Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J03-041B Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 14 Part 2 and 15-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various popular culture and media accounts, including the use of "married horses" to signal a desire for wealth and a desire for a good car. The importance of "fitna" to acquire wealth is discussed, where individuals are encouraged to avoid danger and stay away from small things. The importance of patient mental health and practice patience is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be patient and let go of temptation. The conversation ends with a recap of verses from the Bible and a discussion of intermodal de la Horne.
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So, zoo hinted at nasty her Bush oh wait a minute Nyssa well burnin and then well canal cleaning Muqaam Cara canal PETA supporter of the word clean power from the root letters of known ba ra Kintore and Clincal is a heap of something It's basically when something is layered in one layer over another over another a heap piles of something. Okay. So people desire heaps of wealth that are almacantar the ones that are heaped up same root know contra means heaped up so heaped up heaps of wealth piled up piles of wealth

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Okay, and which type of wealth in particular not clothes not choose? No minute the hub of Gold Well, filler and silver. This is something that people are very attracted to. You know how in cartoons are sometimes you see, literally a heap of gold coins, right? There's not Donald Duck. There's another duck.

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Uncle Scrooge DuckTales Yes, does Acalypha What do you see in that? You have like a a hill of gold coins literally. And he dives into it. Right? And just looking at it. You wonder so much gold? This is contoller Okay, Tim Thor makan Tara. But people don't just desire one pile of gold. No, it is piles and piles of gold and silver. Okay. Now how much is in thought? There is many opinions about this. Some orlimar say that a Kuntar is 100,000 gold coins. Okay. Others say that a clean pot is basically what you can contain in a cow's skin. Any it's a huge amount of wealth. All right, and muqam thorough means Mudaraba any multiplied or more contra means accumulated piled up as you can

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see in the translation. So welcome Albanian makan 30 minute the happy well filbur of golden silver. This is what people desire, have piles and piles of wealth in the Malka fear. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in an equally omitting fitna. We're fitna to omit el mal. Indeed, there is a fitna for every OMA and the fitna for my people is wealth. There's a hadith in a Timothy and this is the fitna of this ummah, the fitna of wealth, the desire for wealth, the desire for more money And subhanAllah This is really something that people do like why is it that at weddings and stuff, we write no box gifts? One of the reasons is that we prefer cash over box gifts.

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Right? Of course there are other reasons as well but this is one of the main reasons that cash is always you know preferable over items so you want to be able to do what you want with the money that you have. So cannot lead and makan Tara minute the hubby will filter and then we'll hide in MUSAWAH number five the fifth thing so the first is Nyssa second Bonine third cannot lead and contaminate the hub for Konatsu Contura Minar Fado Okay, keep the piles of gold heap the piles of silver and then number five and Highland Musa Wilma branded horses distinctly marked horses. Now Haley is horses and Musa wama is from the letter seen while meme if you remember in total Bacala yesu Munna

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come su olahraga AB eso Munna your So Munna sama your Sumo is to let animals graze. Alright, this is the meaning of the word salmon Usool. So it is said that MUSAWAH will sell warmer horses or horses that are you know, grazing grazing horses, pastured horses, okay, any imagine now one is that you keep horses in a stable okay and the other is that you keep horses yes you have a stable but then you also have land on which you let them freely pasture. This is Highland MUSAWAH Okay. Others say that Highland was a woman or those horses which are sent forth any with their riders upon them any those horses which are really good to ride Okay, good to ride horses and laden with a woman now

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there is another opinion about a hailing was a woman was a woman they say it's from the route letters well seen meme now and Wesson is to mark to put a mark on something to brand. So high in Musa Wilma are those horses which are marked. Why? How are they marked? They're marked in the sand

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instead, for example, there is a black horse with a white spot. Okay? Or a white horse with a big black spot. Okay, so these horses are beautiful and it's not just one solid color, there is a distinct mark on the horses on the horse, making them more beautiful. Or for example, a black horse with white legs. Okay, so this is Hayden MUSAWAH other say that this is marked horses because they have been branded, okay, they have been branded any people take for example like a hot metal something and then they put a mark on the horse it's a way of labeling the horse claiming it. Okay. There's another opinion about Clayton was a woman and that is that these are horses which are of a

