Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-019C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 130-134

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of the Bible is aligned with the church's church of the gods, and the church is not a monical one. The church's alignment with the church's church of the gods is aligned with the church's church of the gods, and the church's guidance is aligned with the church's. The importance of trusting someone, not hesitation, and bringing their beliefs into others is emphasized. The historical context of Islam is also discussed, including the historical significance of the "good des" that come from one's actions and the historical importance of showing one's religion to others and bringing it into one's daily lives. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning one's religion for one's life and maintaining their identity to avoid becoming a Muslim culture.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim I am number 131 A year lavoir miletti. Ibrahima L. Lemond Sufi, her NAFSA. And who would be averse to the religion of Ibrahim except one who makes a fool of himself, meaning none other. But a foolish person would be averse to the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, meaning this person who turns away from the religion of Ibrahim or his salaam, is someone who is ignorant, someone whose judgment is very poor, someone who is jehlen help he is ignorant of the truth, he does not see truth as truth, right as right or wrong as wrong. And such a person is not showing intelligence, they're not going to be successful. Such a person will ultimately be ruined in

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this world and in the hereafter. Now, if you look at the context of this idea, in the previous verses, we learned about how Ibrahim already his sin with his son is my eel his Salam built the Kaaba, and how they made daraz, especially $1, for a messenger that would come from among their descendants, a messenger who would recite to the people, the verses of Allah who would teach people the book of Allah, who would teach people wisdom, who would purify them make them better from before, and we see that the answer to this there was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And when you look at the people who turned away from the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, they are on

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the one hand, the people of Makkah, and also the People of the Book, so the people of Makkah, the Arabs, remember that many of them trace their lineage all the way back to a smart eel or the his Salam because maca was an empty Valley. Nobody lived there, and Ismar eel earliest salaam with his mother hijab, they were made to settle in Makkah, right Ibrahim Robinson and brought them over there. They lived over there. And then you know about the story of Zamzam water when there is water, then people come and inhabit that land. So among the Arabs, especially those who lived in Makkah, there were those who trace their ancestry back to Ismar ilardi Salaam, and they were proud of this,

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they would boast about their ancestry, the fact that they were the descendants of a prophet of Allah. However, they had abandoned the way of Ibrahim and his sunnah Ibrahim Arnie's Salam built the Kaaba, why so that people would worship only Allah. But the people of Makkah, what were they doing? They had filled the Kaaba and its surroundings with idols. They had left the way of Ibrahim or any his sin, and they had adopted idolatry. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called them to the worship of Allah alone, the people of Makkah were averse to this religion, right? They were averse to the Kalima La Ilaha illa Allah, and they rejected that Kenema La ilaha illallah on the

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basis of their pride and arrogance, thinking that they were very intelligent that they knew better. So here it is made clear that no, this is not intelligence. This is not a better way of life. The one who turns away from the wave, Ibrahima listener is actually making a fool of himself. Such a person does not have wisdom, such a person does not have understanding. They're making a very foolish choice. They're ruining themselves. On the other hand, we see the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, what were they doing? Well, they believed that any profit that would come would be from the descendants of Jacobo Alayhis Salam, you know, that prophet would be from Bani

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Israel eel. So if there is a profit outside of the Bani Israel eel, so Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, for example, he's an Arab, he's from the descendants of Ismar era, his Salam, then they rejected him simply on the basis that he was an Arab. Like we learned earlier that when they're told believe in what Allah has revealed, they said that we only believe in what was revealed to us, and they reject whatever is besides that, so the Jews and the Christians, they were rejecting the Prophet sallallahu Ernie who was setting them simply because he was not of the Bani Israel. He was an Arab. And by doing this again, they were refusing they were being averse to the religion of

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Ibrahim Ernie his sunnah. Because what is it that the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sent him was calling people to the Prophet sallallahu or knew someone was calling people to the way of Ibrahim are a sunnah. So if someone abandons the way of the Prophet salallahu earning Salam they're basically refusing the way of Ibrahim or a sinner in Surah, Al and haram i 106

