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The speaker discusses various myths and theories about the universe, including the use of shelling to cover areas and the use of a cannula to avoid deaths. They also touch upon the history of the world and the origin of the word "has" in English. The importance of personalizing one's doors in relation to one's situation is emphasized, along with the use of unique words in language to express oneself and share experiences. The speaker emphasizes the need to seek help from Allah to achieve success and achieve success in life.

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then it is said Pol, O Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you say, Lin levena Cafaro to those who have disbelieved, Seto la buena. You shall be overcome, you shall be defeated. What does Sharona and you shall be gathered together? Ila Jahannam towards hell, and you will be gathered and taken towards hell. All you and your likes will be gathered in hell. What the Sharona Elijah Hunnam, you will not be able to escape going there, and you will not be able to escape from there will be sent me hard and wretched is the resting place. Now, this ayah is good news for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because in this ayah is a prediction that say to those who disbelieve that you

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shall be overcome, you will be defeated, and you will be gathered together towards hell. And we see that this prediction did come true. So this is an idea from those IR to Cho de la eluna booga would show evidence of the truthfulness of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Because at the beginning of the Medina and era, it could not even be imagined that the Muslims could defeat the people of Makkah. But here, Allah subhanaw taala reveals that tell them that you will be overcome, you will be defeated. So we see that eventually, it did happen in the Battle of butter. The people of Makkah, yes, they were terribly defeated. Many of their leaders were killed. 70 of

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their men were killed, among them, great men, wealthy men. And then we see in the Battle of Ohio, and then the Battle of trench and in the middle also, there were many small combats. So we see that eventually, the people of Makkah were overcome, especially at the time of the conquest of Makkah. Right. So this idea came true. All right, it came true. Now, the MUFA soon have said that this idea is talking about the people of Makkah, this is the opinion of Ibn or Vasco de la Mourinho. And he said that this idea was actually revealed about a year before the Battle of Budish, one year before the Battle of butter. And what happened then, at the Battle of butter, the people of Morocco were

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terribly defeated, and many of their men were killed to Sharona Illa Johanna. Now there is another opinion even is how records that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was victorious in the battle of budder. And he returned to Medina, he gathered the Jews in the marketplace of money cleaner car, okay. And put that aside that this idea is about the blue kind of car, one of the Jewish tribes that lived in Medina, that basically when they heard that the Muslims had defeated the people of Makkah, the blue kind of car said to the Muslims, that you have not experienced battle with us, you have not experienced battle with us. So you have never dealt with us. So, okay, you

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defeated the people of Makkah, but you know, they don't really know how to fight. If you fight with us, we'll show you. So this idea is a warning for them that take lesson from what happened to the Quraysh. And whether any of the people of Quraysh they were the best of the best of their time. And if they were defeated, and 70 of their men were killed in imagine the people of Morocco were 1000 in number at the Battle of Buddha, and the Muslims were 300 only, right, just a few over 300 and he need 300 Something versus 1000. And the 1000 that came they were well fed. Okay, they had their armor, they had their weapons, they had their riding horses and their camels, etc. The Muslims on

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the other hand, 300 of them they shared their camels and horses, everyone did not even have you know, proper weaponry. So this was a threat. Now for the other enemies of the Muslims that take lesson take lesson that Seto hula buena water Sharona Illa, Johanna other Allama say that this idea is arm Yoni it is general it is about all those who disbelieve that this ayah is a clear warning that the clock is ticking for you. You have very little time left. Don't waste your time in opposition to Allah in opposition to Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rather surrender to Allah, because sooner or later saatavilla buena. Now settle will have guna This is from the root

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letters Elaine Lamba. Right and Lola is to overcome someone to defeat them. And so this means soon but there's

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also certainty, this is why shall is a good translation so Seto Laguna you shall be overcome, you shall be defeated. Any this is definitely going to happen. And SatoLA Bona this can be in a battle or this will be eventually at the time of death. He will be overcome by the pangs of death. The angel of death will come and take your soul and you will not be able to escape you will not be able to run away saatavilla Bona right now you have some freedom in this world to say what you want to do what you want to live as you want. Okay, but how long will this freedom last? Seto Laguna you will be overcome and then water Sharona. Illa Johanna you shall be gathered together to help the Sharona

