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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. This is Felicia Bennett from developing diamonds coming to you on behalf of Academy alive, I would hope that inshallah both you and I don't have envy towards others, nor do we want to be on the receiving end of envy. Envy is one of those yucky nasty qualities, traits and habits that does creep into our heart sometimes. But it's something that we should always want to prevent ourselves from having entered, always purify ourselves from having that quality and trait that's polite in the Islamic stance, we are allowed to have envy into situations towards two types of people. Did you know that so you're allowed to have envy towards or potentially you could

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be on the receiving side of envy. If you are one of these two people, one of them being the person who are lost, once Allah has given wealth, they're wealthy, and they spend it righteously. And then there's the case of the person who Allah, Allah has blessed them with wisdom, and they act upon that wisdom. And then they teach and benefit others with that wisdom. So it's kind of like one of these people, of course, is the charitable one who gives so generously and you think, I wish I could be like that person. And I wish that was me, he was able to give that money and not that person, like that's the situation where you're allowed to carry some, some envy, and also the person who Allah,

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Allah has blessed them with knowledge, they live by it, they implement it, and they also share it and pass it on to others. That is the second person that we are that to envy. Other than that, we should not have envy towards anyone, and we shouldn't be jealous of anyone. And we should really understand that every blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has granted to others is deservedly theirs. And we should say Alhamdulillah tuberculoma, to our followers with Allah to bless them with more, just as whatever you've been blessed with is what was decreed and set for you from Allah subhanaw taala. But looking at these two situations, the person who is wealthy and is wonderfully generous,

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and the person who has been blessed with wisdom, knowledge, they act upon it, and they teach it to others. So looking at this situation, these are the people that we should look up to in our communities that we should want to be like in our communities, not the person with the huge mansion, and the jet boat, and the fancy cars, and all you know, riches and jewelry and five star 10 star holidays. These aren't the people that we should look towards and wish that we could be like them and have like them. Rather, we should look towards those who are wealthy and amazingly generous. And we should look towards those who have knowledge, they live by it. And they share it with others.

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These should be the types of people that we want to be like that we wish we could be like, not the fancy glitz and glamour, false exterior types of examples that we might see commonly these days on social media, for example. So let's think about and reflect and have admiration for those who have knowledge and act upon it and teach it to others and say, You know what, I want to be a person who has knowledge acts upon it and teaches it to others. I want to be one of the you know, the types of people that it's permitted to envy because it shows that there is great goodness to be able to be that type of person. So May Allah, Allah make us of those who are wealthy and we give it for his

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sake, and make us of those who have knowledge and wisdom, act upon it and share it with others.