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The importance of remaining true to Islam's promises is discussed, as it is a sign of love and happiness. The segment highlights the need for people to find happiness in their own lives and finding happiness in their partner's lives. The prophecy of the same message being repeated by a woman in a room is also discussed. The segment concludes with a promise made by Allah to ensure that Islam's desire to make people believe they are truly loved by gods is true. The speakers also discuss the importance of Islam's promise to protect Muslims and avoid harms, the resurrection of the day, and the promise of a Halal relationship.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via Abba who was early he was Sufi igmi, India brothers and sisters, you and I know certain people in this life who have built for themselves such a reputation of honesty that they would prefer to die, as opposed to failing in a promise that they have given.

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If such is the status of a promise in the eyes of some human beings. What then is the status of a promise in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala himself, who has given himself names like Al Haq, the truth, as borrower, the ever DOER of good and Al Karim? The most generous? What would he do subhanho wa Taala when he has made a promise, look at what he says in the Quran in answering this question in Allah, Allah usually for me I had Allah never fails in his promise. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he said in two Aluna la sodic what you have been promised is true.

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And Allah subhanaw taala he said in two Aluna Allah wa they are surely what you have been promised, has come to pass must come to pass Subhanallah

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focus on this emphasis on how Allah subhanho wa Taala never fails in any one of his promises. Now, a question? Why is it that people break their promises to begin with? It's usually because of either the promise itself was a lie to begin with, or number two, because of an inability later on to act upon the promise that you had made in the past.

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And this is precisely why Allah subhanaw taala never fails in the promise that He had made. Because number one, Allah Almighty is above lying, and hence lying is not a possibility. Number two, he is able to do all things and therefore being unable to act upon a promise is also not a possibility. And this is why Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said women have EBIT him in Allah who is true to his covenant, then Allah subhanaw taala and the implied answer,

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and the implied answer is nobody.

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With that said, let us take a look at some of the promises of Allah subhanho wa taala, all of which must come and will come to pass if the conditions are met.

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Promise number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised those who practice Islam inwardly and outwardly, a pleasant happy life, Allahu Akbar,

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in no era in human history,

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have the means of comfort and welfare ever been so within reach like they are today,

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and never has the knowledge of the world's complex mysteries, and our ability to sub new nature's unfriendly elements ever been attained like they have today.

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But despite these remarkable achievements at so many fronts, and in spite of possessing all of the means for a better life, that goal, that objective of reaching and living a pleasant life and feeling mental happiness has never drifted further away from our shores like it has today. I know that you will agree when we say that the 21st century has taught people how to fly in the air like birds,

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and how to swim in the oceans like fish. But how to walk on the face of the earth as happy and contented, satisfied individuals. Many of us still don't know how to do this. Now the variables there are many. But according to Muslims, there is one chief variable in unlocking and finding this gem called happiness. Where is it to be found? Allah subhanaw taala he said

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well, let the you know, I know I'm you know, slowly hurt you. I'm an OB man who's Xena Allah Mohan do, who will hakomi up Rob be him gefahren whom say ye de more LA, LA home. And those who believe focus on the conditions those who believe and they do righteous deeds, and they believe in that which was sent to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as it is the truth from the Lord, what will Allah do for them? Look at the end of the area, he will erase from them their sins.

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He will improve their state he will improve their state that is a promise from Allah. And Allah subhanho wa taala. He said

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by now I mean I saw your hand that Karen

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well who are not me No, no, he and I who hire

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all energies he and know whom, to whom we asked an email can we all know whoever does good, whether male or female, and he is a believer that we will most certainly make him live a happy life.

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Whoever believes

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that happiness can somehow be found in other than Allah subhanaw taala is obedience has shown the worst of thought and the worst of expectation regarding Allah. Take it as a rule in your life dear brother, this is to your soul's fatigue is according to how far or close it is to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And this is precisely why the reason why Prophet Musa alayhi salatu salam, he said to his servant when they were traveling, looking for a man called Al hada, Musa began to feel tired, he said to his servant, attina, Radha, Anna, Lakota, Latina, Musa Farina, Harada and Asada bring us our morning meal, because we have suffered so much in our journey, and we are experiencing fatigue.

