Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-033C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 245

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Now Jihad fighting in the way of Allah requires wealth any of course if you're going to go meet an enemy you need provisions you need weaponry you need, you know arms, etc. So Allah subhanaw taala encourages his slaves to spend in his way. So last month it says men the lady, you crave Allah Corbin Hasina, who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan for Yubari for hula who are barf and cathedra so he may multiply it for him many times over will Allahu Yakubu way up so to what era he told your own and it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance and to Him you will be returned. Allah subhanaw taala is asking us a question, man, the lady who is it? That would your creed Allah

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Quran Hasina, who would lend a goodly loan to Hola, Naw man who meaning who is that person that is that they you see this word that that means that okay, and you have you know the word valleca, for example, or Heather, okay, that means that so men there who is that person who is a levy, the one who Ukri Lula, who will lend alone to Allah, who is going to do this, who is going to be that person, the word Ukri, Lu, and Corbin both of these words are from the root letters off robot, okay. And Hassan from the root letters has he known, has a means good, so who is going to be that person who will give a loan to Allah? Now, a question like this is asked, when there is a shortage of those

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of the people who are doing that action. Like for example, Allah Subhana Allah says, Men, the lady yesh, Pharaoh in the WHO Ellerbee Anthony, who is the one who will be the one who will intercede before Allah without his permission, meaning who can no one can hardly anyone, right? Hardly anyone. So men, the lady you could have Allah called and Hasina a question like this is asked when there is a shortage when there is no one or very few people doing that action. And you want to encourage people to do that action. So for example, you know, you ask her children, who is going to help me who is going to be the one to assist me. So again, you see be of those few who lend alone to Allah.

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Now the question is that who will give a loan to Allah, the word card means other to cut something. The word McLeod from the same root is used for scissors because scissors are used for cutting right and alone is called a cult. Because it is a portion of one's wealth that a person cuts off right when he gives it to someone else. Okay, so who is the person who will lend alone to Allah alone to Allah? Any alone to Allah? Yes, Allah subhanaw taala isn't alone. Okay? This is similar to how in Hadith we learn that Allah's Panthera will ask a person on the day of judgment that all son of Adam, I was ill, and you did not visit me, or son of Adam, I was hungry, and you did not feed me. I was

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thirsty, you do not give me to drink? And the person will say, Yeah, Rob, You are the Lord of the Worlds. How could you be ill? And how can I visit you? How could you be hungry and how could I feed you? And Allah subhanaw taala will say that my slave was ill. And if you had gone to visit him, you would have found me, my slave was hungry. And if you had fed him, you would have found me, right, my slave was thirsty. If you had given him to drink, you would have found me. So yes, Allah subhanaw taala is rich, he is a loony, right he is the Malik the Malik. Everything is in his hand. He is Lu fogal. As we learned, right, we learned in Hadith His hands are full Allah subhanaw taala is not in

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need of borrowing. But what is meant is that lend alone to Allah meaning spend in the way of Allah spend in the Cause of Allah. So the question man validly you could have Allah cordon Hasina means that who will spend in the way of Allah? But why is it called the loan spending in the way of Allah? Why is that called a loan? In fact, feasable Allah, because think about it, when someone asks you, if they can borrow something of yours, you feel shy to say no, especially if that someone is very important. And if that someone has done you many favors my word

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example if your own mother asks you, can I borrow your car? Or can I borrow $100? Someone whom you really admire? If they ask you, if they can borrow something, you say, Why are you asking me if you can borrow? You don't even have to ask me just take it. Right? And you don't have to borrow. Just take it, it's yours. You don't even need my permission. You feel shy that they're even asking to borrow, right? So then your heart just opens up, and you have no hesitation in giving. All right, you give happily. So Allah subhanaw taala is asking us this way, so that we give happily in the Cause of Allah. And we feel shy of refusing that you know, we cannot say no over here, right? And

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it's called alone. In fact, feasable Allah is called alone for our encouragement and also for our reassurance. Okay, because this shows us that when you give something in the way of Allah, you are not giving it away. You're not losing it forever. It's not a loss. Rather it is a loan, you are lending it to Allah, He is borrowing it from you, meaning he will return it to you. Right? The return is guaranteed. So what you give to Allah he's only borrowing it from you meaning he will give it back to you. But here it is said for you Laurie for hula hula agora fan cathedra. Allah will multiply it for him manifold Yubari for who a barf and both of these words are from the root letter

