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AI: Summary © The Prophet's name is the one who leads actions and creates hierarchy, with the dark theme of the Kony-ive culture emphasized. The importance of accepting and experiencing the differences in people's lives is emphasized, along with the need to be mindful of one's behavior and not just focus on one's capacity. The virus has caused anxiety and constricted people, with a focus on understanding one's deeds and positive experiences. The US healthcare system is emphasized, and treatments for future pandemics are discussed, including a new drug delivery system called NIAID. The potential treatments for COVID-19 are discussed, including a combination approach with drugs like Zika.
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cinnamoroll A Komodo Allahu wa barakato

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hill Karim or Mishra. He saw the way a silly emri washed Lola rock data melissani you have kuqali Allahumma hadeel Colby was sadly sunny what's also him at the Colby Armenia roble amin

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inshallah, we will continue with our study of the Beautiful Names of Allah azzawajal. A smell Hausner. And we will begin with the names of them and I'll move ahead, I'll move them meaning the one who puts forward and unmute, meaning the one who puts behind, we see that these names of Allah subhanaw taala, they only occur in the sooner they're not mentioned in the Quran. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to make a Dora which ends with until muka demons were until affair were under Allah condition in Hadith, that Oh Allah, you are the macadam meaning the one who puts things forward, and you are the meaning the one who puts them behind, and you are over all

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things capable. So these names as we see even in the dura these names come together. So, remember that these names and macadam are actually complimentary names, meaning, their meanings are such that they complement one another. So they cannot be taken, one cannot be taken in isolation from the other, these names always have to be taken together. Otherwise, if a person were to just take one name, then they would have have an incomplete understanding of these attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, what is the meaning of these names, we see that and mocha them is from the theme and the theme is to bring something forward or to bring something near or to bring something to put

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something before another and this could be in time and it can also be in place. So for example, to bring something forward meaning to make it happen before something else, to do something before something else. And in place, for example, to put something before another to put something ahead of another and Kadeem is sorry, and here is the exact opposite of that. So, it is to put something back to put something far or to put something behind another again in terms of time or in terms of place. Now, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who puts something, put things before others and he is the one who puts other things behind us behind some other things, meaning Allah subhanaw taala has not

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created things such that they are identical or that they are equal in every way know Allah subhanaw taala has created a lot of differences within his creation. So for example, even in terms of time, everyone is not born at the same time, everyone does not eat at the same moment. Everyone does not understand or learn everything at the same time, people are given different blessings and different trials at different times. And also we see that some people really are some some creatures, they have been given preference over others in different ways. So who is the one who has decided these differences or created this hierarchy within the creation in in different aspects in different ways?

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It is Allah subhanaw taala So Allah is the macadam and he is the head. Now remember that this duck Diem and this the heat that Allah subhanaw taala causes to have

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happen within the creation, where some things are put ahead of others or some things are caused to happen before others, then this is both in measures which are Kony and also matters which are sugary, what does this mean measures which are Kony or matters with with regards to the creation. So for example, the day is beginning at a certain time, or, or for instance, someone is born at a certain time, or someone dies at a certain time someone goes for Hajj at is you know, in a certain year, like so. So these are all matters which are Kony, and then matters which are shutter er matters with regards to religious laws. So for example, fudger is before the hood LaHood is before

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us. Also it is before Muslim, right? There's a certain order that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated with regards to Salah when it comes to even within the Salah, you know, the standing the TM comes before the record, you cannot start your Salah with record unless of course you are joining the jamara that is a different scenario. But the point is that even when it comes to worship, there are certain you know there there's a certain process that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated a certain order a certain sequence which we don't have the right to change, even when it comes to wudu you cannot you know begin your will do with washing your arms you have to begin your will do with

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Bismillah with washing your hands first, then your mouth. When it comes to the rituals of Hajj also, there is a certain order. So remember that this dark theme is the theme that has been legislated by Allah Subhana Allah that Allah subhanaw taala decrees This is in both matters which are Kone and matters which are shattering. So we see that in Kony matters. For example, Allah subhanaw taala has given human beings preference over the rest of the creatures. So Allah has a dilemma and he has given preference to human beings over the rest of the creatures. So Allah punctata mentions this in certain israa ayah number 70 that what are called the columnar Bani Adam, that certainly we have

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honored the children of Adam. And then the last part our dimensions, how you know the different favors that Allah has bestowed upon human beings. Warhammer now homefield very well behaved. And we have carried them on land and on sea, meaning human beings are able to go on water and their meaning, of course, through different means of transportation. And then also they're able to go on land, what is a canal home in a play he bed and we have provided them with good things. And really, if you compare what human beings eat, the variety of foods that we eat, compared to any other creatures, any what we enjoy the enjoyments that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us are far more

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that compared to the enjoyments that have been given to other creatures was a phenomenal play You bet. Well, football, Nahum or laka, theoden, medmen, harlequinade of Leela and we have given them preference over many of whom we have created, meaning human beings have been given preference over many creatures. Then we see that Allah subhanaw taala has also given his prophets, you know, preference over not just the rest of the people, but we see that even within prophets within the messengers, there are some who have been given preference over others at the beginning of the third just Allah subhanaw taala says till Caruso loofa Birla Baba whom Allah about that these messengers

