Waleed Basyouni – Reflections Of The Presidential Inauguration

Waleed Basyouni
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in that hamdulillah no matter who want to stay in or who want to study who want to stop hero, when I will do Billahi min Sharon em fusina amin sejahtera Medina Maria de la hufa la Mola

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La la la la la la la la sharika la. Was shadow no Mohammed Abu ora pseudo. Yeah you have Latina Armando Taka la haka. Takata he will attend Mouton. 11 to Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA Takara Bakula? de halaqa. Come in FC wahida ohada caminhada How about Semin humare? jarang kathira one Isa, what Taka la la de de Luna Viva La ham in a la Cana de como Kiba Yeah, yo holla Deena I'm gonna talk a lot how APU Poland sadita useless. nada como para la comme de Nova Come on a la hora. pseudo Sapa. defassa fosun alima. And about the LA for in the hiral kurama kurama, La La Jolla. Ron had you had your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon more remote data to her wakulla modesetting

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bidda wakulla beatin balada all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at the laws The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is last and final messenger.

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Like millions of other people here in America and abroad. I watched an A followed the integration

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of our new president. Today, I no doubt that this is a new era. And Isaiah Habib is a speech of today. I can't just ignore that, even though I had, you know, I wasn't thinking that today well be that immigration day. So I had another hot spot in my mind to speak about. But it wouldn't be right, just to ignore an important incident like this an important thing that happened in our country today. And it affects each and every one of us. Somehow, this tradition is been the peaceful transition of power

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in our country been a tradition gone, uninterrupted. 100 law for what 200 years. And that thing for someone like me, who grew up and lived overseas, maybe many of young Americans, many of our second generations, as an immigrants came to the United States don't understand the uniqueness of this incident today.

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I have not in my whole life, ever, other than America have witnessed the transition of power peacefully between presidents. It's either the president or the king die or killed. That's the only way that we have seen in our experience, or a military coup or something of that nature. Most like 99% of the cases, that's that the how it is, and for a very long time, not only my generations, but the generations, generations before me. And it looks like continuing for generations to come as well. So this is watching this and see how the shift going peacefully something of a great value. You know, just going back in history, where how this was very * war, civil war in the country

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to come to that level, something I appreciate something that makes me full of optimism of the future. That you know, as I said in the day that the President was elected, that we elected a president, we didn't elected

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King, someone will state forever.

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I'm happy to see that, you know, through a democratic process where people elected and chose their president, he became the president, even though I guess all the odds and all the expectation and all the media that, you know, the so called stablishment, as we saw the say, again, but managed to have a very successful campaign and to win.

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And when I was listening to the speech of the president today, and it's the same line of so many president like, you know, a few words to say, but that is something is stuck to my head, which is, as a person who knows how our Muslim scholars spoke about presidency, and about leadership, and the importance and the role that the President than the leader of the country played, you will always find our scholars and our jurist FOCA hot when that aha moment when they speak about what's the role that this leader would play in the society, they always focus in two aspects, one aspects in relation to his or her his responsibility as a president, of protecting the society, protecting the

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morality of the society, and ensure that this is a moral society, that this is a society who fear God. And this is society who understand the value of righteousness, as well as the importance of creating jobs and making wealth and all these things that we hear that today that you know, we will have more jobs, more money in the country, but it's often ignored. And the simple reason for that, that our civilizations are not majored by morality, our civilization is not looked at by the lens of how righteous we are, as a nation as a country, or as a civilization in the western atmosphere today, unfortunately, yes, we may be succeed and to be civilized, and I call in civilized in certain

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sense. But when it comes to that area, we still lack a big time, when you read that this is the first deal in history of England, for example, that the children who born out of wedlock, outnumber the children who born out of marriage. That's a scary thought to civilization that it is raise a flag. Because civilization is not only valued and majored by the technology, it's also major by the people of that nation. And just looking back to the history, when we see great civilization, like the Roman civilization, the Persian civilization, one of the things that led to the destruction of the civilization, that they didn't care for morality, they didn't care for righteousness for be God,

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conscious nations, and people feel God and obey God and respect God.

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And I see that's one of the thing that made those country great. And the past is because we value religion. And the by the day, we see how this things is going and declining.

