Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-005D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 19-20

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Now the second example of the hypocrites and this example like I mentioned earlier is the example which is called mahi mahi meaning it is off water. So what's happening over here Allah subhanaw taala tells us Elka say you've been mean a summer or it is like a rainstorm meaning their example the example of the hypocrites is like that of a rainstorm meaning of a people who are caught in a rainstorm, okay. And Sahib is like I mentioned earlier, it is heavy rain. It is also said that so you have is thick, heavy rain clouds from which rain is pouring forth. And you know, sometimes rain is so heavy that it's literally like a sheet in front of you. Right? So like a heavy rain from the

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sky. And in that rain in that downpour. There is Lulu Matten darknesses why darkness because there's a darkness of the night in which is the storm there is the darkness of the clouds there is darkness of the rain. So, all of these darkness is and then in addition there is what are doing and thunder and Thunder is the sound that you hear in a storm and the sound comes after the lightning. So what are don't wobble can bark is the lightning the flashing in the sky. So darkness is thunder and lightning. What happens? You and your Aluna asabi are home fi Adani him. These people who are caught in that storm. What do they do they put their fingers in their ears. Now a sob error is actually the

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entire finger not just the fingertips. Okay fingertips are called enamel. Now of course we cannot put our entire fingers into our ears. But what's meant by this is that they do their very best to plug their ears any if they could they would put their entire fingers into their ears. This is how afraid they are of the sound they do not want to hear at all. So you had your Aluna or Savera home feet at any him. Why do they put their fingers in their ears meatal Solaria key because of the thunderclaps right because of the thunderclaps because of the Thunderbolts because as the thunder bolts fall from the sky, there is also that you know loud sound that is frightening. So they don't

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want to hear that and they're afraid of deaths. So out of precaution against death Heather on melt any think about it. If you are caught in a storm and you just plug your ears? Is that something that will protect you? Is that something that will save you not at all. This is like an ostrich putting its head in the ground. You know a wild animal is approaching it to kill it. Any closing your eyes in the face of an enemy is never going to save you. It's basically pretending like you're not in danger, but you are very much in danger. So they try to avoid hearing the thunder because they're afraid that the thunder is going to kill them those thunderclaps those thunder bolts are going to

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kill them. But Allah subhanaw taala says will love him or hate or middle care feeding Allah is encompassing of the disbelievers. You know even though they plug their ears, they haven't escaped the Command of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala has command still prevails over them. Now what's happening year caddell Berco Yocto Busara home in order to not hear the sound, they block their ears, but of course in the storm, there isn't just the sound, there isn't just thunderous blasts, there is also lightning and the lightning the bark, because it comes so quickly and it's so bright, you know, flashes and it spreads quickly across the sky. You know, it's so bright, that it would

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almost * away their sight. Youthful hot is to quickly you know, come grab something and take it away. So they would almost lose their vision. And this is something that we experience if you are outside or even if you're inside and there's lightning outside and you keep looking at the lightning any depending on how bright it is and how close it is. It's almost blinding. So your candle Berko Yocto Apsara home. So what do they do? They're caught in the storm. So quick Nima Allah Allah Homebush ofii Whenever there is light, because remember it's night and there is the darkness of you know the rain, the darkness of the clouds. So every time that there is light because of the

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lightning, what do they do? They walk, but think about it. How long does lightning last? Exactly a second a few moments. So if they're

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are walking just in those few moments of lightning? They're taking those few steps. How far can they possibly go? Not far at all. Because as soon as we're either Alomar lay him, as soon as it becomes dark, they stand. So when there's light, they take those few steps. As soon as it becomes dark, they stop. So they're standing for longer, and only momentarily, they take those few steps. Well, oh sha Allah who led the hobby summary him well beside him. And if Allah wanted, he could have taken away their hearing and their vision. So they would not be able to see the danger or what is in front of them, they would not be able to hear the sound that frightens them in the Lucha Allah cliche in

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Kadir Indeed, Allah is competent over all things. Now, what does this example mean? What is the lightning? What is the thunder? Why are they putting their fingers in their ears? And you know what's going on over here? Now, before we get into what exactly this example means, one thing is that somewhat rhythm I say that this example is of people who have hypocrisy in their actions. So the first example is of people who have hypocrisy in their Arcada in their faith, who are actually, you know, disbelievers in their hearts, but they pretend to be Muslim. The second example is off people who have faith in their heart, they actually believe in their heart, but they show hypocrisy

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in their actions. Okay, so this is one opinion and some are lemme say that no, this is same hypocrisy, you had your own others deception. So this example is for both people who have hypocrisy in their belief and also people who have hypocrisy in their actions. Okay, so notice over here, they're described as caffeine well Lahoma Hilton Bill caffeine, Allah encompasses those who disbelieve why are they called us believers because that is their reality. They say that they believe but they're not actually believers. Right. So it is said that rain in this example, the Sahib is referring to Islam.

