Ramadan 2023 Quranic Reflections #02 – Surat Al Baqarah (154 – 264)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not extending backwards and reciting errors while reciting in a daily practice. They stress the need to pray eight and stay out for a while to avoid missing opportunities and find a way to love something similar to Allah's. They also discuss the importance of hedging in shaping one's life and finding something rewarding in one's life. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book called'Uran.
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Learn from our Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa early he or saw me he urged me no. But

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again, I'll do it one more time as a housekeeping housekeeping points and sha Allah to Allah, we will always fill this area here before we even I know the carpet there is softer, but you pray here first,

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because you should be behind the Imam unless you have a good reason for it, as I explained, in order view, in front of the Imam

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according to the Maliki madhhab. And to one of the opinions for Imam Shafi and one of the opinions of Mohammed, you require there to be a reason for it, which is the extent you can't extend backwards, you have to extend forward. So in order for that to work, you have to fill up this area first, just because a few people asked if they could just go look at this quieter, no, you need to be here behind before. First of all, this will fill up quick enough, so you're good. But just as a reminder in Charlottetown. And the second thing is that we will delete the last piece of this message that will fill up will be the hallway, like leave that till the end, if possible. So people

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can move to the bathrooms and there's little bit more. It's not it's not a fire exit hazard. And just to keep, if it needs to be if people need to need to use it, then they need to use it. Obviously, we don't want to send any send anyone away. But just kind of a reminder. Another thing is that when the Imams or the artists are reciting, we have a system in place to correct them.

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So I know it's hard to resist the urge to correct them when you're reading with them or you know, the surah. But Please resist it. Because the Clotet when they're reciting. And 50 people yell out the mistake, it's very disturbing. Like it's very disruptive for them. It's hard to eat. I mean last year, it's very difficult to stay focused when that happens. So we have a system in place where we will correct the person in a way we're in charge it will keep them focused and allow them to continue. I appreciate obviously if people wanting to participate in all things like Kamala Harris Nicola Pico, but when it comes to this piece, specifically, especially that most of the leaders are

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this year, I'm just doing a show basically. And with that said, it's going to be the younger people who are trying to train and show this message. It was you know, this is my intention of what I'm trying to do here is to train people is to offer as much education as humanly possible and to train people to be leaders and show them the future that requires patients from everyone around and participation for everyone around in the form of allowing people to make their mistakes and do what they need to and continuing to stick with them. Last piece before I go on inshallah with the Halacha lecture is that we do so if you if you're used to praying just eight and you're you're hoping to

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make it to get it till the end, what I would recommend is you pray eight, and then sit out nine and 10 like sit down and just read Listen, listen to the and then pray and shut down whatever which is

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11 and 12 and 13. That way, you get a little bit of a break at the same time you don't miss out on winter and the DUA that comes with it. This is what I advise people last year some people did it and they find it helpful. If it's too if it's too heavy for you to go through the whole thing then pray eight maybe sit out the next for it, listen, listen and then join for the for next Tuesday, then join the shuffle underwater, which is the three rockets at the end. All right, so the intention of this halacha this year, which is different than maybe the last four years if you've been kind of following along what I've been doing, instead of going through the sort of summary is by just taking

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a sort of everyday and summarizing what he's talking about and explaining the themes within the sutra I'm going to talk about the verses that are going to be recited in prayer once we're done

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just to me help you along with the connection and understanding and what the Quran is what the citation is talking about. And then choosing maybe certain verses I put a lot up there I this is very difficult actually it turns out to be extremely difficult i This has been very very hard because because I'm it's impossible I just don't know what to say so I'm ending up with maybe any 45 verses for just this is me being like conservative like not wanting to talk about this no and then I have to break them down a little bit more and then I have to break down a little bit more than I have to because we're talking we're getting through three or four tops or five maybe within a

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session so it's actually very difficult to know what to leave because I don't want the impression to be that well he left out that no no, I'm not leaving anything I'm just choosing verses everything in the in the in the Quran is worthy of reflection and contemplation. I'm just choosing verses to share with you some meanings and help you if you understand that. That's all this is.

