Medina Stories #19 – What Makes Medina So Special

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Part of what makes Medina a special place or at least for the time period that I was there is just the atmosphere of worship that is the dominant sort of background of the place. There's a peace everybody remarks, you know, my lead a lot of tour groups for Mecca and Medina and, and things like that. And almost everybody would say, you know, I really wish I had more time in Medina or you know, Medina I know that people would often say, I know I shouldn't say this, but I like Medina more like Mecca. And the reason why, why is there something very palpable in Medina and this is part of you know, there's a religious theological reason for this the Prophet alayhi salatu salam asked Allah to

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bless Medina in particular ways in the context of the kind of mahadji Loon The Muslims from Mecca who were homesick and were missing their, their, their homeland, we don't think of them as different homelands today because they're part of the same nation state, but they were very, very different places back in the time of the Prophet i that he set out to set up and so the prophet Ali So that said, I made dua to Allah to make it a sort of blessed place in this way that would put them at ease, and that's exactly what he did. But especially especially, I think the thing that that strikes most people is the prophets message. The message is just absolutely tranquil. You know, it's one of

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the best places to be, you can spend all day there very easily. Not only is it big enough, you know, you can you can sleep there, you can eat there, you can, you know, there's bathrooms nearby, it's literally got everything that you would need and so you kind of enter into this other realm where if you want to just imagine that all of the world outside doesn't exist and the problems that we have with war and with famine and flooding and you know, oppression and being colonized and all these sorts of things in the profits mess sheet and Medina you can actually forget about those things for a little bit. Which is is pretty remarkable.