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are such that the last panel data has given preference to some over others, then we see that within people also people are not all the same. Those who believe have been given preference over those who don't believe we see insert column is number 35 or less. Panthera says efa Nigel ardl muslimeen acle Mooji remain, shall we make those who surrender to Allah, like those who commit crimes in another place in the Quran? The same has been mentioned with regards to those who believe and those who don't, then we see that the people who have been given knowledge they have been given preference over those who have not been given knowledge. Instead of the Zoomer IR nine Allah says paheli as the

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will levina iarla Muna will Nadine Allah, Allah moon, say, are those who know equal to those who don't know, meaning? No, they're not equal. In certain Pooja della 11. Allah says yo ferry la hula Deena Amadou income, one levina artillerymen dollar jet that Allah subhanaw taala raises those people who believe among you, and also those people who have been given knowledge

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by degrees, meaning Allah subhanaw taala raises these people over others by many degrees, then we see that even within, you know, for example, days, all days are not the same. We see that certain days of course, they come before others, but at the same time, we see that all days are not equal in terms of their status. So, Alhamdulillah today is the day of our Shura, and this day is a very blessed day, a day on which if a person fasts, then inshallah a lot of their sins are forgiven, and every day of the year is not the same. So, some days have been given preference over others. Friday is not equal to the other days of the week. And then we see that certain deeds certain actions have

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also been given preference over other actions. We learn many a hadith in which you know, the Prophet sallallahu earlier son was asked about which deed is the best, right or which deed is the most beloved to Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that a Salah to Allah what he heard that Salah at its proper time, this is the best deed and in other scenarios, the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said and gave a different response. So we see that all actions are not the same. Even when it comes to, you know, for example, the food that we eat Allah, Allah mentions the fruits that grow instead of the Roth IRA number four, Allah says when you fugly Lou Barbuda Allah barwin

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feel awkward that we give preference to some over others in terms of flavor. So you see, sometimes you know the same fruit you can see, for example, two oranges, one orange you eat is so flavorful, so delicious, Li sweet and the other one is just so bland, it has no flavor, no fragrance. So Allah subhanaw taala has kept this difference within the creation where one item where one creature has been given preference over another, then we see that people in terms of their their worldly possessions are also not the same. In through the natural eye, a number 71 Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah who fabella Baraka kumala barbin, for risk that Allah has given some of you preference over

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others in terms of sustenance, then also in terms of lifespan. All people are neither born at the same time, nor do they die at the same time. Nor is everyone's lifespan the same. Some people live very long lives, some people live very short lives. In total hedge I f5. Allah says women commend you to work for women command euro do Illa elderly Roman, that among you is one who is taken in death, meaning at a young age, and among you is He who is returned to the most decrepit age, meaning old age where a person becomes feeble and weak, just as they were at the beginning of their life. So in lifespan also, people are not the same. So Allah is an macadam he is.

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Things do not occur at the same time. We don't receive you know, all the blessings at the same time all the trials at the same time, you know, for each matter that happens is a specific time is his specific place. And this is part of the Father, the decree that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated. So he is the one who brings forward what He wills he differs what He wills provision, you know events, even in terms of revelation of laws, we see that all the laws were not revealed at the same time. For example, the command to make wudu came way before the command to make Hajj even when it comes to the matters of people, we see that some people Excel others. So what is the lesson in this

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for us when Allah is the macadam and he is the more ahead? What can we learn from this? The first thing that we can take from this is the first benefit to our faith to our amen is that we should accept the differences that Allah subhanaw taala has kept in the creation and we should accept the time and the place that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for each creature, the status that Allah subhanaw taala has given to each creature. So for example, if you were born in the month of May, then this has nothing to do with you. This was Allah subhanaw taala has decreed accepted. If you are the youngest in your family, again, this was not your choice. This was Allah subhanaw taala this

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decree accept that if for example, you have

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You know, certain work experience or you don't have certain work experience, you don't have certain opportunities in your life or certain privileges in your life, then accept that accepting doesn't mean that you know you you are indifferent, or it doesn't mean that you don't do what is within your capacity, what is within your capacity you should do. But then we see that certain things are unchangeable. When it comes to, you know, for example, your education or your work, or, you know, different things that you want to do. This is where we have to exert effort, we have to seek what we want, in permissible ways. But then there are matters in which we don't have any control over, you

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can't go and change your date of birth. And we know that because of, you know, your, your date of birth, even any, there's so many implications of that, you know, for example, if a child is born on December 31, and this could be a difference of one day, December 31, as opposed to January 1, when it comes to school, any they they have to go in, you know, in a certain grade, based on the year that they were born in, and if they were born a day later, they would be going in a different grade Subhanallah any, there are

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implications to you know, what what we are able to do, what we are not able to do because of when we were born or because of when certain things happened. So, these, you know, occurrences are not random. These occurrences are decreed by Allah subhanaw taala it was Allah subhanaw taala who decided that you were born in December 31 and not January 1, all right, it is Allah subhanaw taala who decided that you were born in a certain date in a certain place? We see that because, you know, a person is born in a certain country, they get the citizen, they get the citizenship of that country, and because of that there are so many implications for the rest of their lives. So again,