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So we're still historical Bacara this surah that the beginning of the Quran we had the seventh of July. That's the first cluster of sutras from Bukhara to October I said about the one as they're called The Seven long ones and they tell the story of Deen in general they tell the story of religion not just out really of all religion how it works and it starts out so to Bukhara with the main with the basic piece which is what your role is who you are and how you're going to achieve your goal your Khalifa that's your that's your description in terms of what you're supposed to be here what you're here to do. And then how are you gonna do it

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cheaper is the rest of suitable data that tells it gives you the methodology of life. Here's, here's the outcome, here's how you're going to do it. Here's the values. And here are the data practices, which is what we're going to recite today. Most of it we're going to keep citing today is going to be the second piece where it's not talking about the the, the the job description, or the examples of who did well or who didn't do it well, but rather the actual laka and that's why we're gonna find verses that talk about hedge and CRM and Salah and pull out and xojo riba you know the financial system goes into a social system goes into every system of life, you know, why is it all over the

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place not over all over the place, it's not over there was at all it just explaining to you, here's your job, here's what you're going to use to achieve it. And then early Imran will come with a very different approach. As you'll see, you'll find none of that. Read other anyone show me one verse that talks about Hajj, or cm or salah, or any act of faith at all, nothing because that's not in school. So that's what you need to understand as you go through the quarter. Every school is trying to explain something, and they're telling a story with their continuation if you go along, so we're still talking about Cara, we're going to be hearing a lot about the message about the methodology of

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Islam, which is what we're going to use to achieve our goal as Coda I'll start with iOS 65 Which is I want to reflect upon because I can look at this here got

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one minute men and women see my turkey loom in dune you lie he and

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he buena whom care who Billa while Latina man who shall do humbly

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whenever we are on the wall um, if you're on a Lada and what did he lie he Jeremy I want no more hash Id do Lada

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look, it's like reading from another universe. So now so what's going on there with the with the delay. So this I am in a nursing mania Turkey looming and doing Allah He and dad and you hate buena Hunka hug Billa

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and you will find amongst people who will choose for themselves, associates with God, whom they will love, similar to the love that they shouldn't love Allah born uncle hug Billa well Lavina Manu and the believers are shut do hug belvilla They love Allah more than anything else. And then the verse continues to describe a specific thing that will happen on the day of judgment, but that wording within the circle Baqarah or will a Nassima Yetta human dunya Allah He under your head bone Hunka builder is very revealing, because it's not necessarily talking about idols is talking about anything that you choose

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to love similarly to the love or similar to the love that you have for Allah subhanaw taala anything, think of anything in your life that you have given weight and value similar to the weight and value that you should be giving to Allah subhanaw You gave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala that thing that you love similar to your love for Allah subhanaw taala is then it is the undead and that the surah talking about we commonly misinterpret or misunderstand what is being said in the Quran. And we believe that and then okay, that's talking about associates with God Shaka. Now it must mean Hubel and Urzua and Monetti the other stuff, maybe, maybe, maybe maybe for a certain generation, but

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not for every generation and not for every group of people across the planet. Not everyone sees it that way. Many people will have different things that they love. Similarly the love of Allah subhanaw taala some people will love there's themselves more than they love Allah subhanho wa Taala some people will love their possessions more than they love Allah subhanho wa Taala some people will love their career, their profession, or their reputation more than they love Allah subhana wa Tada. Some people will love there's a lot of things that you can love similar to the love that you will give Allah subhanaw taala but the believers with the ISS when the Xena ama No, no, I shouldn't do

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vallila They love Allah or more than anything. They love no one or nothing more than they love Allah subhanahu wa taala this is what this is what this verse is to so to Bacara in the midst of this explaining your role and explaining the methodology in the middle of it, you find this area that's reminding oh, by the way, it's based on love. It comes back it comes down, it fizzles down to love what do you love the most? What do you give the most love to? That's something that you choose? If you choose to love something similar to the love of Allah, that's your choice. But some people do that. What are you saying some people do that, but the believers don't. The believers love Allah

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subhanaw taala above their love for anything else, which is why which is why we're here right now. Which is why every year we get this, this opportunity or we come to this place and we pray and we try if we don't have it if for some reason it doesn't exist, we find a way for it to exist. We find a way for it to exist inside of our hearts where we love Allah subhanho wa Taala truly love Allah so other more than anything else. And I this is the reason I talked about this earlier is because this is a big complaint I get

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the big complaint I get from people.

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They tell me I can love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, ala the Quran I struggle with this one. I tried, I want to but I struggle with it. Very good. Pretty good. You can't fix a problem that you don't diagnose. You can't fix a problem that you're not willing to actually come out and say I don't know how to do this.

