Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-041A Translation Aal-e-Imran 14-22 Tafsir 14 Part 1

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The radio show discusses the importance of shaping people to achieve their goals and how they can achieve them through actions such as shaping people to achieve their goals and finding them attractive. The success of Islam, the New Year, and the success of the New Year have been highlighted as examples. The importance of testing people for their attraction and developing self-control is also emphasized. The importance of "overflights" and the need for men to develop a desire for something is also discussed. The importance of "fitna" for men and women is also emphasized. The success of Islam, the New Year, and the success of the New Year have also been highlighted.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are other bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rocklea Saudi way acidity Emery wa who looked at a melissani of Kahu Kohli. Okay, let's begin the next lesson. Let's do the translation first. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, verse number 14, we'll do the translation, Xena, it was adorned Lin NASCI. For the people who love a show her wet of the objects of desire men off and Nyssa the women will Bonnin and the children while canal lead and the heaps of wealth and mukaan Tara, the ones that are heaped up, men have at the hub the gold will feel and the silver will hide

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and the horses I will use a warmer the distinctly marked ones. Well a neuron and the cattle will help and the crops or the fields there Lika that Mataro is enjoyment and height of the life of dunya the worldly wala who and Allah are in the WHO with him? Who SNU is best, Alma AB of the place of return, or the return on you say, I will not be UQAM Shall I inform you all behind him of better men than Valley calm that Lavina for those who eat the cow they were conscious of Allah they safeguarded themselves in the with Rob be him there Rob Jan natten will be gardens that Judy it flows mentality her under them and how the rivers Holly Dean as ones who remain eternally fee have in them. What as

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well John and spouses will Mahara completely purified what it bleh noon and great pleasure men of Allah Allah will Allah and Allah buslee Ron is ever seeing billary bad off the slaves Alladhina those who your coluna they say Robina Our Rob in the net indeed we um and now we have believed full fit Lana so you forgive us do know by now our sins working out and you save us from or the Abba punishment and now of the fire. A saw between those who are patient will saw the pain and those who are truthful, while carnitine and those who are humbly obedient Wellmune feel pain and those who spend while Musto feeding and those who seek forgiveness bill as * in the predawn hours. Shahida

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Allahu Allah has testified and know who that indeed he led ILA her there is no God at all Illa except Hua he will Mala Iike to and the angels were Olo and ones who possess L or L me the knowledge God Imam as one who upholds Bill pist the Justice La Ilaha there is no God at all in law except Hua He Allah Aziz the ever Almighty al Hakim, the ever wise in that indeed, Adina the religion or in the acceptable to Allah He Allah, Al Islam is Al Islam, warmer and not ill Talofa they differed Alladhina those who, who to they were given al Kitab the Book in LA except mimbar Dima, after Jack a home it came to them Alerion move the knowledge, Boolean with outrageous behavior, or due to

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outrageous behavior, buying a home against each other woman and whoever you work for. He disbelieves be it in verses Allah He of Allah for ena, then indeed Allah, Allah city or who is ever swift al hisab in the accounting for in then if had Dukkha they argue with you for all then you say a slum to I have submitted Where do you he my face Lilla he to Allah woman and who is the Baron he has followed me will call and you say Lavina to those who are told they were given al Kitab the Book while Omega gene and the unscriptural people a slimtone Have you all submitted for in then if a slow mo they submit for code then indeed a thorough they have obtained guidance we're in and if there

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were low they turn away for in nama then indeed only RLA can do upon you al Balau is the conveying. Wala who and Allah buslee it on is ever

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Seeing billary bad of the slaves in that indeed Alladhina those who yet for owner they disbelieve, be it in verses Allah He of Allah. Way up to Luna and they kill and begin the prophets be lady without helping any right way up to Luna and they kill Alladhina those who yet Morona they command bilkis The Justice men among a NAS the people Phurba shit home then you give them good news be either been of a punishment Alleman ever painful. Hola Iike dos Alladhina are those who have built what are Malou whom their deeds became worthless fee in a dunya the world will akhira and the hereafter Wilma and not LA home for them men now sleeping will be any helpers at all Zoila

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all saw beauty in our saw deity in our little Bonnie Jean our move up in our city in Erbil as

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shown Shahidullah

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the sheep home behind the order.