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Step one, Allah subhanaw taala says all meaning Oh Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam you say that in any her Danny Robbie illustrata Mustafi that indeed my Lord has guided me to the straight path. What is that straight path it is Dean and pm and Nicoletta Ibrahim Hanifa. It is the upright religion, the way of Ibrahim, who was an unswerving one a theist woman Academy, and Moshe keen, and he was not of those who associate partners with Allah. So the Jews and the Christians also, they were not aligned with the wave Ibrahim alayhis salam when they rejected the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So no matter what group it is, whether it is the people of Makkah, or it is the Jews or the

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Christians, if they turn away from the wave Ibrahim or any Salam, then realize that these people are not showing intelligence, they're not making a good judgment. So you don't need to be an all of them. You don't need to be afraid of them. You don't need to feel inferior to them. Because they are only people who are Sofia and EFSA. They are making a fool of themselves, what are called justify now who had dunya and we had chosen him in this world meaning Allah subhanaw taala had chosen Ibrahim or has sent him in the world by making him an imam for all people we're in now will fill our Filati Lemina Salah Hain and he will be in the hereafter among the righteous and the righteous will

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be in paradise, meaning the righteous will succeed in the hereafter. So in the world, Ibrahim alayhi salam is a model an example to follow a leader and in the hereafter he is of those who are successful. So if a person turns away from the wave Ibrahim and his sunnah, in such a person is only losing such a person is making a poor judgment. Such a person is truly being foolish. Now from this IO, we learned that the way of Ibrahim Ali Salaam is the standard for guidance, meaning of a person's way of life is aligned with the wave Ibrahim already said I'm done they're upon guidance and if their way of life is not aligned with that of Ibrahim Marie synthon Such a person is not

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guided if a person follows Ibrahim Ali Salaam and this means that they are on the right track. And if they leave the way of Ibrahim or any Sam This means that they're making a very foolish choice. What was the way of Ibrahim alayhis salam what is militar Ibrahim? The way the Brahim Ernest, sunnah is the way of tau hate the way of worshipping the one and only true God and Ibrahim and Islam. The way that he worship Allah azza wa jal was not just that he prayed a few times a day or anytime that he did something religious, he dedicated that to Allah. Ibrahim alayhis salam, he worshipped Allah with utmost sincerity, with consistency without fear of people, and to recognize the Lord of the

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worlds as your God to take him as your God, the one whom you worship, this is intelligence. This is making a good judgment. And if a person does not recognize who Allah subhanaw taala is, if a person does not worship dedicate themselves to Allah, then no matter what they have learned, and no matter how much they know, they lack wisdom. They lack intelligence. Ibrahim alayhis salam in Seattle and Jeremiah 79. We learned that he said in the woods, the woods he a little levy Fatah summer Watty will also Hanifa I have directed my face to the one who has originated the heavens and the earth, and I am honey. I'm an unswerving monotheist. I'm not going to budge from this way no matter what

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happens in aisle number 80 of Surah Al Anon we learned that when he told his people that I worship only Allah, not the sun or the moon or the statues that you have made. We learned that will had Jehovah como his people argued with him, they began to debate with him. So he said a to her Junie Fila Hirakata Hidin you are arguing with me about Allah while Allah is the One who has guided me when a half of my tertiary Qunar be, you know, they threatened him that if you abandon our idols, they will harm you. So you said I do not fear what you associate with Allah. I have no fear of them. In sort of the Sharada is 78 We learned that Ibrahim Ali Salam said while describing his Lord, he

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said Allah the Halacha knee for Hawa, Dini, He is the One who created me and he it is who guides me well lady who are filtering money Where's Penny? And it is he who feeds me and gives me drink what either Marina for Hawaii Ashvini and when I am ill, it is he who cures me. One lady you

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Me too nice to meet you Heaney and who will cause me to die and then Bring me to life? One lady up tomorrow Daniel Farrelly Hoppy, a tea uma Dean and who I aspire that he will forgive me my sin on the Day of Recompense. This was the way of Ibrahim or a sinner that he worshiped only Allah, any his entire life was dedicated to Allah. He knew Allah He recognized Allah He lived for Allah. So if a person lives in this way, then yes, they are rightly guided. And if they don't live in this way, then they're not rightly guided in certain Nyssa I have 125 Allah's pound Tara says woman I send you the num men men s lemma would you who will Allah who is better in religion than the one who