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I was among those who oppose the election of the President. I campaigned against him. I encourage people and out of my message or basically nonprofit organizations capacity out I had my basically take on an app. But as was very firm in my position, I'm also very firm, the day he was elected to announce it to say that I accept reality. And I have respect for the system. I have a respect for the process. And you know, if you don't accept reality, you will never be able to deal with it. If you still gonna live in an urban a convincing yourself is not my president, you're not gonna be able to conduct anything, these dreams and wishful thoughts that people are all the last few weeks that

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maybe some miracle things will happen. And you know, and he will not be the president. While I'm hearing it out from inside. I said, I hope that today that those people will come to face the reality. And the reality facing the reality will make you able to change the reality that you don't like otherwise you will never be able to change it.

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I'm mature enough to understand from understand clearly, that having a system that the country run by is way more important than few years. Even if you live in an in with a policies that you disagree with. I understand that there is always a way to change and to bring a positive change to the society and

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Swing in our country here, sometimes to the right sometimes to the left sometime to the way the like and the way you don't like. And that's how this country been running for years. Understanding that nature allowed you to know how to deal with it and to plan carefully. Basically your or to put your strategy for how you will deal with the years to come, or the months to come.

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accepting the fact that

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with the presidency of the president today, it doesn't mean at all that they accept the wrong policies, the wrong ideas, that their own platforms that he run over, but also mean oppose these things. It doesn't mean that I'm opposing the system, or I call for the collapse of the system. Accepting the presidency doesn't mean that I don't stand for the truth. It doesn't mean that I don't stand for what is right. It doesn't mean that I give up the principles that I lived for, or I left for and I believed in opposing him or the presidency doesn't mean that I'm not willing to take part in what is good, and what is beneficial. It's what the government can do to make people's lives

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And that doesn't mean that also understanding the concept of the presidency of the president today, or even the President Donald Trump being the president united states, that doesn't mean that he's a king. He has ultimate power, opposing his policies. It does, it means I'm understood I understand that powers in our country are distributed is nothing the hand of the executive branch only, that there is many other branches of the government that can basically stands for what is right and what is strong. And if you lose power in one, you still have to to go.

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It doesn't mean that I'm oppose the policies of the President, it doesn't mean that I stop working on lobbying and promoting the policies that I think will be more beneficial for the country.

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My brothers and sisters, accepting the presidency of the President, except for Donald Trump is your president. It means that we hold him responsible for what that exactly means that he's responsible for protecting the Constitution of the country, protecting the people of America, regardless of their faith, regardless of their backgrounds or ethnicity. It means that we hold them responsible for all the promises that he made, like he promised jobs, he promised a better economy, he promised a better, a better replacement for the health affordable care. He promised that America will not impose and will not force its values. And it says policies over the world. And we will not be

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engaged in wars. He promises that he will respect all Americans regardless of their regardless of their faith. He promised that he declared war against drugs. He promised declare war against gangs, and people who cry who basically come to the country to spread terror. He promises all that. And we should not have a short memory. And we should hold him and those who supported him, and all elected elected official responsible for all these things that they talked about. Today, we heard a talk. And the talk says, we had enough of talk we had so basically a time for auctions. So make sure that we hold him for that, and those who support it. Also, my brothers and sisters, being in the upper

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position, being an opponent of basically opposing the current government. It means that we as people who don't agree with this current administration, or if you are disagree, this a current administration, and those who disagree with it, it means that they have to organize themselves. They have to build a better Coalition's a better plan for the future, using that the tools that is available and ham, thank God, I'm glad that we live in a society that allowed you to have a real opposition, to have a real basically stands for what you believe in and give you the freedom to work to create a basically a potential change for the policies that you disagree with. I think we should

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be working hard and real, to create a sense of balance of political balance inside our city in our state's

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understanding that you're our president, and this is something I mentioned today.

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It means also that he has rights upon us. And one of the rights that it is you like it or don't like it, you do it or you don't do it. That's something I do believe in it. That, you know, one of the first thing I did after he became president I made that the last model I made him make him a mercy for our nation that lost my dad, I make him and guide him to what is correct. And to protect us from his evil and evil policies. And whatever evil intention the T or the people surrounding him out for our country and our people here. That's it. That's, that's their eye, when it comes from the heart. It shows the level of sincerity.