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Allah is an macadam, he is a head, whatever that Allah subhanaw taala has decided for us for others we should accept that. And this means that we do what we are capable of doing and what is unchangeable. Then we accept that and we don't spend our lives in, in you know, frustration and in anger. In certain Nisa is number 32. Allah Pousada says Well, at the time I know my football Allahu be he Baba Kama Allah BB, and do not be eager for that which Allah subhanaw taala has given preference to some over others, meaning if Allah subhanaw taala has given a certain blessing to some a certain privilege to some, then don't be greedy for that. Rather, if you want a certain favor than

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ask Allah subhanaw taala was Allah Herman fogli, Allah subhanaw taala has a lot to give. And Allah has given preference to different creatures in different ways. So don't just keep looking at what others have been given and what you have not been given, rather accept what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed, because our contentment, our happiness lies in that. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is unloved him when he is

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this means that we should not put ourselves behind, meaning the opportunities that allow us panel data has made available to us, through which we can advance through which we can accelerate through which we can get ahead in life, we should make use of those opportunities. So for example, if a person performs a certain, you know, a good deed in, in the first 10 days of the hedger, those good deeds are very, very, you know, beloved to Allah subhanaw taala, highly, greatly rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala. So, when Allah has given that opportunity, make use of it, right, instead of just comparing yourself to others, oh, I don't have money, so I can't exactly give charity, poor me, you

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know, I'm not able to go for hedge, I'm not able to do this, I'm not able to do that. No, instead of just focusing on what you cannot do, seek opportunities through which you can accelerate because yes, Allah has unlocked them. But it doesn't mean that Allah has created as us useless in the sense that he has not given us any choice or any freedom to act know, there are certain matters, which Allah subhanaw taala this decides, you know, uh, you know, on his own in the sense that he has not given us any, any freedom over those matters. And then there are those

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matters in which our last powder has given us freedom. So, the matters in which Allah Browns order has given us freedom, we should make use of them, and we should use them, you know, in, you know, to benefit ourselves in sort of modesitt ayah number 37 Allah Subhana Allah says Lehman Shah, I mean come as a dama Oh, yeah,

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that whoever of you wants to go ahead, move forward or stay behind, meaning the matters have been made very clear, the matter of the akhira has been made very clear to you the the different, you know, positions that people will have different ranks that people will have in the Hereafter, they have been mentioned to you in clear detail, the deeds which take you forward, which lead you to success have also been made clear, and the deeds that will keep you behind have also been made clear. Now, the choice is yours, what are you going to do? Are you going to perform deeds that are going to take you forward? Or are you going to do things that are really going to put you behind,

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so, rush in good deeds, and stay away from things that you know that that take us behind? That that take us far away from Allah subhana wa Tada. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is an macadam. This also means that we should give preference to that which Allah has given preference to, you see, all things are not identical in the sight of Allah, He has created them different and he has also assigned different worth to different things. And especially when it comes to actions, when it comes to words, then we know that all actions are not the same. All words are not the same. All acts of generosity are not the same. So when Allah subhanaw taala has given preference to certain actions

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when we find out that Allah likes Allah loves certain deeds, and that Allah Panthera does not like certain actions or certain behaviors, then what should we do? We should give preference to what Allah has given preference to and we should leave what Allah subhanaw taala does not like what he has put where down or that which he has,

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you know, distanced from himself or from what he loves. So Allah subhanaw taala is an macadam he is here. How can we make dua to Allah by using these names? There is a beautiful da which the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said him use to make a Musashi rhodiola horn who reported that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make this surah and this Dora is Allah homomorphic Li hopefully it will generally what is Rafi Fie Omri. One R and two r lm will be havenly. Basically, we're asking Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, that Oh, that Oh ALLAH forgive me, my mistakes, my ignorance, my extravagance, in my matters. And whatever it is that you are more knowledgeable of, than even I

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am. Meaning I might be completely unaware of my sins, but you know of them better than I do. So please forgive me for all of my sins. I love them. Oh, fiddly did the warhead or hazily were hotter Iran, they were cool modelica in the air, we are admitting our mistakes along mophie, Lima khuddam to 102. Or Allah forgive me for what I did first, and what I did later, for what I did first and what I did later, think about it, there are certain mistakes that we make at the beginning of the day, or certain sins that we have committed at the beginning of the day, at the beginning of the week, at the beginning of the month, in the earlier stage of our lives. And then there are those

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mistakes, those errors, those sins that we make, knowingly or unknowingly, deliberately, or by accident, at the end of the day, or at the end of the week, at the end of the month, at the end of the year, or towards the end of our lives. So we're asking Allah subhanaw taala, to forgive us for all of our sins, those that were done first, and those that were done later. And then we see that there are some students that we actually or some, you know,

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actions that we give preference to over others. And just because we are given giving preference to those matters, that doesn't mean that they're, they're preferable or that they're preferable near Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala approves of them. So for example, a person might enjoy, you know, using certain bad words, right or listening or to or watching certain things. So mapping them to what I gave preference to meaning what I what I loved, what I liked doing, but you don't like that, Oh Allah, so forgive me for that one. 102 and what i what i deferred

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Women are assaulted women are allowed to and forgive me for what I did secretly and what I have done openly when I enter Ireland will be humanly and tell mocha demo were until a few were under Allah cliche in Korea. You are a mocha Diem and you are afraid and you are over all things capable meaning you are the one who puts things forward and you are the one who puts things behind and you are over all things capable. So Oh Allah, forgive me for whatever that I have done.

