Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 272D Tafsir Al-Qamar 18-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of the European Church is discussed, including the devastation caused by a windstorm and the use of "we" as a term. Some speakers claim to be figures of Islam while others claim to be figures of reality. The video game world is also discussed, where a creature comes up with lies and boasts about being a prophet. The Bible is also discussed, where actions and actions are false, such as killing a creature or giving something without considering the value of it. The hedge is also discussed as a protection against danger for animals.
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Then Allah says, Can the VA done the art the people have asked denied for K for can either be one widow, who did they deny profit? Who are they Salam so k for can either be How was my punishment meaning how severe was my punishment upon them one was and how clear was the warning that was given to them before the punishment came, but that didn't pay eat to the warning. And so the suffered the punishment in our cell now I lay him Rehan indeed We sent upon them a wind, what kind of a wind was it subtle sollen screaming violent, noisy and cold, furiously roaring. rehand for Sauron, and this wind it blew up on them when fee Yomi nisin in a day, that was nice, nice misfortune. Now, he said

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we have done this earlier unlucky, when something proves disastrous for someone Yomi nursin A day of disaster a day of misfortune, Mr. Mehra, but it was continuous. Musa me. Again same word is coming here giving the meaning of continuous meaning this wind continuously blue. So how could they survive it blue until the last of them perished? Yo Minassian mustard. And how long did this wind blow four. We learned Sebata alien with ammonia to a yam seven nights and eight days. Non stop than zero nurse such a violent wind it was the tunzi or NAS it was extracting, pulling out the people because people were hiding naturally they were hiding from it, taking cover from it. But as they took cover from

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it, the wind it pulled them out, plucked them and uprooted them got unknown, our jazz who knuckling Moon carries and as it pulled them out as it snatched them grabbed them, threw them in the air dead and they lay dead as if they were our jazz or jazz, Florida the word ARDS and it is basically used for the stump or the root, the end part of a tree. So they were as if our jazz will knuckling knuckle date palms, meaning a day palm that has been uprooted, taken out with its roots. This is how they were laying Moon courier Moon courier car, fine raw car car is when something is deep when something is deep, so and one carat is one that is dug out from deep.

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They had deep roots. They were deeply very strongly very firmly established.

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However, this wind, it pulled them out.

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They had stable lives that were firmly settled. But one windstorm was enough to uproot and devastate this entire population.

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No matter where they hit, no matter where they took cover. It pulled them out into a full slate at i o 15. We learned about these people that are admired on the stock battlefield or the bill Adel Hawk, we'll call Menasha Domina Cova They boasted about their strength

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Menasha Domina Kuwa.

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And this punishment that was sent upon them, prove to them that Allah is stronger for K for can either be one with all so how severe was my punishment and the warning that was given to these people will occur the asana, Quran Allah decree and certainly we have made the Quran easy for Vic's for Hellman with decayed. So is there anyone who will remember is there anyone who's willing to correct himself because the message is clear. It's not ambiguous because the but some would be noodle if it's still not clear. Well take another example. The people of the mood denied the noodle noodle can be understood as plural of nadeet as an Warner's profits. And by denying their profit

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they denied all of them.

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And secondly, Nether can also be understood as warnings cut the bad mood to be noodle for all who so they said a Bashara Mina,

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what Basha on a human being Mina from us. Why that only one? Natalia or who we should follow him? No way. How can we follow one human being who is from us, meaning a human being just like us? How can we trust him and how can we follow Him? In that indeed, we if we were to follow this one human being meaning Saleh Alayhis Salam, then even then Luffy Allah Allen was the rule. If we were to follow Him, we would be in Bala Al and we would be in Surah

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What is the level? Error Miss guidance when someone is lost when they're not upon the right path when they're doing things the wrong way. This is Lola astray, misguided, lost.

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And serif what does that word mean? saris,

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serried sorry raw fire. Blaze, right. That is what sorry it is. What are threatened Johanna middle caffeine, Ina cerebra. Serota is from that. Now sorry, it is blazing fire, fire. What does it look like? It's angry.

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It's angry. And when someone is angry, how do they act like fire?

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Right like fire, it consumes it burns everything that comes in its way. It doesn't care. And as flames fall out from it, they land on different places. And this is the same thing happens when a person is angry. As they're fuming as they're raging, what happens? They hurt others, they harm others, and then later on their regrets. So circle is figurative for mad.

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Crazy Junoon in their either Luffy Allah Allah al in Westeros if we were to follow this man salejaw de Sena, we would be a stray. misguided, and we would be Majnoon we'd be doing something crazy.

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That just doesn't make sense.

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And you see fire, what does it do? It destroys. So we would be in Serato meaning we would be putting ourselves in destruction.

