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July 1st, 2016

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And then hamdulillah who want to stay you don't want to stop when we let him in shallowly and fusina means Marina de la vida, moolah, Mama you believe the other one y shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa

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Jalla wa shadow Mohammed Abu Zulu naushad We are also lava.

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Amana but love the reseller most of the focus of Allah will be going home man.

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He had a jacket which is like a lot you know my jersey

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Rasulullah Naresh ality

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yeah you alladhina multiple la vida de vida de mucho Nila one two Muslims moon. Yeah you have NASA orapa kumala de hakomi nuptse wahida of alabamian has

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been humare

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be here

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in the La La Cooperativa yo yo holla Deena multiple la havapoo colenso EDA, US Amala como la laguna Nova como de la la ciudad

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de Lima, about

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Hades GitHub, la vida de Mohammed is a lot harder to sell them or shout out to Hakuna Matata de vida wakulla dimboola.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam sealing the series of acquiring the tempo acquiring direct from the knob. In the end that we have that three tiers that we talked about what is Islam, and we had that application submitted to olanzapine agenda, yada, yada, we're asking you to explain or an XML fire. Take our names from this list. From Malik total, one, two that has an agenda to the one that will be placed on the names agenda. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the Hellfire and grant agenda.

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So we said the first about the five pillars of Islam and we put it in the application. And we're pleading with olanzapine agenda, if you're allowed to accept our application, at least give us an interview. And if it does give us interview, he says is enough. It's not like he was coldly accountable, if you hold you accountable for everything work, we're done. But allows him I know that is just the review. But if you hold you accountable, we're out. So we asked allows them to hold us accountable easily.

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And the second one we said about the man the second phase, the belief and we said how important it is about your actions and deeds. Because we cannot say I believe with our actions and deeds because they are coupled in the Quran. And Medina I'm going to I'm going to follow the hat. So it says how does it affect you when you say I believe and now we're going to talk about your son

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and the highest level to ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the highest level of the sun, because the scholars will tell you well in the Xena accendo and fish there was yada yada

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for those who actually attain this level of benevolence and excellence in the highest level of perfecting everything you do, including their ibadah the acts of worship, including dealing with one another, the rights of between you and the creator and the rights between you and the creation and so on. Even according to yourself. What does the scholar say in the interpretation of the for those who attain that level and push that he agenda was Yeah, that another 11 he lays out your love yoga.

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Those who perfected those who get there allows them hanazawa promised and Nadine accendo those who reach this accent do you get that hostname? gender? That is the highest level what's the yeah that there is a bonus What is this? Yeah the increase the scholars will say this the other this bonus and said you'd be able to see olanzapine LG love your W Allah subhanaw taala Jenna grant does this level so we can be able to see a level supine agenda agenda up I mean,

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would you

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this is the athlete should know and

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this is what we believe that we will be able to see olanzapine agenda view and as

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you can see, it's like the full moon in a dark night you can see allows apologia love Yoda anyway beginning His Majesty we don't have the how and the cave and all of that stuff. We believe that Allah subhanaw taala goals that we will be able to see him you will see him

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a lot taala promises even on judgment day some people will actually follow whenever they had their whims and desires. Somebody will comes Is this what you used to worship follow. This is the person that you follow.

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And some people are among them, who will wait on judgment day? What are you waiting for a lot of promise that we will see a lot of promises we followed you Allah. And that's the interpretation. is these some people that have been born? I don't know being that you're going some people would not be able to see olanzapine Angelica without me I love protectors from that. I mean, who are they? And who are the ones that actually will be able to see although some of you are that is that topic of this whole bundle? Allah subhanaw taala. Nick is among those who is the speech of all of the rest of it. So if you understand the accent, there are two levels. One is Masada. The other is malapa.

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According to the Hadith, says what is sad, he said, Everybody knows that and terrible luck and

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luck. So the first one is mu Shahada

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vision you can actually imagine that you see a loves ohana Tyler. So that was like,

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the first portion of the Hadith explains the Bugaboo Shahada that you should be worshiping the laws of hydrology live your life as if you see him. So every time that's the case, think about it. Do I do everything as if allows the panel data sees me? Is that possible? Is it possible that I watched him allows him Hi, no agenda viewed as if he sees me?

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If you think that there's a strong big soldier with a gun behind your back in your brain, and he's gonna shoot you if you don't bring in perfection? Are we gonna do the American Express way? A lot of

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you out there? You didn't get to do that? It's impossible. So you have to ask yourself, Am I really worshiping God as if he's seeing me? And then you have to be honest with yourself. That's just the first portion.

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So when you think about it, you want that and you use that as a measuring stick on everything you do.

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Is it possible for us brothers and sisters, when we go out and planes, we wear the hijab? I think you know what I'm talking about in certain countries. But you get on the plane. As soon as you get on the plane, what happens is sister goes inside, not just a yacht, they go in there.

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And you go inside, you go into the site, the bathroom was out of the plane, and you come out something totally different. And there's a magic Voodoo thing. And as if you're going into the booth, you come down, there's a Superman, you go in or you come up with a game so Pinilla and he that he is that person? Yeah.

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Impossible. That is impossible, my brothers and sisters that we should worship alone, without Jesus, and we do what we do. Now we have this attitude inside the message of something totally different than outside the masjid. How could that be possible?

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And then the other side?

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And if you don't see him and you don't see him here?

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If you don't see him here, for sure know that I can no, we are

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in no.

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Heat for no right away. And sure there's two new ones. In Iraq, there is no doubt. That's what this means. linguistically, and that's the case. If you don't see him, he sees you. Now that is what other Shahada is. If you're seeing him

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He surely sees you. Now that's a higher level. What I'll cover

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I told you the story before the man that finished the command in three days, because

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he said finish the quad in three days he was go back and read it like I'm listening to us. It took me three weeks to go back and read like Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is listening to you. It took me three months to go back and read like HIPAA laws

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because I couldn't even get over the fact. That is maraca. Same thing with

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going into a desert on a wayfarer and he sees a sheep herder. It's like somebody looking after the sheep. He was also a slave. He says give me one of them since it's not me that the owner of this is not here to tell him that the sheep ate it. He says for as long

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so if you if you think that I'm going to do that get away with it right? Not literally where's the law? We don't love them. I know that isn't you haven't.

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But he's telling him Don't you think a lot of seasons. That's why allows him Hello Todd as always reminding us about this. But the rewarded the sun, about the way that you are taking two gentlemen in the city, that Allah loves them, our cities and so on and so forth. So Mr. Raja Hansen's Villa is more befitting for me to say this, you know what he did? He says he bought the sleep bug that sleep and he bought the hurt. He bought the sheet both and you've read this live and gave him the hurt of the sheep the flock. This is just a reward in this life. And he got because he had

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he has he had the maraca. He knew that olanzapine on Jada sees him. This is the

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What does harbor rajala has been used to teach the children before they go to sleep. And that's what I'm asking you to do. Teach your children before they go to sleep specifically, understand, because when they're all alone now, when you close the door of the bedroom, and you're out, there's nobody there. You get out the phones, you got the laptops, you get out everything else. There's nobody else sees them. So they used to remind them three things. I love another and they I love.

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I love them.

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Allah sees me, Allah watches over me. And Allah is with me. And my

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understanding this

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9am in dyadic, if there's three of us the fourth, then there's five, there's a lot more than that. There's another loves wisdom all the time, don't you think?

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The amazing thing about it, and we'll see is Allah subhanaw taala hears you no matter what language you speak, no matter where you are.

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In that essence, we have to understand the magnitude of olanzapine Angela

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was asked, What is this?

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He said is look when

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we talked about the man,

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the level that we read, he says this is the look of the human This is the heart. This is the bottom line. This is the cream of the crop of that high level. So when we have that case, how do we understand it? something tangible, that maybe you can relate to? I want you to imagine that you're being asked to do an interview live on one of the biggest stations. This is an international global interview, you are the only one representing Islam. The whole oma is depending on you to defend Islam.

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You have to look the best.

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You have to make sure you've done your homework and just read the questions, prepared the answer, and know that every word you will see is held accountable. And they will dissect it by the letter.

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And they will make sure every move they will actually identify and that's what they do analyze everything. Look at the body language. When do you see how many times you blinked and whatnot and and you actually other things, and so on and so forth, dissect everything, you'll be the I'm the biggest critic. And all of a sudden you're preparing for this time. And now you see a red light goes on. That's your best behavior. So that's what exactly if you want to reach this level of accent, you have to think that that red light is on all the time.

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That trauma is on you all the time.

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And now that's how you deal with the levels of high now. After this will take you the way on the how to get their agenda asking a lot of supine agenda to making someone lose some business speech and follow the rest of it and when to say stand I mean all of us noun or stuff

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100 salatu salam ala Nabi. I'm about my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We say that Assad has a high level of team. There is a high price today. But there's also a high level of reward you will get. So let us understand now who those are. And those who aren't.

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So alluded to those who will actually be able to see a lot be more aware but the Murata, bamboo Shahada both, we were aware of everything they do. If we were commanded according to HUD, if

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that allows you to have a say in everything, a lot, degree sand to be done and everything even in depth.

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Even when we slaughter an animal was supposed to perfect it, you know what the scholars say? If you're supposed to perfect and use the Zen eating in a slaughtering an animal of killing, how could we yet use the Ascended living

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for supposed to be good to the best of our ability to sharpen the knife, make sure they're converted? And toward this and all of these things when we slaughter an animal when we kill? How could we not use sand among the living among the living my brothers and sisters? If we're using sand at the time of death? How could we not use ourselves when we're alive?

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And we said we mentioned this before, is we ask Allah subhanaw taala in the last 10 days alone, but I've watched one Yeah, this one Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said the best thing you see in the night of power is alone in the car blue and

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yellow partners yellow partners. Forgive us not just forgive, erase our records pardon you off the hook. That's it not even mentioned. everything that you've done is done is gone

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and has enough to

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follow that deal with it.

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Good Deed erases it. That's it. Remember the protected cell we talked about gone gone no more. That's why we asked allows

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for not just forgiveness, hardness, not

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therefore and higher is higher than that. But we said before that we asked a lot to forgive us the partners, but we don't want to forgive everybody else.

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Don't do it. I was not supposed to be leading by example. So didn't grow up with Mohammed Salah teaches airblue forgive those who oppress you reach for those who cut you off. Be good to this. We're not good to you give fools who deprive you.

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Isn't that the case? That's what we're supposed to do. If you want to reach this? That's what you do. Yeah, it's not easy. Do you think it's easy to know that somebody else has said something about you or oppressed you? Or is it the longest? And you look at them smiling, even though you want to choke him? If you want to reach this level of other high benevolence, and we mentioned this

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but there's a price to pay. So a Walmart for now, let's make sure we actually reach this high level of benevolence. You know why? Because my goal is to see

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I want to be with those who love the Tatas this, we walk in the footsteps of Rasulullah so we can meet him and gentlemen, that's our best. This is one way to be able to attend Morocco, bamboo, Shahada, and too many stories that we don't have enough time for this talk on the other sides of the debate. Let me Allah protect us from that. Those matters natural born Yeah, a lot. When you imagine

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on judgment day, you will not be able to see a lot. Can you imagine I want you to think of someone you love the most. He is the most the favorite person in your whole life, just to be able to see him a lot, but you would think of Viktor and instead, Please sign here, sir, can you do this? You're gonna add me on your life.

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And all of that stuff. You know what we do in the video? social media? Do you imagine that's the person? Yeah. Oh my God, he's here a lot. But I'm coming down. I'm traveling just to go to the ATM. If you imagine that person you love the most.

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That person there's no, after you come all the way. It's no, I don't want to see

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that person you love the most you've done everything to be able to see him. No, I'm not seeing you. I don't want to see you. Can you imagine? Can you imagine on judgment day alone. So hi. Now agenda? Do

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you remind you? Nope, you cannot see me. Can you imagine what this you know what the scholars say is this means that

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when what you do it will be done unto you. Same thing, same thing. Because you are those who actually use their bustle and the senses, knowing that allows them the reward that they will be seeing allows to pan out. But those who are unaware that aloha knows how that sees them, they will not get the level of the benevolence, the highest level of Jenga. The biggest act of pleasure in Jenga subdivisions is 50,000 years in pleasure when you see

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but can you imagine on judgment day after all you've done? No You cannot see.

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Why? Because you are not aware of the losses you see done every day.

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Don't let alone

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the least of your worries of those who see you. Be careful what you do and what you say. understand the concept. When Allah Subhana Allah is with you in presence with you.

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So could you imagine yourself and where do you think you are? and be honest with yourself when you leave today, I want you to just have a soul search. When you go back in your car, when you go back and see your family. When you go back and see your mother when you go back and see your neighbor when you go back and see your spouse when you go back and see your children when you go back to your job. When you go back to see your friends and everything you do. Do you think you have that?

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You think you deserve to be able to see a Los Angeles Yoda.

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He says I

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was asked by Prophet Mohammed Salah while you answer them

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escapes us but how did you wake up in the morning?

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Is I up in a state perfect when you can send an email. It says

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what's your proof? Give me an article.

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He says if I see a loss of Hannah Angela viola, I see them see the people as if I see that.

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You're actually

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you're actually visiting with one another and I see if I can see the people in the hellfire.

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Bad news.

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So Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says

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three times. I love them. I love them are off the fence and

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is now you know the fact Hold on. be steadfast. Hold on to this beautiful foundation that you actually got to you've reached this conclusion

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Hold on to it, hold on to it, hold on to it three times. I mentioned it. So do you have that? And hopefully, you understand what this means. You understand what this means when a lot of us have had on gender your dad says, and I ended up on the TV. I am what my slave thinks of me, my worshipper thinks of me. But there is a proof of what you say.

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And I'm saying this when it comes to realistic issues, my brothers we want this high level of everything we want the best house one the best car, we want the best job one the best of everything when it comes to the union, but what about the best of everything when it comes to the hereafter?

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So long, supine agenda if you're not still you, I have a good news for you. We'll finish with this and chocolate

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use those doors to the obligation is not have the best of the beloved actions and deeds upon my sleeve is those who do what

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just the obligations

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but there's Mazza lab data we live in now if

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you will know you will know whether you actually after Ramadan whether you eat you used to hate what you love and love what you hate, you will know he reached there we can you know, see in that in a normal dawn that you didn't have this automatic valve your senses are a little bit different. You know, you see something around it's automatic Your eyes are shut off what happened. That's that's what the other scholars say I love that gives you a gift. If you have this munakata Yamanaka that using the senses how Allah subhanaw taala intended for you to do it alone give you a gift, because it's not befitting if you come towards Allah and Allah wasn't will turn you back. No no, you will

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see it you will feel it you know when you when you start you know before when I used to you know when you hear all these things that you were so happy man in the car, pumping it up, and you're talking about all that stuff and you listen to music and all that stuff now

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please do

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not wait till after we're done you know after I'm done.

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I don't want you to watch them don't don't get me right don't go this you're saying you know you will feel different.

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After this what happens, you know, used to see other bollywood movies.

00:22:13--> 00:22:36

All that stuff on you see, like, I don't know, I haven't seen them. Don't get me wrong. I'm just using them as a measuring stick. Okay, because my brother told me *, you don't know what my buddy was. Now, bollywood is terrible now. I mean, long time ago, we used to, you know, I'm coming back home. We used to love Indian movies. We made sure what, even though we understand what it means, but it was so beautiful. You cried in the love to move on. But now it's different to compete with everything else on the go as far as far as I hurt.

00:22:37--> 00:22:40

Now, you know, remember that you turn on the Bollywood movies.

00:22:41--> 00:22:46

Something feels wrong, right? It doesn't it's not you're not comfortable that that is

00:22:47--> 00:23:03

you're aware that it's not befitting who you are now. Now, why don't we use this all the time. You got that charge. And we're gonna talk about this later in July, but the time is up. So let us reach for one of two games all the time. Think of one of the two. You're going to be either alone would you

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in Europe, your beautiful woman in a fight when you see your love you're not on the other side. Those who will be turned away. Why? Because you turned away from Allah with your heart, and your eyes and senses. I don't have enough time to go into the rest of it because it's important for us to hold on tight to what we've heard it before. Did you understand that Allah subhanaw taala if you conclusive you will come back to you run the run Do you but you will understand that will be that will be that the vision that you see with the hearing of here with the hands that strikes upon the feet that you walk upon. And that is what you get all about. Allah will give you that gift, you will

00:23:41--> 00:23:54

not be able to see how many more you will not be hearing how many more? How many more you will not do anything wrong with your hands anymore. Not doing things with how many feet anymore and that is the gift that allows 100 Allah will give you may Allah subhanaw taala grant us that gift in this life.

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I mean, bla bla bla bla you know solomani Debbie Yamanaka

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needs to forgive us your mo make us wonder I asked you a lot except our good deeds in the deeds otherwise yo Allah forgive us partners and make us among those who actually forgive one another. We can silo hearts unite our goal or Allah let us love one another for the sake of Allah for your sake of Allah. Let us see you a lot and Jenna in order for us to be able to get to that high level your army commander must have been alone once

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while you are living they'd have to be well dealership calm sneaky.

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Deep outside caffeine if you've got free open thought I mean who voted me well fish them in begging selling me. A low monthly slam on is Me. Me.

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Sharona Aloma Naga who will

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allow me to carpool and

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allow me to

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do something

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Attorney welcome sola.