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ha Shinra Hashem is to gather together basically how should is to collect people from different places why in order to take them somewhere? Okay. So for example, fit our own sent to different cities has Shireen okay, how Shireen gathers any people who would go to different cities and basically tell people that we gotta go we gotta go come and they brought great numbers of people in order to come and witness you know, when the magicians competed against Musashi his center. So this is how should How should ILA so to Sharona Elijah Hunnam no matter where you are no matter where you try to run, where you try to hide, you will all be gathered together and then taken to jahannam

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there is no escape from that will be sent me had and what a wretched What a terrible what a bad place of rest it is how evil of a Mahad it is an Mahad is from the root letters meme her doll and man is actually a cradle Okay, basically we had is bed or something like a bed that is spread in order to lie down on in order to sit comfortably upon, in order to recline on this is we had and we had is also a place that is prepared for a baby to sleep in, to rest in to comfortably lay in. And if you you know prepare a place for a baby to lay down in you want to make sure that that place is smooth, comfortable, soft, and sometimes when a baby is you know put to bed. What you do is you fold

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the baby again you wrap the baby in a swaddle right so the ruler was said that the reason why Johanna was called me had is because the people of hell will be as if swaddled in hell. So they will not be able to escape stuff it Allah. You see sometimes any babies are so tightly swaddled that they cannot you know move their arms they cannot take their handout they cannot you know kick etcetera, they cannot stretch there is no escape. This is how would you handle them will be for the people of Hell, they will be tightly enclosed within hell, so they will not be able to escape from there while you're here the villa another reason why it's called me heard is because this is sarcasm. This is

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similar to how it is said in the Quran that give them good news of a terrible punishment. Give them good news of a terrible punishment any terrible punishment is not good news. So why good news this is sarcasm. So likewise will be sent me had a how evil the Place of Rest is any Jahannam is a terrible place of rest any it's not a place of rest, there is no rest there is no comfort in Jahannam will be sent me heard. Then it is said got the cannula come Aya tone Fifi attainable Takata pod. In fact, at times the word can also give the meaning of already that already there has been lecan for you all I atone a sign Fifi attain in two groups in two armies which Ill Takata both of

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which met together, but the cannula come Ireton Fifi attaining Takata now the word fear attain is the dual of the word fear from the root letters via Hamza and feet is a group of people that has gathered together that has come together for a cause. Okay, because for your field is to return. Okay. So fear is a group of people that return to each other as they have come together. So for example, here fear is being used for an army. Okay? They came together in order to fight a battle and Ill Takata This is a verb

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The LF at the end is showing dual Destinia. There's two over here. ilta call he met. Okay. ilta call him at il Takata The two met two groups met. Okay. And this is referring to the Battle of brother that all you who disbelieve or you who oppose the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, take a lesson from history. Take a lesson from a very recent episode, the time when two groups met the two armies met any they met in combat, right at the Battle of budder. What happened at this battle? Fie atone, there was one group, okay? That was Ducati. Luffy sebelah. That was fighting in the Cause of Allah to Cthulhu is from the root letters cough that lamb fitel is to fight Sophie atone to katiba

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Fie, submit Allah. At the Battle of button one group was fighting in the way of Allah to exalt the word of Allah. And this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Muslims. And how many were they? Just a few over 300 were Ohara and the other group will hoorah from Hamza Hara. The other of the two groups was cafetera was disbeliever any that group was off disbelievers it was a group of those people who disbelieve Whoa ha cafetera. And this is the people of Makkah they came fighting in the way of Donwood opposing Sabine Allah hindering from subete Allah and what happened at this battle Allah subhanaw taala says yo know whom myth lay him rock your line okay your own home myth

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lay him or ELA in your own home they saw them in need the two groups saw them who I will just talk about that myth lay him double of them twice of the myth lay this is dual of the word methyl methyl is the singular form and withdrawal from the root letters mean for lamb okay, you can eat your own Muhammad lay him there's a lot of opinions about this i Okay, I see a question weren't these is revealed a year before the Battle of but the previous idea according to one opinion was revealed a year before the Battle of butter according to the opinion of even our best All right. And remember that the verses of the Quran for example, a passage in the Quran, it was not all revealed together