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Commenting on the statement of Prophet Musa our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, well let me unsub Kenny Musa had John was in Mecca living only Ravi Musa only felt tired the moment he had passed the area that he was commanded to go to.

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Musa was commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to meet a particular person in that particular destination. Musa however, did not realize that he had accidentally gone past that particular place where Allah wanted him to be. And it was at that point when he had crossed this area that his soul began to fatigue, it was assigned. Therefore your brother and your sister say the same to your soul, oh my soul, if you have fatigued, then it is a sign that you have crossed Allah subhanaw taala is limit somewhere and that you're standing where he does not want you to stand.

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You know, being torn between two items of clothing

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stresses many of us out

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being torn between two job opportunities, Even more perplexing. What then do you make of a person who is constantly torn between the life of sin, the life of obedience that double life, the life of Islam and the life of Islam earnestness can such a person truly rest

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and that is precisely why Sheikh will Islamic new Tamia Rahmatullah and he would say these beautiful words establishing this principle man IRA that Sarah that an idea, filial Arthur that Woody, whoever aspires for eternal happiness, they let him remain at the doorstep of worship. We ask Allah Almighty to make us worshipers of Allah to realize where happiness is to be found. You and I we can take all of the medicines on every shelf we may wish and we had all the theories that we want. We may knock on the door of every opportunity and visit every avenue in search for this gem called happiness and peace of mind but you and I will not find it in any place except where Allah subhanaw taala has

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taught us to find it that is promise number one. As for promise number two

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised those who live a life of Islamic practice love within the hearts of people.

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Where is that promise found? This is in surah Mariamman Allah subhanho wa Taala who said in Medina no I'm you know Sally heart inside Yeah, hi, Lulu humo Rana and who would

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surely those who believe ALLAH said and they do good deeds Allah will bring about for them love. What does this love refer to I hear you ask Abdullah who you know have nasty companion or the Allahu Anhu he gives an explanation and he said my habitant fina I see fit in dunya it means that people in this world they will love him.

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He said it means that the people in this world they will love him.

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And the words of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam established this exact same meaning. He would say in a beautiful narration man in Aberdeen, in Lola who switched on this summer, if either cannot flee to his center, he has an unwieldy it will be moving out of the house and will either cannot sleep to her office and that is and will be left who will utterly say yeah,

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he would say that there isn't any person except that they have a reputation in the heavens. And therefore if his reputation there in the heavens is good, it will be placed on us as well.

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But if his reputation in the heavens is a bad one, he too will be placed here on us. Therefore what people are saying about you today is a reflection of what you are being spoken about above.

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The fact that you are for the most part loved by the Muslims. It's not accidental. But in sha Allah I see it as an exciting sign as per where you stand in Allah subhanaw taala eyes and the opposite by the way is just as true.

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And that is why orthopeadic not a fan of the Allahu Anhu he would say mamina Nursey I haven't done Yamaha Juran Oh ALLAH Yama Charan in LA CASA hula

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What would he do?

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Any person who said who does good or evil, Allah will clothe him with the garment of his deeds. Subhana Allah will clothe him or her with the garments the attire of their doings. So in other words, what you are insisting on doing behind closed doors dear raggedy sister whether it is something good in private, or something evil and treacherous in private, it's only going to be a matter of time before Allah subhanaw taala makes it public.

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That is promise number two promise number three. Allah Almighty has promised that Islam will remain until the Day of Judgment. Listen to this prophecy Dear brothers and sisters that you're about to hear a prophecy of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that really couldn't have come at a better time and duration which Muslim narrates on your authority of the companions Oban the Prophet sets Allah Allahu Allah he was sending him in Allah has Zilla the alert for itu machinery kaha Mareeba Allah drew the ends of the world for me to see. And I have seen its eastern and western ends were in mateesah Bluehole Kohana zoo yearly mean her and I saw that the kingdom of my OMA will reach

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those ends that I saw the Eastern West

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Subhan Allah and then he said what or a plate will contain Africa will be up Allah has also given me the two treasures, the red and the white. And these are in references to places that the messenger sallallahu alayhi was can kingdom that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is kingdom would eventually reach and he would say what you need to Rob Bailey Almighty Allah you holy cow he said I think

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Allah, Allah Allah him I don't want mean Siva, unforeseen fire, stubby Hebei, a lotta hope. And I begged my lord for my own law that number one, it should not be destroyed because of famine. And I begged my note number two, that it is never to be dominated by an enemy who is not from it, who would then eradicate them.

