Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P29 287C Tafsir Al-Mulk 3-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of "hasid woman" in the Bible is related to the concept of a "hasid woman" in the Bible, and the use of stars and "air's" in the process of creating beauty is discussed. The use of electrical stoves and hot water can create heat and noise, and the dangerous nature of hellfire is discussed. The group discusses their experiences with hellfire and the benefits of hearing, including the use of their hearing to address questions and avoid offense.
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Hola Hola cassava Sana wetin fleabag calm he is the one who has created the seven skies. blue bow ca in layers, three balca from Bob Bell cough Faber calm and playback is when you have put one thing over another one thing on top of the other, it is that thought buck to narla Neral as in sandal. So in order to make the sandal, one layer of leather or soul is put on top of the other. So Allah has created the seven skies, how in layers, each one on top of the other. And just imagine how huge how high they are Madala you do not sci fi hulking Rahmani in the creation of the Most Merciful meaning in what a man has created. You do not see Minta fireworks any the fireworks? Any inconsistency? The

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firewood from the root letters fell well the fault is to lose something when something is gone. And the fall what is inconsistency fougere il bas aura so return the vision meaning look at the sky again heltah ROM in full tool. Do you see in the sky? Any photos? Any breaks photo from the root letters foul thorough, we also use this word for breaking the fast at its completion photos. So photo do you see in the sky? Any breaks?

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Any deficiencies? Any gaps? No you don't. When you look at the sky, what do you see? A perfect beautiful sky. Allah subhanaw taala has created the sky with perfection with your son. There is beauty and strength and consistency. And what does Allah want from us in our actions in our efforts? Similar beauty goodness to the best of our ability and consistency. Method off you have a monument to file with fougere in bizarro health or ROM in photos.

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Yes, if you notice the word Alexa, use the back or like one on top of the other. And so the same thing if you start with a small action as your foundation and you get better and better at it, you start adding more good deeds on top of the other is just one good deed is the basis for the next one and so you do more and more and make them stronger together. You build on it. Some then erodes your ILL Basara return the vision

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earlier. Allah subhanaw taala says fougere in basato first he says Mata Rafi Hulka Rahmani Minter firewood if you look at the sky, you will not see any inconsistency in it. He says fougere in Basara return your vision meaning look at the sky again. Yes, you've seen it before. But go look at it again. Do you see any gaps in it? Do you see any breaks in the sky? Any imperfection in the sky? You won't find it. You didn't find it at the first try some managerial bussola then return the vision meeting go look again. Try again. How many times God Latini twice girl attain duel of cover. Go look at the sky two times. young colleague a Laker young clip it will return a Laker to you I'll bizarro

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the vision your gaze will return to you ha see n humbled Wahoo or Hasid while it is fatigued ha see and ha seen Hamza we learned in the Quran Carla Sophie her remain in it. Go back to it. So ha see on your vision will return to you humbled Wahoo or has he has he has seen raw hustler from the same route and hustler is regret. So Hasid one who is exhausted fatigue because when we are tired when we've exhausted so much of our energy and effort and doing something and we got no results, what do we have in our hearts regret that we put so much time so much effort and we got nothing out of it. So this is what you will get if you try even to find any faults in Allah's work in Allah's creation.

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So here we see that we are told to look at the sky again and again. Why again and again to look for false to look for some kind of gap or break why? Why twice because the

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First time you look at something, it's possible that you don't find any problems with it.

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But when you look at it again for the second time, then do you see problems in it? Yes you do.

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You look at a dress hanging somewhere and it looks very beautiful. And you want to go purchase it, but then you go take another look a close look. And then do you see faults in it? Do you see problems in it? You do.

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So here Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to look at the sky over and over again to try to find any problem in the sky. You won't find it. Allah has created his creation with perfection and beauty.

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One occurred and certainly the yen the summer a dunya we have beautified the sky of the world, the worldly sky meaning the sky that you see above you that is above the Earth.

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Allah says we have made it beautiful with what be Masabi helped with lamps Masabi plural of Misbah, Misbah is a lamp. So we have beautified the worldly sky with lamps What do lamps do? Why do we need lamps? Why do we need these lights these bulbs why so that we have light in darkness.

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So in the night, when it is dark the stars are like lamps.

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What your allow her and we have made it meaning the stars we have made them as rwdsu militia clean as resume

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for the devil's room is the plural of Rajim and

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resume refers to that which is thrown

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so the stars are thrown at the devils What are attending Allah whom are their bursary and we have prepared for them in the hereafter? The punishment of the Blaze meaning of the Hellfire

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here to purposes of stars are mentioned. What are they? Firstly? What occurred the yen a summer Adonia actually three purposes are mentioned over here. Firstly, beauty that the stars beautify the night sky. When you think about it. The sky could be just plain without any stars. But Allah subhanaw taala place the stars in them because more than light what do they provide us? What do they give us? A beautiful scene because you live in Toronto, which is lit by lights. So you don't see the beauty of sky. That's why when Allah subhanaw taala says Allah Casa Jana Samar, dunya Mazovia. You don't feel it, because you don't see it. But if you go to some place where there is no light on the

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earth, for example, to some mountains, or some far off place, and then you see the sky and read this higher, you will definitely feel it.