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I don't know how did how do I love Allah subhanho wa Taala is it just a feeling? Is it a? Is it just action? Is it a combination of both? What exactly is it and that's inshallah what we'll be talking about more and more throughout the month and you've someone read the AI in 1,000,077 Please not the whole thing just the first four or five words. Lee said it will be a one to what drew her complete mesh rating was in the mountains on eBay can be a woman man he will

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say it's a long verse so you can go and recite it's 177 historical Bacara he says what's the Bear Bear is the best you got a bit it is in Arabic bit it is the best you have whatever it is that you have in terms of ethics, morals, values, behaviors, practices, whatever the best of that is that's what better means. That's why when we when Allah says and tells us to treat our parents he uses that word right but anybody day because when it comes to your parents you you know bring your A game bring the best he got whatever it is so he says to final delay cell Beerwah and to well Lou would you have come table machinery well Mercury bear is not when you turn your faces to the east and the

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west and he's referring to the active to Sleeman Salah is like this is not better. When you're when you're praying and you and your prayer that's not better. It's obviously important. Obviously you need to pray your five prayers and and your son and your Tarawa. But that's not better. And then you actually say we're not kidding, I'll be around when I'm in a Billahi Well, yo Mila theory Well, Mara EKG while kita Do you want to be him? What I tell my Allah Allah will be that will will your term will Misaki now I've been a stability with Edie, you know, a very calm. So he says bear is when you truly believe in Allah and the hereafter and his angels in the books and in the prophets. And then

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you give from your wealth, for his love either hope be because you love him, you give the will for by those who are elated to you, while your timer the orphans will Misaki in the needy wildness simulate those who are stranded with that even those who are asking for it will be recovering those who are helping or incarcerated.

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What are farmers salah? What Earth is Zika we'll move forward the ID him either hadoo was sabe Rena filled but you weren't born raw you are in Albert's work almost like someone who established properly prayer, he will say he just said a second ago that he said to be a run to a loo Hurco. It's not about the mechanics. Just doing that and just moving your head back and forth and not thinking about anything has not been better is when you have certain concrete belief. And you give your wealth to the ones that Allah if I told you to give your wealth to and you establish your prayer the way Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to establish it, and you give your chi the way Allah Subhan

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Allah commanded you to give it and you will move forward with the idea and you're a man of your word, you're a person of your word worst you will give your covenant once you promise, I will see this till the end, I am in this all I'm all in, then you will do that until the last moment of your life. And you will persevere when things are difficult. When things are hard. And when it's scary when he is without equal Ladino Sadako those are the ones who are truthful and honest. What would I eat a woman with Dakota and those are the ones who are pious. This is what this sort of saying they said to be very scary when you're saying that because because that's the kind of I feel like it's

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talking to me. Yes, you're praying and you're moving back and forth to sit on my throne when they were doing but that has not been you I better show me certainty of your belief. Show me the love that you have in your heart that will cause you to give showing me the establishment of your credit establishment of your Zika show me the whole the keeping of your covenants with Allah subhanaw taala show me the perseverance when things are difficult. That's what better is because that's the best you can bring. And this is one of the one of the many heavyweight verses in the Quran. Scholars that is study also will talk about this idea as one of the most important verses in the Quran that

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establish Islamic character and Islamic behavior. I thought it's important for us to share the third group up there. I'm not gonna ask anyone to recite them because you've heard them a lot. The verses of cm this rate of diversity of cm exists in the Quran. To add to that, let me add this is the only place you will find see I'm talking about in the Quran is not this is where Sam is talking. This is the you know where else I go look for it. That's why every single Ramadan, wherever is on that member, same verse. Yeah, you already know I'm gonna cookiebot aleikum wa rahmatullah the ones we have nothing else. We there's nothing else no other. I can't. Okay, I can go to the yeah, in Surah.

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Know, what Surah it's only Al Baqarah. And it's only here, where he talks in the sutra because establishing the methodology he talks about so yeah, you don't need more than once. He'll explain to you more than once for my Shahid iminco Mashallah failure, some points you written this demand, then you fast it.

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But the point I want to bring out from these beautiful verses that talk about the methodology of or the the, the purpose of cm, is what he says at the end of those verses, just, it's all within the verses of cm because the last one is already there, let them later so yeah, I'm gonna refer to either nice or equal at the night of CRM, it's hard for you to eat and drink it to have relations with your wife's because some of them didn't know if it was acceptable. Is it a full month that we're off the grid completely?