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And now Allah is about to give the profits that are selling the outcome of his dua his request was granted or not. We're in Europe because my lord he said, Yeah, Mohammed is according to Kabbalah and for inner hula Euro O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever I make a decision, I Allah make a decision and it cannot be changed.

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What you need I'll tell you took early on Metallica and let only Cahoon Besana Tina. And so I have granted for you that your mama your nation will never be destroyed by means of famine

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Subhanallah What about the second Doha that he made? Listen to the answer. What Allah also later on in module one min Seiwa and footsy him for yesterday have a daughter home while we determine Ali min be Akbar and I have decreed that you will never be dominated you and the Muslims by an enemy who would not be from them. Even if the entire world war two join hands with the intention of doing so.

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Allahu Akbar so this is a promise that couldn't have come at a better time for our brews Dona a promise from Allah subhanaw taala that is fulfilled by the way in several ways. You may say to me, how is it that Allah Almighty will ensure on decree that this religion will remain it till the end of time I say to you consider the several mechanisms number one by the frequent sending of revivalists and that's why the prophets Allah has sent them he would say in the La Jolla bathroom he had the Almighty Allah ROTC colinearity sanity menu Jedi doula Medina

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Allah Almighty sends a he sent for this OMA at the end of each 100 years.

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Those who will revive the religious revival It's May Allah may q&a from amongst them. That's one mechanism by way this religion will be preserved till the end of time. What else you may say to me, number two, by Allah Almighty taking it upon His divine self to preserve the Quran. Allah is the One who preserves the Quran. In national nacinda zikalala in LA Hoolahan if you don't Allah said we were the ones who revealed the Quran and we shall be its guardians, it shall never change and it can never change in its meaning. Nor can it ever changing its wording. Promise from Allah. Number three, a third mechanism by protecting a particular group of Muslims who will remain upon the truth till

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the end of time, even if the masses end up becoming corrupt. A prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say speaking about this.

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Let us now look for if atonement automatic we're hearing other

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liable Roman Fidella who had Daya Tia Amarula homecare dyadic. He said there will always be a group from my ummah, who will be prevalent with the truth

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and they will not be harmed by those who let them down till the Command of Allah comes to pass.

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There will always be a group thrown upon the truth even if the masses go corrupt. May Allah make us from the

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This minority therefore the Muslim who believes these promises will not despair regardless of how great the hostility that Islam and Muslims may face. Why? Because Allah Almighty never fails in his promises. That is promise number what that is promise number three.

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Promise number four the resurrection must happen

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this day the last day the final day is so certain that one of its names is a Leo Wilmore wrote the promise day Allah said was some either in borrowed what do we mean by who Allah said I swear by the sky that is containing the great stars and I swear by the promise day, that promise Day is the day of judgment Abdullah who have nasty companion he would say in explanation of this area, what other Hello Santa? What are we on the edge Atemi o v He, Allah Almighty has promised the inhabitants of the heavens and the inhabitants of the earth They will all meet on that day.

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And this is precisely why Allah Almighty has taught us to say in the DUA that we read in the Quran memorize it dear brother, the sister Rob Dinah, in academia on Celia, Camila Roy Buffy in hola hola. You can follow me, our Lord. Surely you will gather Mankind together on the date or on the day about which there is no doubt surely Allah subhanaw taala never breaks His promise.

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And therefore, because of this dear brother, the sister because of this promise of the resurrection and how it has to happen, no matter how many blinkers we may put on our heads and how many covers we turn over ourselves. The believer is always on edge. Always in a state of preparation, always in a state of repentance. Having realized that ahead of us, is a very long journey that awaits that begins with death. It begins with death. That is promise number four, the resurrection is on its way it has to happen.