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The next names that we will that we will be looking at today in sha Allah are the names of our build Alba silt and kaabil. The one who expands sorry Aqaba The one who constricts and albear silt, the one who expands. Now, these names also they occur only in the Sunnah, they do not occur in the Quran. However, the the attributes of Albus and unchopped Albus as into expand and and as into restrict these attributes of Allah are mentioned many times in the Quran the fact that he is the one who expands who extends and he is the one who constricts. So these attributes are mentioned in the Quran, but the names are pibil on Bassett are not mentioned in the Quran. They're only mentioned in

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the Sunnah. So for example, in a hadith in Eben magic, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah who will masaharu Allah kaabil busselton Razak that it is indeed Allah who is Al masari, who is an kaabil al Basset Razak or in one version of Lezak meaning the provider.

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Now again, these names just like a macadam and Murphy are complimentary names, in fact, a cobble basket are such that they are opposite in meaning. So, they, they they come together as a complimentary pair. So, the proper etiquette with regard to these names is that they should be mentioned together, why because one without the other would give incomplete meaning. So, I'll kaabil mobicip

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now, what now powerbuilt and albasini are these names? What is the meaning of these names? First of all, a cobbled remember is the one who does the action of Ababa or cop and Albacete meaning the one who does the action of bus up or bust. Now, what is called is to

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close one's hand, okay? And it is also to take it is to take something in one's hand to close one's hand or to grasp something in one's hand. And it gives many connotations of it gives many implications one is to take possession of something, because when you take something in your hand, that means you're holding it, you're taking control, right. So, you're taking control of it, now, you have full authority over it, and you can dispose of it as you will, you can do with it whatever it is that you want, it also gives the implication of algebra meaning to collect together together. So, for example, things were scattered and is to gather them all to bring them all in one place

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is also to shrink something. So, for example, something was expanded and OB is to shrink it to wrinkle it up, and then also gives a meaning off to leak to straighten or to constrict something. So for example, to to be a tight fisted or for example, to not give something at a certain time. So this is the meaning of cub. Now, what about bust bust the opposite of cub, it is to open one's hand, alright, to open one's hand meaning to literally open it, expand it, stretch it forth. And then bust also gives the connotation of you know, national to spread something out to make it wide to make it ample. So, it also gives us a sense of a dosia to be very generous to unwrinkled something and it

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also gives the implication of xR to increase something. So when Allah subhanaw taala is a power bill albasini What does that mean? It gives a number of meanings. First of all, remember that Allah is Al COVID or basslet, meaning he is the one who causes things to increase, to expand

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To continue, and he is the one who causes things to decrease, to diminish and to cease to exist. And this could be the things in the universe. This could be things, different things in our lives. This could be our bodies themselves. This could be the state of our heart, the feelings in our heart and everything else. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who causes them to expand or to constrict. He is the one who causes things to increase or to diminish. So for example, when it comes to the earth itself, Allah Pousada says will Lahu jarle Allah como Allah be southpaw that Allah is the one who has made the earth for you and expanse. Meaning he has made the earth such that it is expanded for

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you. You keep going, going, going, you keep walking, walking, walking, you keep driving, driving, driving, and the earth is just laid open before you, it's expanded before you. You don't feel that sense of tightness. When you look around you, in the sense that the earth is vast, and Allah subhanaw taala has created this vastness in the earth for us, then not just the earth, but even the clouds. Allah Subhana Allah says in the room I have 48 that Allah who levy euro salumeria halfa to theodosia harben for yerba suta, who is summer that Allah is the one who sends the wind and the winds scatter the clouds. So Allah subhanaw taala yerba suta Rufus summer, he is the one who expands

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the clouds in the sky, or he is the one who spreads them out in the sky. And really, sometimes you look up at the horizon, and you see clouds everywhere, massive clouds, sometimes a thin layer of clouds, but they are stretched across the sky. So Allah is the one who does that. And then we see, even when it comes to the shade, you know, Shadow, it increases, it decreases. When it comes to light, the light of the day, it brightens up and then again, it begins to diminish, when it comes to heat when it comes to cold when it comes to air pressure when it comes to the flames of a fire, when it comes to you know, the amount of rain that's falling or the amount of moisture that is in this

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that that is in the air, or the amount of water that is, you know, in a lake or in a river, we see that, you know, throughout the different seasons throughout you know, the year these these things they change. So for example, in certain farrakhan I have 45 to 46 Allah subhanaw taala says Alam thora in Arabic Okay, from a dog will, do you not see how your Lord has spread out the shadow,

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meaning the shadow is such that Allah subhanaw taala has, has extended it, it becomes really long. And how Allah subhanaw taala makes it move through the day. Willow Sha, Allah Jalla who seconded if Allah tala wanted he could have made the shadow still still as an unmoving in terms of direction, and still as in, even in its size, so it wouldn't increase or decrease. And then the last puntata says, So Madonna shamsur alayhi, the Leela and we have made the son of over eight, a cause meaning it's, it's the position of the sun in the horizon. That becomes the reason for the changing of the shadow. So makapag now who Elena cobden yesira, then we hold it with us for a short time. We hold