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at once you know, an ayah was revealed a few verses were revealed etc. And then when the Prophet salallahu Urdu said and recited to the people, he would recite Surah as in a way so that people would know which I is where, okay, in what sequence? Are they supposed to recite the surah of the Quran? So phiaton Takata Luffy Sabina la okra cafiero 20 year old Mohammed lay him rot Eli. Now your own myth lay him or airline? What does this mean? There is many opinions about this, okay? Your own home day saw them? Who is the overhear? They can refer to the group that was fighting in the way of Allah meaning the Muslims. Okay, so they saw them any the Muslims saw them? Who is them referring to

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the other group? The people of Makkah, right. So the Muslims saw the people of Makkah in the Battle of butter, as myth lay him as twice their own number. Okay. Any double their own number? So how many Muslims were there? Just a little over 300 So the Muslims saw the Mushrikeen as about 600 Okay, and this was year line. This was yes, seeing a line with the eye. Any when they looked towards the Mushrikeen with their eyes, they saw that the machine appeared to be just 600 That's it. So when they saw that the machine or 600 What happened to the Muslims, they were kind of uplifted, they weren't as afraid anymore. They felt like yes, we can hopefully deal with this army. They're only

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double our number inshallah we'll be able to deal with them. Okay, so your own home with langenbach airline this is one opinion. Another opinion is that your own a home myth lay him your own at bay saw who they here is referring to the mushy Keene the okra Kathira, the people of Makkah, they saw them who is then referring to the Muslims. So they saw the Muslims as myth lay him twice their own number, Allahu Akbar, the Muslims were only 300 or so. Alright, but the mushy Keynes saw the Muslims as twice their own number. And he as if the Muslims were 2000 in number SubhanAllah. So because of that, what

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happened. The Mushrikeen were overcome by fear that we thought there were very few, but they seem to be so many. So if there are so many, how are we going to deal with them? So your own home with Libra Elaine SubhanAllah. Now in Sorrell and file I have for you for Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that we're in beauty como home, it will take item fee or Unicom kalila. Were you a little comfy are uni him. And remember when he showed them to you, when you met as few in your eyes, and he made you appear as fue in their eyes. Okay, so what happened is that at the beginning of the battle, it will take a turn at the beginning of the battle, the Mushrikeen saw the Muslims as few, very few. Okay.

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And then later on. Once the battle began, the mushy Keane saw the Muslims as double their own number. So 2000 As described in this ayah So what was the hikma in this? The hikma was that when at the beginning, the machine saw the Muslims as very few that they thought yes, very quickly, we're going to fight them, we're going to finish them. All. Right. So they started the battle. But then once the battle began, and they began to see the Muslims as way more than their number 2000 Then the Mushroom Kingdom were overcome by fear. They got terrified that how are we going to deal with this? And so they began to flee from the battlefield very quickly. Right? Now think about it. If the

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Muslim saw the Mushrikeen, as 1000 at the beginning as the actual number for Muslims would have been overcome by fear. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala protected the Muslims in so many ways, on the day of the Battle of better so Allah subhanaw taala says well, Allah Who You Are you do Bina three he may or share with Allah Who and Allah you are you do? He aids he helps Bina three he with his help, May a sharp whomever he wills will love who you are. You will be Nasri, he may assure you or you do is from the root letters Hamza? Yeah, done. A Yoda is to aid to strengthen someone to support them to back them up. So Allah aids he supports he gives strength to who whoever he wants, how Bina three

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he with his help, and he would help from him special help from Allah. And NASA doesn't just mean help. It also means victory. And Allah subhanaw taala helps whomever he wants me to show up. What does this show us? This teaches us that help comes from Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala has special help was with his messenger on the day of birth. In Serato. And file I attend. We learn woman nursery in laminar in de la in the last season hurricane that help does not come except from Allah. Victory does not come except from Allah. Indeed, Allah is Almighty. He is all wise. Well, Allah who you are here to be nursery, he may Yeshua and the help of Allah came to the Muslims on that day, not

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because the Muslims were relaxing, or they were doing nothing. They were just sitting there waiting around for the help of ALLAH to come and rescue them. No, they combined a great deal of effort with a great deal of faith with a great deal of prayer. First of all, they brought everything they had. So the 300 Muslims who ended up in the Battle of Buddha, they brought everything they had, in the sense that they were fully committed, fully committed. They gave their commitment to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And they made it clear that they were not going to run away, they were not going to flee. They were not going to escape, and they exerted all of their effort. And then