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Promise number five, Allah Almighty has promised those who courageously reject a sinful practice with that which is better.

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Your Allah this is a promise that provides so much strength and peace and solace and reassurance, particularly to that young Muslim man or that young Muslim woman who may be struggling with a specific addiction of some sort or a particular private doing that they know will distance them from Allah and will distance them from success in the hereafter.

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I will cut out Qatada

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and Abu Dhabi.

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They said, I think now Hala Raj Julian. Mean Al Baghdadi at firhill Nelson Mata rasool Allah, he helps me determine the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shia, we came to a Bedouin man, they said,

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and we said to him, Have you heard any knowledge from the Prophet Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Did you ever hear him say anything?

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And he said to them, yes.

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I heard him say in the calendar that he and Linda he has our agenda, Abdullah Khan Wahhabi Hema, who waka you know, like me.

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He said that I heard him say, there isn't anything that you leave for the sake of Allah, except that he will replace you with something better. What is that? That is a promise, dear brother, the sister.

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And Allah Almighty never fails in his promise. Now, don't get me wrong, such a replacement may be delivered to you in an obvious fashion, right.

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So you have a prohibited relationship of some sort that you cut out. Right. And so Allah replaces you with a wonderful, pure Halal relationship, or an impermissible business dealings that you cut out. And so Allah replaces you with a better business dealing right and so on. But at the same token,

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the form of the reward the replacement, it may arrive in different fashions, it may come in the form of health for your children,

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or a cure from an illness that was on its way of crude to you to cripple you, or a beautiful unrighteous spouse or an ability to pray at night that you were maybe previously struggling with.

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Allah may replace that sin that you left for his sake in an obvious way, and he may replace it in a way that is better for you. And that is because Allah Almighty knows what is best for you. And therefore the reward for your courageous rejection of the Haram is tailored for what you need most. Even if you don't realize that you need it.

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Make the courageous decision from this moment onwards, to make amends to those habits. Those relationships are secret doings that you know need evicting from your life their brother, their sister, and then realize that the better replacement from Allah has already

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been dispatched, and it is on its way Allahu Akbar. May Allah give us the strength to do that. That is promise number one, that is promise number five.

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As for our sixth and final promise, this is the following. The outcome of patients will be paradise.

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That's patients by the way in all three of its forms, a sub Rhode Island backdoor patients towards what has been decreed for you, as sub Rhode Island more patients towards the obligations of Islam, a sub Rhode Island mahoe are patients towards the prohibitions of Islam. All three of these levels, they require so much patience and your struggle with them, will eventually drive you to paradise. Why? Because Allah Almighty has promised that

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brother Ali, where has Allah Almighty promised this, let us read the ayah so that they may suit our hearts.

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And I recite to you the IOER Allah Almighty said la homefree ha Yasha

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una hora needy in Ghana, Allah of Beco them, oh, in Jana, Allah said everything that they may wish for will be there for them living inside eternally. And then he said, This is a promise binding upon your Lord, that must be fulfilled. Allahu Akbar. And Allah Almighty, He said, like kini ladina Takamura whom Allah whom Hora whom filthy high water from Ebony Yeah, to TGD Emile, Dottie Hill and her work de la Hila yokley from LA who me?

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Allah mentioned that those who have feared the Lord were conscious of him they shall be given ha mansions above them, higher mansions built for them one above the other, beneath which rivers flow and then Allah said this is the Promise of Allah and Allah will never fail in his promise. And Allah Almighty said what that Allah ka humulene Mela Inca to have Yo como la vie equal to two on the angels will meet them on that day, singing to them, this is the day which you have been promised Allahu Akbar. It's a promise from Allah, brother, sister.

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For Allah subhana wa Tada. The destruction of the whole world in its entirety is lesser than failing in any one of the promises that He has made.

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Allah therefore has made the promise you have heard them and now it's upon you and me to meet the conditions with patients we ask Allah Almighty to make us from amongst those people.

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