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it, notice the word kebab now who because Allah subhanaw taala is a car built, meaning in the in the nighttime, it's all just darkness, right? You don't see light and shade. So who causes that to happen? Who is the one who withholds the light? Allah subhanaw taala. And then we see when it comes to sustenance, Allah subhanaw taala increases it he decreases it. And remember that sustenance is not just the food that we eat, but also you know, the money, our source of income, or even our knowledge, the time that we have our lifetime. This is all part of the risk that Allah that Allah Subhana Allah gives us in through the Shura. Ayah number 12. Allah Subhana Allah says the whole

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Macaulay do summer work you will have yep super risk alima your shadow way accorded to Allah belong the keys of the skies and the earth. He expands provision for whom he wants and he constraints in the whole be condition in our lives. Indeed he is knowing of everything. So he knows

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What to give what to increase for who at which time and what to decrease for who, at which time, then when it comes to our bodies also, any different things in our bodies, they increase the decrease, they, they expand, or they are constricted, you know, for example, blood pressure, a person's height, we see that there's a certain point until which you know, children just growing taller, taller. And then there comes a point where their height is just, you know, it doesn't increase anymore. And then as a person ages, their height also decreases.

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We see in the Quran about pollute, it has mentioned that, in the last half hour la con was at the who Buster clan fillerina Well, Jason, that Allah is the one who has chosen him and Allah is the one who has increased him in his knowledge and in his physique. So, and again, we see children of the same parents, all those children are not identical in terms of their height, in terms of their weight, in terms of their physique, in terms of their bone structure in terms of their, you know, their their physical strength, their balance, you know, their their fine motor skills even. So, last panel thought is the one who is a kaabil albarracin. And then we see that even when it comes to the

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state of our heart, and he, Allah is the one who gives us that state of relaxation, you know, where we feel at ease, and then it is by his will that we feel constricted in our heart. So instead of the Toba I 118. All those Panthera says Hector either blocker to Allah He will also be Mara Hubbard, will block out the LA him and assume that the earth became constricted for them. For the for the people the three companions who did not go with the Prophet sallallahu or even send them in to book. So what happened is that the earth became constricted for them despite its vastness. Any the earth did not literally shrink in its size, but it felt very small to them, because of the isolation that

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they were experiencing. While La Casa La him and Folsom and their own souls felt constricted to them, meaning they were uncomfortable in their own bodies. They were uneasy within themselves. Then in total and arm I have 125 of us parenthesis for my Yuri de lo and your dear Who? Yeah, sure I saw Rahul Islam, that whoever aligned tends to guide Allah expands his chest for Islam. Woman you did and you lilla who had your oL todra who be your can halogen and whoever is supposed to be sent a stray than Allah subhanaw taala causes his chest to feel constricted. Allah subhanaw taala addresses His Messenger sallallahu wasallam in the Quran, that we know that unknowingly Alico Sadhguru can be

00:37:56--> 00:38:52

Maya kulu that your chest feels constricted, because of what people say. So the uneasiness, the constriction that we feel in our heart, and sometimes the exact opposite, you know, where we feel at ease, Allah subhanaw taala is an cobbled Albacete. So remember that these changes that we experience or these changes that we witness, they're not random, right, when things expand or they constrict, when things increase or they decrease, whether it is in the tangible sense, or the intangible sense, you need, this is not all random. This is all happening by Allah subhanaw taala is decree we learned in the Hadees that at one time there was a period of severe inflation, meaning the prices of things

00:38:52--> 00:39:43

were a very, very expensive, so the companions asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to impose price controls meaning the to fix the the prices of different things. So, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied that Allah is is almost sorry a little power built on buses, that Allah is the one who who fixes the prices of things and he is a car build meaning the one who constricts and Albacete The one who expands. So, yes, there are times when you have a very little money or many many expenses, and then there are other times when you have a lot of money or very few expenses. So you feel at ease to spend a lot. So this fluctuation that happened whether in the

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

market or in your own financial, you know, situation, this was not random. This was by Allah soprano todos will. So Allah is ultra built. He is Alba silk. This means that he owns everything.

00:40:00--> 00:40:53

He decides what to increase what to decrease for who, at what time, in certain Isra, I have 30 Allah says in the ROB burka Yep, pseudo risk alima inertia were coded into who can have very bad to his hobby rhombus lira, that indeed your Lord expands provision for whom He wills, and he is the one who constricted, indeed he is ever of his slaves aware and seeing, meaning Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of his slaves, and he is the one who is always watching his slaves. He knows what to expand at what time and what to constrict, at what time. So remember, that these fluctuations that we experience or that we witness in our lives or in the world around us, then remember, these are not

00:40:53--> 00:41:47

random. They are determined by Allah, and they are based on his wisdom and his will into the Shura a 27, Allah Panthera says, Well obasa Allah who Riscal everybody lebo fill up, if Allah subhanaw taala expanded sustenance for his servants on the earth, then what would they do they would commit a tyranny in the world. And if Allah subhanaw taala gave a lot to everybody in the world, then what would happen only tyranny? And we see that, that even the people who have been given a lot of wealth, then what do they do with their wealth and with their power, majority of the time, people use their resources and their privileges to exploit those who are already suffering, right. So, so,

