Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 272E Tafsir Al-Qamar 41-55

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Lutheranism is discussed, including the use of negative emotions and punishment in Islam's culture. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself in the face of danger and defend oneself against danger. The creation and quantity of events occurring by Allah's command are also discussed, with the creation reflected in the Day of Judgment and the quantity shown as equal to one.
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ghaznavid Omalu Twinbee noodle, the people of loop Alehissalaam they also denied the warning. So what happened in that I will sell now I lay him how Saban we sent up on them it house they have a shower of stones. House bad has a use for small stones pebbles, how safe such a wind that picks up stones and throws them around. violent tornado devastating cyclone. We sent upon them in house live in a loop except the family of loot they were saved, not Jaina whom bissa * we saved them at so what is the hub?

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What is the hub? So the time when you eat your meal for fasting, pre Dawn, near mutton Minar in Deena as a blessing from us, what was a blessing from Allah, the fact that the family of Lutheranism was saved Gallic energy Z men, Shakira, thus do We recommend the one who is grateful Shakira? Look at this loot Ali Salam is being described as a servant tool, chakra who was grateful?

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Or was he grateful about the fact that 20 million people believed in Him?

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What was he grateful about the fact that Dawa was so easy for him? What was he grateful about? The fact that the people that he lived in were so nice.

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What was in Lutheran asylums favor, nothing was but there is always a reason to be grateful.

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Lutheran his Salam was grateful so much that Allah describes him as man Shakira, when things were so tough, so difficult for him. He's trying to tell his people do not do this wrong and that wrong? Don't you get it allay some income. Rajon Rashid? Is there not amongst you even a single person who's right minded.

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But still Allah says that he was a grateful servant. Because our gratitude

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should not depend on the circumstances we're in.

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Our gratitude should not depend on the people that we are surrounded with. Gratitude is from within.

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Gratitude is your connection with God with Allah subhanaw taala.

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So it should not be dictated by your circumstances by the people that you're within.

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Yes, the people will affect your mood.

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But your emotion before you display any emotion, you always choose what kind of emotion you want to display.

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Sugar is an emotion

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and to show sugar. Your mind is there your mind is involved. You choose to be grateful or you choose to be ungrateful. You choose to be happy or you choose to be unhappy. That choice is always there. Cavalli Cana jersey, man check out what occurred and Laura whom this punishment didn't come to them by surprise. Allah says certainly he had warned them. Lutheranism warn these people but shut them out of our severe punishment botch but she's assault attack. Like when an army comes in attacks. They were warned of this coming punishment for tomorrow, but they disputed the noodle, that the warning, the warning that they were given tomorrow tomorrow. In Tierra to dispute an argue about

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something you don't you're not convinced with. You're not convinced by it. So you argue about it. Because if you're convinced by something what happens?

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You start preparing, right? If you're not convinced, then you're going to start

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arguing. So for tomorrow be noodle. When Lutheranism warned them they didn't listen. Instead, they disputed with him, while AccuDraw will do who and certainly they demand it from him raw will do road era the same route rather is intention. But rather is to make someone else have the intention that you want them to have.

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You understand, you want something and you want someone else to agree with you. Because otherwise you can't get it.

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So you continue to convince them until they have the same intention as yours. You gotta remember again, the story of use of our lesson rawa that she seduced him. How in many ways. She tried to convince him to do the evil act with her because she wanted it. He didn't want it. You understand? So what did she do? She closed the doors, etcetera, etcetera. So here well AccuDraw will do who and by fee, they demand it from him. His guests who are the guests remember the angels came in the form of human beings and they demanded from Lutheranism that he should leave. He should hand over his guests to them. Why? Because they wanted to enjoy them. Allah says follow Messina Are you in a home

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can you imagine? This is how I write.

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This is how passion and desire throws a person down brings him down.

