Yasir Qadhi – The Branches of Faith – 21 – The Blessings of Iman Part 2

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of blessings in life is highlighted, including the belief that individuals can achieve success by choosing a God and the desire for peace and happiness. The global brotherhood of theOma network is emphasized, along with the importance of praying for spiritual blessings and helping others. The "orned light" of men and women is emphasized, along with strong words to describe the fruit of one's mind. The importance of strong words is also highlighted, as it can be used to describe the fruit of one's mind. A final lecture on demand is mentioned.
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Salam ala rasulillah Wada Allah, He will be here

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today might be the second to last hotter tomorrow might be our final hotter so we have to wrap up the topic at hand. Yesterday I had begun a part one today is going to be part two of the blessings of man. What exactly are the fruits? Why should we be so interested in a man and yesterday I mentioned around 10 or so blessings and today, I will continue from the next point of the blessings of a man. and dare I say one of the most misunderstood blessings. And in fact, if there was a misconception about a man this would probably be number one is that he man allows for you to have a beautiful life in this world. And without a man, you will not live a beautiful life in this world.

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The average misconception that is predominant in so many Muslims is either I must enjoy this world, and I'll sacrifice the next or I'll live miserably in this world, so that I can get gender in the next this either or dichotomy is set up. Either I give up this dunya and get the Acura or I enjoy this dunya and then I stopped for a lot I give up the Acura and this poor person does not realize that Allah does not shortchange those who turn to him. The one who chooses Allah will be blessed in this world before the next, the one who chooses Allah subhanho wa Taala will be given this dunya and the next and that is something that the average person does not understand. The best life that you

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can possibly live is the life of a believer. And this is mentioned explicitly in the Quran. In so many verses in about our life in our aim, the righteous people are going to be enjoying every single blessing. Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran, that woman out hold on victory for Indira humare shaitaan banca whoever turns away from my remembrance and worship, that person shall live a miserable life, whoever turns away from my worship, so live a miserable life. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, that when Allah sent Adam down, Allah said, from any tablet of Buddha, whoever follows my guidance, Father, God, louella Yeshua, that person shall neither go astray, nor

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shall they face any hour, and Chicago is misery Chicago is anguish, Chicago is pain and suffering. So whoever follows my guidance will not face any misery. And what this means brothers and sisters, when the believer turns to a law, this world becomes a world of contentment for him. This does not mean that the movement shall be blessed with the material possessions of this world. When you become righteous overnight. The next morning, you don't wake up with your bank account 10 times what it was yesterday, you don't have a brand new Mercedes coming down in front of your house. No, the meaning is your heart becomes content. You feel a sense of quality of enjoyment of peace that nothing in

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this world can buy. And in fact, I don't like doing this but sometimes it's beneficial. Plenty of scientific research has shown not that we need it. But plenty of psychiatrists have studied this phenomenon that overall religious people and they have studied all types of religion, religious people overall, they are better at dealing with the problems of this world. Overall. As a general rule, religion helps us overcome the tragedies, the traumas, the psychological issues, it brings a sense of peace and contentment. This is something that has actually been studied. But we don't need these studies. The Quran tells us this. So this is of the most important blessings. He who chooses a

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law will get this dunya before the next even this world will become a world of contentment doesn't mean that their material possessions will rise up and I swear to you, every one of you knows this reality from your own lived experiences you don't need or onic evidences. You don't need me to tell you this your own life experiences, dare I say this night of Ramadan and this month of Ramadan is another example the feeling that I haven't you have of having fasted praise?

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The Torah we're the Korean, the sujood, the Quran, that feeling of fulfillment, money could not buy it, the pleasures of this world could not buy it. And this is of the most important blessings that we need to appreciate of the blessings of human as well is that a man helps us in falling into more and worse evil. So he man is like call it a pyramid, the more you build, the easier it is to go higher. So don't think that is going to get more difficult like climbing up a steeper mountain. No, it's the other way. It's actually the more you build, the easier it is to build higher. So whoever has a man, you go a little bit lower, bless you more, you go a little bit more, a lower blessing