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You can have you thought, Man Donia

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to the top seat of these aisles in Sharla key Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Zhu Yi Anna Lee Naseeha Boucher Hawa beautified for people is the love of that which they desire. Xena is from the root letters ze ye known, Xena is adornment or beauty and Dezign is to beautify to adorn something. Here it is said Xena. It was adorned meaning something has been made beautiful and attractive. Lynn nasty for people. What

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Is that something which has been made attractive for people who Busha Hawa, the love of the things which they desire, what are those things which they desire? There are listed some of them are listed in the I mean a Nyssa, Albany in welcome now please, controller All right. Now there is a question, Who is it? Who has adorned these things for people who is the most alien, who is the one who has beautified these things for people has an imbecile he said that this is shaitan because in the Quran in surah hedger Ayah 39. We learned that IBLEES said God Robbie Bhima awaited De La Rosa Yinon nella homefield, I will surely make something attractive to people on Earth, any the things of the world,

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I will make them attractive to people while they are in the earth. So this is the opinion of Hassanal bustling, that shaytaan beautifies her Bucha her word for people, but the majority of aroma say that the one who has adorned these worldly things for people is in fact Allah azza wa jal himself, because Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah Al Anam is 108 that Cavalli, because the yen nearly equally or mutton armella home, we have made beautiful to every community their deeds. In a hadith we learn this hadith of Buddha with that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah created Jana, he said to Gibreel that go and look at Janna Jibreel went and looked at it,

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and then came and said, Oh, my Lord buyer might, no one who hears of it will fail to enter it. Then Allah subhanaw taala surrounded Jana with disagreeable things, and said, Go and look at it Gibreel. So Gibreel went and looked at it. And then he came and said, Oh, my Lord, by your mind, I am afraid that no one will enter it. When Allah created *, he said, Go and look at a jubilee who went and looked at it, and then came and said, Oh, my Lord buyer might no one who hears of it will enter it. And then we learn in Hadith for her for her bisha Her words, then Allah surrounded Jahannam with desirable things, show her what? And he said, Go and look at it. Gibreel on Gibreel went and looked

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at it, he came and said, Oh, my Lord, by your mind and power, I'm afraid that no one will remain, who does not enter it? And either so many temptations that HAL is surrounded by that many people will end up in *. So anyway, in this hadith, what do we learn that Allah is the One who has made different things pleasing for people, right, Chihuahua? That he is the one who has created people in such a way that they have Xiao Hua, they have desire, right? And then Allah subhanaw taala has also put the attraction to certain things in the hearts of people. And this is in order to test people. Okay? Allah subhanaw taala has decreed that this life be a test. And for that reason, this world has

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been made beautiful and attractive. If the things of this world were not attractive to people, then what would be the test about there would be no test in this life in total CalFire seven Allah Subhana Allah says in Nadal Nirma, a little early Xena Tala li never Lua home au home Arsenal Ramallah that indeed we have made whatever is on the earth as an adornment for it. All right, meaning the things on the earth are things that make the earth beautiful, they're attractive, and who is attracted towards these things, it is the inhabitants of the earth it is people why Lena bloom, in order that We may test them as to a young person or Amala, who is best in terms of action.

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So, zoo, Keeneland nursery, her Bucha Hawa, these desirable things had been made attractive for people by Allah or Zoa Gen Y for the purpose of IB Tila for the purpose of ftbl, to test and try people. Because when there's temptation, then there is trial, right? If there is no temptation, then there is no test. So for example, if there's a big glass of orange juice, let's say in front of you, and you do not like orange juice at all, you do not like it, then it could be sitting in front of you, and it doesn't bother you. You could be fasting, you won't be interested in drinking it. You could be eating something super spicy, and you might want to drink something. But if you don't like

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orange juice, you're not going to take a sip of it. Right? The test is when there is some attraction in the heart for something. All right. So the purpose the reason why Allah subhanaw taala has made these things beautiful for people is for the purpose of if Tila if the bar trial. Now shaitan also does beautify so

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Certain things for people, especially those things which are not lawful for people. Why? Why does shaytaan do that in order to lead people astray, in order to distract them from Allah azza wa jal in order to make them disobey Allah. Right. So, zoo Uruli NASCI her Bucha Hawa. We learn over here, that her Boucher Hawa have been made beautiful for people. And this is a test from Allah, and it is also a weapon of che plan against us. So this means we have to be alert. We don't just follow our desire. All right, we have to be alert. We have to be careful. So so you get an assay her Bucha Hiwot and UNECE over here means all people, Muslim, non Muslim, young old men, women, a nurse

