Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-033E Tafsir Al-Baqarah 247-248

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The acceptance of a kingship in the Bible is a key aspect of leadership, including physical strength and knowing who is a good fit for a job. The use of words like "handy" in leadership and the concept of knowing the meaning of a sign are also important. The taboo of the Bible is a source of blessing for the church, and anxiety caused by the anxiety and panic that followed the incident led to people reciting a book of Allah and becoming nervous. The church is a source of blessing for the people, and the acceptance of a kingship is key to understanding the source of blessing.
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Welcome to no whom never you will and their Prophet said to them in the Lucha called the Bharath Allah calm Toluca Malika, Allah has appointed dilute as a king for you. Now, their Prophet told him that Allah has appointed the king, meaning this is not a king whom I have chosen, okay? And this is not a king that you choose, but a king that Allah has chosen. All right, and there is wisdom in this. You see if their prophet chose a king, it's possible that the Bani Israel would never agree to accept that person has their kink, okay. And if they were left choose a king, you know, with their own decision, then it's possible that they would never agree on a kink. So Allah subhanaw taala took

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this matter in his own hand, alright, and he is the one who chose Fallujah as a king. Now, the Bani Israel eel, they weren't happy with this decision. Even Carlo, they said, and now you're calling Hula, hula MOLKO Elena, how can pollute have kingship over us? How can Thanos be a king over us? When national a haka will Mulk while we are more deserving of kingship men who then Him we are more deserving of kingship than him. We are the ones who should be you know, made king, not dilute. And while I'm you the Syrah terminal man, and he has not been given a lot of wealth. Okay, so he's not wealthy anyway. So on what basis is he appointed as a king over us? Now, two reasons they gave, the

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first reason they gave is that we are more deserving than him. The word halco is from how Cough, cough and help is right. A helpful is, you know, to be more rightful to be more deserving. So they said we are more deserving. Why did they say this? Because you see, dilute we learn in the Bible in the book of First Samuel chapter 921, that he was from the Benjamites. Okay, meaning from that particular tribe. And that tribe was the smallest of the tribes of Bani Israel. And within that tribe, also, he was from a clan, that was the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin. So what's happening socially, his status was not that great. He was from a tribe that was not that

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elite. All right, and the in First Samuel chapter 1027, it is said that some scoundrels said how can this fellow save us? So they did not like pilots to be their king? They looked down at him. All right. And they expected, especially those people who were from a more elite tribe of the Bani Israel, they expected that they would be given that position of kingship or someone from their tribe or someone from their clan would be given that position. All right. And then secondly, they said that Willa mute Assata Minal Mal, he has not been given Saara of wealth. Now what is Surah Surah is from well seen rain was our is capacity abundance. So he has not been given abundance of wealth,

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meaning he's not that wealthy. All right. So according to them, who was worthy of being king, someone of lineage, okay. And secondly, someone off wealth, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala has a different standard, okay? Because when it comes to a person's lineage that is not in their control, and when it comes to a person's lineage, then, you know, okay, your ancestors may have been great, but that doesn't mean that you by definition will be a great person. All right. And when it comes to wealth, you know, a king is not going to take just his own wealth in battle, right? He's going to take the wealth of the state. So these two objections that they raised are not strong

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enough. And basically, they raised these objections because they want it to be king. And remember that it is not correct for a person to seek a position of authority. Just as we should not be seeking trial and tribulation, we should not be seeking power and authority. But if we are given power and authority, then again we should seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is help and use that as a means to draw near Allah not far from him. So they said Allah Kula, whom will Coralina when national hakobyan will come in who will unmute Assad terminal mal Tala, their Prophet said in Allah Hustla Pharaoh who, indeed Allah has chosen him or lay come over you. Their Prophet reminded them that

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Allah is the One who has chosen him over you. I have not chosen him

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Allah has chosen him is tough is from solid firewall software is that which is pure the best? So it's tougher Allah has chosen the best. All right. And was that the who best button filler ilmi Well Jason and Allah has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature. You need there is a reason why dilute has been appointed as a king. Why? Because Zadra who Allah has increased him Zana is from ze yeah dal, okay? Ziad is to increase and best is from bear seen for Remember earlier we learned that Allah is the One who yerba Soto, he expands right and he is the one who restricts so basta from the same root and the word busta means three things. First of all, it means with or amp illness. So

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it's synonymous to the word Zahra. Secondly, it means length or height. And thirdly, it means excess excellence, okay. So Allah has increased him best Latin meaning ALLAH has increased him in excellence in wideness in amp illness, but amp illness and what filler il in terms of knowledge and also while Jason in terms of just body, okay, Allah has given him more knowledge and Allah has given him you know, better physique than you. Okay. Now, out of the two things, knowledge and physique, which one is mentioned, first knowledge is mentioned first, which means that knowledge takes precedence over physical strength. All right. Now, in a leader, these two things are critical that