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is loved or infer. Okay? And Olara is the plural of thereof. And it means a double of something. And a barf means many doubles many multiples. And cathedra further clarifies that so although often cathedra many multiples, okay, any think about it, too, okay, and two, and two, these are all about half of two. Okay? Now, you can multiply to three times four times five times a loss pantherella has cathedra, many, many times. Okay, how many times we learn in total Bacara is 261, that the example of those who spent their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed of grain, which grows seven spikes. So one seed, it grows seven spikes, and in each spike is 100 grains. So how many grains do

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you have now from one grain 700? Over there 700 As mentioned, here are often cathedra. Any manifold multiplied many, many, many times, there is no HUD, this is my floor, this is open any limitless. Okay, limitless, Allah subhanaw taala can multiply that for you many, many times. So this is then basically an investment, right? It's not a loss any for example, when you give someone a loan, you don't have that money with you. And then eventually okay they returned the loan, but Allah subhanaw taala says over here that he will multiply that for you many times, so this is an investment. So, imagine if you had a chance like this, where someone comes up to you and they say you know what,

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very good opportunity completely 100% Halal no interest involved, okay. You will give me 5000 Right now, we are buying a property. And given how the market is almost guaranteed that the value will escalate. And the return may be slow, not next year, not the year after, but in five years and 10 years, you will be receiving $100,000 profit every year. Now, if you had an opportunity like this, even if you did not have $5,000, sitting in a bank account, what would you do? You would call it, borrow it from your mother, from your father from your someone, right? You would sell something to get those $5,000 together so that you could invest that money. Right? You would cut back on certain

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wishes of yours. All right, maybe you cancel a trip or something to save that money in order to invest it. Because you know that it's an excellent opportunity to grow your money. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about an excellent opportunity that will certainly grow our money. And it will benefit us not just in this life, but also in the next life a dolphin cathedra

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and this return this manifold return this is guaranteed. Because you know some people you hear stories like this, that they invested 5000 10,000 Even a million

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And what happened the investor disappeared, right? Or the market just crashed? These things happen because things are not in people's control or people are not always honest. Right? They say that they're taking your money to invest it and the next thing you know they have been using that money. Right? So, Allah subhanaw taala when he promises you that he will feel sorry for hula hoop above and cathedra that he will not just return your money to you, but he will multiply it for you. This is guaranteed, because in the Lucha lair gleeful Murad insert earlier on one iron nine, Allah subhanaw taala told us that he does not fail in his promise. In the last third of the night, Allah subhanaw

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taala asks us that may you carry Lulu or demon while ELWA lumen who would give a loan to the one who is neither poor nor unjust? You know, sometimes people borrow from you. But then what happens they go bankrupt. They don't have the money to pay off the loan. They're poor, Allah subhanaw taala is not poor. And sometimes what happens is that people are unjust, they run away with your money, they say something and they do something else. Allah is well elbowroom, he is not unjust. So the return is guaranteed men the Ludy Ucrete Allah carbon Hassan for Your glory for hula who adore often cathedra. Now notice how it has been said who will give Carlton Hasson and to Allah in fact fee

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subete Allah spending in the way of Allah is called comparison and called Hassan Hassan as I mentioned is something good so alone that is good, a goodly loan when is this good? It is good when it meets six conditions what are those conditions the first condition is if Laos any a person gives what he gives Liwa jeweler okay only for the sake of Allah hoping for reward from Allah alone okay the intention is sincere. Secondly, a person gives min Cassville per human any from lawful clean money, okay. Not that a person you know, for example, in their bank account, they get interest from the bank every year or every month, right? And then at the end of the year, they calculate whatever

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interest had accumulated and they just take that much money and they give that to the masjid wrong. Okay, because in Allah Allah Yvonne la Jacoba Lu Illa, Allah Ye, Allah is pure, and he only accepts what is pure. If a person says you know what, I'm going to buy this lottery ticket so that I win the lottery, and then all of that money, I'm going to build a masjid with it wrong, that is not called called person. If a person steals someone's money and then they give that in charity wrong, that is not called present, if a person takes the wealth of their spouse without their permission or the wealth of their cousin or the wealth of their sibling or the wealth of their parents, you know,