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Okay, Islam or revelation? Because in many examples, or in many places in the Quran, Revelation is compared with rain. Because what does rain do? Even though it comes in a storm? There's wind, you know, yes, there may be some dangers associated with it. But ultimately, what does rain do? It's a source of life. It's a source of growth. Where I live the past few days have been very rainy. It's been very windy. But today, it's nice and sunny. And, you know, you look outside the grass is so green. The trees are looking so beautiful. There's so much color. Yes. You know, the past few days have been difficult because of the wind and the cold and you know, the wetness, but the result of

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the rain is always beautiful. Right? So the rain is Islam or it is Revelation because that is what Revelation is to the heart. It's a source of life. Okay. Now, what about the thunder and the lightning? They say that the thunder and the lightning is referring to in this example, the thunder and the lightning represent the commands and also the threats or the prohibitions. Why are they thunder and lightning? Because for some people, the commands of Islam are like thunder and lightning. They think that they're gonna die. That if they have to pray Fajr Oh, my God, I'm gonna die. This is so hard. They have to give the cat oh my god, I have to give so much money. They have

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to go for Hajj. It's so expensive. Hijab. This is too difficult. Any every command of Islam is like thunder and lightning for them. It is scary. It is frightening. It is difficult, extremely difficult. Any even making wudu is difficult for them. Well, you're Yeah, the villa. So this is what the thunder and lightning is referring to the commands or the prohibitions, and some say that the thunder and lightning can also be referring to the difficulties and the trials that come in the way of Islam. You know, for example, fasting, yes, it is hard. It can be hard, right? But for some people fasting is like what it's like a death sentence. The month of Ramadan as it approaches they

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become afraid they're not happy. And this is dangerous. Because while a believer does find hardship, okay, a believer will submit to the Command of Allah despite the hardship right a believers responses submit

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are now well tarna Oh my Lord, I have heard I will obey. It's hard on me, but I will do it. Right. A believer of can find it hard to wake up for fidget, but the difficulty is not going to prevent him. And eventually there comes a point where that difficulty goes away. Where believer looks forward to worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. So, this is the difference. A hypocrite is in extreme fear and dread off the commands. All right. And a believer, yes, he finds difficulty Yes, he may be afraid. But a believer obeys. A believer surrenders. A believer seeks the help of Allah and what happens he is rewarded, she is rewarded for the difficulty that they endure. Right and Allah subhanaw taala

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grant them ease in Namara loosely, you straw in Namara loosely, you straw with difficulty comes ease. So this is the difference between the response of the believer and the response of the hypocrite. Okay, so this is what the thunder and lightning is the commands the prohibitions or the difficulties and the trials. Okay. Now, what's happening? When there is thunder when there's the noise, the hypocrite plugs his ears doesn't want to listen. Right? pretends like the commands in Islam are not there. And a lot of people would prefer that, that they will prefer to remain ignorant of the teachings of Islam, they say I don't want to learn because if I learn, I will have to follow

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while you know what you have to follow anyway, because you're Muslim, right? When you say that you're Muslim, you're supposed to follow the commands of Allah. But some people think that remaining ignorant of those commands, you know, mean that they don't have to follow, they don't have to comply. This is foolishness. And this also shows how a hypocrite does not like the commands of Islam does not like the teachings of Islam. Certain verses are like what are like thunder and lightning, like thunderbolts, they dislike them. And this is something that we need to check. You know, every verse of the Quran is a verse that we should believe in, that we should accept wholeheartedly, we

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should believe that these are the words of ALLAH, this is filled with wisdom, this is filled with goodness, the difficulty may be inside of me in you know, understanding these verses, but the verses are good. So for the hypocrite, the verses of the Quran, the commands of Islam are like what thunder, lightning, you know, he blocks his ears doesn't want to listen. And then what happens? When there is some light, the hypocrite walks, whenever there is darkness, he stops. So this is what the hypocrite does. When things are easy. Yes, he will make a little bit of progress. But when things are hard, no way. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to budge. I'm not going to move. I'm not