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You know, it is so dangerous with some people develop, which is developed that sense that you know what, this person, it is impossible for him to be good or impossible for him to be right or impossible to be the, you know, I became just opposition and oppose you for the sake of opposing you is not any more became about the policy or about the issue. And that's very dangerous, politically, ethically. And it can goes even to our theological belief when you believe that no one can be ever guided. You're not one point in there be sallallahu wasallam prayed against a group of people for a whole month. He meant that Allah Kirstin that Allah Subhana Allah, yeah. And he destroyed them that

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Allah Vinge in them that he made so much draw against him for one month in every single salah and he made it sometimes out loud in a minute. Then a lot told him in the Quran, Lisa kameena Emery Shea Oh, you're too buddy him, oh, you're the bomb. It doesn't belong to you and Mohammed, who is guarded and who's not?

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Don't think that there is anything impossible for Allah.

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And guess what these 30 people this three those few people that the process has been 330 days pray against them, all of them ended up Muslims. And all of them ended up companions.

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And the one man that he prayed for him, not against him for him. And the one man that he showed so much lean in support. He died as a Catholic

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his uncle if there is any lesson to learn from this, no one ever should put himself in control of the hearts are no the unseen another future.

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When a righteous man pastored by a very bad wrongdoer person. He passed by and said well La Jolla, Allahu

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Allah will never forgive that person.

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Allah said Manhattan lineata Allah Allah, who's that person who speaks on my behalf?

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When people said, Omar

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usili, Mohammed Omar, Omar Omar,

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people at one point they said Omar is donkey can be a Muslim but Omar cannot be a Muslim.

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That's what one point said by the companions and by the best of the companions

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and things change the hearts in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I'm not praising anyone, I'm not making insinuation of anything. But what I'm saying is I don't want you to say it in Facebook. I don't want you to say it publicly. I don't want to do that. What I want you to do it when you between you and Allah. And the only reason I told you what I said at that point is just to inspire each and every one not to give up and that power of that Alliance. And I've been hired as a

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chef gonna ship them basil Rahim Allah whenever he was told about any dictators in the world. He used to say something very powerful. He used to say, allow him at dinner over dinner. He said y'all law fix him or replace him.

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That's always been my teachers, when he heard about any dictators in the world.

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I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and to give us a strength in the upcoming months and years. And to make it better for all of us. According to mostofa Lani, welcome, first of

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all, hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ohana, Milena, ba ba that my brothers and sisters, I have in these few minutes left for me.

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Messages a quick message is for all of us as a community. Number one, this is the time not to hide your identity as a Muslim. This is the time to set to say it clearly loudly with confidence with pride, that you know what I'm who I am. And that's what I believe in. And I don't need to change that. I didn't need to hide my identity. I didn't need to change my DNA. I don't need to change my name. I don't need to do that. hamdulillah there is

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You know, there's a lot of people living in an absolute fear. Somebody sending a message that shekhawati pleasing a hopeless speak, that is people staying home, not coming to Juma today, because they're scared.

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You know, what we need? We need a lot of we have leaders, I don't know, what kind of leaders are that, are they? When they said, you know, it's a time maybe Muslim, I should not wear hijab. And maybe Juma should be short, and you know, and all this kind of stuff.

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You know what, that's not how we're going to survive.

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I said, Yeah, last week, I was in New York, I said, you know, these cup cupcake Muslims don't get us very far.

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You know, what you need to be a tough a little bit. You know, stand up tall and proud of who you are and proud of your religion.

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There's your value is in the time have touched your value under the pressure,

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Are you someone who is able to resist the pressure and to stand up tall and against those who bullying you. And people will test us.

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And if you see that, you can bend and you can put your heads down, they will ride your back. But if you stand up tall and strong, nobody misses Miss with you.

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Number two,

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I'm saying this because that means don't tolerate it. And I mean, don't just let her go speak out, there is a law to protect your right there is a community will stand for you yesterday, when someone told me about a sister on the other side of town. And the west side of town, that term her school, someone basically making fun of her and bullying her, I volunteer me and at least three or four imams to go and to talk to that, basically to the administration of the school and am saying not only me, every single leader I know and Houston willing to do that plus care plus so many organization as well. We will stand together. And we will not tolerate that. Any discrimination in

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your workplace. Don't just let it slide.

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But it's a whole basic section of federal government agency against discriminations and jobs. And they will take your rights, and we have many civil rights organizations willing to stand for you as well. And the community.