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Well, Akkad Xia Yunus sama duniya Bhima salvia.

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And second thing is would you allow her to do militia LP? One thing two benefits, a third one is mentioned somewhere else wasabi?

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So their lamps and then what you're allowed, would you militia our team? And we have also made them as what is thrown at the devil's? Why are stars thrown at Devils? Those devils who try to go and listen to the conversations of the angels, then they are chased away when stars are thrown at them. And Allah says what Arthur Danella whom are the adversary, for them is a painful punishment in the hereafter also, if you look at it stars, for some they are a source of beauty. Well, I could say Janna, they are a source of beauty for some. And the same thing

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is a source of punishment for who, for another for the Shailene.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala also mentions that the stars are for the purpose of

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for the purpose of direction will be Najmi. Home Yes, they do. That through the stars in the sky. We make sense off where we are, what direction we're facing, and what direction we have to go in. These are the three purposes off the stars, direction, beauty and protection, protection against the devils when there's no other purpose except for these three. We learned that Buddha he said about this idea that Allah subhanaw taala has created stars for these three reasons. He has made them a beauty for the sky

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And that which is thrown at the devils and signs by which people make sense of direction. So whoever interprets this with anything else meaning he thinks that the stars are for some other reason, then he has made a mistake.

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So, if a person thinks that because of a star there was rain, or because of their star, they have certain qualities, or they have certain characteristics or they're prone to certain things, then this is a serious mistake. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Money activists are in mamina, New Jumi activists are sure but I'm in a city, that whoever has taken knowledge of the stars, meaning he believes in the stars in the sense that they have the power to give good or prevent from harm, then this is learning magic. This is similar to magic that just as learning magic is prohibited. Learning these kinds of things about the stars is also something that is prohibited.

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You see nowadays people believe in horoscopes who is interested in horoscopes amongst you, do you follow some people, they have keen interest in these kinds of things, and they take day to day guidance from stars? Where is my star and what direction is it and whether it is a good day for me or not? Whether I should travel or not?

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A different things. This is all share.

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Because stars cannot guide us. They don't know their own direction. What is there and we are they going to be and so we should not take stars for anything else other than these three things mentioned in the Quran.

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Well, in Lavina Cafaro will be Robbie him either Bucha Hana and for those who disbelieved in their Lord, is the punishment of *. In the previous ayah Shayateen are mentioned Shayateen what do they do? They try to misguide Allah servants. So those who follow the shayateen and they deny their Lord than for them is the punishment of *. wabi sabi mislead and wretched is the destination. For it shall humiliate those who enter it either all goofy her when they are thrown into it, meaning when they will be thrown into hellfire, some year old Lucha Shaheed

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they will hear from it meaning from hellfire. Shaheed

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Shaheed is the sound of inhaling inhaling, breathing in they will hear Hellfire breathing in when when they will be thrown into hellfire. So as they're entering hellfire, they will hear the sound of a dreadful inhaling as if they're being sucked into hellfire inhaled into hellfire while he at the food while it boils up the Furu firewall Rob, meaning Hellfire will be producing loud frightening noises are delivered almost said in * will be sounds of screaming, howling and wailing and their sounds will resemble that of donkeys, the beginning of which is a Shaheed a dreadful inhaling and the ending of which is the fees a dreadful exhaling either all Kofi ha Samiullah has Shahid Khan,

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we're here to fool

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if someone is snoring, or besides you can you sleep

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and what is snoring, breathing, breathing, the sound of breathing, inhaling and inhaling and exhaling. So how much disturbance you feel when someone is snoring and has sound in his breathing. Just imagine that we cannot take our beer I was reading somewhere that in couples, they divorce because of snoring. This is a big problem. For some people, they cannot take it they cannot bear that we cannot live with somebody who snores or at least it's the source of their disturbance in their life. The hate among the couples. So if we cannot tolerate snoring, how can one tolerate that noise of Jahannam which is added up to the burning? When someone is snoring you can wake him up like

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your husband you can wake him up and excuse me, I will try to sleep too. But in Jahannam you won't be able to do that. Like if someone is screaming and someone's shouting or you can hear these terrible sounds.