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without their permission, and then they give that as charity. No, that is not called Hessen. So it has to be from lawfully acquired wealth. Okay. The third condition is that it should be given me enough Cynthia Yeva any it should be given with happiness. Okay, with Riblah happily give in the way of Allah with happiness of the heart, not with regret and bad feeling that all Why do I have to get it I don't want to find I'll give it you know, feeling frustrated, this is wrong. Okay? Or if a person gives like this, it will not be considered comparison. Okay. You have to give it happily that's the third condition. The fourth condition is that FEMA cannon so here any it should be given

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in the right place. Okay. For example, you are giving wealth for the sake of Allah in order to support the religion of Allah. Okay? Or if you are lending it, you know, to someone, you know that they're going to use it in something lawful. Okay. So for example, Allah subhanaw taala commands us to spend on our relatives, right? So if you spend on your relatives that is also in obedience to Allah in the way of Allah. Right. So if you spend on your relatives, that is also a form of God Hassan, okay. Now what if your relative wants some money, okay? To go on vacation to Vegas, why so that they can have a party, okay? And they cannot afford a ticket, or they're short on money, and

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you give them $500 That all

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Oh my so and so relative, they've never really, you know, gone on vacation. So they're going, I want them to have fun. Okay, and you give it and you think I'm spending on my relative and Allah subhanaw taala likes that this is not called Huson because now you're helping your relative do something unlawful, okay? So God has certain is only a comparison, when you spend in obedience to Allah for the sake of Allah for the pleasure of Allah, it has to be given in the right place. Okay. So for example you spend on someone who is in need, you know, for the welfare of the dean, you know, even if, for example, you spend on your relative, so that they can go on vacation and you know that

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they're going to meet family, they're going to, you know, really relax, that's fine. But if you know that they're going to do something sinful, they're going to buy alcohol, they're going to be gambling, they're going to be going to places where their sin then you know, that is not called person. Okay? The fifth condition is that after giving that amount, after giving that form of charity, a person does not follow that charity with MN and other what is Minh and other that you constantly remind the other of the favor that you have done to them and like that you hurt them, you hurt their feelings, because Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you will Lena Amarula took the loss of

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the catecholamine manual other and each other, we will read about that in the third use, okay? So for example, you give something to a relative or you give a donation to a masjid, and you keep reminding the Imam of the masjid, that, you know, you keep making references to the donation that you gave, so that they give you preference, this is not called passenden You have wasted the reward of that charity. All right. And the sixth condition is that if you are giving a loan, okay, because God hasn't can actually be alone also. So for example, you are giving a loan to a relative for the sake of Allah, or you're giving a loan to a masjid for the sake of Allah or an Islamic organization

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for the sake of Allah, then you are easy going, you're easygoing how that for example, you extend the return date, if they're struggling, okay. Not that you demand it, you become harsh, you begin to charge interest and things like that. If that happens, and it would not be comparison, you have the right to demand it, but if you extend the term, if you grant a delay, then that is better. And that would make it comparison. So for example, you give a loan of 50,000 to a masjid, okay? They're struggling with their payroll, for example, or with their bills and you give a loan, okay? And they're supposed to return it to you, let's say in the summer of 2022, okay, summer comes and the

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masjid people say that, you know, it's not going to be possible we need some more time. So you say okay, six more months, give it to me in December. Okay. Now for every day that you extend, you give an extension, it's as though you are giving charity of that amount. That much reward is recorded for you. Subhan Allah, so Carlton Hudson, meander levy Euclid Allah called on Hassan for Your glory for hula who have often cathedra Hey, you want to grow your money? This is how you grow it will Allahu Yakubu way up Soto what la he told your own and Allah is the One who withholds and he is the one who extends and to Him you shall return wala Yakubu Yakubu is from cough bow pod and COPD is to retain

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or restrict something to sees to not let go. Okay. And also called is that when something is extended, you contract it, you constrict it, you draw it together, and yep, Soto bass hilltop, it's the opposite of that best is to stretch out, okay to expand to extend to make it vast. So, Allah is the One who constricts who withholds something who contracts it, who draws it together, makes it little after it was more and he is the one who extends it, he expands it he makes it more after it was little. So think about, for example, a sheet of cloth, okay, you spread it open, the surface area is so much and then when you fold it when you bring it together, it appears to be so little

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right? So yuck Bilbo way up Soto who does this Allah subhanaw taala is the one who does this to what to