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surrenders his face to Allah meaning the person who surrenders a space to Allah entirely. Such a person's religion is excellent, who will who will Marcin and he's also a doer of good what tuber or Mila Ibrahima Hanifa. And he also follows the wave Ibrahim and he sent him who is Hanif WHAT THE * Allahu Ibrahima kalila. And Allah took Ibrahim as a friend, Allahu Akbar. This is a Brahim Arneson am the one who is honored with a less friendship. Can you imagine? So if a person leaves the way of Ibrahim, Ron is Sam, they're not being intelligent. They're being foolish. So you don't need to be in awe of such people. You don't need to fear them. You don't need to think of yourself as

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inferior to them. Allah subhanaw taala praises the wave Ibrahim Ernie Sam. In call Allahu Robu Aslan when His lord said to him submit Allah Islam to little Billa al Amin, he said, I have submitted to the Lord of the Worlds. He meaning every time that Ibrahim Arneson was told surrender, Do this, do this. What was the response of Ibrahim Hassan obedience? He said, a slim to a slim to not why. But how come? I don't understand the logic. But what's the reason? Now? Exactly. Now I have to do this. You know, no questioning, no hesitation, no delay, a slum to little Bravo. I mean, I've submitted to the Lord of the Worlds. Remember when the bunny is five, they were told to slaughter a cow. What was

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their response? First of all, they said, Are you joking? And then they said, Okay, what kind of a cow was it? And they said, What's the color of the cow? And they said, well, please specify what kind of a cow because all the cows look the same to us. Any so much hesitation and delay and procrastination. Ibrahim Maria Sinha. Whenever his Lord said to him submit, he responded as slim to little blonde. I mean, I have submitted to the Lord of the Worlds immediate obedience. And why did he surrender? Why? Because he was surrendering to who they have been, I mean to the Lord of the Worlds, the one who owns me, you and everything else. So that Lord deserves that. Yes, we surrender

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to him. Yes, we obey Him. And you know, sometimes when we have to do something, apparently any on the surface, it doesn't make much sense. Or it seems very difficult, very hard. You know, for example, fasting even right? When you have to fast from morning to evening, you know, from before sunrise all the way to sunset, so many hours, any there's fear, there's, you know, you wonder why, like, why do we have to go hungry, but if Allah azza wa jal, the Lord of the Worlds, the One who created us, the one who knows, our body's the one who allows every chemical change to occur in our bodies, if he has commanded us too fast, he knows right what we are capable of, because he's the

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creator. So remember, there is never a contradiction between nature and revelation. Okay. Why? Because the source of both is who it is Allah subhanaw taala. He is the one who has made us so he knows what our nature is, what our abilities are, what our limitations are, what we are capable of doing. And he is the one who has given Revelation, He is the one who has given us the instructions, right the ways of worship. So you will never command us to do something that is harmful for us, or that we are unable to do, whether it is in terms of personal worship, ritual act of worship, or in the way that we earn our income, anything. So we need to have that trust in Allah that Allah is Rob

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bull Alameen He is the Lord of the world. He created everything he knows everything. He is the one who is allowing everything to exist and function. Right so if he is the one who has commanded me to do this, of course it makes sense and of course it is possible. So it what I'm hearing is Sinha his response was a slim two little pill

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aalameen All right now in the Bible in the book of Genesis 17, it says that the Lord said to Abraham, that walk in my ways and be blameless, okay. And Abraham threw himself on his face any he surrendered, he submitted immediately. A slim two little Bella aalameen. Now, if you think about it, just the fact that you know think of how Ibrahima is Salam was commanded to slaughter his son, any your own child, a child that was born after many, many years, many many laws, and is Marilla listen at this time was his only son. And this marina salon was now old enough to be with him. We learned in the Quran, that number Bella Kamara who Surya right he was able to rush any walk with him, he was

