes don't feel that they have a story to unite behind. They're turning on the Muslims. And this is the problem when they got rid of their Christian beliefs, which were they unifying truth, then, yeah, culture is weak and watery, because their ethics are continually changing. So there's a grudging respect for Islam, a grudging respect for its rules, its culture, its social codes. And that's why they are bringing forward these acts of religious terror, spiritual terrorism, because they want to scare the Muslims from their lands, no schools, Koran burning, yeah, we're leaving, but you will regret it when we go. And so my message

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brothers and sisters is before you send your young people to places like Sweden, Switzerland, France, the UK to get their education. Just think what system of life you're building up our own institutions and our own

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future together and we pray for you, Sweden Billahi that's all we can do right now. Do you have other thoughts on how Muslims can interact with the current godless age in Europe? Let me know what they're getting you're

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dealing with Duna

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em ima and you can confer on Hezonja has

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long been in the law cliche in

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Santa Monica

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