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includes all people. Now Homebush our hope means love. How Baba is the root, the love of a shower. A shower is a plural of the word Shaohua. And Shaohua is from the root letters Chien how well and Shaohua means desire, passion, desire for something or a passion for something, inclination towards something, a yearning for something, a craving for something, and then greed, all of these words, you can think of them when you think of the word Shaohua. Now here Shaohua does not mean desires. Okay? Shaohua over here means things that are desired any desirable things, and what are the desirable things a Nyssa Albanian alcanada Even makan Tara All right. These are things that the

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souls desire, so they are a Shabbat is actually much the higher end of the things which are desired. And the reason why things that are desired are called Shaohua in the Quran, is for the purpose of dark peace in order to belittle them, not because these desires are not a big deal. No, they are real, but the reason why they have been belittled in this way is because compared to the pleasures of the Hereafter, these desirable things are very little or they're very insignificant compared to the real desires or the greater desires of Jana and how those desires will be the pleasures of Jana rather, right. So zoo unit and Naseeha Bucha Hawa, the love of these things, these desirable things

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has been made beautiful for people. So, these are things which the souls desire, the soldier pulled towards them attracted to them, and you know, the heart is distracted because of these things preoccupied by these things. And all these things, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned some over here, okay, this is not an exhaustive list, just a few things are listed over here. And these things especially are mentioned over here, because majority of the people especially you know, across different cultures, different eras, even they are especially attracted to these things. Okay. Now, all of these things which people desire, are what first and foremost, Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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and Nyssa and Nyssa are women. And yes, women are beautiful, and women are the adornment of this world, and especially they have been made beloved to men, any men especially find women, very attractive, and men, desire women, and this is something that is completely human. This is not something evil, this is not something disgusting. Any the desire for women in and of itself is not something evil. It is not something disgusting. In fact, it can be very beautiful. We see that the best of humans the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Habiba la Yamuna, dunya and Nisa a theme that in this world, women and perfume have been made dear to me. And we know how much the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved her the journal de la Morena, years after she passed away the Prophet salallahu Salam continued to remember her and mentioned her and send gifts to her friends, et cetera. And he said that in Nikka, Drew Zuko, hooba, so it can be very beautiful. This attraction that a man has for a woman can be very beautiful, the prophets that Allah whoever it is and loved it Chateau de la hora and so much that, you know, when people asked him who do you love the most among people he said, are Ayesha. So women are from Xena to dunya, whom men especially find attractive. Right? And this is not something unknown is something very basic. And this is the reason

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why in order to grab the attention of men and retain the attention of men, a lot of times beautiful

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Men, their images, their presence is used, you know, in advertisements and shows in games and things like that. Why? To grab and retain the attention of men? Right? So Xena, Naseeha Bucha Awatea milanesa this does not mean that women are evil. Okay? This means that women are beautiful, and men especially find women to be very, very attractive. Now, what matters is how a man acquires and enjoys the object of his desire. Not everyone acquires what they desire in a lawful and ethical way. Okay? So for example, if a man desires a woman, it's not necessary that you will be with her in a lawful and ethical in a correct way. Allah subhanaw taala has legislated a legal way, right, a

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correct way and that way is marriage. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told us that the best thing that can happen between two people who love one another is marriage, and without Nikka, who without marriage without the way that Allah subhanaw taala has permitted, it is forbidden for a man to seek and enjoy a woman. All right. So for a man to find the attraction in his heart for a woman is not wrong. Okay, but for a man to seek a woman through a way that is unlawful, that is wrong. If this is done in a lawful way, it becomes a burden. In a hadith in Sahih Muslim we learned a dunya kulula matar that all of this world is an enjoyment will hydrometer it dunya Allah to saleha and the

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best enjoyment of this world is a righteous wife. So this is the correct way, the way of marriage. Right? And we see that there is a shower for women that is halal. And there is a Xiao Hua for women that is Mohammed llama that is forbidden. Okay. So we see that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam warned men, he especially warned men, where he said that matter October the fifth nuttin Allah Allah Regina Mina Nyssa, after me, I have not left any trial more severe to men than women. In other Hadees we learned this world is fresh and sweet. And Allah will make you successive generations there in so look at what you do, and be aware of the temptations of this world. And then he said,