00:41:47--> 00:42:38

this is why Allah subhanaw taala says, well, actually unit zero be other in Maya, but he sends down on earth meaning sustenance, according to a measure meaning according to a certain decree. So sometimes we feel that you know, I am in need, how can I last point God has not given me more, right? Or, for example, we look at the world around us, and we feel like you know, the world deserves some ease. Right? How cool my last thought is not creating more ease. Well, Allah subhanaw taala is a big adversity. And he decides what to give, when, to who at which place at what time and his decisions are based on his wisdom, they're based on his perfect knowledge. And he knows, he

00:42:38--> 00:43:24

knows which servant will commit oppression because of what so that servant should not be given a certain blessing at a certain time. And he This is a with Allah, God has knowledge. You know, some people think that you know, if there is such that if they don't get what they wish for, they begin to think that Allah, tada is stuff for Allah being stingy with them, right? Or when they when when people are in a position to help others. You know, they think that you know what, I am doing better than God stuff that Allah that Allah is not giving them, so I must help them. Any How foolish would we have to be to think like that? This is a huge mistake, but many people make this mistake. Allah

00:43:24--> 00:44:12

subhanaw taala is generous. We don't understand the wisdom. We fail to see his generosity in sort of there are 64 return or quality or who do you do lo hemos Lula, the Jew said they said this in mockery. That Allah's hands are tied up stuff that Allah what they meant is that either Allah is being stingy, he's not giving or that Allah is poor. And this is also something that they said that in a lot of pain on one alania so it is said will not add him their hands are tied up. They're the ones who were stingy while lowering will be makalu and they have been cursed because of what they say. belia de Houma Basu Patel, rather His hands are, are stretched forth that meaning they're open,

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

you can feel kooky fire shot he spends whatsoever that he wills and you know we in our selfishness, we think that you know, if I want money now, I should have it right. If I want you know this job now, I should have it if I want to get married now, I should be able to if I want children, now I should be able to. We want things to happen according to our schedule and our desires. We think that we are in control whereas we are not. It is Allah who is an kaabil and bustled. It is up to him. He owns everything and he gets to decide what to expand for who at what time, what to give to who at what time and what not to give to who at what time. We are the slaves and he is the owner.

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

So, let us not become arrogant and start you know, having assumptions wrong assumptions about Allah subhanaw taala or negative assumptions rather that Allah is not giving me Allah is not being, you know generous to the world, a Stafford Allah, we should seek forgiveness forever, you know entertaining such thoughts.

00:45:20--> 00:46:09

Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a public albarracin it means that Allah subhanaw taala extends his hand, inviting his slaves to return to Him in repentance in a Hadees we learn that Allah subhanaw taala this hadith is in Muslim, that Allah subhanaw taala Yep, sudo yada who belay? Literally Yep, so to hear the who be late that Allah opens his hand in the night. And why, in order to invite his slaves, Leah tuber musi on the hall. In order that the person who sinned during the day can make Toba can repent. So imagine you committed a sin in the day at nighttime Allah subhanaw taala invites you to repent to him. Why? Absolutely Yeah, there have been no harm. And Allah opens

00:46:09--> 00:46:58

his hand by the day in the day, Leah tuber musi Olay in order that the person who committed sin in the night may repent to him. Allahu Akbar, every day, every night, Allah subhanaw taala opens us and inviting us so that we make Toba to him. And then remember that Thirdly, Allah subhanaw taala extends his hand, opens his hand inviting his slaves to call upon him. It had even Muslim damage we learn that when the last third of the night remains Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lower sky and he ended and the gates of the sky are open. So my Yep, so to Yoda, who, then he opens his hand fire kulu Hellman sir, in Europe Ah, and Allah subhanaw taala says, Is there any beggar? Who can be

00:46:58--> 00:47:46

given Europol suit law? Who who can be given what he's asking for? Meaning Is there anything? Is there anything or people that you want ask so that you can be given? So unless pantalla invites us at that time, ask me because remember that the old that the openness of the hand also implies generosity. So you want something that is the time to make the call upon Allah ask him so that he will give you what you want what you are in need of, then Allah is a kaabil. This also means that he takes back the souls of the living at the time of their death, because he is the one who gave life and he is the one who will take the souls of you know, he will. Yuck bill Anwar, at the time of

00:47:46--> 00:47:50

death. So in a hadith we learn in Allah acabado ohakune

00:47:51--> 00:48:35

hayner Sha, that Allah is the one who takes your souls whenever that he wants. So the word Kabbalah, and he he takes the souls whenever that he wants. And then we also learn that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will hold the earth in his hand, we learn in sort of the Zoomer is 67 one other Allah Haqqani will urge me I'm probably too young will piano that the entire earth will be in his club in his hole in his grasp, on the day of judgment. In a hadith we learned that Allah will seize the earth in his grasp on the day of judgment and roll up the skies in his hand in his right hand, then he will say, I am the king, where are the kings of the world?

