Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 285A Translation Al-Talaq

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing various topics, including a woman named Hope, a man named Jesus, and a woman named Liza. They also mention a woman named Hope who is being criticized for her behavior and is being criticized for not doing well in her life. Later, the group discusses various topics, including a woman named Hope's potential for success, a woman named Elijah, and a woman named Liza. They also mention a woman named Billa and her fear of Islam, as well as a woman named Apollonez who claims to have been killed by Kana. Finally, the group discusses various topics, including a woman named Elijah and her potential for success, a woman named Lita Alemu, and a woman named Apollonez.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. We're gonna go through

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Muhammad who want to slowly get out of Saudi here get him a Mother Earth Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley Emery. What on earth letter melissani? Rahul Kohli. Robina Ziggler Ilma Sudha Pollack is number one to 12

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translation. Yeah, Are you her? All? And no be you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, either when, for lack of a term, you all gave divorce and Nyssa to the women. fatale kohona. So you all divorced them later in dirty hinda for their prescribed period, what a hassle and you all keep count a lot

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of the prescribed period

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what dako and you all fear Allah Allah when I become your

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law do not do creed Johanna you all expel them. Men from beauty in their homes. Wallah and should not yet Regina. They go out Illa except on that yet Dena they come before Hey Shatin with an indecency mobile unit in clear what Erica and that who do do or limits Allah of Allah, woman and whoever he had, he transgresses her do the Allah limits of Allah for God. So in fact, what he wronged NAFSA who himself law, not Daddy, you know, law Allah, perhaps Allah Allah, your de su he will make new or he will originate BARDA after Velyka that Umrah a matter

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for either then when Bella Hoonah they reached a jello Hoonah they're appointed term for MC kohona, then you all retain them be my roof in a recognized manner. Oh, or Federico Hoonah you all part with them be my roof in a recognized manner? Well as he do, and you all take as witness the way do possessors or the LIN of justice. Men come from you were a chemo and you all perfectly establish a shahada, the testimony Lila for Allah, then become that or you all you are little he is admonished, be he with it. Man whoever Ghana he was, you may know he believes Billa in Allah, one Yom and the day Allah here the last woman and whoever yet de la la her he fears Allah yadgir He will make Lahu

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for him. Maharajah away out

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while zuku and he will provide him men from Hazel were last not yet the same. He expects

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woman and whoever yet our curl. He puts his trust Allah upon Allah Allah for who then he is has boohoo sufficient for him. In Allah indeed Allah barely who one who reaches one who attains Umrah, he his command, and in fact Darla he made Allahu Allah luckily for every che in thing Godhra a measure

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wala II and those women who year Isner they lost hope men from an MA hailed the menstruation men from Nyssa EComm your women in if if debitum you all doubted fareeda to Hoonah then they're prescribed period. salah satu is three Ashok months. Wala II and those women who love did not hear Hitler they have menstruation what hula to and possessors a man of the pregnancies. Agile Ohana they're appointed term on that Yaga Anna they deliver Hamler Hoonah their burden their pregnancy

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woman and whoever yet ducky he fears Hola Hola. Hola. Elijah, he will make Lahu for him. Men from Emery he his affair you saw is

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there Lika that umbrella is Command of Allah unzila who he sent it down la come to you, woman and whoever the tequila he fears Allah. You can fit he will experience and hope for

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I'm him so he at he has evals while you're away Him and He will enlarge Lahu for him at Euro reward

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ASCII no Hoonah you are large them men from high school were second to you all lived. You all dwell, men from where do they come your means while and do not do bar ruhuna you all harm them little by equal so that you all make difficult I lay in upon them we're in and if cannot they were all at the possessors handling of pregnancy. For unfuckable then you will spend or lay hinge upon them Hatha until you learn they deliver Hamler Hoonah their pregnancy. For in then if outdoor in their circle Lacan for you for 200 Then you will give them Oduro Hoonah their wages, what Demirel and you all consult by intercom between you all be more often in a recognized manner. We're in and if there are

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self to you all created difficulties for each other. Faster to there, then we'll circle LA who for him Ohara another

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Leon felt he should spend the ceratin possessor of abundance men from Saturday he his capacity woman and whoever got the euro, it was measured. It was restricted. Are they he upon him this booboo, His provision for Leon fake so he should spend mimma from that which atta who he gave him Allah who Allah La not you can live who he burdens Allah who Allah never sent any soul Illa except ma what other he gave it said your aloo soon he will make Allahu Allah BARDA after Ursuline difficulty your soul is

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worker a yin and how many men Korea 10 from townships are that it incidentally disobeyed I'm from Emory command or behalf of its Rob while also Lee and his messengers for her Sabina her so we call to account it. Her saben and accounting she didn't severe are the banana and we punished it either been a punishment nohcra Horrible.

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Further cut so it tasted wobbly evil consequence and rehab of its affair. What Kana and it was arqiva to consequence and rehab of its affair Husa loss

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he has prepared Allahu Allah La home for them either been a punishment shed Eden severe for Taku. So you all fear Allah Allah. Yeah. Oh, Adil Elba, possessors of the intellect Alladhina amanu those who believed but in fact, under Allahu Allah sent down la come to you vichara a reminder.

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Also learn a messenger yet Lu he recites Aleykum upon you i Atilla verses of Allah MOBA unity in one's clear, Leo Raja so he takes out a Latina Armano those who believed were AMILO and they did a Salah had the righteous deeds. Mina Zulu met from the darknesses Isla new to the light, woman and whoever you mean he believes Billahi in Allah way out, and he does sila Han righteous you the Hill who he will admit him Jana into gardens, that God it flows mentality * from underneath it, and * the rivers, Holly Deena ones abiding eternally fee her in it other than forever. But in fact, our center he made excellent Allahu Allah, La who for him it is the provision.

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Allah who Allah Allah the the one who Calaca he created Sabra seven summer worth in Heavens Wamena. org and from the earth Mithila Hoonah like them yet and as Zulu it descends, Unruh, the command Boehner Hoonah between them Lita Alemu, so that you all know and Allah that indeed Allah, Allah upon Galicia in everything Garderen always all Abel. Well, Anna and that indeed, Allah Allah, God, in fact, a helper he has encompassed be cliche in with everything Ilma in knowledge.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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learn to free to

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Dean he

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the law he

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said Daddy read Allah Hi Yoshihito Nika

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there either

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will be

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a woman

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or me

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Raja while resuable who means

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in Allah

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for the Java log on equally shaving

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in your hotel

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in your hotel room that

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while Ola

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mean angry use

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their longing

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why me

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level and you're

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asking me

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to buy *

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Daniel obey now

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it is

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upon Me

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You can live ups and

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downs at

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was only the highest

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version he

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has ever

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to you

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region Larry in

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New York region

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already been

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sent along with a who is

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a lovely lady

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Felicia body data

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Hola Hola

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