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Leave but he'd been between these verses you find what you like Eva Danny in the midst of these verses it talks about Siam being obligatory and Ramadan must be witnessed and must be fast or and then the verse after that was Hello and welcome to worship has begun and will hypoglycemia it gives you the outcome how to observe for federal how to look for immigrate, what to do what's halal or haram? What's a typical hola hola trabajar these are the rulings of Allah don't between all of that right in the middle where either like a bad day I need and if My servants ask you about Me, if they may not.

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They may not they may not care.

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My service may not care so I will never ask you about Me. But if if they care if there's for some reason they care about me enough and they ask you about Me. Instead of saying football, then tell them this. He removes the prophets of Allah Allah He was like you're setting them as a medium. He removes him doesn't leave he he oversteps the profit out of the overpasses immediately. What should have happened is I like if they ask you for cold and say this, no, every other verse in the Quran is like that. It's annoying that God put us through the whole Quran, except this one will either. All linguistically it almost it almost is difficult to explain. It's almost hard to clean in Arabic. And

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the only explanation for an Arabic is what I'm telling you right now, is that Allah subhanaw taala on purpose, wanted to surpass the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And as if once you ask the Prophet alayhi salam said about him, that he will come and speak to you immediately. He's not going to tell the prophet to tell you anything that come to you. He wants to communicate with you directly because he wants you to communicate with him directly. In the believer, he says I am indeed very near I am near Huji Buddha I want to die either done I will respond to this application of this applicator when they supplicate

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Ji Buddha were to die either the three times that were there either and all saying root I will respond to this application of this applicator when he supplicates

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no medium

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it's always if I'm telling somebody something through someone that's hearsay to a certain there's the second degree knowledge right a second degree knowledge. This idea here that Allah subhanaw taala if they're asking about me, are they asking about me?

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I find this piece just overwhelming. If What do you mean

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by who? Who can afford not to ask about your job? Who can afford to go through life and not ask about you? He's saying but if they do if they do no no, I don't want you to answer I'll answer for anybody but I'm right there. I've always been I always will be and I'll respond to every every time you supplicate I'll respond to you

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What do we do well yesterday bully respond to me.

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Well, you mean obey me they have that concrete belief in me that I love them, you're assuming that it's the way they will find their that's how they're gonna find their path. The road should is finding the straight path is figuring out what you're here to do is figuring out your destination where you're going. I love them, y'all should do and if they do that, they'll figure out where they're going. I love him y'all should do and this is why it is why is this this area in the midst of three versus two before it and one after it that's longer than the two before it that talk about cm that talk about fasting in Ramadan because this is what it's going to be. It's going to all come

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down to this. You're going to fast all day. Your break your fast. You're gonna come at night when you're tired and you stand in prayer. Why? Because you want it's because he because he's telling you in the party that he's saying I'm here I am Here just call upon Me I'm listening and I'll respond to you. They're given that opportunity you so you turn to Him Subhana wa Tada this is what the whole point of the month of Ramadan is. Let's move on to 190 because someone was like what 90 For me, what

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will you do V Sebelius in Medina you call it Luna Kumar that tattoo in hola hola your head Bullmore Teddy and I wanted to point out this verse because it's important in the Quran. When you're reciting the Quran from the beginning from fatty and just moving down the first time you will come across the concept of combat in the Quran is something that is talked about in the Quran. Jihad is striving that's a whole different concept although it's an umbrella word. fatalis combat is very specific. It's a very specific type of jihad. The first time that you will run into this verse in the Quran is an Iowan 19 sutra. Bacara listen to the wording itself, so we understand what your deen is based on.

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So that note, no one should own your narrative. By the way, as a Muslim as a Muslim, you should open your own narrative. You should know what your Christ says. You should know what it is that you stand for what you believe in and what represents you as a human being as a Muslim, don't take it from from secondary sources or from those who read the Quran. If you just start reading from the beginning, the first time you come across the word combat in the Quran, we'll call it we'll come to Iowa 90 What does he say? We'll call it Luffy. Sabine, Allah He Lavina you call it Runa come and fight for the sake of Allah doe

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To fight you while at Archer do and do not transgress in Hola Hola, yo hibel martyred in India Allah does not love those who transgress?

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What about that verse? Would you need to hide?

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What about that idea? Would you be embarrassed of or ashamed or not willing to share with the world around you? What about the IRS should not fill you with confidence? Make you feel that you belong to something? He's telling you what fights for the sake of Allah, those who fight you, those who bear arms against you, you defend yourself and you do not transgress. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala does not love those who transgress in the law.