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Also, this is the time to show to be more active and to be more present in an interactive community. I really appreciate with our brothers and akena here doing during the Superbowl. It can amass putting and sponsoring all these billboards. And that time of the Superbowl just to basically send a message Hey, we are here. We have a good message for the world as well. I appreciate the Islamic Relief being here today. Outside, I appreciate islamically being here next week on Friday, making a fundraising. I appreciate all the work that we do and we should not back off and we should support. But we should be more wise, we should be careful how we message how our message goes out. Not

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because we have a hidden agenda. But because we dealing with nasty people sometimes that they will twist and change the intention and the words of some of our brothers and sisters when they talk as the only reason why I say that. I think we should be more active when it comes to civil work, more active and outreach, more active and politics more active with our massage and our communities. We should encourage and support our mustards, our institutions, our organizations, our Islamic schools, the strengthening of our Institute's it means a strong community.

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The organized my advice to everyone attending my hookah who run an organization, make sure that you're complying with the law. Make sure that you're doing things correctly, make sure that we are full of optimism that will really do for our community.

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I want to be all of us to be very careful of many people will take the opportunities to basically to prey on this situations and to claim themselves leader for the communities and indeed they are not.

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Just recently we had some of the islamophobe supporters trying to score a point by running a surveys and talking to the communities and sending letters to community organizations and individuals asked him to fill it up so they can show that they have credential in the community and the society and they are nothing but a bottom feeder organizations

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feed on the community and putting the community in trouble. And just by basically attacking the Muslim organizations publicly.

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Make sure that also be very careful because in the upcoming days a month, that might create an environment for some people.

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Allah knows how things will be I'm not going to expect good or bad. Put him at say things get worse than hardened Muslims.

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Don't ever let this an excuse for some extreme terrorist group, justify the terrorist act. Just because we have a corrupt leader or be corruption or, you know, squeezing the Muslim community or anything of that nature. Those people will not bring any any good.

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One mistake plus one mistake never make a correct make double mistakes. Be patient, be optimistic, be positive. And being always in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah Spano tada will protect you because if you are you are in His sight, no matter who is in the other side.

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My brothers and sisters, those who don't care,

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those who think that is not related to me, I'm not active, I'm just a Muslim. You know, I barely prayed, you know, I'm immune to that you're wrong.

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You're wrong. We're all on the same boat. We're all Americans. And we're all Muslims. And we are all on the same boat. Either you start being active and being basically smart and being supportive. Or you know, what, if that boat sink all of us as a country together, now Allah subhanaw taala to protect all of us, and I'm very, I'm expecting much better inshallah, than many people think of the future and ask Allah Subhana Allah to make that real and to help us to be instruments of making the future of our children as much better than the life that we have today. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us guidance and to

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guide our leadership to what is right to adjust to a despair to what is righteous Allahumma I mean a lot of morpholine lamalfa about you know my heart you know as well as you know authority Yeah, Tina.

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Tina set up una de man la manana silicon houda Tanaka, only now the home of the Select Johan como la sala Hamada Muhammad Anwar

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Shadow La Ilaha Illa. No, Shadow Wanda Mohammed.

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Ali hodja homotopy sana. Allahu Akbar Allahu

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Allahu Akbar.

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hamdulillah your Abdullah

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erwachsenen your Rafi Marie kiwami de community in Canada can Estonian over dinner sit on the stuffing sit on

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him or

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yarding him?

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What do

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you need

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to know to look at kameena

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buka todo lm yejide karate man

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in an oven

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melnea tema

00:29:23 --> 00:29:23

de Kappa had

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a law

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send your love

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Alhamdulillah in Europe

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kiyomi Dini Budo kennestone he didn't

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go beyond

00:30:50 --> 00:30:51

I'm not sure

00:30:55 --> 00:30:57

Kelly's local lady

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00:31:06 --> 00:31:06

the US

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00:31:12 --> 00:31:13

the photo

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was no bigger photo

00:31:30 --> 00:31:32

semi on long honeymoon even

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00:33:02 --> 00:33:07

salamati kumana to La salamati Kumara Mata la

00:33:15 --> 00:33:25

there his brother alliums deity. He is a long term members of our community here in Houston, a great man of a great contributions to our look. They're also very

00:33:27 --> 00:33:33

well known respected member of our community here on the mustard and he's in hospital. So make drops

Jumuah Khutbah talk delivered at the Clear Lake Islamic Center on January 20, 2017.

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