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So Sahra madness and syrup destruction, two meanings remember them? In that either? Luffy Allah Allah Allah in Westeros

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not something unheard of very common. How can we follow a human being? How can we follow a Prophet? Who was a human being like us? One person? And if we were to follow him, we'd be doing something seriously wrong. Are we crazy? We'd be harming ourselves. They said, All PLV cruel at all Pa was it sent down a VIC crew the reminder the message, the revelation, or lay on him? Men by Nina from amongst all of us. Was he the only one? As if they're saying the prophet who does not defeat him?

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Prophet who does not defeat him he's not good enough to be a prophet because we are better than him. Because we are richer. We're this we're that we have this he doesn't have that will be a victory lane him in by Nina. And then they said Belle Hua. They said he is meaning Sylar Hyundai Santa. They said that he is there Boone assures he's got that he's such a liar. big liar. He's making all these lies up about Allah, about the hereafter. He's lying. And he is a shit. Arrogant, self conceited full of himself. As it is from the letters hums machine draw. This is a new word. We haven't done this word before. Hamza Shinra. And Ashira. The verb a Sheila is when someone

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exalts greatly excessively

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remember the word Butler? Butler Dr. Murray shutter

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They left their homes Butler on what he announced the Mushrikeen when they came to the Battle of better they came baton they came showing off. Right, Marie? Remember muddy? Waltham, she fell early. Mara, right. Mara, Bata they're all different levels of showing off basically, and showing off as a result of arrogance, pride, self conceitedness All right. A shade is the worst. It's the height of showing off is the height of being proud. And being boastful.

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eyeshadow is also used for someone who behaves ungratefully And And thankfully,

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Metallica, Medaka bit. This is what I should is this at Bell Hua conveyable a shit. He's lying. And he's so arrogant. Why did they call him arrogant? Because he was claiming to be a prophet. He was saying that he was a prophet, that God speaks to him. He receives messages from God. So they said that in his pride and self love, he is imagining all of these things. He's having these delusions and with that he is claiming to be a prophet.

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Say Allah Munna Verdun. Allah says these people will know tomorrow. Many will cut dabble Asscher who is really cut that and ashes. They will know tomorrow who is really lying. And who is really

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arrogant and proud.

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Remember that the prophets of Allah, they had the best reputations.

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All right? Yes, they were human beings. All right, so Musa alayhis salam Yes, he did make a mistake. However that mistake was also result of what his willingness to help others. Correct.

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It wasn't that he was fighting someone for his personal loss. No, he was fighting someone to defend others to help others. Correct. So the prophets of Allah they had the best reputation. So for these people to say to Saleh today sunnah, that he's a liar and he's arrogant. This was completely false. completely false. Allah says they will know tomorrow meaning time will tell who was really arrogant and boastful and who was really lying in there indeed, we merci Lu ones who sign meaning we are going to send a NACA T the camel the she camel fits not Allah home as a test for them as a trial for them. And this test will show

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whether they're liars or not, whether they're arrogant or not. felt okay, boom. So Oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam for Taco boom. So watch them, meaning watch and wait and see what they do was to build and be firmly patient, meaning continue your work do not give up?

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You see these people they demanded from Saudi Hardison that they should be shown a specific miracle and what was that miracle that a pregnant chi camel should emerge out of these mountains?

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All right, so Allah said, Okay, this will happen, but it will be like a fitna this has the machine of maca said we want to see the moon split. All right. So what happened? The camel came, but why should everything be easy for these people? They denied Prophet Salah even after the camel came, I don't know what excuse they came up with. Right? But they came up with some excuse and they denied him.

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So what happened? This Campbell would drink a lot of water because it was supposed to be fitzer.

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Alright, they said you show us this miracle we will believe and at the same time they accused Saudi alyssum of lying. What happened when the camel came out and they rejected Saudi Arabia he said I'm gonna who was lying. These people were lying. They said to Saleh listen, I'm You're so full of yourself. You're so arrogant and self conceited? Well, who was being self conceited over here that we want to see a miracle such as this camel coming out of a mountain in this way. And then we will believe well, who's being arrogant? They were being arrogant.

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Allah says in their morcilla Napa, defeating at Allah home for the people whom was stupid when a bit of home and inform them unelma That indeed the water is FISMA combiner home division between them, meaning the water is going to be shared between them for smoke off see me when something is divided a lot it? How is it going to be divided between them? That one day, their turn. And one day, the following day will be the turn for the camel. So basically, they had to take turns. Allah says Kulu should have been every ship, ship, drinking turn, drinking turn. Like for example, imagine there's a water fountain, your type of water fountain, all right. And you go there to fill your bottle. All

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right, as you're filling it, that's your ship. And when you're done somebody else comes that is their ship. This is shared drinking turn. Allah says co Lucia been Martha Martha attended her bottle, hello to be present to attend place or an event. How did all right, so much so that one to be attended one to be attended by who by those whose turn it is and not by others? So basically, the day when it is the camels turn to drink water, the people cannot take any water.

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All right. And when it is the people's turn, then the camel will not drink.