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even more. And so the more eemaan you have, the more it will be easier to fight other temptations and that's why Allah subhana wa Taala says in the Quran, that in Salah Tottenham In fact, you will Moncur when you pray, automatically, that prayer will help you deal with so many of your vices, so many of your evil that you do. simply turning to Allah will make it easier for you to battle many of the other problems of this world of the blessings of a man is that he man as well. It helps us at what are the most sensitive times of our life, and that is between life and death. And that will be a terrifying moment for every single one of us. And I have mentioned this a few days ago that we

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learned from the tradition that when the Angel of Death comes to us, there will be that millisecond between this world and the next that we know we're going to die, but we cannot do anything to stop it. And we see the angel of death at that point in time. The Mothman is blessed how so in the Latina alura buena la Docomo, those who said Allah is our Lord and they were firm in that statement tenez Zenn la himolla aka the angels come down in armies. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the Mothman when he's about to die, he sees angels as far as the eye can see. This is when he's still alive. We cannot see it. But the person who is dying is going to see this. He sees angels as far as the eye

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can see angels that are pure, like Eva told you with beautiful faces. Their very presence will calm him and the angels will say to him a lot a half of what I say no, don't be scared. Don't worry, not No. Oh, Leah Oh, come we will take care of you. We'll be your protectors fit dunia with an Acura in this world and the next. So the moat men at that very traumatic time rather than be traumatized. They will go with peace and with dignity. They will go with happiness and contentment. And that is why sometimes when the righteous die, you see a happiness from their mouths from their lips. You see their faces are beaming. And this is something we all know from anecdotes in our own extended

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families. We know this from lived experiences. When the righteous died. Sometimes they seem peaceful as if they're looking at gender because they are looking at the precursors to gender. Allah has blessed them with that image, but it will only come to whom in levena call Rob Boone, Allahu Akbar, Mo and the opposite is true. Those that don't have a man the angels that will come to collect their bodies will not be the angels of peace. They will not be the angels but they will be the angels of punishment. We seek Allah's refuge of the blessings of a man as well is that a man brings about true brotherhood fraternity and sisterhood. Wherever the man goes, there are people that will help you

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love you. The Brotherhood of the oma is truly a global brotherhood. anthropologist look at the causes that people in this Masjid support, we support total hinga even though we don't have any from the Rohingya in our community, we support the Muslims have seen we support the Muslims of Syria, and I have fundraised myself millions of dollars for the Syrian refugees. I've never visited Syria and I have no blood relationship with Syria but Syria is in our hearts Philistine is in our hearts. Burma is in our hearts Kashmir is in our hearts. Why? Because it is the global oma we are one oma and we help one another out what other nation what other religion what other force is there that binds

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complete strangers, the power of the Kadima in manana and therefore of the blessings of the man and it's not surprising when we solidify those bonds. And when we have that concept of oma, we shall get political power as well. This is promised to the Muslims of Mecca. Allah said to them in the Quran, while de la Hola, Dena. Amen, amen come It is my promise to those who believe to those who have Eman and do good deeds. I shall give you a defender conference. I shall give you the power in this earth. And so the Muslims of Makkah followed that and what happened Allah bless them with Medina and Allah bless them with power these days. We don't follow that we see what happens these days. We are

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disunited, where is our EMA and where is our Tacoma so we don't get that promise as well. But if we were to follow the Quran and the Sunnah and truly have Eamon and taqwa in our hearts, then indeed we would get that power. The political power that we see from the time of the Sahaba, as well of the blessings of a man as well, is that the mortman is somebody who will benefit from advice when it comes to him or her, whereas the one who has no man will arrogantly reject advice, the more men is humble, the more men is meek, the more men is willing to listen. Allah says in the Quran was that kid if I enter the credenza, who I mean, remind them because reminding benefits the believer, you go

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to the believer, and if he's committing a sin, she's doing something wrong. And you go as a genuinely loving person who wants good and they will listen just exactly you know, may Allah bless you make do I'm going to try but if the person doesn't have a man, instantaneous Who do you think you are? Get away from me I'm Mind your own business, the more men will accept advice, whereas the one who has no a man does not accept advice of the blessings of a man, one of the most important blessings is that a man will become actual noon on chiama actual light. And I mentioned this in the hotter for those that were here earlier that on Judgement Day, all light will be extinguished, and