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very good breed. Okay, very good breed. And he tall, strong, healthy horse. And horses can be very, very expensive. Right until today Subhanallah till today horses are a big deal. Right? For example, I remember once I went to the Calgary Stampede, okay, and I was amazed at the horses over there. I had never seen horses like that. So tall. It was almost scary to you know, stand close to them. But also beautiful, beautiful horses, tall horses, any very strong looking horses any if someone is able to sit on them, I think that's really an accomplishment. So Clayton was a woman and the prophets of Allah who are who set him said that Ilhan Omar couldn't fino Asli Hill, Hyrule Heil, any goodness

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has been attached to the foreheads of the horses, until the day of judgment. Until the day of judgment, many people will find benefit in horses until the day of judgment. So we'll hire MUSAWAH and since fail, of course, horses are a means of transportation, not the only means of transportation but a major means of transportation at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam, by extension we can see today the means of transportation that people have once upon a time it used to be expensive cars, now it is private jets, right? Subhan Allah, any this is something that people desire. This is something that people like, but otherwise also, if someone has a lot of wealth, and

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they want to, you know, buy a huge property, what do people typically imagine? Somewhere in California or somewhere in the south, you know, where you have your own farm, and your own horses and things like that. This is something that people imagine any this is something that people desire, Clayton musoma And how is this a fitna? It is a fitna because somewhere in him I say that the word hail is from the root letters. Hi, yeah, lamb. And Heil is from Kyla which is to walk in an arrogant way. Any with your head held high, shoulders thrown back. And many people who own a good horse and who are riding a good horse or walking good horse will walk like that. They're tested with

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Wheeler. And not just horses. If you sit in a good car, fancy car that makes a bit of noise, or that drives a bit fast or it's a newer model, instantly what happens to the person who is sitting in the car, instantly they begin to think highly of themselves. So this is a fitna that you feel arrogant, you feel like you're something special, you feel like you are very important. And now you can speed and now you can be little other cars or other drivers and you can drive really fast past them in order to make them feel horrible about themselves in order to show off your fast car. So this is a fitna cited musoma and to desire a good car by the way to desire a good fancy, you know means of

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transportation, that in itself is not a wrong thing. Because this is something that has been put in the hearts of people. But the question is, first of all, how do you acquire it? Do you acquire it through a way that is lawful or through a way that is unlawful? And then once you acquire it, how do you use it in a way that is arrogant? Or in a way that is humble in a way that is grateful? What do you use it for? To boast to show off you know how people will gather together in a parking lot with their fancy cars and then they will just sit in you know, whatever. Or sometimes they will just drive you know their fancy cars here or there or are you using it to do something good. So Halal

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Musa Mama is a fitna and then well anom cattle, cattle technically is cows, etc. But the word on

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Ron is not just used for cattle, any cows. It's also used for in the Quran for four types of animals basically. And they're mentioned in total interim I 143 and 144. Allah's Panther I mentioned femenina as wedge, all right, eight of pears, any four pairs, okay? And what are they mean a nice name, women and Meredith name. And then Amina evil is named woman or brokerage name, male and female sheep, male and female, goat, male and female camel and male and female cow. So these are the four types of an arm. And again when it comes to owning livestock, and this is also a big deal till today. Any for example, I remember at the Calgary Stampede, there weren't just fancy horses, there

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were also bulls and cows and llamas and sheep, all such types of animals. So there is an attraction that people have for these animals of livestock. Because not only are they a food source, they're also you know, a means of acquiring wealth. And this is why there is actually a cat that has to be paid on on our arm. And if a person has camels or sheep or goats or cows there is actually the cat that is to be paid on these animals. And then while health helps how to Arthur, this is a you know, crop or fields of crop agriculture basically. And subhanAllah. One is that a person has acres and acres of land, but sometimes we feel extremely proud of the few plants that we have inside of our

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house or outside. So this is a fitna, any, we like these things we like these plants, especially if they're a source of profit for us. But the pride that comes the arrogance that comes is something that a person has to be aware of. Allah subhanaw taala says Valley comma Terrell hayati dunya. All of this is material higher to dunya and enjoyment of worldly life only. as attractive as these things are to the souls these things are not meant to last forever. The enjoyment of these things is not going to last forever. You see the Prophet sallallahu. Earlier Selim said that a woman is married for one of four things, right? He mentioned beauty, he mentioned lineage he meant he

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mentioned wealth. And he also mentioned Dean, and he said go for the woman of Dean. Why? Because beauty does not last for long. Right? The most perfect figure, even any health is not in your control. Right? Your future, what happens to your body injury, aging, all of that is not in your control. Bodies are meant to age, they're meant to deteriorate. Right? So delicate material higher to dunya. Children also, as adorable as they are, they continue to grow. And those same adorable babies turn into rude teenagers. All right. So every blessing is fleeting, every blessing of this world is fleeting, it is an enjoyment of worldly life only. So yes, they're attractive. All of these

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things that are mentioned over here, they're beautiful. You want them, you want more of them, you want to enjoy them, you have them. But first of all, acquire them in a lawful way so that these things don't become a burden in the Hereafter. And then secondly, while you have them, use them in a way that is permissible. Enjoy them with gratitude. Don't be arrogant, because of them. Because these things are not meant to last with you forever. Valley Kanata Al Hayat a dunya you see matar is something of enjoyment, right something of use. And if this is an enjoyment of worldly life, this means that sooner or later, you are going to leave these things or these things are going to leave

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you and it happens, right? You have a pile of cash and then that cash runs out, or the things that you have in your life. Eventually you're going to leave them when you leave this world will law who were in the hospital map and Allah with him. Is her cinema AB the best place of return or the best return and what is that place? It is Jana. I Jana is called her cinema AB the best place of return because we will remove from Jana like mozarella Salam said to Adam that Lima that a college Tana? One up second middle Jana, why did you expel us in your cell from Jana? So, Jana is the husband, by the way from the root letters Hamza, which means a Raju to return. So Allah who are in the who

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notice there in the who is mentioned with him, there is called over here Corbin Hola. Ne with Allah in being close to Allah, when you are close to Allah, there is her snowman, the best place of return

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The best place to be. So whatever attractive things are are of this world no matter what their worth is, no matter how expensive they are, no matter how much you love them, remember they are just an enjoyment of the world. There is something much better. Allah's pantherella says, say tell people that will not be Oh calm behind him in Delhi calm. Shall I inform you all in a bit? Oh, is from the root letters known by Hamza number to inform, Shall I inform you of something better than that? Then what then all of the things that are mentioned over here, and there's seven things in particular that are mentioned, but as I said, this is not an exhaustive list. These are just things that

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typically people will find attractive. Right. So shall I tell you if something that is better than that? And then there is a pause. And you want to know Yes, what is better than that? Almost parent artist says little Lavina taco. For those people who have Taqwa or in the rubbing him near their Lord, they will have Jannette they will have gardens, not just one garden, or one type of garden, but many gardens. But this is for who for those who have Taqwa. And what is the Aqua our little de la hora and who said the taqwa is and how for mineral Jolene. Well, I'm a little bit Tenzin. We're Reba Bill Khalil, well is their dad, Liam Raheel. It is basically to have fear of Allah, to live by

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the revelation, to be content with little and to prepare for the day of departure need the day that you're going to depart from this world? So this is the core that you live carefully in this life, you know that this life is not everything. And a poet said that Khaled the Nuba serie Raha kabhi Raha that. Took that leave all sins, the little ones and the big ones. That is the Aqua Kornfeld commercial folk all the shoki Yeah, Lumira be like the one who is walking on a thorny land. He protects himself from what he sees. Yeah. When you are walking in an area that is thorny, like for example, imagine you wearing slippers, you go outside and there's lots of pokey weeds. How are you

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going to walk, you're going to be on the lookout you're going to be careful about every step that you take. Right? So be like that person, let the Piranesi rotten in Knology Ballymena hysa that do not belittle any minor sin, because mountains are also made from what sometimes tiny tiny rocks tiny stones. So, this is the Aqua, that when you see that something is dangerous for you something is not good for you. Be careful, stay away. So this is the core, those people have Docker, Allah subhanaw taala has Jannette for them, what kind of Jannette that dream and title and her underneath which rivers flow Holly Dena fie her abiding, daring eternally. See, when you think of flowing water,

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right flowing water, this means that there's ample space. Alright, ample space and beautiful sights, beautiful sounds and Allah subhanaw taala says holiday in a fee her abiding there and eternally and this is opposite of material higher to dunya which will end right material higher dunya will run out it will end you will leave it or it will leave you holiday interfere means you will abide there and eternally there is no end. And then what as we're doing with the hara, and spouses that are completely purified, as wide as a port of Zote with the hara completely purified, purified, in what sense Valhalla is the root purified in both ways, la hilum and also bedlinen. Externally purified.

