In Summer For Fajr Should We Focus On Calculations Or Physical Signs

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Shaykh Abu Eesa discusses

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The speaker discusses the disappearance of Twilight in Europe, the presence of Yulations in other countries, and the importance of praying early in the season. They also advise not to pray until one hour or one and fifteen minutes before sky falls. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying as a means of addressing issues and offers to continue sharing videos and donating.

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As we enter into the summer, and we start to have doubts about, should we pray at the very earliest times as calculations indicate? Or should we focus on the physical science.

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And a lot of the Western countries, of course, we're at quite a high latitude, Europe, Canada, UK, some parts of America as well, maybe don't get this problem Yanni in Australia and South Africa and other English speaking countries, okay, so you guys can just bear with us and watch. But the rest of us It really is an issue when it comes to spring summer, it starts to get very late. And obviously, we have an issue because of the angle that the latitude that we're at, it means that the sun itself doesn't fully set, i or i can say in a different way that the Twilight of the sky never fully disappears. And of course, the disappearance of Twilight is a condition for the establishment of

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Asia, and its appearance of the A had disappeared is a condition for the establishment of fudger. The problem is, it becomes very, very hazy, it seems like there's a white glow all night. And it seems like vegetariana entered at something silly like one o'clock. And I want to say to you that I've written about this in a lot of detail and discuss this in classes and so on. And I just want to summarize it by saying like this, that it is not the

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whiteness that the rule should be applied upon. First of all, when it comes to the disappearance of Twilight, but the redness that's the position of the vast majority of the scholars in the Medina. And so once the redness in the sky has gone, then that is enough what's likely to Asia and likewise, once there is Yanni or Laurel was not there as enemies ally Salim said at verge of time, once you see the white light on the horizon that's breaking up like that with a little bit of red, then that's the certain time of fudger. What I'm trying to say is that praying your issue earlier than you normally would pray. So instead of praying an hour and a half off the market in the normal

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winter times, praying it Jani an hour 10 an hour five off, the mothering is fine, that's dark enough. And likewise fragile, you should avoid praying or spotting your foster anything at such an early time. If you start your fast, then that's not a problem because starting a Fast Eddie he doesn't matter. But praying early before the time, that's a risk. And so you shouldn't be fighting. You know that sunrise itself definitely occurs at five o'clock one earth are you doing praying at one o'clock, when it's just the same kind of light that was there at 12 o'clock and the same light that will be there at two o'clock. But if you look at four o'clock, then you will see a very much

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different types of brighter light cracking and exploding like in facade like the word fragile itself, on the off the horizon into the sky with a little bit of red. At least one thing you know is that that is definitely fragile at that time. And that's why I advise you to do so in these difficult months of summer, where it's not very clear. I want you to wait an hour, five or 10 minutes before you pray. And I want you to not pray your fudger an hour or an hour, 10 minutes before sunrise, delay the budget as late as possible. And pray the issue as late as you can but no need to go until one hour 15 one hour 21 hours 30 that's sufficient enough for your Asia. Hey, thank

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