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going to change myself. Well, yeah, the villa. So this is the difference between the way of the hypocrite and the way of the believer for the hypocrite. The teachings of Islam the commands of Islam incredibly hard, incredibly painful. Any he dreads them, but the believer surrenders and obeys. We learned in the Quran, that the hypocrites Yes, Abona Coolessay Hatena Allah him they think that every, you know, scream, every shout is against them. They live in fear. They live in this fear that they're going to be exposed. Right? Whereas the believer, we learn that a believer surrenders to Allah. So a believer is at peace. In surah Toba 111 Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah Hush, dada

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Meenal move me Nina and Fusa Homer and Wila whom be Anila homo Jana, indeed Allah has purchased from the believers, their lives and their properties in exchange for Jamna. They give their life, their wealth to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will give them Jana so doesn't mean that a believers life is all easy, but a believer strives anyway, and Allah subhanaw taala loves people who strive in his cause. And Allah subhanaw taala rewards them generously. We learn in sort of the Toba 103 Allah subhanaw taala says Who are the mean I'm wildly him sada cotton to the hero whom were to the key him behalf that people should give you know, charity, why? Because it will purify them and it will cause

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them to grow. Right? It will nurture their faith. Verse 103. Okay 103 So, this is what charity does, but for the hypocrite charities like what it's like a fine, Zakat is a fine

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It's like a financial burden. Whereas for the believer charities a cath becomes what a source of purification and a source of growth increase in reward. So the believer looks at the positive side, right at the benefit at the reward. And what is the hypocrite focused on the glass is half empty. This is too hard. Now, you know, for example, when we're fasting, one way of looking at the fast is, I'm starving. This is torture. This is too hard. This is too difficult. I'm going to die. Okay. And another way is, yes, I'm hungry. But it's just a few hours, for every moment that I'm fasting, there is reward. And when you break your fast, you take that sip of water, that relief, that joy, that

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sense of accomplishment, that gratitude Alhamdulillah, you see, there's a different response. Right? You know, both share the difficulty, but the response is entirely different.

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So we need to respond to the challenges in life, the challenges that come in way of obedience to Allah, the hardships that come in the way of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. We need to approach them, you know, happily with a positive mindset, you know, not toxic positivity, where we fail to acknowledge the difficulties No, we acknowledge the difficulties, we know they're there. We don't pretend like they don't exist. No, they're there. But we have expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala. Isn't that what the prophets of Allah who already has said and told us to do? That Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan, with faith and expectation of reward than all their past sins

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will be forgiven? Why expectation of reward expectation of reward from Allah means that you're not doing it as a favor to Allah, you're not doing it just to get it over with you're not doing it with dread. You're doing it happily. You're doing it for the sake of Allah. Right? And that is what makes worship not only easy, but also pleasurable, you feel good, you feel good Alhamdulillah that Allah gave me the ability to do this. Alright, so we see over here that the commands in Islam are a blessing, a relief for the believer, but a burden for the hypocrite, a burden and a heaviness. We learn in through the Toba I 124 to 125 that were either my own zealot Surah atone for men who may or

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Kulu au comes out to her the Imana that when a surah is revealed. There are some you know people who are hypocrites who say that did you even increase in your faith because of these verses, meaning these verses made no difference for Amma Medina avenue for Zadra to Iman, and well whom he has stopped Sharon. But as for those who believe the verses, increase them in faith and they rejoice. They're happy. They rejoice at every verse of the Quran. But people in whose hearts is disease Pirzada to rejoice and Elijah see him for them. What happens is with every verse, their filth, their inner filth increases Wilma to a home, Catherine. We learned in SoCal Madatha i a 31. That, you

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know, when the angels that are appointed over *, when they were mentioned, some people what happened, they increased in their doubt. And they made fun of the Quran, they made fun of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, but the believers, what happened to them, way as dad Alladhina amanu Imana, the people who believe increase in their faith. So the believer increases in his faith increases in his joy in his happiness in his obedience, as he learns about the commands of Allah. And the hypocrite, every idea is like thunder, lightning, like a threat, like a death sentence, like something that frightens him, that scares him that he just wants to run away, and he wants to get

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away. And he wants to just go to a place where he can be far away from all of these teachings of Islam, because he does not like them at all. So what are we being taught through this example? You know, one is, of course, like I mentioned earlier, these verses expose the hypocrisy of the hypocrites. But at the same time, these verses these examples are also an opportunity for us to introspect that we look at the state of our hearts, that what do I think about the commands of Islam? Do I say that old? They're difficult? They're too hard. They're irrelevant. They're outdated, or that they are impossible. We shouldn't say things like that. Never see