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This was a fitna for them. Why? Because the camel would drink a lot of water. And this wasn't an endless supply of water. Alright overnight over time, the source would become full again the well or whatever source it was, it would fill up again. So what would happen is the camera would drink so much water that hardly anything was left for their animals or hardly anything was left for them. So what happened?

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What happened? There so called truthfulness was revealed Fernando Sahiba whom they called out there saw him their companion meaning one of them. They call these people called out there saw him, one of them and who was he his name was paid out or Kadar been Salif. All right, as Allah says in surah shrimps even Bertha. I saw her when the worst of them got up to Fernando Sahiba, whom they call

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Old out there saw him fit out. Ah, so he dared Falco and he killed he killed the camel he dared and he killed the camel. Why did he kill the camel? Because they called him the people call him so he killed the camel

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and compliance to his wish the wish of this entire nation for the entire nation was blameworthy. Look at the word the alpha, the alpha is from I implore Well, I thought I thought is to give

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right in our Athena aka alpha is to give, but thou,

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thou thing. They're not all there. I mean, Elif Thor with Castle attain Tao thing, from which is the verb to alpha,

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Tao thing is the act of taking.

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See, the meaning is reversed. I'll call to give Dalton the act of taking. And it is the act of taking what is given or what is offered, but how to take with the hand.

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Right to take with the hand. Now, you see sometimes when you're being offered something, or when something is, you know, put somewhere, and you're free to take it. It's easy to go and take it but sometimes do have to have some courage and go and grab yourself the third cup of drink,

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do you?

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Yes. Or sometimes do you have to have some courage to even accept something or take something that has been given? Yes. When do you need that courage when you know you shouldn't be taking it? Right? You know that you shouldn't be taking your third cup of drink. Right? Because it's just not right. It's not okay. Yes, they said you may have another refill. But if you're going for the third or fourth or fifth time, that's not okay. Right. So Toplin is to be courageous and daring to venture upon something without hesitation without consideration.

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it is used for taking things or doing things which are wrong which are not good. Like for example, it is a thoughtful hamara he dared to take alcohol, thou hombre, you understand? So thou thaw he dared me without any hesitation. He knew this was wrong. Killing a camel that doesn't belong to you first of all is wrong. But then killing a camel about which clear instructions were given. That led them to sue happy Sue and do not touch her with evil. This is even wrong. So what happened? This man he dared the Alpha Falco Arakata he hamstrung the camel cut the hamstring and as a result the camel died. Allah says for K for can either be one who the How was my punishment and warning

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Vadar been Salif off del La Flora mean Salif What was that either in our cell no I lay him slay Hatton we're headed and Allah says indeed We sent upon them. One blast for can also they work a Hasheem like dry twig fragments off what have a little more

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of an animal pen. Hashem hashing meme. Hashem is used for dry stalks straw, Hashem is basically to smash to crumble something to pieces to make something into fragments. And Hashem is broken twigs. Hashem is what?

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broken twigs and the lid. The lid from Hello.

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Hello, is to fence something in? Why in order to protect it?

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countryside when you go there, you see animals, right? But are there on the loose? No, there's always some kind of a hedge or something around them. Now you will see fancy fences these days. But sometimes in some parts of the world even today, you will find that the hedge is made of what? dry branches. All right. So it's like one branch is put another branch is put on on another branch and then they got something, you know, a bush off and so all those broken twigs that brought them over here and they've made a hedge with that big enough that the animals won't dare to cross over. They cannot cross over. And even a hunting animal cannot go over it. It's too high to jump over too

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painful to go through because it's bulky. All right, this is Martha lady

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Has * mortality, the Hashem of mortality? Or what?

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When animals are constantly hitting it? All right? What do you think is going to happen to this hedge our pieces of broken twigs gonna fall to the ground? They will right over time they will

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have sheep human mortality, what value are those broken fragments of twigs? What value? Do they have no value whatsoever. So when people need to make a fire, what do they do they first go and collect these broken twigs. They're just right for firewood. Allah says, We sent up on them one blast from the sky. And they became like dry twig fragments of an animal pen that have fallen that have broken that have been trampled over by the sheep. So a person comes and he collects those broken bits and he uses them for fire.

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In other words, they became worthless. While accordia sadhana Khurana live victory we have made the Quran easy for remembrance for Helmand mode decayed. So is there anyone who will remember? Is it still too difficult to understand? Is it still too complicated? Do you really need to see the moon split to be convinced is the message not evident? Let's listen to the recitation of these verses go to our

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can now either be one

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follows up Amina seems

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to me don't

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by the case

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be 101 up on the self none

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leaky roof I mean

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the kids

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who don't know don't call

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Oh in

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either laugh Ebola

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was oral all the crew are

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better more

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as she say on lampoon outlaw

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money look at the ball as she'd

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40 feet nut

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bolt up either whom was Bobby One

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this metal

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further for Heba whom

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can you

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be one who?

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Don't leave walang for the summer.

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Victory for

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the kid

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