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The wealth that people have. And if you, for example, look at your bank account, if you look at how, for example, it's been fluctuating. There were times when there was so much money. And then there were times when there were so little, you know, it goes up and down, up and down, up and down. You look back at your life, there were times when you were living in a lot of affluence, and then things were different. And then Alhamdulillah, more wealth again, and then again, little. So you see that fluctuation, not just in your wealth, but also in the wealth of other people. In the Wealth of Nations in the wealth of communities, businesses, organizations, wealth fluctuates. And this is not

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just in wealth, but also in age, meaning in one's life term, that some people, their life is extended, they live long lives, and then other people, their lives are constricted in the sense that they live very short lives, they die very young. So Allahu Akbar, all the way up Soto, some people, their knowledge is so extensive, all right, other people, their knowledge is so limited. Some people, their health is so extensive, their ability that Allah subhanaw taala has given them and other people are different. And again, if you look at your own life, also there were times when you had a lot of energy, a lot of health, you know, a lot of strength, and then it diminished, and then

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it increased. So Allah will yet be the way up. So what does this mean? This means that when you see diversity in people, some have more of something, some have less of something, then this is by Allah subhanaw taala is permission. Okay? This is by Allah subhanaw taala is permission. It's not that, you know, there's something great about that person that they have so much wealth, no fit our own was also very wealthy, right? karoun was extremely wealthy. So how did karoun have all that wealth? Allah subhanaw taala is the one who extended that sustenance for him. So Allah Yuck, by the way, absolutely. It is Allah who does this, not people. And this is also a reminder that what you have

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right now, it may appear to be a lot, but you know what, tomorrow, it could shrink. Right? And then if you are experiencing financial difficulty today, don't give up hope. Allah subhanaw taala Yuk Filou Allah subhanaw taala is able to give you more he's able to extend sustenance for you will love we Aquila, way up Soto. So don't be stingy. When giving in the way of Allah give. And don't be afraid. Today. Your circumstances are difficult tomorrow las pantherella can give you ease and the wealth that you have right now. It's not going to stand like that with you forever. Today your house you know it may have a lot of value tomorrow if the market crashes, your house will have no worth.

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So we'll lower yuck bill the way absoluto what la he thought Jerome, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever loves that he should be granted more wealth when a hub Ayoub sup Allah who fear is speeding, same route Ube SAPA lofi to see that he is given more sustenance while you're on such a low fee or 30, and that his life is extended, then funnily acelera, Hema, who he should keep good relations with his kith and kin. So Allah Who Jacobi Liu way up sootel This is in Allah's control, as Allah says in surah Al Imran Ayah 37 that in Allah yo Zuko mania shout will be lady who said, Allah provides whomever he wants, without any measure. And in sort of the room I had 37 Our

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lamjao Analy absurd Risca lemania shadowy actor, do they not see that Allah is the One who extends provision for whom so ever he wills and he is the one who restricts it all right. And these decisions of Allah is not to give more to some less to some or more now, less later, this fluctuation or variation, this is based on Allah's wisdom and knowledge. Okay, it is not random. This is based on Allah's wisdom and knowledge. And for those who are righteous abundance in sustenance means that they will increase in righteousness. But for many people, what happens the more they have, the more stingy or wasteful they become, the more disobedient they become. May Allah

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subhanaw taala protect us. So Allah Who Jacobi all the way up Soto wat la hito, Jeroen and to Him you all shall return. La he Illa means to word he him to him to Geron to Gerawan Rajim arraign Rujuta to return any, you will return to Allah. Now notice that it has not been said to Gerona LA. That is also grammatically correct. Okay. Rather it has been said la

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He told Geralyn to Him you shall return Eli he is first. Why? Because this shows the cease any specification that you will return only to Allah no one else when you die you're not going to rest in peace forever. Okay? Any the grave is not the destination, you have to return to Allah, the home of the Hereafter paradise is where peace is right? That is what we should be striving for what la he told Joan to him alone you shall return like this is similar to IACA Norbu you alone, we worship a Laker or Hakim, it is your judgment I seek bigger, aha slim, right? So when the pronoun is mentioned first it shows specification. So a little Geron, why is this mentioned over here because when you

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return to Allah, then you will see the outcome of what you have done. And that results that determines your destiny, your eternity, right. So he will reward you for what you gave in his way, you will see how much your investment has increased Subhanallah you know, sometimes, if you make an investment, the returns are delayed. Okay? And sometimes you see, it was not worth it. And other times you see all boy, it was definitely worth it. Alright, for example, if you invest 10,000, and you will only get the returns in, let's say, five years. You have to wait all that time. And then after five years, what do you get a check off? $50 you're like, Man, I'd invested so much just for

