Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-020A Translation Al-Baqarah 142-152 Word Analysis 142-143

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh ready for just two Alhamdulillah excited about just to yes and 100 Allah, really it is a blessing that at 100 Allah we have reached this far and inshallah slowly slowly step by step we hope that we can inshallah continue and complete this journey in sha Allah and Hamdulillahi cathedra

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Alhamdulillah Allah Baraka low Fico. Okay, let's begin our lesson are with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Raha Saudi way a silly Emery? What Hello looked at a melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma Nickleby was sadly Sani was thrilled to have him at the Kirby Armenia ruble al Amin lesson number 20 Surah Al Baqarah verses 142 to 152 Translation say a Kulu they shall say a super high all the foolish ones mean among a Nursey the people Mao what will allow home it turned them on a way from capability him their prayer direction and Lottie the one which can who there were I lay her upon it. Bull you say Lilla

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he to Allah belong al machico The East while Mercury boo and the West yesterday he guides man home yesha Oh, he wills ILA to slaughter in a path Musa Hakim straight, Waka valleca and thus Jarl Nakhon. We made you all Oh Martin a community was sailplan moderate Lita Kuno, so that you all will be Shuhada witnesses Allah over a Nursey the people way a corner was Zulu and so that the messenger will be our lake come over you all Shahidan a witness warmer and not Darla, we made elke blur the prayer direction allottee the one which Kunta you were or lay her upon it Illa except Linaro lemma so that we make known man who yet the Biru he follows Allah Sula, the messenger midmonth from who

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Ian Kalibo he turns back Allah RP Bay he upon his two heels were in and indeed Canada it was lucky to be rotten, surely ever great Illa except Allah upon a Lavina those whom had Allah Allah has guided were and McCann Allahu Allah would never be one Lille, the euro, to let go to waste Eman ACOEM your belief in that indeed Allah Allah be nasty with the people. Law often surely is ever kind Rahim on Ever Merciful God indeed Nara we see the Kaluga movement word he can have your face fee in the direction of a sama ie the sky. Fellow Nova Leah Naka. So surely we will indeed turn you towards people attend a prayer direction de la hora you will be pleased with it for well Lee so you turn

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wedge Hakka your face shutaura towards al Masjid Al haram, the Sacred Mosque what Hey Zuma and wherever come to them you all are for one low then you will turn would you how come your faces shattered? Or who towards it? Were inna and indeed a Lavina those who although they were given al Kitab by the book, lair Allah Munna surely they know and know who that indeed et al. Haku is the truth men from rubbing him there Rob Juana and not Allahu Allah below feeling is at all unaware I'm mad about what Yama alone they do well are in and surely if a data you brought to Alladhina those who they were given al Kitab by the book because only every Aya can sign man not who they would have

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followed table attack your prayer direction warmer and not under you be Tabby are in our at all one who follows people at the home their prayer direction warmer and not Barlow whom some of them be Tabby or in our at all ones who follow people letter prayer direction Barbin have some well in and surely if it the Bertha you follow a Hua home their desires mimbar the after mount what Jia occur it came to you men of Allah al me the knowledge in NACA indeed you II then in that case, lemon surely would be among a lolly mean those who do wrong Alladhina those who are

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It now whom We gave them al Kitab the Book you already full know who they recognize it or they recognize him Kumar just as yardie fauna they recognize a banana a home their sons were in there and indeed for recon a party men whom have them lay up to Munna surely they hide a hacker the truth while home while they Yarlung moon they know and help code the truth men is from robic, your Rob filata Coonan so you indeed do not be men among Ullman 13 those who doubt while he called in and for each with you her tone is a direction where he will Leha is one who turns towards it faster vehicles so you will raise to Elkhart the good deeds, a namao Wherever the Kuno you all are yet DB como

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Allahu Allah who will bring you all Jamia together in that indeed Allah Allah Allah Allah over Kali every che in thing Garderen is ever able women and from high school wherever college that you go out for well Lee then you turn wedge hookah your face shutaura Two words al Masjid Al Haram the Sacred Mosque we're in the who and indeed it lil Haku surely is the truth men from Rebecca your Rob warmer and not Allahu Allah be Laughlin is at all unaware. I'm mad about what Dharma loon you all do. Women and from Hazel wherever courage the you go out for wildly then you turn wedge hookah your face shutaura towards a Masjid Al Haram the Sacred Mosque what Hey Suma and wherever Kuntum you all are

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for well Lou then you will turn would you her comb your faces shutaura Who towards it li Allah so that not your corner there is Li NASCI for the people are lay come against you all her jetten and argument Illa except a Lavina those who want to move they have done wrong men home among them fell out of show home so you all do not fear them. Walk show knee and you all fear me while he Oh tema and so that I complete Nirma t my blessing our lay come upon you all while our Allah calm and so that you all the dune you all obtain guidance come on just as or come up because I will sell now we sent fi calm among you all Rasul and a messenger men come from you all yet Lu he recites our lay