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able to do things with him exert effort with him. You know, finally, you know, when your children are little, you're doing everything for them. But when they're older, and they're able to help you around the house, for example, they're able to help you, you know, with your work, there is a different kind of friendship now that you have with your children. It's not just love, it's love and friendship and companionship, right. You know, you treat them as a buddy, as a friend. You know, they're here to talk to you. You share things with them, you do fun things with them. At that stage, Ibrahim Ali Salim is commanded to slaughter his son. And what is his response? He's willing, he's so

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loyal. He saw obedient Islam to the robola al Amin. So no matter what command Ibrahim already sent him was given his response was surrender and obedience. And this is intelligence. The opposite of this, if a person refuses, if a person objects, that is not intelligence, that is foolishness. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of de vaca we have read in ir 112 That Bellarmine s lemma would you who will Allah who were who were more Sinan fella who are drew who are in the rugby, while a homophone I lay him Willa homea has known that the one who surrenders his face to Allah while he is a doer of good, then he will have his reward with his Lord and there will be no fear on such people

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and they will not grieve. You know, there are some things which, you know, when we learn about that, okay, this is something that Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us to do. It seems very, very difficult, right? Extremely difficult. Like I remember when I started wearing hijab properly, was I was little, but I remember, you know, going to school, I felt like I was going to die. I felt like everyone was staring at me, I felt so odd. It was incredibly any I don't forget those feelings. And now will humble Allah, you know, it's so normal, it's easier, it makes so much more sense of us. Pontarlier makes it easy. So anything that Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us to do? Yes,

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sometimes. And you know, every individual is different for some people, praying salah, wearing the hijab, fasting, reciting Quran, you know, making sure that their income is halal, etcetera. It's very easy, very easy. And for others, you know, the same things can be incredibly difficult. But a slum to I surrender, it doesn't mean that it's very easy for me. No, a slum to means I will do it. Because you're Rob, you have commanded me. You know, I trust you. If you have commanded me, I will do it. A slim to little bit. I mean, that is the spirit of Islam of submission. Islam submission does not mean that doing certain things is easy, or it is simple, or that you will not face any

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internal or external challenges or that you will not be anxious or that you will not experience any fear. No, that's not what Islam means. Islam means that in spite of the difficulty that I'm enjoying the fears that I have, I will still do it because I trust you or Allah, because you have commanded me. And you know, when you love someone, and you trust someone, and you are loyal to them, only then can you respond in this way. Ibrahim Hassan was able to do this a slimmed a little bit I mean, because of his sincerity because of his love for Allah, because of his trust in Allah will also be her Ibrahim will Benny he were KUBU. Next Iowa, and Ibrahim Ali Salam instructed his sons and so did

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Yaqoob early his center, both of them these prophets of Allah

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This is how they lived in submission to Allah. And this is exactly what they taught their children. And what did they say? Yeah, Bunny here, all my sons now Ibrahim Arnie Sam said this to his sons, right and who are his sons is mareel and his help jacobellis And I've said this to his sons who were his sons, the 12 sons that he had among them use of at his center. So both of them they taught this to their children that yeah, Bunny yet in Allah has stuff Allah come with Dean, indeed, Allah has chosen for you this religion, fun Atomo tuna Illa anti Muslim moon, so do not die except while you are Muslims. You know, when you think about it, especially when you read certain passages of the

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Bible. It's very clear that you know Ibrahim Hassan, he's the patriarch, right and then after him is how card he sent me or Culebra de Sena, these are all patriarchs. They are people who are, you know, guiding, taking care of their families leading their families. And there's a lot of emphasis on land. Okay, on land as in this land is for you, this land belongs to us. But Ibrahima has Salam didn't just tell his children that Allah has chosen this place for you. His emphasis was on religion in the last luffa local Modine, Allah has chosen the religion for you. So do not die, except while you are Muslims. Now, remember, what I mentioned to you was saw that they didn't just teach this to

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their children once, but many times. And this shows that Ibrahim Hassan believed in this very firmly very strongly, because what you believe in very strongly, you teach your children about it again, and again, even if your children don't like to hear it. You know, yesterday, we were out grocery shopping, and I warned my children that, you know, before we entered that, please refrain from touching everything, be careful. And you know, every single time that I noticed that they were touching their face or their hair, you know, I reminded them. And when we got back into the car, I told them to clean their hands. And before eating anything, I told them again, they had to clean