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this. But then if the check is $500 Every month, you're like, oh, okay, it was delayed, but it's worth it. If it's $1,000 you're like wow, it's delayed, but it's worth it. So now imagine what la he told your own you will return only to him. And when you go there and you see what Allah has in store for you, you will be happy. Right? You know, like our little de la Mourinho, he said that Alina will fuck through that real richness and poverty is after Vardar Allah Allah after being presented before Allah, any right now what is your net worth doesn't matter. Right now how much wealth you have doesn't really matter. Because this status can change very quickly. Your real status will be

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determined after you meet Allah. So what are you doing for that? What are you doing for that? Allah subhanaw taala asks us who will give a loan to him. So who will affirm us give a loan to Allah and when we read such ayat that we should act immediately. Don't delay, whatever you can give, you know, give something in the way of Allah and don't undermine what you have what you can give, okay, because in Hadith we learn that when a person gives even one date, one day eat fruit in the way of Allah and He gives it from pure earnings. And Allah is pure he accepts only what is pure than Allah accepts that in his right hand any Allah accept that contribution from you even though it is so

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little, and then Allah subhanaw taala looks after it, he causes it to grow just as one of you meaning a person looks after his full full as in baby horse. Okay, you look after you have to take care of it. And then what happens that date becomes the size of a mountain, you gave a date and near Allah, it's become a mountain Allah subhanaw taala will give you that much reward. So don't be stingy when giving to Allah. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses irlam door ale l Edie in

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Well, God's Luffy savvy

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You're all well loved we are going to be all the way up and so boy Elaine, he told him Joan will Allahu Yakubu the way up Soto This also means that the increase and decrease of your wealth does not happen because of sadaqa because you give in the way of Allah or because you spend on others, rather the increase and decrease in your wealth happens by the permission of Allah. You know, for example, when a person is thinking about giving some charity, okay? And you know, there's that fear that if I give, I will have less, no the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man knock Assad sadhaka Tomi mal sadaqa does not decrease wealth, it does not decrease it. So why do you have less money than

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sometimes because that is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you. Why do you have more money sometimes because that is what Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you. Okay, so the fear of poverty, the fear of having less should not prevent us from getting in the way of Allah, just as the fear of death should not make us cowards, right should not make us disobedient to Allah. Likewise, the fear of poverty should not hold us back from giving in the way of Allah. In fact, if we want to increase in our wealth, we should give in the way of Allah, if you want your money to grow, you don't just keep it, if you keep it, you know, saved in a wallet in an envelope in a drawer, it's just going to

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stay there, it's not going to grow. In fact, it's only going to diminish, right because every time you need to spend you take something or when you take something from it until eventually you run out. So if you want your money to grow, it needs to go from you to an investor, right? So give in the way of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala, He is Allah ZOC he is the sustainer and he is the one who controls the amount of wealth you have Allahu Akbar all the way up Soto so don't hesitate in giving in the way of Allah. Okay, there's a question when you are in a habit of giving sadaqa Okay, so that you can get something you can receive something from Allah, whatever it may be, this is fine, you

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are using that sadaqa as it was sila, right as a means of closeness to Allah as a means of having your door accepted. Okay? So this is completely permissible, and you may be unhappy or sad, because you still don't have what you want. And it's fine, that you are sad, you're allowed to feel sad, but you should not give that sadaqa as if it's a fine or a tax or a burden. Because if you give it in that way, then it's not considered comparison. Okay? It's only a comparison if you give it happily. All right. And in fact what you should do is that even after you get from Allah subhanaw taala what you want Allah Subhana Allah blesses you with the children that you want with you know, the degree

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you want to complete the trip you want to make whatever it is, after that, continue to give sadaqa All right, continue as gratitude don't stop them, whatever amount you can give, make a habit and continue to give in the way of Allah subhanaw taala membership of a mosque is that called person I'm not aware of the details of how exactly this works this membership but if it is that you are, you know, basically you are supporting the structure of the mosque right of the organization, by being a member, you are making regular payments, you don't have to, you're not obligated to but make sure when you give it you give it happily okay not as a burden and you give from lawful money, okay. And