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come to you all I attina Our Verses, we use a key calm and he purifies you all, while you are limo calm, and he teaches you all l kita. But the book will hikma and the wisdom where you are a limo calm and he teaches you all Mao watt lamp taco No, you all did not use to Darla moon you all know Fedco Rooney. So you all remember me at Code calm, I will remember you all wash Kuru. And you all show gratitude lead to me while I talk for Rooney. And you all do not show in gratitude to me. All right, this is where we end for today, I have 152. Let's go over the word analysis. You will notice that the lesson is long. But there are many words that are repeated. And remember what I mentioned

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to you at the beginning of the course, that the length of the lessons is not necessarily based on the number of the verses, but it's based on the theme or the topic that is being discussed. Because if you don't look at a set of verses together, you will not be able to understand how they're related and you will not be able to understand the full message that is being conveyed. So you will notice this throughout this course that sometimes certain lessons are quite long. And there are other lessons that are very short. But here remember in the Marlboros fuselage with difficulty is ease I can understand when you have to do your homework, it will take you a long time, but take

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comfort in the fact that you know there are so many words that are repeated and so many phrases also that are being repeated over here. And now Masha Allah that you are in your second Jews Alhamdulillah you are already familiar with a lot of the vocabulary Alhamdulillah Okay, so let's look at the word analysis. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, say Akula sofa with the foolish ones will say now say a Kulu. You see the scene over here. All right, which is coming right before the verb. All right, yo. Kulu is the verb from the root letters off while lamb Paula your Kulu to say. So your Kulu literally means he says okay, but when you have a scene like this attached to a verb, then it

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does several things. First of all, it specifies the future. Meaning your Kulu then doesn't mean he is saying right now but

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Say a Kulu means he will say, all right. So the first thing that scene does to very melodic to this kind of a verb is that it specifies the meaning to the future. Okay? So it's telling us about the future. And secondly, it's also telling us about the certainty. Okay, off what is mentioned over here, and this is why we've translated sir as Shell, okay. So say Apolo, they shall say, meaning they will say this, and they will certainly say this. All right. And your CoLo? Yes, literally, the word el Kulu is supposed to be singular, he shall say. But because the pronoun is being used for super hot, which is a plural word, this is why it's been translated as they, okay. So say, a cooler

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sofa. Oh, you can translate this as the foolish ones will say, or if you want to translate the separately word by word, you can say, say a Kulu. They shall say a sofa with the foolish ones. So the foolish ones shall say. And so for her is the plural of the word Sufi. Remember, early on in solitude, Bacara. We read this word, where when the hypocrites are told that they should believe as the people have believed, they say, Uh, nope, me? No, come on. I'm gonna sue for her. All right. And so for her is from the root letter scene for her. And remember that Sufi is someone who is learning for occult meaning, whose intellect is weak. All right, meaning they do not have sound judgment.

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They're not that intelligent. They're not very smart. So the foolish ones shall say, Mina, Nas among the people, meaning not all people will say, but only the foolish among the people will say, What will they say? They will say, Mao Wallah human capability? Hemo Letty Kanwar la ha. This is the statement that the foolish will say that what is it that has turned them away from their Qibla which they were upon previously? Meaning they will say how come the Muslims now face a different prayer direction? So, man, what this is a question were left home it turned them when Allah is from the root letters. Well, lamb Yeah, well, Allah, you will lead to turn. So what is it that has turned

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them on away from people at him? They're Qibla their prayer direction. Kibler, as you are familiar, means prayer direction, the direction you face when you are praying salah. Right? So Qibla is from the root letters, cough, bear lamb toggle actually means before. Okay, what is in front of you? So tibula is the prayer direction that you face. All right, because you make that place in front of you. So what is it that has turned them away from their prayer direction? And who is them referring to well left home people at the hem Muslims, that what has turned the Muslims away from their prayer direction? Which prayer direction? allottee the one which can where I lay how they were upon it,

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meaning the Qibla which they used to face before? How come they no longer face that Qibla and what was that? Qibla? It was Jerusalem, beta luctus. Right. So now how come they're no longer facing that prayer direction, and they're now facing the Kaaba must do their haram. So the foolish among the people will certainly say this. So call you say Allah subhanaw taala is selling his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you say you give this response? What response Lilla Hill machico Al Maghrib to Allah belong the east and the west. This should be your answer to such criticism that Allah owns the East and the West. Mushnik is from the root letters, Sheen raw cough and Maghrib from

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the root letters lane, but Mushnik is the place of Sharuk the place or time of rising of the sun, okay, and it's the East Maghrib is the place of group or the time of Guru meaning the setting of the sun, so it's the West, so the east and the west both belong to Allah. Okay. Yesterday he guides from her dial here, may Usher Oh whom He wills Isla salata, musta came to the straight path Allah guides whoever He wants to the straight path. So Doctor Mr. Payne remember Souter Fatiha sloth is path and most the team straight solid raw Thor and off well me What can Alika and thus Gallica literally means like that come means like and valleca means that so like that meaning just like that. General

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Nakhon we have made you and your Allah from the root letters