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the leader should be a person of knowledge, meaning they should have the knowledge of, you know, what they are leading people in. And secondly, they should have the physical capacity to be able to lead because if the leader is a weak person who is getting sick every other day, who doesn't have the energy after two hours to be with people, then how are they meant to do their job? Right? Both are necessary, but out of these two, are interim is more important, which is why realism is mentioned first. All right, we learn about Musa alayhis salam that how one of the two girls she said about him into little puzzles, I have 26 that in the Jairo Minister genital terwijl Amin, that oh my

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father, the best person whom you can hire is someone who is strong and trustworthy. Right? So most artists, Anna was physically strong. And the Prophet sallallahu earlier said, I'm also said that the believer who is strong is better and more beloved to Allah than the believer who is weak. Why? Because the person who has physical strength is able to do more. Alright, so was that a robust Latin filler in me? Well, Jason, now in terms of the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala had given volute we don't know what that knowledge was. But we would understand from the context that this was the knowledge of deen and also the knowledge of how to lead people in battle. And when it comes to JSON,

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when it comes to the body of dilute, that was also strong and capable of fighting in battle. It is said that the word dilute, dilute if you look at the word is from the root letters thaw Whoa, lamb and tone is length or height. And bar loot is a person who is tall, okay. And the Bible also mentions in the book of First Samuel chapter nine, verse two it says about Saul, that an excellent two young men, no one among the Israelites was as handsome as he was, and he was a head taller than any of the people in First Samuel 1023 It says, When he took his place among the people, he stood ahead taller than all the people and he you could see his head sticking up all right from the heads

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of the rest of the people, he would really stand out. So he was physically strong. And the Bible also describes him as a handsome men. And you need that in a leader, someone who is charismatic someone who is good looking, because people are affected by looks. Alright, so was that the WHO Buster 10 filler me well, Jason, and Allah subhanaw taala chosen for his Aryan in the Quran we learn cool * yes the will Adina Yala Munna, will Adina layer, the moon, that say are the people who know equal to those who do not know? No, they're not people who know people who have knowledge and

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They have a greater rank, they have a higher rank than those people who do not know. So was that the who best potent filler in me? Well just and then their Prophet said to them, well Allah who you t Mulcair who made your shirt, and Allah gives his kingship, okay to whom he wants. Well, Allahu wa Crni Liam and Allah is worse here and he is Eileen. He said, Allah gives his kingship to whom he wants. This is interesting. His Kingship who's kingship? Allah's kingship meaning kingship is in the hands of Allah. Okay, authority power over people kingship. This is in the hands of Allah and it's true owner is Allah azza wa jal he is Malakal help pap, all right, insert earlier one I have 26 We

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learn Cooley Law Houma. manacle Mulk Oh Allah, you are the owner of sovereignty, Allah who is the owner of milk of sovereignty to till mold come into sharp you give sovereignty to whom you want what 10 Zero will come in Manisha and you take it away from whom you want. So it is in his head, he gives it and he takes it. So if someone has any form of authority over people, they should realize that it is Allah azza wa jal who has granted that to them. Well Allah who you deem will come home in your shot. And when you have been given something, it means that it can be taken away from you also, right? And Allah has given this to you as a trust Yes, it's a privilege but it is not for you to

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exploit. All right, well Allah who was here on our team, and Allah is worse here he is one who encompasses and he is our theme ever knowing. Now you see the name of Allah who is here from the root letter as well Cena rain was a you know, that was our means. Capacity, vastness, right? What does it mean that Allah is worse here? It means first of all, that Allah encompasses everything. All right? And secondly, it means that Allah is worse here, meaning that his attributes are vast and all encompassing. Okay, you see, there are different names of Allah or Siljan. Right? And these names are of different kinds. Okay? You have names of Allah that showed Jamal, that show beauty, okay.