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you give only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. If, for example, a membership of a mosque is for instance, $500 a month, for example, and you use that as a status symbol. That is not a class. Okay, that is not a floss. So make sure you do it with sincerity. Another question if we know someone has an addiction and is asking for money, but reassures us that they will not spend the money on something bad. Should we still give them the sadaqa and leave it to Allah, you will deal with people based on what they're telling you. If they're telling you that they're going to go to Vegas and party over there. Well, what exactly does that mean? You can ask them? If they say oh, we're just

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gonna go sightseeing. Well, okay. But if they say we're going to be staying at this hotel, we're going to be going to discuss it No, then no, you don't give it all right. But if someone says that, no, I am going to meet my father who lives there and

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don't have money for the ticket, you will just accept what they're telling you, you're going to believe them. Okay? And yes, you're going to leave it to Allah what happens after that is their problem, how to incorporate the name of Allah and Kaabil Albacete in our door. You can do that when you're asking Allah subhanaw taala for abundance and wealth. You know, for example, you want to do a lot you want to spend on your relatives, you also want to spend on yourself. You also want to, you know, buy a gift for your child you want to spend on your spouse, and you have a limited amount of wealth. So you say yeah, Bossa expand the sustenance for me expand this wealth for me, so that I can

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do you know, this and this and this. So you can use names like that in your dorm.

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God has an only one given to other Muslims, that was not a condition, right? The cat is only for Muslims. Okay, and there's only one exception whereas a cat can be given to people who are not Muslim yet. But otherwise, when it comes to charity, okay, you can spend on non Muslims also, in the Quran in surah, al Insan, we learn Wildberry monotaro Marilla who behaved miskeen and way a team and what a Sierra and they feed, they give food to others, in spite of love for that food, they give it to others, okay, who they give it to the one in need, the orphan and the prisoner. Okay. Now the one in need that could be Muslim or non Muslim, or if and also Muslim, non Muslim prisoner, who would be

00:36:42 --> 00:37:27

a prisoner, for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Ortiz and someone who was not a Muslim, right? So you are allowed to spend on non Muslims. But this has to be something other than zakat? Should you stop giving to a person who is unappreciative and belittles your efforts? No, you shouldn't, you should not because you are not giving them in order to receive reward from them. You are giving to receive reward from WHO? Allah azza wa jal, that is if lost the first condition. Right. You're seeking Allah's approval. And literally sometimes what happens you give someone something and the moment they see it, they show ingratitude. They complain about what you give them.

00:37:27 --> 00:38:09

Right? You bring your child ice cream as a surprise. And the moment they see it, they get angry. Why did you bring this flavor? You know, I don't like it. Alright, so they start complaining immediately. And you think, never again? No, no, you have to you will because even for your own child, when you did something, you did it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And when you're doing something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then Landry Dominicans, Rosa and wallah Shakira, then we do not desire from your people, any gratitude or any reward, you're not seeking a reward from people. Okay? If you get interest from a bank, can you give it into the car without

00:38:09 --> 00:38:52

expecting reward? Now, first of all, if you receive interest from your bank, then go and speak to them, okay, and say that you stop this, or I am going to take my account elsewhere, I'm going to take all this money elsewhere, and they will try to accommodate you. Okay? Try once, try twice. Try again and again, as much as you can. All right. Secondly, if it's really not working in the meantime, or for the interest that has accumulated, what you can do is you make sure you calculate that and you remove it. And don't wait for years to pass before removing because if interest is incorporated with your Halal money, it's going to corrupt it. Okay, think about it in your

00:38:52 --> 00:39:39

refrigerator, you have great clean, amazing food. Okay, organic, fresh, recently purchased, everything is delicious. And then there is one thing that's rotting, okay, imagine if there is a piece of pork in there. Any one dirty thing is enough to ruin everything else. Okay, so don't wait too long to remove it, remove it quickly. And then what you can do with that interest money is that you can either give it to someone who has to pay off interest, okay? Or some of them I have given the fatawa that for example, it can be used to build the washrooms in the masjid or something like that. But I don't like that idea because Masjid is the house of Allah Allah will do is also an act

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

of worship. So why should the widow area be built with money that is not clean? Money that is not pure. So you can get rid of it knowing that you will not receive reward, it's not considered a sadhaka All right, Inshallah, we'll conclude over here, vertical ofI calm Inshallah, we will have

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versus related to interest coming up into the bucket and we can discuss more weather

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