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You see, there are things in a person's behavior, external behavior, for example, in the way that they speak, or just being human. Being human means you're going to sweat, you're going to stink, you're going to sleep and you're going to have bad breath, you're going to eat garlic chutney and then you're gonna have bad breath. Right? So this is part of being human, that your body does not always remain clean. But in Jannah, as YG Mata Hara purified, purified physically, la Heelan and then purified bulk linen, sometimes on the surface, someone is very good towards you, but you have a feeling that they're not happy inside. They're hiding something from you. They're upset about

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something they're annoyed about something they're not really being honest with you. Or you feel like they don't care about you, or they feel like they're jealous of you. You feel like they're upset with you. You feel like they're annoyed with you. So internally externally completely purified. This is this is you know, true joy, where you feel so happy with someone why big

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cuz they're good externally, internally, on the outside, they're beautiful on the inside, they're beautiful as well Jim with the hara, what illumine Allah, the biggest blessing of paradise, the great pleasure of Allah, when Allah who will be pleased with his slaves, that he will never become upset with them again? Well Allahu Basilan Villa rebirth and Allah is ever seen of the slaves. Your bad is a Florida this is both a warning and good news. Allah is watching your efforts. And Allah is watching what you do so fear him Alladhina your coluna of burner. Those who say our Lord in Nana Munna indeed we have believed full feed Lennar, the new banana so forgive us our sins, the noble

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support of them. Joaquina Radha Banagher, and protect us from the punishment of the fire. So these are Alladhina taco. Those who have Taqwa there are those who say, Our Lord indeed we have believed. So forgive us. This is another door into an alley and Ron, they don't just say our Lord forgive us. They say first Robina in an airman indeed we have believed previously ultimately with Iran, we learned that rasuna fillerina What do they say? That Robina in NACA Jermy or NurseLine. Mila Roy, Buffy, they mentioned their belief in the hereafter. Here in the AMA. Now we believe we believe in you or Allah we believe in everything that you have told us about. We believe that you are one. We

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believe that you are able to do all things we believe that you are just we believe that you are a result. We believe that all of the treasures are in your hand we believe that you are generous. We believe that you are rich. We believe that you are the giver of gifts. We believe that you forgive we believe that you protect we believe that you are merciful. We believe that your decree prevails. We believe in you are a banana in an Amana fulfill and alumina so forgive us our sins, working harder but not and save us from the punishment of the fire. This is the door of the people of Taqwa. And who are they? What qualities do they have a Siberian? There are those who are patient, people of

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Southern Florida of Solvit. Will Saudi clean those who are truthful, Florida of Saudi well carnitine those who are devoutly obedient to Florida have Connett Wellmune 15 For all of Monfils, those who spend well mister will fit in a bit as *. And those who seek forgiveness before dawn will still fit in for love Musto fit, saw between are those who are patient, they are patient over everything that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to be patient over sublet include subject over the decrees of Allah, okay. And this means that the decree of Allah could be in regard to, for example, some hardship in your body, some pain, some illness, any kind of difficulty that you experience in

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your body, this hardship can be the loss of loved ones, the loss of someone you respect, this could be in the form of the way people mistreat you, right? So somebody over all of these matters, then suffer overflow over the things that Allah subhanaw taala has obligated on us, then you hold on to them, you don't leave them. And then somebody is also in regard to sins, he in staying away from them. And this is so fitting over here, or Savarin, because all of these temptations are there, right? But you are patient, he don't allow yourself to acquire any of the attractive things of this world in a way that is displeasing to Allah to enjoy any of the attractive things of the world in a