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they combine it with a great deal of hope with a great deal of faith, Eman and Allah that Allah is with us. We are in the way of Allah, Allah will not abandon us. And they also combined it with a great deal of prayer dua, and we see so many a hadith, in which we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made so much dua on the day of brother, the day of the Battle of brother. We learn in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that the prophets of Allah who already have Selim turned his face towards the Qibla. And then he stretched his hands and he began his supplication to his Lord. And he said Allahumma en TJ's li ma were attorney Allahumma arte Malwa

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Tani Allahumma Interlake her the Hillary sabotaging al Islami letter but Phil odd he continued to repeat that, that Oh Allah, accomplished for me what you have promised me or Allah bring about what you have promised me, Oh Allah, if this small band of Muslims is destroyed you will not be worshipped on this earth again. He kept making dua he kept making dua, we learned that Abu Bakr al de la Mora, who was with him, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had raised up his arms, he was facing the Qibla and he was making Dora and his upper garment, it slipped down from his shoulders, and he didn't even move his arms in order to adjust his upper garment. He just kept his

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hands open and stretched out in prayer in Daraa, and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu came, he picked up his upper garment and he put it on his shoulders. And then he hugged the Prophet salallahu Urdu sent in from behind and said, Oh prophet of Allah, this prayer of yours to your Lord will suffice you and He will fulfill for you what he has promised you. Think about it, have we ever made dua like that? When we are in some kind of difficulty, you know, we shed a few tears, we think a lot in our heads, we worry, we fear, you know, maybe we will think about something while making you know, while praying, and then maybe a few teardrops will come the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, look at

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how he made dua at this time he is facing the Qibla lifted up his arms, he stretched out his arms, and he's begging Allah, begging Allah, O Allah to accomplish for me what you have promised me or Allah, bring about what you have promised me. We should also make law, we should also make our doors beautiful. Sometimes in our doors, we just say oh, look, please give this to me. If you think it's good for me, and I don't know what to say, you know, express yourself in Daraa express yourself in door and in sort of alone, you will notice there are so many doors that are mentioned learn the manner of making dua from the surah and I want you to notice this in this surah how Dora is supposed

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to be made. So for example, you want something in your life. So saying your dog or Allah, you are a result there is no one who has any sustenance except that you are the one who has given it to them. You are the one who feeds everyone, you are the one who gives everyone he or Allah give me too. So make dua in different ways. And you know, one thing I learned recently, that teacher mentioned to me that when you make Dora in unusual way, okay, meaning you use your own words, you use your own words. And you mentioned in your daughter something that is unique, okay. Then this doora reaches the throne very quickly. It is accepted very quickly. And the evidence for this is in a hadith we

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learned about how a man who was praying behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got it from Bluecore. And he said, I've been alkyl hand Hamlin cathedral antiban Mubarak and fie. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. Salam asked later on who said this, and the companions that I did, and the prophets of Allah who already said I mentioned how you know the angels, they leaped to record it, any they gave it great esteem. We learned about many doors like that a companion said something and the prophets of Allah who already know Salam, he praised it, that this unique way of expressing yourself before your Lord of asking Allah subhanaw taala means that inshallah this dua will be

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accepted. Right? Look at the way the prophets of Allah who are descended made dua at the Battle of butter. Did he just say, Oh Allah help us? Oh, Allah save us. He could have said that as well. But that's not the only thing he said. He said, Oh Allah accomplished for me what you have promised me bring about what you have promised me Oh Allah, if this small band of Muslims is destroyed, you will not be worshipped on this earth. Alright, so express your condition, your situation in Dora the CReality has Suriname What did he say? He said, while he was making Dora that wollam A COVID wa eco Bishop here. I have never been disappointed when calling on you my Lord. This was a unique thing to

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say in there. Ah, all right. Many doors of the prophets that are mentioned in the Quran. Why are they mentioned because they teach us how the prophets called upon Allah in such a unique way. So personalize your doors. Okay. Yes, the doors that are mentioned in the Quran, Dora is that the prophets of Allah

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who already sort of taught us? Absolutely, they are the best. But along with that, personalise your doors as well. So the Muslims at the Battle of better, what did they do? They worked hard. They had a great deal of hope, no despair. And you would think 300 people versus 1300 people who remember that the Muslims who went along with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam at this occasion, the 300 Muslims, they did not leave Medina in order to fight a battle. They actually left Medina in order to capture a trade caravan, but the caravan escaped them. And the next thing they found out is that 1000 strong army is coming to face them. They weren't ready for battle. That's not what they had