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What taco Nyssa and all men beware of women, this doesn't mean that women are evil. No, this means that men must be very, very careful in regard to this show of theirs. So how is it that women are a trial for men, because men like to look at them, men like to stare at them, men like to think about them, and some men they like to talk to them, they find pleasure in talking to them in stalking them in harassing them in not respecting any boundaries. So, this is a fitna then write any the test is for men, where men have a times extreme desire, all right, and then they have to manage that desire they have to control it, they have to be very conscious and very careful. So what is the solution

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then? The solution is Allah Subhana Allah has given it to the men and what is that solution? It is that they should lower their gaze. All right, we'll call little movement in your hope dome in our sorry him. Way I follow for Raja home, first comes lowering of the gaze and then comes guarding of the private part. So, you know, it hasn't been said any this was not the way of the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said that he removed the existence of women from public, right? No, he did not do that. We learned in fact that women would come to the masjid. They would approach the prophets of Allah who were to send them they would talk to him. We learned the Prophet salallahu Salam would

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even go to visit certain Sahaba yet, all right, along with other companions. So this is wrong where people say women are fitna fitna, fitna, and so remove the women, they should not exist, they should not speak, they should not be there, because they're a fitna. This is not the solution. The solution is that men need to develop a level of self control, and the need to constantly monitor themselves, monitor their thoughts, monitor their eyes, all right, and also seek the lawful way and ask Allah subhanaw taala for chastity. So we see for example, the prophets of Allah who are in Islam encouraged young people, unmarried people to get married. Why? Because when there is a desire for

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something, you cannot just continue to curb that desire. It needs a lawful outlet. All right. And then at the same time, we see that of the Dora

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The Prophet sallallahu Urdu said that was Allahumma inni as a local Houda were to call while our FurFur will Lina that Oh Allah, I asked you for guidance for piety for chastity and for self sufficiency. He prayed for our five for chastity. So this is a Torah that a person must make all believers should meet, but especially if a person finds in their heart a desire for someone who is not lawful for them. For example, some people develop the bad habit of you know, looking at photos, pictures or videos of you know, people who are not appropriately dressed or even out in the public, then finding it very hard to control their eyes, and things like that. So ask Allah subhanaw taala

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for chastity, pray for that. Now, this ayah mentions the fitna that how for men women are attractive, right? So you need a nasty one. Bucha Vitamina Nisa, what about the other way around? Do women not find men to be attractive? Absolutely. They do. Introduce a fire 30 We learned called the chaga for her hooba That woman, the wife of our z's in her heart was immersed in love for use of Ali Salam, right in he she badly loved him. So yes, it's true. Men can also be a fitna for women. And it is also possible that men can be a fitna for other men or women can be fitna for other women, we cannot acknowledge this, this is real. Some people do struggle with such feelings where they find

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sexual attraction towards someone of the same gender, someone who is not lawful to them. Allah subhanaw taala has not mentioned any of this over here because Allah subhanaw taala is Al Karim, Allah subhanaw taala is a citied. Alright, and certain matters are not mentioned openly. Why because if they're mentioned openly, it would be embarrassing for people. So in any situation like this, where a person finds in their heart, a sexual attraction towards an individual, that is not lawful for them, or cannot be lawful for them. Okay, then ask Allah subhanaw taala for a faff, ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you. Just because there is a desire, it doesn't mean that that desire must be

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fulfilled, this is very important to understand. Just because there is a desire for something, it does not mean that that desire must be fulfilled, every desire is not to be pursued. Alright, and this is the test that the attraction is there, the desire is there, but you have to fight it, you have to curb you have to control it. You have to keep a strict you know, check on yourself, you have to constantly monitor yourself, where you don't allow yourself to look at someone whom you're not supposed to look at, to think of someone in a way that you're not supposed to think of all right, to fantasize a life with them that is impossible, that is not going to happen. So seek refuge with

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Allah against such desires against such thoughts. Because now remember these thoughts or desires of haraam nature, what are they, they are a weapon of shaitan they are a tool that Trayvon is using to weaken you. So that you fall into sin, you end up doing things that are wrong, and saying things that are wrong. And you see it happens with so many men, where they're not able to control their desire and they end up you know, touching a woman saying things which are inappropriate, looking at them, etcetera. And that becomes a sin. You know, for example, we learn that the first look is forgiven, but the second look, the second glance, that is what a person will be held responsible for

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that is a sin. So, anytime a thought like this comes an attraction like this comes seek refuge with Allah. This is shaytaan trying to mislead you trying to preoccupy with something that is going to waste your time that is going to lead you towards sin. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions well Bonnin and Sons Bonnin is the port of the word even an even means son. Now the plural Bonnin means sons. Okay. And we can take Bonine as literally sons and not daughters, or we can understand bunnies as sons as children. Okay? Remember, for example, Bani Israel in the Bani Israel is not just referring to the male members of Bani Israel, it includes both men and women. Okay. So first of all,

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if we understand Bonnin as children, both male and female, then yes, this is true. People do desire to have children and this desire is beautiful.

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or where a person wants to have children. And then Allah subhanaw taala for example, gives them children, but then those children then become a fitna, right become a huge trial Subhan Allah he will be handy. Any first of all the desire for children is a test. All right, and then once that desire is fulfilled, and you have children, then that is also a test and then raising those children looking after them, that is also a test. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and so little calf I have already six that Allah Allah will balloon Xena to higher to dunya wealth and children are the adornment of this worldly life in sort of the tabular if 15 we learn in them and while LUCAM we're

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allowed to come fitna indeed your wealth and your children are a trial. And another place in the Quran, we learned that they are an enemy to you. Some of them can be an enemy to you, your own children can be your enemy. How so? Where sometimes they become such a fitna that it's difficult, even to fulfill your obligations towards Allah, can you praying Salah becomes difficult, or spending in the way of Allah becomes difficult, right. And sometimes for the sake of one's children, a person works so hard strive so hard, that they neglect other responsibilities or other good things. So children are also a trial. And especially when it comes to sons. This is a huge fitna for certain

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people, where they can have daughters, but they're not happy, they feel incomplete. They feel like they are deprived, because they don't have a son Subhanallah in certain Mahalaya 58 We learn what either Bushido or how to humble answer. A lot lower jaw homos, sweat and Wahoo are killing. And when one of them is informed of the birth of a female, meaning a female child, his face becomes dark, and he suppressed his grief. This was the response of certain people in Arabia, that they did not like having daughters. It was a source of embarrassment for them. They only wanted boys. And we see that till today, in certain cultures, and he this is very prevalent, where both men and women desire male

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children, they don't want girls to think girls are a burden, or they are like nothing. You know, girls don't matter. They can have four or five daughters. And those daughters are nothing to them, compared to one son that they have or the son that they don't have Subhanallah and this is a huge fitna for a person, because they're constantly in a state of ingratitude, and they are in a state of neglecting a huge blessing that Allah has given them. If you think about it, to say you will have the leader of all humanity, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a father of four girls, for women, right? He had four daughters, and none of his sons, you know, lived to the age of adulthood.

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They all died when they were little. And his daughters, all of them gotten married. And one of them survived him. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And you see, it is said that the prophets of Allah were fathers of daughters, because we learned about many prophets who had daughters. So the desire for sons becomes a huge fitna for people. Right, and the desire for children also, and then the desire of children Yeni, having them enjoying them, taking care of them, you know, traveling with them, spending on them, looking after them, reaching one milestone after the other, that becomes a fitna. How does it become a fitna that, on the one hand, you know, having children is such a huge blessing,

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but at the same time, they're also huge responsibility. And so, you find many parents complaining about their children being ungrateful for their children, or being unjust, unfair towards their children, neglecting their children. And then if their children are healthy, you know, successful in some way, then they boast about their children, they become arrogant over their children. They want to seek fame and glory because of their children. So yes, having children is a blessing. But this is also a huge test. So be careful. Be grateful to Allah, right for having children. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you the ability to look after them well, to do their excellent of BIA and whether you

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have children or you don't remain in a state of gratitude to Allah, that Allah Allah whatever you have decreed for me, I am pleased with that. And at the same time, don't despair of having children. This

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There's also a test where a person wants to have children and they're not able to or till now they do not have children and they begin to feel despair. This is a fitna, this is a trial. Do not despair. Do not despair. Well I'm a combi dua eco Bishop here. Many prophets of Allah granted children in old age. Sometimes we think, Oh, if I were supposed to become a parent, I should have become a parent. I should have had a child in my 20s, early 20s Having a child later on in life. This is very difficult very hard. Yes, it's hard. But in Allah Allah Kulish am Kadir Allah is Able to do all things. The wife of the courier la Sinha was an old woman, the wife of Ibrahim Ali samsara

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was also an old woman. Ibrahim Al Islam himself was so old. So there are some blessings which we desire. And Allah subhanaw taala does not give them to us immediately. Allah subhanaw taala is a time set for everything. So trust His timing and have hope

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