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so lowly these people became they didn't have any respect for guests for visitors, for four months now, you know whom we obliterated their eyes, we blinded them in their eyes for Dooku either be one who thought and from that point onward their punishment began for Dooku. So taste either be my punishment, one rule and warning, what are called sub biohome and certainly it came upon them by morning Saba, when something comes by morning bukata an early morning

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what came upon them, either upon a punishment that was Mustafi.

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Again, the word moussaka is coming. One that was continuous and permanent from istikhara. Is the crowd also gives a meaning of parar is to stay stable. So a punishment that came upon them and it didn't go until they were destroyed. For those who are either b1 hudl sortase. My punishment and warning will occur the Sonal Khurana live victory for Helmand motorcade, we have made the Quran easy for remembrance. So is there any who will remember Wanaka Jah and certainly he came Allah for our own are the people that fit our own who came to the people that fit our own another the Warner's are the warnings. Musa and Harun many warnings cut that will be i Tina Kalia. They denied our miracles,

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which miracles, all of them.

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And there were many miracles, nine miracles, at least that were given to these people for our health in our home. So we seize them, that disease in more detail, the seizing of the one who is our disease, one who is Exalted in Might and look the one who is perfect in ability, meaning the punishment that these people were seized by and what was that punishment, they were picked up and thrown into the water drowned.

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This punishment reflected the fact that Allah is a disease that Allah is looked at this, it reflected there is and the Quadro of Allah, the might and the power of Allah

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intrudes over 551 We learned about how fit our own he boasted about his power and might. He said, Yeah, call me la Saleem will call me Surah why the hill and how to dream into it. He said there's a kingdom of missile doesn't belong to me. Am I not the king here? And these rivers they flew under my order. Don't you see how glorious and powerful I am. And this punishment, demonstrated who is truly glorious and great. Allah says a cofell rukon. Now the addresses direct to the people of Makkah, that occur foul welcome, are your deniers, meaning the deniers among you today?

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Those who are denying the best messenger? Are you hiring? Are you better? Mineola? ECAM then those are you people those Allah is referring to who those who have been mentioned so far the previous nations

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fit our own. The people of odd some of the people of Luther Allison, the people of New Hudson, meaning, are you stronger? Are you better?

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What makes you so confident in your denial that you will have the audacity to reject your messenger? Do you think you're better off than these past nations? You think you're mightier, you think you have more resources? You think you can defend yourself? You can save yourself if the punishment of Allah were to come up on you unlocking Beratan or do you have Beratan immunity feasible in the scriptures, meaning in the scriptures that have been revealed so far? Well, you given some form of Bora Bora is what innocence free from guilt. Right? And when someone is free from guilt, he's innocent. What is it mean? He's immune from punishment, he's not going to be punished.

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Meaning was it ever revealed by Allah in any scripture that oh, you Arabs, no matter what you do, you will never be punished. Do you have anything like that any divine promise that says that you will forever be protected? Is there anything like that? No, there isn't a Miyako Luna or do they say national Jamia on Monday that we are a Jamia a group and assembly that is one tussling that will support itself that will defend itself you think you can defend yourselves?

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And that is what they thought.

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Right? Which is the reason why they dared to fight the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in the Battle of bed and then in and then in his

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when they were picking up their weapons against the prophets of Allah who already was alone. What were they thinking? No, Jimmy Ron Montel said we can do it. We can help ourselves. We can defend ourselves. Allah says say us mo say us mo

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Soon it will be defeated put to flight hasn't hasn't mister put to flight defeat in such a way that the other person has runs away. Say you have some will jump through their assembly no matter how many 1000s of them come together and that is what happened at Budds in 1000. And by xaba How many 10,000 Allah says say use them will Jammu, they will be defeated and put to flight where you will Luna Dubeau where you are Luna and they will turn away a double the backs meaning they will run away, turning their backs. And that's exactly what happened at Budds. They fled. They ran from the battlefield. So much of 70 people had been killed and 70 of them had been captured as captives than

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had or heard also initially what happened, they were retreating. They were running away until the Muslims thought that they had won. And then some of them were sticking they realized that the Muslims had left their posts. So they got back together and they attacked again right, but initially what happened? So use them will jamberoo where you will Luna double what happened at x hub? Again so use them will jamberoo where you will Luna double using this is that Allah says Belissa to move away do home rather than our the Day of Judgment is their moment, what is Mo rate appointed time promised time that is their appointment? Meaning for do punishment that is when the actual punishment will be

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given to these people was Sarah to end the hour. It is other ha what a model it is either her more disastrous than her yeah dahin the human the human is basically such a disaster such a calamity that is impossible to get rid of.