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Jeem are in lamb we have made you all you all as a new Muslims. Allah has made you all omoton a community a nation. That is what's up and that is moderate. What's our plan is from the root letters Wow seen PLA okay and WhatsApp literally is that which is in the middle okay WhatsApp is that which is in the middle meaning that which is free from extremes neither to the extreme of the right side or the left side WhatsApp is that which is the middle okay? But in Arabic the word was self is also used for that which is best. Why? Because as we learn Kyler Murray Oh Setosa that the best of matters is that which is in the middle, meaning that is free from extremes. So if you think about

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it, any when it comes to water even that you're using to wash yourself or bathe yourself with any if it's too cold, it's uncomfortable. If it's too hot again, it's uncomfortable. Best is that which is neither too hot nor too cold. Right. When you talk if you talk too softly it's difficult for people to grasp what you're saying if you're speaking too loudly, then it is burdensome on them. Right? So what CELT moderate and also best, okay. So we have made you a moderate community and also you can add over here best community okay, why, what is the reason Lita Kuno, so that you all will be meaning you Muslims will be shahada, Allah NAS witnesses over the people. shahada is the plural of

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the word Shaheed Okay, or Shahid, Shaheed or Shahid, witness, one who testifies one who bears witness so you will be witnesses Arlen Ness over people when on the Day of Judgment, okay meaning you will testify against them, you Muslims will testify against the rest of humanity, way a corner was Sulu and the messenger will be I lay come over you all Shahidan a witness, meaning the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will be a witness against you over you were my journal Kybella Tality and not we made the prayer direction which Kuntala you were upon it meaning what you were previously upon the Qibla that you were previously upon ultraviolet allottee Quintarelli Hmm If you

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can underline this, and just right over here Crippler that you were previously upon meaning by through muchness Okay, meaning Jerusalem, that the only reason why you were supposed to face it is Illa except Linaro lemma so that we make known may attribute of a soul who follows the messenger men men from Huyen collibra Isla RP Bay, he turns back upon his two heels, meaning the only reason why you had to face Jerusalem in prayer was so that it is made known who truly follows the messenger SallAllahu already who ascend them, and who does not actually follow him who will turn back to his previous ways to his former ways, binning who will leave Islam so the only reason was to

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differentiate between the sincere believers sincere followers and those who are insincere. Okay, now Linaro lemma let's look at this word narla actually means we know all right for mine, lamb meme, but when this verb is used for Allah subhanaw taala remember Allah subhanaw taala does not come to know of anything he already knows. When we say the last panel target is Allah Aleem the ever knowing that means that Allah's Pantheon has knowledge is not limited to the past, the present or the future, meaning he encompasses all knowledge, whether something has already happened, or it will eventually happen. Allah subhanaw taala already knows it. All right, we come to know of things as they occur,

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but Allah subhanaw taala already knows about things even before they occur. So why is this said what is meant is we make known all right meaning Allah subhanaw taala revealed his knowledge. So Allah subhanaw taala already knows who is sincere and who was not, but through different events and through different things that happen. Allah subhanaw taala revealed his knowledge of people. Okay, so the change of Puebla What did that do? It really made clear who is a true believer who was a true follower of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and who was not okay, so mania to be over soon. This is one type of person and may in Kalibo, Allah RP Bay he is another type of person, the first

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type of person who follows the messenger yet to Biro, from ta

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Hi, there. Alright etbr is to completely follow any to follow to the last detail. All right, like for example, if you're following someone, you know, sometimes people are traveling together, you know, going to the same destination, you know, the same family and different cars, you follow very closely, especially if you don't have the directions, right? You will literally change the lane if they change the lane, right? If they speed up, you're going to speed up, if they slow down, you're going to slow down, you're not going to let anyone come between you and the car that you're following. Right, this is etbr to follow closely. So who follows the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, and may in Kalibo. Allah RPB is the other type of person who turns back upon his two heels in Kalibo from cough lamb bear in Calabar to turn back and this is an expression in Calabar, Allah RTB. RPB is the dual of our hip and our club is heal. Okay, when a person turns back on their heels, what does that mean? They are going back to their former ways. Okay. And here, what that means is they leave Islam. So who is a true follower of the Prophet sallallahu earlier Solomon who will turn back to disbelief, what in qanats Lukka be rotten, and indeed, it was surely ever Great. What was ever great? It was this is referring to the change of Qibla. Okay, so the change of Qibla was surely

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something very, very great. Any great as an in difficulty, okay, meaning very hard. Kapha is the root in law except Allah Alladhina Had Allah upon those whom Allah guided, the people whom Allah has guided for them, it was not difficult. For them, it was very easy. So the messenger salAllahu alayhi salam faced one Kibler, they followed him. Now he faced a different Qibla they followed him, so it wasn't difficult upon them, but for other people whose faith was weak, for them, it was extremely difficult wama Camela who Lilia Imana calm and Allah who would never be one to let your belief go waste any Allah would never let your Eman go waste. Leah Leah is from God yeah Irene okay and bleyer

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Leah is to let something go to waste. So Allah would never let your belief go to waste and what does that mean inshallah we will look at that intercede in Allah have been nasty Allah awful Rahim indeed Allah with the people is surely OOF raw. Hamza Farah is the root and Rahim are off ever kind Rahim Ever Merciful raw her me

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