Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 283A Translation Al-Munafiqun

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah here

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on a Sunday ardella Sunni Hill Karim Allah Bharath furrows of Allah he made a shape on eulogy in Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish rashly Saudi way a Sidley Emery washed on earth that Amelie Sani Kahu calmly open as

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Surah Tillman Africa when I am number one to 11 translation, either when Jerrica he came to you, Elmo NaVi goon, the hypocrites Badiou they said, Nash had we bear witness in Mecca. Indeed you la Sulu, surely messenger. Allah of Allah. When Allah Who and Allah Ya Allah mu he knows, in Nikka indeed you love a su who surely his messenger Allah Who and Allah, Yeshua do he bears witness in indeed, Elmo Nephi clean the hypocrites look at the bone surely liars it the huddle they have taken a manor home their odds Jonathan as a shield, fossa do so they stopped on from subete Allah way of Allah in the home indeed de ser evil ma that which can oh they were your maroon they do Velyka that

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be unknown because indeed de amor know they believed some then kifaru they disbelieve for Toby or so it was sealed Allah upon going to be him their hearts for home so they learn not yet Cahoon they understand what either and when or at home you saw them or dibuka it pleases you a dissemble home their bodies were in and if you're Kulu they speak that smart you listen look only him to their speech. The unknown as if they push you burn our wood blocks or push your one timber

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was another tonne propped up? Yes Abona they think color every say Hatton cry or lay him against them whom they are they will be enemies for the home. So be cautious of them. Otter the home he fought them. Allahu Allah, a nurse from where you for goon they are deluded? What either and when de la it was said LA home to them, there are no you all come here still fear he will seek forgiveness lecan For you rasuluh messenger Allah of Allah lo Whoa, they twisted, they shook will also whom their heads were at home and you saw them yes we'll doona they turn away while home while they was stuck Be your own ones who are arrogant. So it is equal or lay him upon them. Whether it still felt

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that you sought forgiveness law home for them or lump did not testify. You seek forgiveness the home for them learn never yells filler He will forgive Allah who Allah loves home for them in Allaha indeed Allah lair not yesterday he guides alone the people alafasy clean those who cross limits, whom they Alladhina are those who Yoku Luna de se la do not don't feel cool. You all spend our now upon man who are in the near Rasul Allah Messenger of Allah, Hatha until en felt mu they disperse while Allah He and for Allah causa in treasures a summer worth of the heavens well as yours. Well, I can but I'm gonna have to clean the hypocrites learn not EF Cahoon they understand Jaco Luna they

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say let in surely if Roger Anna we returned Isla to El Medina, the medina Lai Ukri Jana? Surely he will definitely expel Arzoo the more Mighty, the more honorable minha from it. And then the one who is lower one Illa. And for Allah, Allah is the honor the might, when he was solely he and for His Messenger, while in what meaning and for the believers were their kin, but Al Muna 15 The hypocrites lay on the moon they do not know. Yeah, are you hurt or Alladhina those who am I know they believed last should not do legal aid distract you. And welcome your wealth. Wallah and nor Ola do calm your children. I'm from the CLI remember

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And hola hola woman and whoever EF R he does valleca That for hola ICA then those whom they harass you ruin those who are losers were unfaithful and you all spend may match from whatever Rosa Konerko we provided you mean from before and that yet the it comes a harder one of you Elmo to that fire Kulu so he will say Rob be oh my Rob Lola Why not a hurt Danny you delayed me Illa deal agile a term got even near for us sadaqa then I would give charity were a con and I would be meaner Salah Hain from those who are righteous will learn and never you are here. He will delay he will give respite. Allahu Allah nevsun any soul either when it came a jello ha It's time wala who and Allah hobby Iran

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always all aware Bhima with whatever dark maroon you will do

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let's listen to the recitation

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this morning

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gonna shadow

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law one law we are no

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longer shadow in

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it turns out Oh Amen

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then he can

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be him

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what either

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while he does not

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vagal tone

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why either

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zoodles law Hina blows ADA homie also

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in hola hola

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Boulogne Allah Illallah

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region zooming

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you're also the mini

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at any healer journey

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appeared on love on Epson

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Allahu Convio

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