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So other ha it is more disastrous. More grievous. Well, Amara Amara from meme rah rah Marrara. When something is bitter, very bitter Amaro, meaning it is more bitter. You think this is painful?

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The Day of Judgment is more painful. You think what they suffer here is bad. What they will suffer there will be worse. In L moody Mina indeed the criminals Allah says they are feeble Alan, they are in error was the rule and madness. They said if we were to follow the Prophet than we would be in misguidance and madness. Well, the fact is that when they deny, and when they commit their crimes, they're already in error, and they are already in madness.

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They're already in destruction. And in the Hereafter, they will be literally encircled. In a blaze. Yo may use her bona fide now the Day when they will be dragged in the fire use her bone seen hubba sahab Is to drag on the face. Allah would you hear him on their faces?

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Use her buena fanatee Allah will do anything him so happens to drag something on the ground.

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And here the description is given Allah would you hear him

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from their faces? What humiliation and disgrace and they will be told though coal taste Messiah circle, the touch of circle? What is soccer hellfire? And why is it called soccer? Because soccer is to scorch to burn. It's basically when someone is burnt, the skin is burned because of the heat of the sun. So much so that the color changes.

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So we're told that a person gets a headache or pain inside heatstroke. This is Sucker leuco Masako in color che in Colorado now who because these people deny how dare they deny? Because indeed we have color sharing in everything color corner who we have created it, there is nothing except that Allah has created it. There is nothing except that it is Allah's creation, no matter where it is what it is. And Allah has created how bifida according to a father, what is other, a certain measure? A certain calculation,

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other also means decreed and judgment, meaning there's nothing haphazard, there is nothing random in this creation, there is design, everything is designed perfectly accurately. So if there is something of a certain size, that size by design, by decree, if there's something of a certain nature, something in a certain quantity of a certain material, whatever it is, however it is every detail of the creation is according to God of interest for Kanaya to Allah says Allah de la Homolka somehow it will all while I'm here talking

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Well done. While I'm here co Lucia, you can feel molk wahala kakula che in fucka Daraa, who? The Khedira everything has been created according to a certain measure. And you think that's difficult and impossible. While you shouldn't think it's difficult for Allah, because who is he warmer on Runa, warmer and not on Luna our command in lower Hida except one.

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When Allah decides something, just one command and it happens, because when we look at this amazing creation, first their quantity, and then their variety, and then how each creation is unique, different from the other, yet similar in so many ways, and we see that nothing is at random. Because everything comes into existence by whose command and will Allah's will. Everything is a creation of Allah. What does it mean there was a design, it was created with purpose.

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It was intentionally made that way. There's no accidents in this universe. There is no randomness in this universe. It may appear as random, but it is by design by decree. We wonder how Allah says warmer on Luna Illa haga tone Kalam Shem Bill bustle of our order, our command for something to occur is just one. And how does it happen? galumphing like a glance? lumpa lamb meme ha moment flesh quick glance, Ben busts out of the eye. Just imagine one glance of the eye you look at something and look at one flesh, flesh. How quick is it? It's so quick, that when you see something

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and as you perceive it in your mind, it's not possible for you to report it. To report everything that you see you need time. You need rehearsal. Right? Imagine there's so much creation and Allah has created all of it and how easy it is for him to bring it about. How easy how quick, as quick as the Flash as the blinking of the eye or as the glance of the eye, column him Bill bustle in sort of the scenario 53 The Day of Judgment has mentioned that in Canada last I had done a lie that and even the Day of Judgment, one Blessed One shout and done.