00:48:36--> 00:48:38

Then another beautiful thing we learn

00:48:39--> 00:49:32

is that on the Day of Judgment, when, when people will be taken out of Hellfire because of the intercession of, you know, the angels and the prophets and the righteous, then Allah subhanaw taala will say that the angels have interceded because almost parents are will tell the people that go, he will tell his creation that go and take out from hellfire. Any person who even has, you know, the tiniest amount of faith, the tiniest amount of Eman even if it's the size of a mustard seed. So, you know, people will go, you know, for example, the prophets, they will intercede for those people in hell, who will fall in hell because of their major sins. Right? But they will only be able to

00:49:32--> 00:49:59

intercede for them, when they will see them to be or they will know them to be believers. Right. Then we learn in the Hadees that then Allah subhanaw taala will say that the angels have interceded, the prophets have interceded, and the believers have interceded and now no one remains to grant pardon, but the Most Merciful of those who show mercy meaning while I'm Yaba Illa or hammer Rahimi only or

00:50:00--> 00:50:54

Mr. Brahimi it is in meaning only and now he is the one to bring anyone out of hellfire. So the Hadith mentions fiach below cub bottom bin and so Allah will take a handful from the fire. Fire hoodoo for your courage. You mean her Coleman lamb yarmulke Hiram Cocteau and Allah will bring out from the fire people who never did any good. Of course, Allah's parents are will know them to have faith in their in their heart. But you need though these people are not known to have done any good ever. Right? But Allah subhanaw taala because He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy, he will yoke bill to a burden, he will bring out a handful, right? Because he is alcar build. So when

00:50:54--> 00:51:48

Allah subhanaw taala is an kaabil mobicip What are we supposed to do? First of all, we should realize Allah subhanaw taala has immense power. Allah subhanaw taala has absolute ownership, the fact that he owns everything and the fact that it is his will that prevails? You see, our lives are constantly fluctuating, right? Our health fluctuates, our relationships fluctuate, our financial situation fluctuates. And we witness a lot of changes in the world around us. Right? Where things increase and decrease. We see injustice prevail and then justice take over there's law and order and then there is none. There's flood, there is a flood any so much water everywhere. And then there is

00:51:48--> 00:52:35

complete dryness, there is no rain for many days. Right? There is comfort and there is discomfort. The person who is fasting is not able to eat and drink, right the provision is restricted for him. And then there comes a point where provision is expanded for him. Right as soon as the sunsets they're able to eat and drink. So who is the one who is causing all of this? You know, the this world our lives are all about cup and bust where things are opened up to us and then they're closed for us. Right? Or they are or things are made abundant for us and then they are limited for us. So who is the one who is causing all this to happen? It is Allah subhanaw taala into the bacala ayah

00:52:35--> 00:53:07

245 Allah says will nahi Yakubu way up sootel what la hitori Joan and Allah is the one who Yuk Bilal who constricts and he is the one who Yep, sudo he expands and it is to him that you will be returned, I will return is to Allah subhanaw taala. So first of all, we should remember any increase any decrease any change in in our lives that we witnessed, this is happening by the will of Allah.

00:53:08--> 00:53:34

It is Allah subhanaw taala as will that is behind it, it didn't happen by itself. Secondly, when Allah is Al kaabil mobicip we should recognize and be grateful for the bus that He has given us for the for the generosity that he has shown to us. And at the same time, we should be patient over the constriction that we are experiencing.

00:53:35--> 00:54:26

So, you know, sometimes we say that, you know, we try to be very humble and we say My life is quite comfortable. And what we mean by that is, you know, our family has a lot of money, or Alhamdulillah you know, things are good. So acknowledge that you're comfortable life is a gift to you from Allah. And if there's any construction that you're experiencing any kind of difficulty again, realize that that also is from Allah. So extend your tongue in thankfulness, like use of Allah His center, or because at a 20 minute mark that oh my lord, it is in fact you who has given me this milk, this ownership, right, this power, you have given this to me. So acknowledge that and then also extend

00:54:26--> 00:54:59

expand your hand in generosity. Right when Allah subhanaw taala has given you so much then you should also be generous. So the man early center, insert the naml I have 40. We learned that he said, had them in fugly lobby. This is from the favor of my Lord Leah blue and he so that he may test me that ash Kuru UK for that, am I going to be grateful or amen? Or am I going to be ungrateful? Is it gratitude that I show or is it in gratitude that I show and remember that in every moment, no matter how constricted Your life is, there is also

00:55:00--> 00:55:48

For some ease that Allah subhanaw taala has given you. So, every moment is a moment of gratitude and a moment of patience, right? Patience and thankfulness always go together hand in hand. And when it comes to in gratitude, remember in gratitude is related to impatience. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, amazing is the state of the believer, right? Every situation is good for him. And this is only for the believer, and what is it that if some, some ease in reaches him, he experiences a blessing, that he is grateful, and that gratitude is good for him. And when some difficulty reaches him, he is patient and that patient is good for him. Right, that patience is good for him.

00:55:49--> 00:56:35

And also, when one of us or Karnataka expands his sustenance, his blessings upon us, then this is really a time of gratitude, and also a time of fear that we should also fear Allah, lest this expansion of provision and opportunity and ease any What if it is, is to the Raj, what is the Drudge is the Drudge is that when a person is doing something wrong? Allah subhanaw taala continues to give that person blessings. And because of those blessings, a person has this false You know, this misconception that I'm, I'm good, right? I don't need to change anything. God must be happy with me. Or a person becomes even more arrogant and thinks that you know what, this is all a result of my own

00:56:35--> 00:57:11

effort. I don't believe there's any god etc. And then a person goes on committing wrong upon wrong upon wrong, why? Why are they feeling so confident in committing sin, because of having so many good things in life because of having so much ease in life. And then what happens suddenly, Allah subhanaw taala sees is that person, and eventually every person is going to die, right? This This life is not gonna last forever. So when we experience ease in life, this is a time of gratitude, and it's also a time of self reflection.