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way that is displeasing to Allah. This is all tuber. So a submarine? How do you have somebody? How do you develop software? First of all, you ask Allah for raffia you ask Allah to protect you. And you also ask Allah for summer over things that you find difficult, because Allah subhanaw taala tells us Will Smith, woman sub Ruka illa biLlah Be patient and you cannot have patience except through Allah. Meaning you can only have somebody if Allah helps you if Allah enables you to have something. So ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you. And also ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you the ability to be patient over the trials that he has given you. Then how can you be patient that

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you strive to be patient? You see, you learn knowledge by learning, and you learn patience by being patient. Your aim is with our long and summer is with the sub. You practice patients. And in Hadees we learn that whoever tries to be patient, Allah grants them patients. Patient is basically what it is that you are expanding your ability to bear things, okay to bear things and you feel like you have a certain capacity and Allah subhanaw taala

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puts you in a situation where your capacity is really stretched, or your ability to bear things is really stretched. Right? And when you stretch something, like for example, even your body, there is a tension, right? It's painful, it's hard. But then what happens after good stretch, your body's at ease, your capacity increases. So this is something, when you are put in a situation that is extremely difficult, very hard. You practice patience, you tell yourself, I'm not going to give up. We're going to deal with this. Until you take a deep breath, you calm your thoughts, you sit with yourself, and you remind yourself, Allah does not burden a soul with more than what they can bear.

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Allah is Seeing Allah is knowing Allah is just, I'm going to take a deep breath, and I'm going to carry on, I'm not going to quit, this is practicing Sobor to a Savarin. How do you have southern you have hope, in the most difficult times, you have hope that this is not going to last this will pass it will be over and I just have to wait until this painful situation will be over. And remind yourself that Allah is with those who are patient. How do you have sub you have sub when you look at those who are also struggling right now or before you, like for example the prophets of Allah. And really, no matter what trial you are facing, you will always find an example in a prophet of Allah.

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You know, for example, Musar Islam has mentioned a lot in the Quran, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at a time when he was in a difficult situation. He said, may Allah have mercy on Lusardi sunnah he was tried severely. So this is how you have suffered by remembering someone who also struggled or struggled before a Savarin was saw the pain those who are truthful with themselves with Allah and with others will carnitine those who are devoutly obedient, continuously obedient, humbly obedient, any one is that you're praying. The other is that you're praying with Pinocchio with humility with consistency, and then Wellmune 15 those who spend spend in the way of Allah,

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whether this is Sadako wa Juba, in the form of zakat, obligatory spending, or voluntary spending, but those who have Taqwa they spend in the way of Allah, and then when will still fit in a bill as her. Those who seek forgiveness in the pre Dawn hours will still fit in those who seek forgiveness and as Howard is applauded of South scene Hara, so how does the time before budget and this is a time that Allah subhanaw taala loves Allah subhanaw taala loves this time, we are in Hadith, that in the last third of the night, Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest heaven and He invites us Is there any old seek forgiveness? Is there any who needs something who's going to ask me for something

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and I will give it to him. So, this is the time when we should seek forgiveness. And notice how it has been said well mustafina bill as * not so how us how our plural is used over here, because this is a habit. This is not a one off that once a year the seek forgiveness at this time. No, consistently they seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala at the time of Soho, and you see jacobellis Allah when his sons asked him to seek forgiveness for us, he said, I will seek forgiveness for you the ruler mercy, he said I will seek forgiveness because he was going to seek forgiveness at this time. At the time of Sir Who insert the data here. 18 Wheeler and mobile as

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hardy homea selfie rune. At the time of Soho, they seek forgiveness from Allah, and even miss Rudra de la Horne who he would say Allahumma Inaka a Montana for Alterna, Oh Allah, You commanded us and we have obeyed you will have a Soho fulfill Anna, this is the time of Soho, so forgive us. And you commanded us You have told us that we should seek forgiveness from you at this time. So here we are. This is the time of sahab and we ask you for forgiveness. So you forgive us. We learn about intermodal de la Mourinho that he would pray in the night. And every now and then he would ask if it was time for Sahara. And when he was told that yes, it is the time for Sahara. He would stop praying

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Salah and he would begin making Dora will build a Saudi home yourself your own and hear what it was they'll fit in a bill as *. So seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala at this time, especially, and when you seek forgiveness after that, make dua as well. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for what you desire. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for what you need, and see your drawers actualized Inshallah, we'll conclude over here. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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