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every person will have to find his or her own way, cross the Surat and get to gender. How will they find it in utter darkness? Allah says in the Quran that on that date, butcher Akuma Yama nuts on that day Yama, Tara mininova, knotty? Yes, I'll noodle home on that day believing men and women will see their own lights racing in front of them, their own bodies will emanate a light their literal eemaan literally in the head, it will learn their eemaan will become an actual norm. So the stronger was the man the stronger the light and the more powerful the light and the faster they will be able to get to gender and this is the most important blessings of a man the blessings of the mind can go

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on and on. And it is true to say as I am said every single genuine blessing of this world and the next will be found on the tree of Eman and only on the tree of Eman but we will save the best for the last what is the best blessing of the tree of Eman that which is even greater than gender itself? Allah says in the Quran little lady in us I know those who perfected Epson and did good they will get a snap and Hostnet is one of the names of Jenna was the de and more than Jenna, what can be more than gender itself? Our Prophet sallallahu I said I'm set in the Hadith, the zyada the more than Jenna is the blessing of looking upon the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the greatest

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blessing. There is no blessing greater than that to see the word of Allah and to hear the canum of Allah subhana wa tada SONAMOO hola Mirabella Rahim to hear a lot directly say Salaam and then to see Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that benefits him. If not pay him says when the people of Jenna will see Allah subhana wa tada they will forget even gender and the blessings of gender, even gender will become trivial for them because there is no greater joy than to see the pleasure of the face of Allah which of Allah subhana wa tada and that's when the hadith of Amara vinyasa, the Prophet says will make dua to Allah Allahumma inni. Luca let that another illogical Kareem was shoka illa Allah I

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asked you for the sweetness of looking at your noble face and the desire to meet you. So he's asking for the sweetness to look at the face of Allah and Allah says in the Quran, would you bring Yama either now there are on that day faces will be bright, why will they be bright in our behalf because they will be looking at Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the greatest blessing of a man and it will only be given to the people that be among those that don't have a man can in whom are robbing him Yama, even the Jew Born on that day those people they will be denied seeing Allah subhana wa tada Imam Shafi said when the greatest punishment has been to deny to see Allah then the greatest reward

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is the ability to see Allah subhana wa Tada. So the people who don't have Eman will not see Allah and Allah mentions that as a punishment, they will know the believers are seeing a law that will be their biggest punishment. And when they recognize that even jahannam will not be as bad of a punishment as that, that their brethren of this world are seeing a lot and they have been deprived of that and even this will be given upon the level of

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demand the stronger words are EMA and then the longer the gaze and the more long the more beautiful the gaze and the weaker the man so then that will be appropriate in proportion with a man. These are some of the many blessings of image. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada perfects, our Eman strengthens our Eman allows our demand to grow that we can taste each and every fruit of the tree of demand and tomorrow will be the concluding lecture of the final lecture of our series on demand inshallah, till then Santa Monica Mora Allahu barakato

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi takes us on a journey which acquaints us with additional fruits of Iman .Of the blessings of Iman, one of the most misunderstood blessings is that Iman allows for you to have a beautiful life in this world only. The average misconception that is predominant in so many Muslims is, either I must enjoy this world and I’ll sacrifice the next, or I’ll live ‘miserably’ in this world so I can get Jannah in the next. This person does not realize that Allah does not shortchange those who turn to him.

The Shaykh has said that this simply implies that the one who chooses Allah will be blessed in this world before the next. Therefore, they will be given this dunya and the next. That is something that the average person does not always understand. The best life that you can possibly live is the life of a believer.

The blessings of Iman discussed in this enlightening video are as below:

1) Promise of a  beautiful life in this world and  the hereafter.
2) gives refuge from committing more evil deeds.
3) Helps us with the angel of death at time of our end.
4) true unification of Muslim brothers and sisters globally.
5) acceptance of benefit when sincere advice is meted out to a Mumin.
6) Noor (light) in day of Judgement due to firm Iman.
7) Greatest blessing in the form of looking directly at the face of Allah SWT.

May Allah perfect and strengthen our Iman make us efficient in tasting each and every fruit of Iman.

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