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come for. So sometimes, yes, you feel like things are beyond your ability. And if anything at the Battle of other things were supposed to be beyond their ability. They weren't prepared for this. They didn't sign up for this. They weren't ready for this. And they were greatly outnumbered. But they did not despair. They did not give up. They put their trust in their Lord. And they made a lot of Dora and look at what happened. Allah subhanaw taala help them in so many ways. We learn in Hadith about how Gibreel came. And the other angels also mica alle different angels great angels came in order to participate in this battle on the side of the Muslims. So Allah Who You Are you do,

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Bina three, he may usher in the fee Valley color in brata. Lee, Google Amazon, in the indeed fi valley, in that, in what in what happened at the Battle of better learn Ebro surely is a huge lesson. A huge example. For who Leonel absorbed for those who possess vision. The word Ibra is from the root letters, iron Bara and our Avada or Bucha is to cross like, for example, to cross a bridge, can you go from one side to the other? So Ibra is that you basically put yourself in the other situation, and you take a lesson, you imagine yourself in that situation, in that scenario, and you take a lesson, and you cross the surface of the story. And you derive a lesson for yourself

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something that you can apply in your life. So indeed, and this is a lesson not for everyone for whom it will absorb. Those who possess absorb, absorb is a form of bizarre or bizarro vision and bizarre is sight. Right. So those who have sight and how many people are able to see with their eyes. So what is meant over here is not the vision of the eyes, but the vision of the mind, the vision of the heart, and those who are people of perception. You see, one is to proceed with your eyes and one is to proceed with your mind to understand, alright, to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, to be able to see how things actually worked out. So those who have insight, who reflect who are

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rightly guided, who see with their heart with their mind who reflect there is a lesson for them in this inner fidelity calorie brothel legally absorbed. And what is the biggest lesson the biggest lesson is that well law who you are YouTube ministry, he may yesha that help comes from Allah. When help comes from Allah. Then seek help from Allah. Don't just sit with your worry and your fear and your grief. rather seek the help of Allah and Allah will absorb they know that when help comes only from Allah, they seek help only from Allah, because they know that victory comes from Allah so they seek victory from Allah to seek help from Allah and when they know that help comes from Allah. They

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have hope and Allah never ending hope. They know that even if a trial becomes very long and very tiring and very hard they continue to have hope they do not despair in a fee that he can very brutally absorb all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses again.

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Tony I

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mean a lot of

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what we're gonna

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be him all along. Shan Ji, do nine

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Shona, Isla Jahan wabi sabi, me

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be at any point

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to movies.

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If you're

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gonna meet les

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Walla, who will be in our city, he may

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be there that

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you see Ebro, like I mentioned to you is to cross, right from one position from one place to another. Sometimes person is in a state of ignorance, they don't realize they don't understand something they feel to see something. But when they read, for example, an eye of the Quran, they listen to it, they learn something from the seerah, Allah subhanaw taala makes them witness something learned something, then they're able to cross or go from the condition of ignorance to the condition off to the place off. Right. And with that, you know, there is a transformation in their thinking in their self awareness in their perspective. And then there is also change in action. So

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when we believe that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who aided his messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam in the Battle of butter, when the Muslims were so few, you know, the Muslims were just 313 Right? You know how many camels the Muslims had 70 imagined 313 people sharing 70 camels and their two horses, in contrast, and we're so keen, they were 1000 and they had 700 camels. Can you imagine 700 camels 70 versus 700 SubhanAllah. Yet, Allah subhanaw taala aidid His Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam and gave him victory. The Muslims managed to killed 70 of the Mushrikeen and 70 were taken captive and the rest of the people fled they ran away in order to save their lives. So sometimes

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yes, you look at your hands, or what is within your ability and you know that you are not enough for yourself, you know that you are not enough for yourself. You don't have the means the ability to fix your problem, alright, to fix whatever needs to be fixed in your life. Because we are not the source it is Allah who aids it is Allah who helps. And you know, in your Dora mentioned this, when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for something mentioned the Xia Allah, you help your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam in the Battle of whether there were so few, you aided them, they were weak and you strengthen them. So you aid me, you helped me. So make dua like that to Allah azza wa

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jal Inshallah, we'll conclude over here, subclinical Lahoma behenic A shadow Allah Illa illa Anta estafa Itokawa tuberculate was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh