Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 293D Tafsir Al-Muzzammil 9-16

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of reciting the Quran for productivity and hedaya is discussed, along with the need to practice it in the night to increase one's capacity and reward its output. The focus should be on the person being recited, not on the person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and allowing time for others to deal with their emotions and problems. The speaker also discusses various myths and myths related to the rainy season and the rainy season's potential consequences.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Yeah, a U haul Muzammil or you who is wrapped up? Who may Leila Illa kalila arise to pray in the night except for a little the prophets of Allah who already was Salam is addressed. This is an early makan surah. And one of the first things a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was instructed to do was to perform the night prayer. Why? Because he was going to be given a very heavy word, Golden's Akela, which is Quran. And in order to carry something heavy, you need to build strength. How do you build strength? Not by resting, but by increasing your capacity? And how do you do that? By standing in prayer in the night? Oma Leila Illa kalila. How much of the night

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Miss for who half of it or when the postman who kalila or subtract a little from it, meaning less than half Oh, Zadar lay he or add to it, meaning pray a little more than half of the night. And then in the night prayer, what to do, what a detail Khurana the Rutila. recite the Quran with measured recitation. So what is 13? What do you remember from the meaning of 13? What kind of recitation is 13? Yes.

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Okay, one part of it is correct pronunciation. So reciting with that weed, and the other part of it is meaningful recitation, which is that a person is pausing at the right place, he is raising his voice or lowering his voice, or he is adding intensity in the recitation. So basically, it is reading with comprehension. This is 13. What aterial Khurana Thor Tila, and in order to recite Quran with 13, what do you have to do? Can you recite superfast? Can you know, remember the statement of this hobby? Who said that make your ears listen? Meaning what your reading should be such that you are able to follow along also, not that you're reading with your mouth, and you are lagging behind?

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Right? You're lagging after you're struggling with keeping up as to what you're reading? Because sometimes what happens, you reach the end of an eye and you're like, what did I read? Right? It happens with English reading. Also, you read an entire paragraph and entire page and you wonder, what is it that I read here? Right? What's going on in the story? What's going on in this book, you have no idea. So the thing is that when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, just the reading itself is a source of reward, isn't it? It's a source of reward for every letter you recite there is a budget. But Quran is for agile, and it is for hedaya. And through hedaya more agile, write more

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reward. So when reading the Quran, let us not just derive benefit from the letters or the sounds that we produce. Let us also benefit from what the words contain the message that they convey. In order to do that we must recite with comprehension. So let's see real Khurana authority ILA. And why prayer in the night because Inessa noodle pie lake a colon, circular, a heavy word, a heavy speech, meaning the Quran is going to be given to you so for that, build your inner strength increase your capacity in the Nashi utter Lail. And Why pray in the night? Why not make time for it during the day? Because the hours of the night here are shut duathlons they are more effective? For what

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reason? What what are the two meanings of what the first meaning is trampling the soul? So basically disciplining the nups so the night prayer is more effective in disciplining than knifes. So this means wherever we are struggling with our knifes, whether it is with regards to speech or with regards to our anger with regards to our certain habits, that the knifes is preventing us from doing what Allah wants us to do. So then what is necessary discipline the soul, and one of the most effective ways of disciplining the soul is the night prayer. The second meaning of the word what is yes? What do you have in your notes, the second meaning of the word wealth? You can check your

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notes, no problem.

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Okay, what the second meaning of what somebody else?

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Okay, go ahead.

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Okay, so the second meaning would be concentration because we thought is when there's concurrence between things being they're happening at the same time, they are in sync. So this is the night prayer is ideal.

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For what? For focus that your heart and your ears will be together. Meaning whatever you are listening to whatever you're reciting, you're also able to focus on it. So what it's better for focus and concentration will acquire Mattila and more suitable for words. Which words, words off words off recitation. And how is it more suitable? Because it's more sincere. Right? You know, for example, sometimes you're reciting the Quran and part of it really hits you really strikes you, and you want to recite it again. But there's somebody else who's sitting there and they're saying, Why are you reciting this again, you feel self conscious, right? When you're reciting in front of other

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people. So when there's nobody listening to you, except for yourself, right? There's no other person around. Then you can recite. While crying you can recite while smiling you can recite 20 times the same thing you can recite in a very intense manner, a formal pila. So peel, which peel is this, which speeches, this recitation? What else could it be the words of Da of prayer, because in the night, when you make dua, it will be more sincere. So we'll upload them with deila. Then Allah says that in the lack of in a hurry, subhanho wa taala, why not make time for recitation during the day, because it will be very good if you could, however, in general, you have way too much to do during

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the day. Subhanallah Lila, too many things going on. And this is something that you may experience. I remember a sister once told me that as soon as she ended the course, you know, the course ended and I met her after a couple of weeks and she's like, I'm struggling so much to even open up the Quran these days, because there's five kids, Masha, Allah, little, little kids, one child has to go to school, and then you have to take care of their homework, and then their laundry, and then their fights, and then they're this and then they're that and she's like, by the time I'm done, I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted. So really, this is true, that during the day, you know, if you leave the

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recitation of the Quran for some time during the day, then May Allah help you. Right? Because yes, mashallah many of you, you have control over your time, in the sense that you can sleep whenever you can eat whenever you can study whenever, but there are many people who have obligations towards others. And so, should they deprive themselves of the recitation of the Quran? No, make time for it, you must make time for it. And when do you do that? In the night, or at least at Fajr time, so in a lack of in a hurry, Subhan taweelah? What good is small or big, and mentioned the name of your Lord? Meaning when you begin the recitation of the Quran in the night, then what should you do? Begin with

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the mention of the Name of your Lord, meaning begin with begin with Bismillah with charisma robic and not just recitation in the night, but anytime that you recite the Quran begin by mentioning the name of Allah. So whenever we recite the Quran, how do we start with Bismillah and this is general also that in your day and in your night, mentioned Allah's Name, meaning remember him do his victory. What a battle la he dabba de la, the battle, devote yourself lie to him, Timothy villa with complete devotion. Now the battle 13 from Route letters, betta lamb, and batalla is to cut something and separate it from the rest, to cut something and separate it from the rest. So think of it this

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way, there's a huge cake, right? You cut a piece of it, and you take it out, you put it on a plate and you take it away. This is what bathala Are you separated it? You got it and you separated it. So the battle lie. What does it mean? That disengage from everything and devote yourself to who lie to Allah alone. disengaged from everything.

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This is talking about the night prayer in particular, this engagement every thought every worry every work, your phone, your homework, you know, diaper, changing your kids, whatever it is disengage from everything. And now focus on who? On who, on Allah alone. Now tell me, is it possible to do this kind of a battle during the day? Or 13 during the day? No, because it's amazing even when you're praying

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Follow people will give you messages

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isn't it?

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Okay, I'm leaving. Okay so and so is calling you you're praying and then what happens during your prayer you're thinking about those things. So the Bethel elated Utila completely disconnect from everything, and connect yourself to, to Allah, the baton la hitop de la. Now this is with regards to the night prayer, but even in general, that when you are worshiping Allah, then what do you have to do? disconnect from everything mentally, physically, verbally? In every way?

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What happens is that we connect with people how by talking to them, we connect with people how or with things by looking at them, or by thinking about them. But when you're praying, Salah Are you allowed to even look here there? No. Can you talk to people give them just one answer? One answer. If, for example, you're praying, everybody's leaving, and you want to go with them? Can you just say, Wait? Can you know you can't say even verbally, you know, you're disconnected. No communication between you and people. The battle elated particular, why is this kind of focus necessary? Why?

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Because if you don't make time for it, when will you? And when we do things, half heartedly that we're half in it half disconnected from it, then what happens? What happens if we're not entirely focused on our work? Can we get 100% out of it? No, you can't. So for example, you may have been sitting once upon a time in a classroom while the professor is talking. And you were just lost in something. Right? And he explained a very important concept and you didn't really pay attention. And then what happened? Did you suffer for the rest of the course? You probably did. Because you were sitting there, but you were mentally somewhere else, isn't it? So the Bethel ELA heater Boutella.

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Pray to Him, beg him, glorify Him. Ask Him for guidance. Ask Him for forgiveness, ask him for strength, and focus entirely on him. Who is he? A bull mushy, creepy? Well, Maghrib, he is the Lord of the East and the West. The place where the sunrises and the place where the sunsets, all directions, he is the Lord of everything. La ilaha illa, who, and this is why there is no God worthy of worship, except he foot the head, who so take him meaning take Allah as what Keela as disposer off affairs, meaning take Allah as the one whom you rely upon and entrust all of your affairs to. There should be no problem, no issue, nothing going on in your life, except that you rely upon Allah

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regarding it. Don't we hear that the Sahaba would even pray to Allah about their broken shoelaces. Yeah.

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What does that mean? That even the most, you know, minut issue that you have in your life? Who is it that you must rely upon regarding it? Allah subhanaw taala Fidel handle Akela but one can you do that when you strengthen your bond with Allah, when you talk to him in the night when everybody's sleeping, when you recite his word that he has sent for you, when you spend time in prayer, then outside of prayer also, you will be able to rely upon him. And if you learn to rely upon Allah, then you'll be chill, you'll be a relaxed person. Really? And if you don't learn to rely upon Allah, then I'm sorry, your life will be very difficult.

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Because isn't life difficult? In general? Aren't there things going against our wishes all the time? Isn't it? So what happens when you learn to rely upon Allah then you learn to relax because you know that he will take care of things for you, and whatever he will decree, it will be okay. So for the head, who Akela was spirit, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam installed and be patient, Allah, Maya Kowloon over whatever they say, who says over what the people say, the people will say a lot of things about the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam against him, they'd make fun of him. They would say very hurtful things about him, sometimes at his face, sometimes behind his back amongst

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themselves, and if ever you find out that people are talking about you, they said such and such about you, even though you didn't hear those words. Does it hurt you? Does it hurt you? Yeah, it hurts. So what is the advice that

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Allah gave to His Messenger while spirit Isla Maya Kowloon, be patient over what they say. So what is the lesson for us also, that if people are saying things that annoy us, that hurt us, that break our heart, and we didn't do anything to deserve those words, that harsh treatment, then what is the solution? What do you do in that situation? was better be patient? Because you don't have control over people do you? Know, sometimes we think if only I could talk to that person myself. I'd make them quiet. Here. You can make them quiet in that moment, but wait until they leave you. And then what's going to happen? They're gonna start talking again. And you know, one of the best things is

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that when somebody tells you so and so was saying this about you, please don't ask them. What were they saying? And this is why, you know, when it comes to comments also online, like they say, don't even read them. Right? Don't even read them. So for example, there's an article about some Muslim, and then a very negative portrayal, and things blown out of proportion. And the comments over there, just don't even read them.

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And when people come and tell you, that your sister in law, your mother in law, or your cousin, or that Aunt, or that neighbor, they were saying this about you please don't take interest in it. Don't because the more you will try to find out what they're saying the more it's going to bother you. It's going to be difficult for you to do suburb. So what's with Isla, Mayor Kowloon, wherever they say whether they say to your face, or they say behind your back, no matter what it is, be patient and expect a reward from Allah when you're home and avoid them had ever had Umrah he draw from the same route. What does he mean to emigrate? What does that mean that you leave where you were and you

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go elsewhere? This is hijra, right? So what I do at home, leave them meaning avoid them. When you know that somebody's going to say something nasty to you, which is going to hurt your feelings. Why are you going and sitting in front of them? Why

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does this mean cut off from them? No. It means yes say salaam how are you? Hello and then move on.

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What your home had run Jamila hydron a leaving that is Jamil? That is beautiful. Remember the word Jamil sovereign Jamil. What is Jimmy? Outwardly beautiful, meaning you can see the beauty the beauty is visible.

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Now the thing is that if somebody bothers as if somebody hurts us, and we want to follow this Iowa dude home leave them how will we leave them generally? How huff and puff? Hi, say a couple of things as you're walking out angrily bang the door maybe and you throw something and show some attitude. What does Allah say? Leave them gracefully, beautifully, not frowning and yelling and huffing and puffing was your home heard Iran Jamila, meaning just ignore?