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You see

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blame is noisy. We're very used to electric stoves. But when it comes to gas stoves, right, gas ovens when you turn them on, and the bigger it is, the more noisy it is. And especially an oven that uses wood or something, an outdoor oven that is even louder you can hear the sound of burning. You can hear the fuel you can hear the smoke and the wood cracking. It's noisy. Fire is noisy. And Hellfire is not like the fire of this world. It's not It's loud. It's frightening. And there's the sound of the fire itself. And then the sound of those in it. When he Lavina kuffaar will be robbing him or that will Jahannam will be Sal Mosley's? What a terrible destination it is either ofI her

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from the moment that they're thrown into it, the noise begins and we see that noise can be very disturbing. It can cause people to throw up it can cause people to feel sick. Either oil Kofi has semi Rula has Shahi you can well hear the food and hellfire itself will be as if boiling up. The Kadota Mejias. Amina lays the Mejias who it would almost burst mineral haze with rage that it's not just burning fiercely. It's burning furiously angry with rage angry at who angry at those in it. So, if it is angry at those who are coming who are being admitted into it, what do you think it will do with them? You know, for example, if there is an animal that is roaring, and it's about to catch its

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prey, and before it attacks, it makes a sound a frightening sound. Very loud sound. What do you think that animal is going to do to its prey? How is it going to rip it apart? The cow do toma Yasmine allele if it is bursting with anger, what do you expect will follow

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coulomb out will pay a fee her folgen every time a group a party a company is thrown into it. Salah whom Khazanah to her it's keepers will ask them Hosanna florala pas in meaning the angels who are appointed as guards over *, they will ask each company that will be admitted into hellfire that allow me to come Nidhi didn't any warner come to you? Didn't there come to you? Somebody to warn you? The fact that you're being admitted into the Hellfire is astonishing. Were you never informed what happened? What went wrong? Allow me to come neddie Is this really a place to enter? Is this really a place to end up in? Didn't you have enough time? Didn't somebody warn you? Didn't anyone

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tell you alum yet to come? Nevins How did you end up here? Ha Lou. They will say Bella yes meaning of course a Warner did come to us for the jack Anana these a Warner did come to us we were warned about this Hellfire fucka verbena, but we denied meaning we denied that Warner we denied whatever he told us what Khulna and we said man Oiselle Allah hoomin che Allah has not sent down anything. So we see over here there the clip hos and totally bomb. The clip hos how they denied what was sent to them the warning that was given to them, and then they denied everything that Allah ever revealed. They said man azul Allah whom in shape, Allah has not revealed anything in untung Illa field Allah

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Allah in COVID

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And they said, in unto you are not Illa except feeble al in Kabir in great error. They called the rightly guided messengers, misguided the prophets who warned them the people who warned them, they call them misguided and not just misguided, but in great misguidance that you are wrong.

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And how often is it the truth is presented as falsehood? It is portrayed as falsehood, or it is called falsehood. People laugh at faith at religion at the concept of belief in God, the concept of afterlife the belief in the afterlife, they mock at it, that how could you believe you are living in this day and age? When we have progressed so much in science and you still believe there's an afterlife? You still believe there's a hereafter

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In anthem elaphe Ebola in cubbies will call you

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and they will say at that time in hellfire low could Nana smell if only we had heard Oh narky do or we had understood we had used our reasoning Melco Nafi us have a serene we would not be among the companions of the burning Blaze. Had we used our summer and had we used our uncle, we would not be in hellfire. Which means that the people who will end up in hellfire are those who do not use their summer or their uncle. Does that mean that they're deaf, they cannot hear, no they can hear but they don't use it to hear to listen to the truth.

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And once they listen to it, they don't try to understand it. Allah subhanaw taala has provided us with the means with the facts that lead us to guidance that leads us to the truth

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and all of them is our hearing. And if we don't use our hearing to even listen to the Quran, then we are depriving ourselves

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so sometimes I was thinking that you know, when we get a lot of knowledge is something for a safer example science, then people use their intellect and reasoning to actually go against the aka. But here we see that in the fire, they're gonna say head we used our intellect property, then we wouldn't have ended up here.

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So the real reasoning or the real uncle, the correct use of uncle of reason is use it to recognize and understand the truth. And if a person is not using his uncle to understand the truth, then it's as if he has not used his uncle. It's as if he did not benefit from this faculty that Allah gave him local now local now this is showing regret. If only

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for a total fool be them be him. So they will admit their sins at that time they will admit their sins for only us harvest sir Eid for Supercon suck

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alienation or be away with get away leave us have a sorry for the companions of the Blaze sir. Suck is bird that when you say Get away from here don't come near meaning they will be far removed from Allah's mercy and forgiveness and for them will be eternal loss for circle let us have a series they will admit their sins but admitting them at that time is not going to benefit them.

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We will listen to the recitation of these verses

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this means

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man you're walking at

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the dealer more coup on

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kadhi ie

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allele follow up on

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allele horn up on Saturday

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got off the

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phone Jerry Falwell

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Jr join

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kaliba Eli II can the 404 C

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C one up others

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Santa Lunia B muscle V Hello John.

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what in Medina Katha won't be on BB nada Bucha hon

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sell mostly either

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he has me on Russia he

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sent us

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that goddaughter me as Amina.

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depo melody all Bella for the agenda

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Zana long

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As in

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cubby walk on all I can

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do no man can see I'll be selling sorry. felt awful bee.

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Bee him first of all, US herb is very

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satanic Allahumma behandling a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta Astok Furukawa to be like a Salam or Aleikum, WA Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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