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Like for example, Al widowed, the one who is very loving of roof, the one who is very compassionate Allah, man of Rahim, the one who was very merciful. All of these names showed Jamal then you have names of Allah that showed Jellal Okay, July as in Might, okay. So for example, the name of Jabbar the name alcovy, the name Allah Aziz, right? All of these names show the might of Allah azza wa jal, and then there are names that show Rubia okay, but the fact that He is Lord that He is the Creator so for example a Holic of rob a result the provider Allah hub, the one who gives gifts, all right, and then you have the names of Allah chose Oulu here, the fact that he alone is deserving of

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worship. So for example, the name Al Isla or Allah, that he is the god meaning the one who is worshipped. And then there are names that are very comprehensive, there are gemera, meaning they contain the meaning of other attributes as well. For example, the name Al Hamid Al Hamid means the one who is praiseworthy. Okay, so he is always praiseworthy, he is praiseworthy for his actions, he is praiseworthy for his knowledge, he is praiseworthy for his decrees for his decisions, the law that he has revealed, okay. Likewise, the name or lean or lean means the one who is great, but he is great in what in his power in his knowledge in his mercy. Right. So, the name is one or lean, but it

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encompasses the meaning of other attributes as well. So Alas, ser is one of those names that Allah is Allah says He is vast, in what in his knowledge, in his favor, in his power in his gifts, in his bestowal in Allah is where ser, Allah has a lot to give. Right? And if you look at the context over here, Allah who is here in our name, this name is perfect over here, because these people were eager for power. Allah is Wes here, he is the owner of all power, right? And Allah is where Sir, he is vast in his giving. So he is the one who has given pollut All of these virtues and all of these

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Good qualities that make him fit for this role of kingship. So Allah who is here and Allah is the One who has appointed him as king. So Allah is where seer in his in his knowledge in his wisdom, he knows that the loot is worthy of it and you are not worthy of it. So Allah who is here on Aileen now what happened what call Allahu Nabi Johan and their Prophet said to them meaning to the Bani Israel eel that in Aya Tamil key that indeed the sign of his kingship, meaning, the sign the evidence that followed is the right King for you, is that a deer come? That it will come to you Hamza to come, it will come to you what will come to you a boots that are both will come to you. And what does the

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stubbled have fi in it is Sakeena to Mira become in it is tranquility from your club. And it is also Wolbachia tone and remnant mimma Tharaka from what they left who left Anamosa the family of Musa Aloha Moon and the family of how rune and how will the established come to you the hamilo will Mala Iike the angels will carry it in a fidelity color ayatullah comb in quantum meaning indeed and that is a sign for you if you are believers. So their prophet basically gave them a sign so that they would know when they see that sign occurred they would know that yes followed is actually the king that Allah subhanaw taala has appointed over them, okay, because they were not fully convinced. So

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in order to convince them and Aya who was given a sign was given. This is similar to how Zachary Alehissalaam when he was given the good news that he was going to have a child, it was too good to believe he was too amazed. So he asked that a little bit early. I hear that oh Allah give me a sign. Right. So that I know when my wife has conceived. So what was the sign for him that he would not be able to talk for three days? So the clearly Sam would know, when he would not be able to talk for three days that Yes, his wife had conceived. Alright, so just like that the bunny is slightly over given a sign of the fact that Duluth had been appointed as a king over them by Allah subhanaw taala.

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And what was the sign the sign was going to be that the taboo would return to them, and it would return to them how the angels will be carrying it. Okay. And this taboo it has two things. Sakina and Buchla. Yeah, now let's look at the word taboo. What is taboo, it's from the root letters Tao and taboo is a chest or a box, and it's from the word tob tob is to return the word Toba is from the same root okay? And why is the chest or a box called tob? Because what is taken out from it continually returns to it right so for example, if you have a box in which you keep your jewelry then what happens you take the jewelry out you wear it and once you're done wearing it, you return

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it to the box right every time you take it out, you put it back in the box, the same word tabooed is also used for ribs okay because what is inside the ribs they contain something the heart right the lungs so the booth is a box now this box this chest was a chest that had something in it in it was What two things Sakina what is Sakina seen calf known as the route its tranquility okay. And also book a year back here is from bear path here Bekaa is to remain and Baqia is a remainder a remaining portion of something. Okay, so but Pina, any remnants, things that were left behind Minmatar aka tacos to leave? So of the things that were left behind by the family of Musa and the family of how

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are you Sam? Now what is this doubled? The boat is the Ark of the Covenant, okay, which is said to be a gold covered chest. And the bunny saw eel had this gold covered chest and inside of it, they had kept the stone tablets, you know the tablets that Musar Lisanna was given onto those tablets were kept inside of this box. Also there was a part of man remember men, and Salwa and some other things, and these were basically things that were of the estate, things that the prophets of Allah have left behind. All right, and remember that the bodies of the prophets, okay, they are a source of blessing. And these things are

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So we're a source of blessing. And the bunny is right, you would take this taboo with them to different battles. All right. And when they had this dabbled with them, it was a source of Sakina. For them, it was a source of tranquility for them, so that they would not feel afraid in battle and they would be steadfast and they would receive the help of Allah. Okay. Now, what happened with this Daboo is that in the Bible, we learned about how the Philistines the enemy of the Bani Israel, at one occasion, in one of the battles, they actually took the Ark of the Covenant, okay, meaning the bunny is slightly lost it. But when the Philistines took it, what happened is that they were struck