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their hands. And you know, that entire trip, I could tell that they were annoyed. They didn't like the fact that I was reminding them constantly, it felt like nagging. And I didn't want to do that. But as a mother, I can't help but you know, want safety for my children. So I have to remind them again and again. So when you believe in something, and you believe very strongly, then you emphasize and you don't just mention once or twice, you mentioned again and again. So Ibrahim already Sam taught his children throughout his life, that this is the religion that Allah has chosen. So this is the religion that we have to live by the religion of Islam, the religion of submission to Allah, the

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Lord of the Worlds, and we have to live by it until we die. Alright, but look at the way that they address their children. Yeah, Bunny. Yeah. Oh, my children. There is love. There is respect over here. But it's all sad that one we'd remind our children to pray we yell at them. Anytime they do something wrong. We yell at them. And we ask them did you read Quran today? Did you pray? We insult them we humiliate them. And so as a result, what happens is that they become annoyed by the very mention of Salah by the very mention of Quran. We may be very passionate about Quran about salah, and we should be but we have to be careful in the way that we teach our children. First of all, we

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should be consistent. Okay, we should be consistent just as Ibrahima is some was your Cobra Listen, it was. And secondly, we should do this with a lot of love. Right? There should be respect. And remember that jacobellis Anna was in Egypt when he passed away. And in Egypt, there were no people of different religions. So especially in a place where and the world that we're living in right now, where there's so many different ways of life, so many different ideologies, it's so important to constantly teach our children about who their lord is, what their religion is. Sometimes, we limit that to Islamic school, or we limit that to the Islamic classes that we have enrolled our children

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in. That is the only time that they talk about Allah, they hear about Allah, they hear about the Prophet sallallahu earlier instead of the rest of their life is completely divorced from that. And that is not the way you want to raise your children as good Muslims as people who are in submission to Allah, you have to show that by example. And you have to bring Islam in daily life you have to bring these discussions in daily life. You know, for instance, before eating, you tell them to wash their hands, you can try to scare them from germs, right? That's okay. But you can also tell them that this

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As the way that the Prophet sallallahu already said, I'm taught us it's sunnah we should wash our hands before we eat and also after we eat. So Islam is should not be, you know, limited to just certain things in our lives, or certain times in our lives. It needs to be our life. That you know, for some people, whatever they're passionate about, that becomes their life. So for us, Islam is life, submission to Allah that is life. So they said, filata, Mutanda, Illa and to Masimo do not die, except that you are in a state of Islam. insolate facilite is number 30. We learn in the livina Kaltura. Buena Allah so Mr. kombu Indeed, those people who say that our Lord is Allah, and then they

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become steadfast, meaning they live by this declaration that my Lord is Allah until their death. They die in that condition. Tetanus Zulu RLA, human Mala Iike to alert the Hafele without the horizon. Then at the time of death, the angels descend, angels come to them, and the angels tell them don't have fear where there's no don't be sad. Yes, you're afraid of. You know what, you're gonna see a head in the afterlife. And yes, you're sad about leaving the world. But don't be afraid you'll be fine. Don't be sad because you'll get something better. What up shearable Jana tility continue to our Dune, and rejoice with the news of Paradise which you were promised. So people who

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die in a state of Islam than from the moment of death, they receive good news for Lattimore, tuna Illa and to Muslim moon. Now this is shows us that if you Brahim and SLM taught this to his children, and jacobellis anam who is his grandson taught this to his children than what does it mean? This means that the religion of all of the prophets was Islam, as in submission to Allah, all of the prophets of Allah surrendered to Allah. Um, quantum shahada, it held our eye our Cobell Mote next idea, or were you witnesses when death approached? Yaqoob Alayhis Salam, because the Jews and the Christians they claimed that there upon the wave Ibrahim or a sunnah or that you know, there

