Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-051A Translation Aal-e-Imran 156-168

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses a situation where they were killed, including a woman named Killeru and her supposed "has been a woman." They also talk about a woman named K consequence and her partner's actions, while the conversation ends with the woman offering to fight. The conversation is centered around a group of people discussing various myths and their potential outcomes, but the follow-up is difficult to follow.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were silly. Emery Wagner looked at a melissani of coho coli Allahumma the Colby was sadly 71 was loads of him at a call be a menial, banal Amin let's do the translation first number 156 Yeah, uh you have all a Lavina those who am I know they have believed latter Kuno you all do not be can levena Like those who care for who they disbelieved what call you and they said Lee who Annie him about their brothers, either when Baraboo they traveled fi in an early the land out or can who they were who who

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was once engaged in military campaigns, low if only candle there were are in the now with us MA Not mad to they would have died warmer and not Pattillo they would have been killed. Lea ger Allah Allah Who so that Allah makes valleca that has certain a regret fee in Paulo be him their hearts wala who and Allah your ye he gives life where you meet and he gives death will Allah Who and Allah Bhima of what Dharma Luna you all do, Basilan is ever seeing what are in and surely if Patil Don't you all are killed, fee in severely way Allah He of Allah O or Matome you all die lemmo funeral atone surely forgiveness mean from Allah He Allah wa Ramadan and mercy Hi urine are better me ma than what year

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do my own they gather? What are in and surely if Matome you all die, oh or Patil tomb you all are killed. La Isla surely towards Allah He Allah to Sharon you all will be gathered for Bhima so it is only because of Rama 10 Mercy Me men from Allah He Allah linter you were gentle LA home to them or towards them wallow and if Kunta you were felled lung rude Lila harsh I'll cope of heart learn FUCK DO surely they would have dispersed men from how lick around you far foreign home so you pardon them was still fit and you seek forgiveness law home for them wish I went home and you consult them fee in regard to um read the matter for either then when I presume that you are determined fatawa Kel

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then you put your trust or Allah upon Allah He Allah. Indeed Allah Allah you Hibou he loves LM with our Killeen those who put their trust in if young Sotkamo Allahu Allah grants you all help fellow Holly Bella come, then there is none at all who can overcome you all? What in and if you don't come He abandons you all Furman, then who that is that? A lady the one who young Soto calm he will grant you all help mimbar the he after him or mimbar the heat after it. Why are Allah and upon Allah He Allah finally at our Cal than they should put their trust me known the believers warmer and not Cana it is appropriate leanbean for a profit and that your hola he misappropriates woman and whoever yo

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lol he misappropriates yet t he will bring Bhima what Allah Allah He misappropriated yo milk Yama on the Day of Judgment through Medan to work for it will be paid in full Kullu every nap since sole man what can Sabbath it earned were home while de la not us Allah moon they are wronged FMLN then is who is the bar he pursued real wanna great pleasure Allah He of Allah Carmen like who better be Sultan he incurred displeasure men of Allah He Allah wa wa who and his place of shelter. Jehan Namo is help wabi sabi and how evil is and mislead the destination home they the Rajasthan are of differing degrees.

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in the sight of Allah He Allah will Allah Who and Allah buslee Urine is ever seeing Vemma of what Yama loon they do Laqad surely indeed men Allahu Allah granted a great favor Allah upon Allah meaning the believers it when Bertha he sent fi him to them Rasulullah and a messenger men from unfussy him themselves yet Lou he recites or lay him to them Aya t his verses, we use a key him and he purifies them while you are Lemo. Home and he teaches them. Al Kitab the Book while hikma and the wisdom we're in while indeed can oh they were men Kabu before Luffy surely in Berlin misguidance movie in in clear a one a man and is not that when a saw bet come it struck you all mostly button a

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calamity and indeed a sub tongue you all had struck with myth lay her twice it's like cold Don't you outside and now where from Heather is this old you say who it men are in the is from unfussy Calm yourselves. Indeed Allah Allah Allah over Kali every che in thing pudieron is ever able warmer and what a Saba calm it reached to all Yo Ma en de Il cuckold Gemma and the two groups met for the evening. Then it was by permission, Allah He of Allah, Wali, Allah and so that he makes known ultimate meaning the believers will er Lemma and so that he makes known Alladhina those who naffaa Poo, they displayed hypocrisy will kill her and it was said LA home to them. Tara Hello, you all

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come, katsu you all fight fee in severely way Allah He of Allah. O or the Pharaoh, you all repel Carlu they said low if narla mo we knew Peterlin fighting, let the Varna come. Surely we would have followed you all home de Lille. Kufri to the disbelief Yo Ma even that day, a caribou were nearer men home than they live. Amen. We're to the belief here coluna they say be FYE him with their mouths ma what laser it is not fi in Kulu be him their hearts will Allah Who and Allah Allah Allah mu is most knowledgeable Bhima of what yet to moon they hide Alladhina those who call you they said Lee who Annie him about their brothers were Cardew while they sat low. If only Athar owner they had

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obeyed us man not Pattillo they would have been killed all you say further Oh, then you will avert on from and fusi Calm yourselves al Mota the death in quantum if you all truly saw the pain are ones who are truthful all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses Yeah, you

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can let

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him walk on it while he

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was alone

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could you leave

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him alone he will you me it was Allahu Bhima

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I'll see what I

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mean Allah He

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mean Allah you don't

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hola Sharon nabina

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Mina Allah here

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boom in how many? There are who and whom was

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Russia with

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that either as

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Canada law in the law.

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why don't come

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woman cannot intervene

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or male with only

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a woman

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on earth

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learn a lot I

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mean a lot of you on that level

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will be selling Mozi home

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long long I'll see it'll be my

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love for a long while meaning

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him yet no

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one was asking him why

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he was

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whose income in

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Malaysia you are the one

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of us who Mia woman

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meaning Alia

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walk 1114 movies

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a woman or a woman

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you're gonna be out for him

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Wallah gonna be my

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alert enough on when he is wanting to walk

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in Toms odd is the

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