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Things like that. Even when you find something difficult. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for ease, believe that Allah subhanaw taala has promised ease and ask Allah for ease. What do you think? Did the companions of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam did not find any hardship in the way of Allah? Absolutely they did. But what was their attitude, they kept obeying, they kept surrendering and the help of Allah subhanaw taala came, because this is Allah's promise that Allah will help those people who strive in his cause. And the people who have dread and who have hatred for Islam who have that dislike, that dislike and that hatred only increases over time. So their truth their reality is

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revealed. So this is what hypocrisy is that a person can pretend. Even on the outward they can show obedience, but in the heart, there is no love for Allah. There is no love for Quran, there is no love for Islam, there is no love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there is no love for the acts of worship. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. Now for the first group, the first example it was mentioned, Allah took away their light, right or on the Day of Judgment, Allah will take away their light and they will be in complete darkness unable to return. But for the second group, okay, for the second example, it has been mentioned, well Oh shall Allah hula, the hubba be summary who

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upside him? If Allah wants he can take away their hearing and their vision. So they can still see they can still hear the path of guidance is still open to them. So the ball is in their court? Which way do they want to go? Do they want to go in the path of guidance? Or do they want to go in the path of misguidance

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so this is an opportunity for us to reflect as well. That what we say how we think has an impact on our actions. Our attitude has an impact on our trajectory, which way we go. So we have to be careful about the thoughts we entertain the words we say and the way that we respond to the commands of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us let's listen to the recitation of these verses again.

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mean us.

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a lot long will that be seminary him what other sorry him in the law, Hannah colletion in

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So these verses teach us that we should be afraid of hypocrisy,

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right? That we should be afraid lest we fall in hypocrisy, or lest we be hypocrites and we don't even know about it. We don't even realize that has an buslee. He said about hypocrisy, that it is only the believer who fears hypocrisy. The hypocrite is not afraid of hypocrisy, because the hypocrite thinks that he is almost right that he is doing what is right. He's perfectly fine. But a believer is actually afraid of hypocrisy, and the companions. What was their way? We learn Kuno whom you're half on NIFA. Karla enough. See, every single one of them was afraid of hypocrisy for himself. Any every single Companion of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was afraid that they might

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fall in hypocrisy or they might be hypocrite and they don't even realize and when you are conscious like this, you were afraid like this

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then you actually take care of your Eman. When you become careless. When you don't have any fear, then you think that you have, you know, you don't really have to do anything, you become lazy. The fear of hypocrisy keeps you active, keeps you on guard keeps you eager to preserve your faith and not having that fear makes you very comfortable with the way you are. And we know that when we feel very comfortable with the way we are, that's very dangerous because that's where we start going down. So we should all ask Allah subhanaw taala Allahumma inni route to becoming a larger Z while Caselli while Gibney while Bookly while Harami will pass what he will have Leti Well, I allottee

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with the Leti Well, masculinity, what are all the becoming an fuckery? Well, Kufri well Fuso P was sheer copy when nifer RP was sooner it will RIA

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Allah along Dora beautiful Dora, in which we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from a lot of things that are dangerous for us that are harmful for us, among them, things such as weakness and laziness and cowardice and stinginess and extreme old age, and hardness of heart and heedlessness, and poverty and humiliation, weakness, and kufr disbelief, disobedience and opposition and hypocrisy and showing off to people may Allah subhanaw taala protect us. So this is one of the drawers that we should be making. So why extreme old age because, you know, extreme old age where a person is they're not able to function well physically or even mentally. So this can be very difficult for a

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person. So from these verses, what's the main takeaway

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that you have for yourself? I want to hear from you. What are the main takeaways?

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Excellent. This is the main thing being honest with Allah. And this is the essence of taqwa. What is the call that you are conscious of Allah, you are aware that Allah knows you are aware that Allah is watching you. This is honesty, and this is the exact opposite of hypocrisy. We should be afraid of hypocrisy. We should never feel satisfied about our faith that I'm good. I don't need to do anything else. I'm fine. No, I need to improve and there's no guarantee that this light that I have will actually stay with me forever. This light needs work. We need to increase and strengthen this light. hamdulillah inshallah we'll conclude over here about a colo fecal subclinical locomobi be handed a

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shadow Allah ilaha illa. Anta Astok Furukawa Tobu Elaine was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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