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isn't an Irishman in which it is mentioned that the Jews set the messenger of allah sallallahu at Islam that we will remain Jews we cannot leave our religion because your Kolbert Islam advised us to be Jews. And Judaism is basically what what it's about a race that it's a way of life that is only for a certain people, certain people who are those people Bani Israel descendants of your Cobra listener. So is this really what Dr. Coburn is salaam taught his children that you just maintain your identity as my descendants and don't worry about anything else? No. Were you present when Dr. Coburn has said I'm gave his final words at the time of his death you weren't present? What happened

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at that time is Ali bunny he met our bounnam embody jacobellis anam asked his children that what is it that you're going to worship after me? What will you worship after me? He didn't say what name Will you carry? What title will you carry? What identity will you maintain? He wasn't concerned about the labels. He asked them. What will you worship after me after I die? ALU they said Nabu ilaha illa. Abba Ibrahim Allah is married. They said We will worship your God and the God of your fathers Ibrahim and dis married and his help. illa huwa Heda. Ibrahima is Mariela is haka. ILAHA Hida one God want to hear the whole Muslim moon and we are Muslims in submission to Him. Meaning

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just as you and your forefathers were in submission to Allah, we will also be in submission to Allah, just as you and your forefathers worshipped Allah, we will also worship Allah. So what does this show us? This shows us that you know, first of all, what you believe in the way that you will live your life. This certainly has an impact on your children. Ibrahim Ali Sam said a slim to little bit around Amin and his great grandchildren. They're saying the hula hula Muslim on Ibrahima Islam said I surrender to the Lord of the Worlds his great grandchildren are saying, we are in submission to Allah. And this doesn't happen by accident. It happens with your dedication, your sincerity, your

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effort. And of course Allah subhanaw taala is the one who brings the results. Alright, but you have to consciously want guidance for your children and your great grandchildren, your descendants. And we see over here that the prophets of Allah and he looked at your Kubernetes salaam he's saying his last words and he's asking his children what is it that you will worship after me? Typically, any one

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We think about our death. What is it that we are concerned about? Who will get what jewelry? Right? Who's going to inherit the house? Who will even take care of this house? Who will become the owner of my car? Right? Who will take care of my cat, we tell our children, if we ever think about death, and we're ever talking about these things, you know, we talk about material things, and that's fine. But we should also talk to our children about who they will worship, to sometimes have these conversations that you know, when you're older, if your children are little, you can talk to them about these things that when you're older, what will you be? Who will you be who will you worship?

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have these conversations with them? And then we see that all of the prophets of Allah, whether it is Ibrahim or any Sam or jacobellis Salaam, or the smart eel or his sunnah is How corny his Salam, all of them lived in submission to Allah, they taught the heat, right, that is what they died on. And that is the legacy they left. That is the legacy they left because at the time of death, jacobellis I was emphasizing to his children, that they should worship Allah alone, they should submit to Allah alone. Allah subhanaw taala tells us till karuma Tanaka adhaalath That was a nation which has passed on Lahoma cassava to Allah comarca septum, it will have the consequence of what it earned. And you

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will have what you have earned, meaning they will get the reward of what they did, and you will get the reward of what you do. While alone are McCann we are Malone, and you will not be asked about what they used to do. You see the people of the book, they were very proud of their ancestry, that we are the descendants of the prophets. We are the descendants of Abraham of this Hawk of your coop at his center. So it is made clear over here that you will not benefit from the piety of your ancestors, you will not be rewarded for the good deeds which your ancestors did. Their deeds are for them, and your deeds are for you. They lived their lives. They did what they were supposed to

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another gone instead of just celebrating the fact that you are the descendants of such great righteous people. Look at your deeds. What are you doing? You know, when it comes to the property of your ancestors, for example, yes, you benefit from that you inherit their wealth, you benefit from that. But when it comes to the good deeds of your ancestors, they will not help you on the Day of Judgment. They will not help you will get the reward of what you do. Because you reap what you sow. So the question is what are you doing because we're Elisa little insanity Illamasqua a person will only get what they strive for. If you're not doing anything, then you will have nothing on the Day