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by many problems, all right, and they basically decided that they needed to get rid of the ark, and they were too afraid to take it with them. And so they set it on a cart, and it came to Bani Israel eel itself, okay. The Quran tells us that no, the Ark did not just come by itself rather the Camino will Mala Iike the angels carried it that we know how Niemela the angels carried it. And the earth Allah say that basically, the ark of the covenant that I bought was at the door, off volutes house. Okay. And when it reached there, the money is right, you knew that? Yes, this man is our king. And then they agreed to fight under his leadership. So the return of the taboos was a miracle, right?

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That the Bani Israel were given at this occasion, so that they would know that they have the help of Allah. And one thing that is mentioned over here, that the taboo it was a source of Sakina right in it was subpoena from your lob. Now, Sakina I mentioned to you, it's from the root letter seen cathinones second is stillness, okay to be still, when do you feel afraid when you're in some difficulty, and sometimes fear turns into anxiety, it can turn into panic, right? And when you are extremely anxious, when you're panicking, it's difficult to breathe even. It's difficult to think it's difficult to think logically. Right? You know, for example, if you are extremely afraid of

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bugs, and all of a sudden, a giant bug with 30 legs appears in front of you. Alright, for at least a few moments, you would feel extremely afraid. And for some people, this can trigger a panic attack even right. So this is very natural. All right. However, there are situations where a person can experience a great deal of calm, okay, in frightening situations, that they're so calm, that they are able to think clearly they're able to do what is right, and they have the courage and the confidence to deal with the situation at hand. Think about how the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said and felt when he was in the cave into Toba. I have 40 We learned at a Colusa havila isn't in the lava

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Marina, he said to Abu Bakar de la Mourinho that don't be sad, Allah is with us. The enemy was right outside. If they looked down, they would have seen the Prophet sallallahu sunnah. But the Prophet SAW Allah who were listening was so calm for NS and Allahu Sakeena. Who are Lee he, so Allah sent down His tranquillity over him, right, so the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam felt calm in that very frightening and dangerous situation, in sort of the Toba 26 We learned about how when the Muslims were TuneIn and there was a sudden attack from the enemy. There was panic, people were running everywhere. And then what happened? Some Enza Allahu Sikhi Netta, who are a lot of SULI than Allah

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sent His Sakina, on His Messenger, warlock meaning and on the believers. So what happened? They were able to calm down, and they were able to fight the enemy back and be victorious. We learn about the Companions at the time of who they be in total fighter, verse number four, that huella the Angela Sakina de Ville colonial minute, Allah is the One who sent Sakina into the hearts of the believers. In verse number 18, Laqad Radi Allahu annual Mina if you buy your own aka Tata shujaa, rotti Farah Lima Matthew columbium forenza Sakina Tara Lee, when the companions were making their pledge with the prophets of Allah who earlier Sutherland to fight the enemy, even though they were unprepared

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for battle, all right, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sent Sakina in their hearts, and he it was a very dangerous situation, but Allah subhanaw taala gave them courage and confidence at that time. So all of these situations where, you know, typically a person would panic, but an experience is calm and confidence. This is from Allah

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subhanaw taala in Rockingham says that Sakeena is a station, it is a rank of nearness to Allah and it is given to a slave by Allah. Meaning a person cannot acquire it themselves it is in the hands of Allah. So when you are in difficulty, ask Allah for Sakina ask Allah to give you calm, to give you courage, so that the whispers of shaitan do not overcome you, and your sadness does not drown you and your anxiety and depression does not consume you and that your fear does not make you a coward. Right? ask Allah to give you Sakina and you can literally say this, Ya Allah, send your subpoena on me, you know, at the time of Zab the Battle of Zab while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was

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digging the trench with his companions he was reciting some poetry and part of that was well Allah He Lola Allah Medina well at the sadaqa while Elsa Lena for NZ lens Sakeena XR Elena, that Oh Allah, send Sakina on us, give us tranquility, give us courage, give us calm, give us patience. And in another Hadith we learned that when a group of people gathered together in one of the houses of Allah, meaning in a masjid, and then they recite the book of Allah, they learn it they teach it then what happens Sakina descends on them. Mercy engulfs them, the angels surround them. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions them. So this is one of the ways through which we can receive Sakina

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Alright, so we see over here that the Bani Israel eel we're told that you will receive Sakina because this DeBolt will return to you

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