Wahaj Tarin – Seerah Episode 4 – Hashim and Salma

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where Hashem, the father of the Prophet sallavi alayhi, refused to allow his son to take on his duty and sent him to Makkah, where he was picked up by his mother and sent to a house where he was sent to live with them. The son of Hashem, named Abdulmutallab, died after riding on a camel and being sent to Makkah.
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So Hashem used to travel, you know, he used to go to the theater, it was safe, he used to go towards Sham and Yemen. And as he was going towards Sham, he used to cross over Medina.

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Medina and in Medina, there was a lady of renounce status by the name of Selma.

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But very independent lady, you know, so Hashem being the basic Prince of Makkah, proposed to her, but she said, I'll marry you on one condition.

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You don't interfere in my business.

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And obviously, I'm you know, cause some sisters are smiling. This is not an encouragement.

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Because next week, there's not going to be a single brother here. I'm not attending this does anymore, you know.

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But it was an arrangement made and

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so he used to travel and when he ever crossed over, Medina, his wife in his house was there.

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So from this marriage, I young child was born.

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A young child was born and when he was born, there was white hair on his head.

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Have you seen those? I have. I have seen you know, some of my students.

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I have seen they had white hair in a couple that there is, is a line of white hair and a section of the head.

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And white hair traditionally admits Arabs was a matter of honor. Like in the sense you've reached old age, you've survived difficulties you deserve honor. So this one was born with it.

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So they called him shaybah from old age.

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he doesn't you know, praiseworthy old he knows he's a baby but he's got he's got the

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mark of of age.

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So Shiva grew up in, in Medina and Hashem died pretty pretty young and saw the affairs of the judge was left to his brothers. And the brothers were busy and tried and now they were worried that if we die, who will we give the leadership to?

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And their own children and maca didn't seem up to the task and and I commend their wisdom in this

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you know, sometimes you have an organization and institution or business or country and you're very keen for your son to take over the reins from you

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but the poor person is not made for it

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you know, he's just not made for this job. He's good probably in other things he's just not good in this anyone pushing in insisting that you know this should go to this person.

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So I want you to remember this lesson giving the Amana of leadership is an Amana thrice

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number one it is a responsibility of who you give it to because you got to give it to us

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Do you understand so say for example

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a soccer team is based on a boat captain Mike him Captain not your son or your daughter cuz you're my son or my daughter Do you understand me you got to give it to its a * and whether it is you know a school and you're allocating the teacher or you parliament and you're allocating members give the Amana towards the Arabs have a good saying they say give your bread to the biker because the blacksmith will not give you bread bank you know give the dough to the biker so he can give you bread

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so give that a man a

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second if you're not that's a * don't accept it.

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You know you realize I there's no way in God's earth that I can do this job so say you know kiss the get the person's hand and head and say listen Habibi.

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I'm not that I held for this job. I can't do it. Nothing wrong with that. Because if you take it, it is it's a calamity. You know, if you're not if you're not able for it. And when in the Quran when someone took it when they want to * for it, a lot of Buddha says

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in the Hakuna alumina, hula vollem. jar Hill, this is the signs of those that take on what they shouldn't take on.

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And then lastly, if you're given the job or you're given the Amana and you are ready ahead and you have accepted it, because then make sure that when you conduct it you conduct the Amana will

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So Amanda thrice

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So these ones knew that our sons are not up to it.

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But they were hearing stories of the son of Hashem from Makkah from,

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from yathrib, which is called Medina these days.

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So Martha live, who is one of the brothers of Hashem

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What's the name?

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We're not going to go till you get this.

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Molly is a brother of Hashem. So Hashem had a few brothers one of his brothers is more polyp

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is what

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metallic metallic went to yesterday

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to see his his nephew.

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And when spoke to Salma says listen urine honorable people, but the real honor is in Makkah, and his lineage is in the house of Allah. And his father was Hashem the leader of all these tribes. Let him go with me so he can, you know, be where he's supposed to be. So she resisted and eventually, because she realized this is where the prestige of my son lies, sent the son to come with multiple limbs to way

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to Makkah, so at this time, he's about 1516.

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now shava shava, the young son of Hashem is 1516, the brother of Hashem the uncle of shaver has gone to pick him up. You know, so imagine your dad has a brother, your brother, your dad, the uncle came to pick you up from your mom and say, listen, let him live with us.

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So after riding on the camel for 450 kilometres, when they reach the precincts of Mecca, the boy looked old, dusty.

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And Mutallab is leading his camel with his camel to come into Makkah. So when they entered Mecca,

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the young lad looks like a slave,

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the slave of hoo

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come on, or you who speak Arabic,

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the slave of mortality. So what did they call him? Abdulmutallab, this is the slave of mortality. But what was his actual name?

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shava. Do you see? So this is how shava became Abdulmutallab and who is

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the father of

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the father of Abdullah Abdullah is the father of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So we have reached remember Mohamed ibn Abdullah ibn Abu Talib,

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who is shava

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right, Edna Hashem, who died already

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