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I think it's a beautiful thing to kind of point out as the first time this is going to be talked about in the Quran, it will be talked about in that matter. We still have a lot of time. Great. I have 201 Can someone do that for me?

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Well, I mean, my cool Rob BANA bene Tina feet. duniya Hassan, Phil. fiero Tia Hassan, it's working out other than

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at the end of the verses of a hedge. Again, hedge has not talked about anywhere else. Hi, George, hold on my doormat. And then you go, you go through the antibody material at the beginning, you go through the verses of hedge, it's really not talked about outside of sort of that hedge later on, and it's not really talked about in terms of our rituals talked about is the general ritual of pilgrimage, meaning going to Allah subhana wa sallam the concept, not the actual ritual, so a little bit different, but the ritual of Hajj as one of the five pillars of Islam is talked about only in this part of the surah and this part of the Quran Surah Baqarah. At the end of these verses, ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada the doclet to mana seeker come once you're done your rituals, both go to Allah can decree come Kuma worship dedeker And then engage in remembrance of Allah subhanho digest the way you used to engage in the reverence of your of your forefathers just like everyone is very proud of their fathers and spoke up their tribe and folk of they're just like it used to do that. How about you engage in remembrance of your Lord? A little bit more because it's more meaningful?

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I mean, a Nassima your polio a lot better to fit dunya why am i No filler filler team? And many people will walk around and saying, Oh Allah, I want this and I want this and all they're asking for is dunya all they can think about is dunya I want a better job I want more children I want this achievement I want the status I want this wealth. I want he all this person I can think of is just Dunia and Dunia and Dunia and Marina who fill after our team and up and up the hereafter there's nothing waiting for this person there's nothing waiting for this person because they never cared enough they never asked for anything and they weren't looking at their lives as an investment for

00:22:40--> 00:23:18

us. They were seeing themselves as just I want things set up nicely now. I want it all set up perfectly now can you get it set up now? I want this to be and they keep on asking and they get some of them get everything they asked for woman whom but on the other side. On the other hand, my your code or a banner Tina duniya hustler will ask you if it hasn't worked in either been Aloma me, this is the dua the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would make this is a chronic drought make this dry every day. Just look at profit out of your sons don't make this dry every day. You ask Allah subhanaw taala for the in this life Hassan something beauty beautiful, the Hudson anything that his son is a

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person. I mean, he has a beautiful face has to know who they beautified it. Alexa is excellence, right? This is the root of the word. So if it dunya I said, I want something beautiful and dunya I'm not asking for anything specific. I'm not hung up on one specific thing, I want you to give me that which is beautiful and dunya whatever that may be in your eyes, your Allah, whether I see it at the moment as beautiful or not. It's okay if it is beautiful, that give it to me, allow me to see the beauty within it. And then I'll also give me that which is beautiful. Because I can tell you Jahannam is not because it's not too difficult to multicam. The just the distinction on the Day of

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Judgment is straightforward. There is beauty. And there's the opposite of beauty. In every sense of the word by all measures your milk piano, there's one thing that is beautiful in every way. And the other that is the opposite of beauty in every way. And duniya a little bit more complicated, a little bit more complicated, I think I'm sure you would agree. It's not easy sometimes to figure out what's beautiful and dunya. Because the because the lens that we wear doesn't allow us to see things for what they actually are. And then she's very good at fooling us to make us think something is actually valuable when it isn't. And it's good at making us see something that is extremely valuable

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not to be and we ended up walking this life, valuing that which has no worse and forgetting and taking for granted that which is right in front of us. That is the most valuable thing that we have. So you ask Allah for hustler in dunya something that is beautiful. You're a beautify for me so I can see that as a hustler. And then give me a hustler on the day of judgment and then what volcania the winner and then protect me

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For the punishment that occurs on the Day of Judgment Aloma me. This is excellent to 14. This is amazing.

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Someone hasn't come I see but

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the whole Jen nuts or whatever. Your take home. What I'm

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Matthew Ladino follow me publikum must set homeowners

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while Ra was Zulu Zulu HUD

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was Lucy Liu.

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Ooh, la rasuluh the man who ma who matter nurse rule law.