00:57:12--> 00:57:22

Don't Don't think that you're being rewarded. No, be grateful for the blessing that Allah has given you but at the same time, reflect on yourself.

00:57:23--> 00:58:09

And thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is ill COVID or Bassett it also means that we should not be deceived by the bust by the matters which Allah subhanaw taala has expanded for us, nor should we become angry and upset by the cub by the matters that Allah subhanaw taala has, has constricted upon us. You see, when we keep comparing ourselves to others, we we keep thinking Oh, they have this How come I don't have it? Right allows Python to give them this gift. What about me, right? Am I not worthy? and things like that? No, well, Allahu Yakubu way absoluto Allah is the one who decides what to constrict what to expand what either hit or Jeroen, and to him all of you will be returned. We

00:58:09--> 00:58:50

learned into suburbia 34 to 37 Allah spawn tada says, Well, my eldest son nephew Kalia Tim, in the lead in inner column with Rafa Inaba also to be Cofield the basically the wealthy amongst every people they said to their messengers that we don't we don't believe in you, we deny and why did they say this? We'll call on you. Um, well, and we're older than women will be more either being they said that we are, well, you know more well off than you. We are more than you in terms of wealth and in terms of children, and there is no way that we are going to be punished. Any if we have so much God must be happy with us. This is why you know, we're good. We don't need to need to follow what

00:58:50--> 00:58:56

you're telling us to do. So tell them call in Nairobi. absoluto recently Masha Shatta Wale

00:58:57--> 00:59:42

Indeed Allah indeed my lord expands provision for whom You will then he constructs it, for whom He wills, this is, this is Allah subhanaw taala his decision, this is not because you are better and you are, you know, more worthy, where you are more beloved to Allah because of which you have every wish of yours fulfilled. No. And in the next verse, Allah Subhana, Allah says, woman, Allah do come Allah, Allah to come build it to kalibo Marina Salva, it is not your wealth, or your children that draw you close to us? No, in lemon armineh where I'm in Australia and except for the person who believes and does righteous deeds, because then yes, their wealth their children will be a means for

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

them to draw closer to Allah because they will do with their wealth that which will please Allah, they will raise their children, you know that they will be generous towards their children, they will teach their children good things. So yes, this will be a source of benefit for them. So when I'm most proud of God is improbable Bassett, remember that? This is

01:00:00--> 01:00:55

His decision not, you know, a result of our goodness, right? Or the fact that we are worthy or we are unworthy. No, what matters is our deeds. And Allah decides what to fluctuate for who, at what time, this is his decision. Now how can we call upon Allah subhanaw taala by these names? There is a beautiful Dora in Muslim mud in which we learn that that this beautiful daughter is Allahumma kal hamdu kulu that Oh, I love all praises for you. Allahumma Fabiola Lima basata. O Allah, there is no one to constrict what you expand or to withhold what you give Willa Bursa Lima Cabo and there is no one to expand what you constrict or to give what you withhold being of Allah subhanaw taala has

01:00:55--> 01:01:45

expanded something who can limit if there is a fire that is spreading? Well, you're either Billa if there's a flood that is, you know, moving, if there are waves that are just, you know, crashing and they're just, you know, coming forward, there's a tsunami that is coming, any if Allah has expanded something, who is there to withhold it, who is there to control it? Who is there to put a limit on it? And if Allah subhanaw taala has constricted something, right, who is there to open it up? Who is there to release it? Who is there to, you know, make it abundant? Honey, the decision belongs entirely to Allah. The power belongs entirely to Allah. Well, I had here Lima, Atlanta, while I'm

01:01:45--> 01:02:24

Lila lemon, her data there is no one to guide whom you send this trait and there is no one to send this tray whom you guide, well are morally aneema monarto What are many earlimart later, there is no one to give what you withhold what you prevent, and there is no one to prevent what you give when I'm Oh, currently Bella Bharata wala mulberry De Lima corruptor there is no one to bring near what you have distanced, and there is no one to distance what you have brought near. You see, sometimes things are just, you know, they're so close, but they're not within reach. Right? You're so close to having them but you don't actually have it, you don't actually get it. Right. It's distanced from

01:02:24--> 01:03:24

you. So again, this decision is entirely with Allah. So we ask Allah, Allah home obsip Alena membre catic what a hermetic were public. What is thick, that Oh Allah, expand for us, open up for us, extend for us. Your blessings, your mercy, your favor, and your provision. You give us you you open this up for us Allahumma inni slo Canary Malmo Pema Levy, Leia, Hulu wilaya, Zulu, or Allah I ask you for permanent bliss, that does not go away, nor does it end and that bliss, that pleasure is where it is. It is in in in paradise it is in knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with you. And there's a longer version of this as well. But even this part where these names and attributes

01:03:24--> 01:03:57

are mentioned in this there is so beautiful it gives you so much contentment with your present condition and it also brings you so much hope and it helps you put your trust in Allah. It helps you accept the decrees of Allah subhanaw taala. So let us call upon Allah subhanaw taala by these beautiful names. inshallah, we will conclude over here for today subhanak Allahumma will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta esto fuuka what a Tobu Lake wa salaam aleikum wa warahmatullahi wabarakatuh