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of Judgment in sort of the room I have 44 Almost lb Tara says man Cafaro Farley, he Khufu whoever disbelieves then he will have the sin of his disbelief woman army la sala Han fairly and fusi him yam, Haroon, whoever does righteous deeds, then they are preparing for themselves. Any your good deeds will benefit you, the good deeds of your ancestors are not going to benefit you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Woman upto abbiamo Lu, la Musa, their behavior Cebu and he who has made slow by his actions will not be speeded by his ancestry. Meaning if a person lags behind because of their deeds, they're not doing good deeds. So as a result, they're lagging behind their

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noble lineage will not make them accelerate, it will not get them ahead on the Day of Judgment. You know, in this life, it happens that sometimes, because a person is from a certain family, they are children of or they're related to, you know, popular famous individuals, they get certain privileges. We know for example, they go to a restaurant, the owner finds out all this is the son of that celebrity or they are the sister of that important person, that politician, all of a sudden they're getting the best foods and they're not given a bill at the end. Okay, it happens in the dunya, but not on the Day of Judgment. On the day of judgment. If your deeds are not there, your

00:34:26 --> 00:34:59

ancestry is not going to benefit you this is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim. And this shows us that we cannot rely on the piety of the righteous before us in sort of Lachman. Ayah 33 Allah subhanaw taala tells us Yeah, are you a NASA Takota bekam work show yo Malaya Drizzy Wiley Dona on quality, that all people Fear your Lord and fear the day when no father will be able to avail his son. A father will not be able to avail his son and into the Zoomer is seven we learn

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

When at 10 00, turn wizard okra, no bear of burden will bear the burden of another. So, you will be answerable for what you did. And other people will be answerable for what they did. You will be rewarded for what you do and other people will be rewarded for what they do for what they have done. So, you know, sometimes we're so stuck in the past, stuck in the past in the sense that we forget present reality and we're just concerned about who did what, what they did, who was right, who was wrong. And especially when it comes to, for example, Islamic history. You know, people get very emotional and they get into debates. You know, Ahmed ibn Abdullah Aziz, when he was asked about the

00:35:43 --> 00:36:29

fitna at the time of Alienware Alia little de la Mourinho remember even few battles broke out there was clear division in the Muslim ummah, when Irma bin Abdulaziz was asked about them that you know, who was right who was wrong. Whose side are you on? He replied with this idea. He said Tilka OMA to cut Hallett there are people a community that have gone right Lamarca Sabbath they will have what they earned welcome maca septum, you will get what you earn. So why are you wasting your time? This talking about what happened? When you cannot go into the past and find out exactly what happened or right and you're wrong. You can't make any changes. So he replied with this IO fit our own. He asked

00:36:29 --> 00:37:17

musante Sam about the previous nations. In surah Taha 51 We learn color from a battle Perenial Hola. He said, What is the condition of the earlier generations? Meaning the past generations, they're gone now? Your message did not reach them? What about them? So Musar listen and replied URL mohar in the real beefy keytab layer the Laura B will I answer? Their knowledge is with my Lord. And my Lord does not make a mistake nor does he forget any Allah subhanaw taala He will judge in regard to them. This is not my business. My concern is and your concern should be about our actions. What are we doing? In Soto Arafa six Allah subhanaw taala says fallenness ILN Alladhina Audyssey La La him while

00:37:17 --> 00:38:01

Anna's l&l? mursaleen we will definitely question those who were sent meaning those people to whom messengers were sent and we will definitely question the messengers. So, we will be questioned, we will be asked about our deeds and we will be answerable alone in Surah Maria Maya 95 Allah says will Kulu whom it haYom will PMT foetida all of them will come to him on the Day of Judgment alone. Your great grandfather who was a half of Quran who had the title, how GE you know so on and so forth. He will not stand by your side when you are being questioned about your deeds, you will stand alone for Colome at home will pm it further. We have read earlier languages enough soon enough cinci no soul

00:38:01 --> 00:38:41

will avail another in fact, people will run away from each other. And so with ARVA we learn your way a federal model woman a fee. The day when a person will run from his brother, he only a federal model women a fee will only he will be he will run away from his mother and his father will Sahiba De Waal Bernie he will run away from his wife and his child. Any people will avoid each other, they will not come to rescue you. So don't just rely on the piety of your forefathers. Don't just be proud of whose children you are. Stop basking in that glory and come to reality. Look at what you are doing. Look at your own actions.

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