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In nostril law Hill, Cody

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is one of a few verses in the Quran that start in a very, very difficult way. And I said to him, or did you think or did you honestly think or honestly believe and Ted Curel Jana, that you're going to enter this place, this place of beauty, this place of excellence. We think we're gonna enter it well, I'm my take home method will Lavina Holloman publikum and you will not going to have and goes through the difficulties that the nation's before you went through

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is what you thought

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is a rhetorical question that Allah Subhan is asking is asking because yes many of us do. Many of us Yoruba Jana i be the son in law, I need them to hand say I mean, but there's no way around this. There is no Ray. There's no way around the fact that Janna to get there. There's going to be there there's going to be some obstacles on the way. Well, Amaya Tikka Masala, Xena, Holloman publikum, you're not going to go through what the people before you went through the earned it. Those who in eyes in the eyes of Allah, they never earned it but the eyes of Allah were deserving of it. You think you're going to deserve it like them without going through something similar to what they went

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through? But what did they go through my set home will Buxa workboard raw was zero.

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Sadness came to them but Sir, the raw difficulty came to them. They were afflicted by grief and agony and pain. They were they were afflicted by difficulty and challenges and obstacles and misfortunes was chosen when they were shook to their core had pulled out rasuluh well Lavina Manomaya who Mata Nasrullah until the prophets, the prophets who is amongst them, and those who follow Him, they turn to say what is the victory of Allah, they're not objecting. They're not doubting it's, it's a rival. They're just wondering when it's going to come? Because it's getting pretty hard. And they're holding on with all their minds and they feel that they don't have much

00:27:41--> 00:28:15

left to give. There's not much left. When is it coming? In nostril? Allah Hikari it's very It's near when it's near. Why is it near? Why is it near it because I know some of the prophets died. Some of their followers died. Sometimes mystery doesn't come until until your there's nothing left of you in your grave. It's not your son or your son Son, probably your third grandson that will see it. But that's still near why because it's not about time. It's about his source, source of victory. Where does it come from? The source is Allah is Allah far is he near

00:28:17--> 00:28:52

the source of victory is near Nasrallah hickory because victory is near because its source is near time is different time you may get it, you may get it exactly when you want, you may not you may not see it in your lifetime to go with the profit out of your saw didn't really see the empire of Islam, the way that we know it. He wasn't around for that. We look at other prophets lexica Yeah, they weren't around for the spreading of the message. They just didn't live that long. But doesn't matter. The question the answer for the question, Medina sola, when is the victory of Allah? The answer is just near why because its source is near because the source of victory is Allah subhanaw

00:28:52--> 00:28:58

taala he's near, he'll bring it anytime he wants. It's just not That's not that's really not our place.

00:29:00--> 00:29:04

It's not our place, our place is to do. We're here to do our job. We're here to

00:29:06--> 00:29:45

persevere, and strive as best and Lord rock and cells that occur to us as we go through the difficulties and the sadness and the pain and the agony now as we were shocked sometimes do not believe that your faith, your journey with your deen is going to be this smooth, slightly smooth sailing, do not believe that. That's not possible. Someone who comes to me and says, yeah, do I have a problem? I have a faith crisis. No, no, there's no such things as a faith crisis. If you're a Muslim, you're going to be shook down to your core, to the core of everything that you've got. And Allah Subhana Allah will not allow you to hold on to this Deen until you prove that you will hold on

00:29:45--> 00:30:00

to it regardless of what's going to happen to you. Um, has implemented cogeneration started going this is going to be a walk in the park or you thought gender was gonna just come to you. When you're not going to go through what happened before. No, it's not possible. Not possible. This is one of the scariest

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

verses in the book of Allah. By far one of the most difficult verses in the book of Allah, there are similar ones that will come the existent early Emraan and assorted Elanco both later, but this is the heaviest and the most clear of all of them. He asked you this rhetorical question, if that's what you thought you were wrong. That's not how this is going to work. You say la isla in Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, then you're going to have to stand your ground and then as Betsa and Laura and says, Allah come your way, you're going to have to stand your ground and to prove your worth. And you may come to a moment when you ask Allah subhanaw taala for the for the proximity of it, or

00:30:33--> 00:30:57

you wonder when it's happening, and then you reminded nostril la Hikari ciclos wherever he wants is right very near wherever he chooses it to be subhanaw taala it will be instead of focusing on what he needs to do we focus on what we have to do now and with that, in short, if you run out of time, it will benefit for you in Charlotte so Michael Huntington Hola. Hola. Hola and still futile, go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala ala Nabina or Habib been on Muhammad Ali he also have used me