Think of Those Less Fortunate Than Us

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu hopefully everyone's doing good and hanging in there hamdulillah earlier today we had class at the seminary. But our new reality is that we were having remote classes online hamdulillah all the different instructors from their homes with everyone Mashallah, having a really nice setup, we were connected remotely to the students and they were able to be online with us there as well. And we have class handle all of our classes Hadeeth of fear, fear cocky, will soon rule on masala, Arabic, and so on and so forth. And so, in the 30 year class in tafsir class in the third year, where we study classical two sheet of the Quran,

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we are covering the defeat of skeletal an arm sort of number six, and we went over the defeat of ID number 141. From sort of an arm, it's a lengthier IR, but at the end, and at the conclusion of the ayah, Allah subhanaw taala says 1234 in the hula, your Hamblen was serophene. Last powerwatch, Allah says do not be extravagant, do not spend unnecessarily. For he, a law does not love people who do so who spend unnecessarily and extravagant Lee. And as we read the ayah, I told the students as well, it got me thinking about kind of the situation that we're in right now. If you really think about it.

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For a lot of people the way we had become accustomed to living our life, we consumed whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, however much we wanted, however we wanted, wherever we wanted, we had just become so comfortable, in terms of what we consumed and how we consumed. Luxury was treated as need and need was just treated as necessity. Want was defined in wanton desire, was defined as need and necessity. And we just didn't have to think twice, about what we used and how much we spent and what we utilized and what we consumed, and so on and so forth. And now that we find ourselves in this particular situation, it really gets you thinking, we're having to be a lot more thoughtful, a

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lot more deliberate, a lot more calculated, about what we're consuming, how we're consuming it, where we're consuming it from, when and where and how and what we're having to think about everything, not only for the purposes of conservation for ourselves, because we don't know what's going to be open are not going to be open. We don't know what's available and what's not available. So not only for that reason. But then furthermore, and hopefully we are thinking along these lines, all the people who don't even have what they need in this situation, who are without need and necessity right now. And they're struggling. And they don't have what they need right now. Think

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about all those people think about all those individuals, and how we should not only be conserving, and how we should be more careful about what we consume and our consumption, and how much we use for ourselves so that we can spare some, at least for our brothers and sisters, for our community members, for so many people out there who are struggling during this very difficult time. And so Subhanallah it's a very difficult situation. It is a tragedy. There's no other way to put it. But there is good that comes in everything and there are blessings in every situation. And maybe one of the good things or one of the blessings to come from this trial and tribulation and adversity and

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difficulty is that it creates within us a little bit more sense of thoughtfulness, deliberateness, a little bit more gratitude and gratefulness and caution about what we consume and how much we consume. The nature of our consumption. And it creates and reminds us of creates within us and reminds us to be empathetic, and to share with other people that if I obviously am consuming less, not only do I need less now. But I also then have something leftover to be able to share with someone, particularly if that person is struggling and doesn't have enough for themselves. So I wanted to just kind of share that thought. We covered that in our two tier class. With the third

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year students I put them at the seminary so shallow, like I said before,

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Hopefully everyone's hanging in there. staying strong, being strong, being good, being productive, keep praying, keep making go out to a law, keep remembering a law and know that in sha Allah we hear a column. We're here for y'all. We're going to continue to inshallah provide these reminders and reflections or putting together a lot of programs and classes and different things in sha Allah for the benefit of our community. While we deal with this circumstance in sha Allah, so please hang in there and stay tuned to lm inshallah, we're here for y'all. And we'll continue to serve you through this time document located on barakallahu fecal was set out more on April alaikum warahmatullahi

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