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It's difficult. But it's worth a try. Because Allah subhanaw taala is giving this advice. You know, when somebody advises you, and you're like, I don't know if it's going to work.

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You still try it because you're desperate for any advice for any solution. Allah is giving this advice without me and leave me. You know, when somebody says to you, leave me let me be what does it mean? Let me do what I'm doing and don't interfere.

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Don't stop me from this.

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So thou nee leave me meaning let me do this one mocha V Bean, and the deniers meaning leave me to deal with the deniers however I want.

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You don't come in between. You stay out of this like we say. So what does it mean? Allah subhanaw taala is saying that I will deal with the deniers myself.

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I will deal with the deniers myself. This is a severe threat. A severe warning to the McCarthy be that imagine if Allah is intending to punish them himself and he's making it clear that the only will look at the bean. What a severe punishment this would be. So in other words, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being told why do you have to worry these people who are denying you leave their matter to me? I will deal with them. So without me while mocha DB Who are these mocha the been? Only number 30 those of NAMA what is normal? Same route has never been near my blessing. Norma is in life.

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comfort, and how do you get ease in life through blessings? So those of affluence, they deny,

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and they are people of affluence who gave them all of this ease in life these comforts in life Allah gave them but look at them, they turn back and deny Allah wama Hill home and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told that my Hill home allow them respite for how long? A Leland for a little man Hill meme her lamb. Them he'll model is to be slow. And moolah is to give respite meaning be slow in taking action against someone. So when you're slow in taking action against someone, what does it mean? You're giving them time? That let's see what they do.

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So my Hill home, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told give time to these McCarthy been Don't be hasty. Regarding them, give them time. What does this mean? Be patient? Yes, they are denying, yes, they are deserving of punishment because of what they are doing, and because of how they're treating you, but you don't become vengeful, give them time, and just wait and see. And if you think about it, there were so many people who initially oppose the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But later on those same people, they became Muslim. I'm a banner Asante, Allahu Anhu. He's the one who went to Abyssinia right, to get the Muslims back, those who had emigrated and then I'm

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gonna also below more on who he became Muslim later on. And his relationship with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so good that he used to think that the prophets of Allah word who said him likes me the most. I am his favorite. And then one day he actually asked him that, who do you love the most to rasool Allah? And he said, are Isha?

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And he said, No, no, for among the men. He said, her father is like after him, somebody else after him somebody else in our movie losses, like I think I should be quiet. I shouldn't ask him anymore. Why did I even ask him this question? So my Hill home kalila. Now, what happens is that, you know, we have a fight with somebody, we have an argument with somebody, we have a disagreement with somebody, and we're like, This is it. It's over. I can't deal with this individual anymore. There is no way I could live with them. There's no way I could work with them, I quit. And if I quit, you know, my life will be perfect. Well, it'd be perfect. No, even if you quit, you will have another

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set of problems. When you're dealing with people when you're working with them living with them. You will have disagreements, you will have arguments. But just because you had one disagreement doesn't mean that your relationship with that individual is finished forever. Don't be hasty. And don't be vengeful, give time, give space, give space. And then with time in sha Allah, things will improve things will change. You know, for example, many parents have this problem with their children that as they're growing up, teenagers or whatnot, you know, they're like, this is not working out this is not working. This is not working out, fight after fight argument after argument. So what is

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necessary give space to each other? Give space to each other? Give time? Don't be hasty. Husband and wife also. One argument doesn't mean that an argument means a divorce. No, give time.

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Wait my Hill kalila. in Nellore Dana, Allah subhanaw taala comforts the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that those who continue to oppose and deny you in this way and who don't change who don't soften for you, even with so much time then in Allah Dana indeed we have Latina with us, meaning we have for them and Carolyn shackles would your Hema and burning fire. Those who continue in this way and die in this way than for them in the hereafter are uncanny would your him and Cal plural of the word Nikhil known calf lamb and it's used for shackles or fetters with which animals are tied up heavy

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in Ella Dana and Carolyn wood, your Hema and your heme burning raging fire? Well, thommen and we also have for them Thalmann some food which is that will slot in that having meaning one that has will we'll saw

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Lusa line solid solid Bahasa in Arabic. Okay? What does it mean? It is something that causes one to choke. So the word is used for, for example, a lump in the throat, or when something gets jammed, it gets stuck in the throat. So for instance, when food or water gets stuck in the throat and it's not easy to swallow it, so a person has to drink something over it or he has to keep trying and trying, you know, person can choke and die like this.