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What does this mean? This verse is showing the speed with which Allah subhanaw taala executes his will the speed

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and if the speed is so fast, love him Bill bustle. Then what do you think about the quantity,

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the quantity of the creation so fast, so fast? Immediately? Lam humble bustle? So many things are happening by HIS WILL at his command, how much he has created, how much power he has, and this is how he will bring about the Day of Judgment also, final warning Allah gives Welaka Luckner Ashiana calm certainly we destroyed a car come your kinds a car upload of the watch era people have a group for Halloween more decades. So is there anyone who will remember the people who were destroyed before you the nations that are mentioned here?

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Who were they doing the same things that you're doing? Well, you take a lesson. Will you pay attention? We're Colucci in and everything. Foreign woohoo, they did it feasible. It is written in it is where it is in Zubur. In the records. Everything they did big or small is written in the zuba zuba book of deeds.

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Don't think of it as the Buddha as the book that was given to prophet that would really surround everything they did Big or small, was recorded. So how can a person be heedless and careless of the consequences of his actions?

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What Colusa lead in work, debating, and every small and big thing is Mustafar it is inscribed Mustafa from Satara. When is Tarun what Kitabi must do written, written down were in the preserve tablets.

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So everything they did is being recorded in their book of deeds. And before that, everything was recorded were in the Preserved Tablet. So there is no detail in this creation Big or small, except that it is known to Allah because everything was recorded from before. Therefore, oh people fear Allah

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and those who fear Him in Al Motta clean indeed the righteous those who fear Allah, people of Taqwa they will be fija nothing in gardens, one a hum and rivers. In contrast to who in contrast to people who are feeling erlin was one is Jana vastness.

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Beauty. The others Bahlul lost in * lost in * finding no exit from it.

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On the one hand is Saru Blaze and here in Jana there is no have in nonmotor Pina fija nothing one 100 What's the difference? Fear of Allah, the core of Allah. Fie McCarty slay the king. Where will they be? Female card in a seat. In a place my car there's a place of Kuru, the place of sitting

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And here it implies residence, meaning Jana. But this Makara is McCarthy's say the pin sitcom means true. Right. McCarthy said,

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a real abode.

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A real aboard.

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It's not fake. It's true. Everything about it is true. And it's a place for the people of sick, McArdle sick, it's a place of sick. So there is nothing false in it no vain talk.

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No falsehood in Jana. McCarthy said everything is real.

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Set also means that which is honorable, because truth brings real honor to a person. McCarthy said as an abode of honor, a seat of honor.

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And why should it not be the place of honor when it is there in the Malik in Makkah this when it is near? Malik Malik sovereign, real king, the greatest king, Allah azza wa jal MOQ they're the one who is perfect in ability. One who is all powerful and all able to decide what He wills and carry it out perfectly and completely fee McCarty slay the king are in the Malik and MacDaddy. And who is he? He is alive man who has a normal Quran who has taught the Quran and who has made the Quran easy

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so that those who want to reach him those who want His pleasure, they can take the sub and attain his approval FEMA are the cytokine in the Malik and Moqtada Allahumma Jalla Minho let's listen to the recitation of these verses go back home all over you

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know though

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house we've been in

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near Madame

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he can

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just come while father

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no no water

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boy if he fell boy must

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be 101

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book rotten nada

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while our body is some

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Wallah father

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them od I am Tina Cooley have now

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me up oh no no Jeremy

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don't say Oh,

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Do Adobo Bernie Sanders to my wife was to

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marry me Nephi ball

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was your young males have been

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hinzu boom as sampled in kulesza in Fallout four

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wall for the black

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moon that good work Hello Shay.

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Follow movies global work Hello solving

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Do you

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beam up on

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the Maliki

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Subhanak Allahumma behenic eyeshadow La ilaha illa Anta stop Hirokawa taboo in a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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