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That will slip in food that will be difficult to even swallow food that will choke them every time they take it in that who Sutton and you know how sometimes there's some type of food, maybe texture or taste or flavor that you just cannot tolerate? Because of your natural dislike of it. So what happens even if you try to have it and you put it in your mouth, are you able to swallow it? No. You will see this with children many times and when they're told again and again, eat this, eat this eat this and they don't want to eat it. What happens the moment they take it in their mouth, the throw up, it comes out there will slit in so horrible this food will be that it will be even difficult to

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swallow to take it in what are our Manville sudden what are their oven a Lima and it doesn't end there and a painful punishment. When will this be yellow mythology full of blue on the Day when the earth will converts? RAJIV SHAH Raj fell to shake to convulse an earthquake. Yo mythology fall out of the wall zhiban The Day when the earth and the mountains will come votes and they will shake so much that we're cannot to do battle that the mountains will be geth Eva Mahila they will become Kathy my heel. What is this Kathy? My heel Kathy? is used for a long,

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wide dune of sand. And my heel

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is from the word Hala. Ha yeah, learn the verb Hello, hello. Yeah, hello. And hello, Yeah, hello is when something

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flows very easily. It's not firm. So when it's not firm, you no one step on it, or you strike it very gently and what will happen it will start moving. So for example, it's used for a heap of sand, sand when it's dry, it's not firm, isn't it, you just take a small stick and you just hit it and what will happen the grains of sand will start pouring down this is hail to pour to flow very easily. So, mountains will be geth Eva Mahila they will become a heap of sand, that is my heel that is shifting that is pouring down. Imagine huge firm solid mountains, parts of which actually all of it is so firm, that in order to remove even a section of it, people have to blow dynamites isn't it?

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Now imagine on the Day of Judgment, the earth and the mountains will be shaken to an extent that basically mountains will turn into dust, they will turn into sand sub sand that will shift and flow and move cathedra Mahila in now auto Sana la calm rasool Allah, Allah subhanaw taala addresses these McVean that Why are you denying we have sent to you a Messenger and this messenger share heathen aleykum, who has been sent as a witness over you? Meaning someone to convey the message to you and then on the day of judgment, He will testify against you that he actually conveyed the message. Are you still going to deny? He's going to testify against you? Comma all of a sudden now, just as we

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sent ILA fit our own to frown, or suelen, a messenger. We have sent to you a Messenger or people just as we sent to fit our own a messenger, who was the messenger sent to fit our own prophet Musa alayhis salam.

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What did fit own do feral slow so he disobeyed who disobeyed fit our own within our own foul slaw fit our own the Rasul fit around disobeyed the messenger Prophet Musa alayhis salam. So what happened then, for a while now who, so We seized him who

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fit our own. How did we seize Him? In what manner? Then we're Biela Oh, is seizing? That was webiste that was disastrous will be while Balamb we have done this word earlier also where Bill is used for heavy rain. And when we lose used for something that has evil horrible consequences, because you see heavy rain as beautiful rain is when it's very heavy more than what is expected, then it can cause a lot of disaster. Uh huh. Then we're below. What was this? Seizing? That was completely disastrous. What happened to fit our own and his entire nation. They were drowned. So here we see that the people of Makkah are being compared with our own. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has

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been compared with who? Musa alayhis salam. An example is given to the people of Makkah, that all people of Makkah, we have sent you a Messenger and you know what? To fit our own also we sent a messenger fit our own denied the messenger. You are also denying the messenger what was fair owns and then we're Vila. Then what do you expect your story to be? What do you expect your end to be? For our soffit our own Rasul Allah for a while now who other than where Vela?

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