Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 272C Tafsir Al-Qamar 4-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words like "arouss" and "arousing words" to signal a need for actions to be taken. They also touch on the horrific nature of the Day of Judgment and the various evil behavior experienced by humans, including drugs and alcohol. The transcript describes a unusual incident where waterfalls came out of the sky and caused a flood of water to affect the entire population of the area, causing harm and confusion. The importance of learning and practicing at one's own pace to gain knowledge and apply it to one's life is emphasized.
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Well, according to whom, and certainly it has come to them. What has come to the middle umber of the news and that plural of NABBA. And as you're familiar, relevant, important news, important news has already come to these people. What kind of news is it? What kind of information is it matter that fi in it is most the journal deterrence? Most the job from the root letters ze Jeem, Ra Zed. Zed is to basically scold someone

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and stop them.

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All right, like for example, if a child is doing something wrong, many times how is it that mothers respond?

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nonsensical words, right? I mean, if you analyze those words, those words mean nothing. But what was it just a loud sound? Ah, no. Right? Why do they scream out loud? Because the loud sound is going to startle the child he's gonna freeze he's gonna stop. You understand? This is such a, it is a danger to who I forbade him sternly.

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zatural is to stop someone from doing something in a loud voice.

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So the objective is to stop them, restrain them. How are you doing that? By screaming loud voice powerful words?

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Allah says, You see, the context is what these people they were pressing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam show us a miracle. Show us a miracle proof that you're right proof that you're truthful. You know what show us the splitting of the moon and will believe you the moon split. They said oh, this is magic.

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The thing is,

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do they really need convincing? Do they really need to see the moon split in order to know the truthfulness of the Prophet? sallallahu alayhi wasallam? No, they don't. Because the Quran is already enough to convince a person because in the Quran, Allah has revealed umber such umber in which is most the job such Umba that is sufficient, that is enough to warn them. If they really pay attention to it. It is sufficient to stop them from their error from their foolishness from the wrong actions.

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What does Mr. Joffe do? It stops you it freezes you. It's enough to make you realize it's enough to make you aware. And the Quran is like that. It is enough as a warning.

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Mafia he moves the job. Heck, mutton barely gotten the Quran, the unbar in the Quran. What is it like it is Hickmott on Balikatan Hikmah what is Hikmah to put something where it belongs in a way that is appropriate. hikma tone wisdom. That is barely law, meaning the messages of the Quran are perfect.

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Perfect, just enough in the right way. With the right amount of intensity. There is balance. There's warning there is good news. There is encouragement there's threat, hikma and it is ballyhoura Balliol, extensive or far reaching from the word Bella bear lamb lane, and Banila is one that reaches so Banila means one that is far reaching as and one that is complete, one that is complete, nothing, nothing lacking nothing deficient.

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In that warning in this Quran.

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And ballyhoura also means one that has reached its full extent. Right, as in one that reaches its purpose.

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The purpose is being fulfilled.

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So heck Mattoon barely gotten the Quran is enough as warning, it is extensive wisdom enough and complete and perfect from which nothing is lacking. However, Fermat told me no other firm so not too many, it has availed another the warnings another floral of the word Naveed and Nadine is one who warns or that which warrants. So now these can be understood as a profit and muddied can also be understood as a warning

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from after one another. So many warnings have been given to these people, but they have not benefited in the least they have not benefited at all. From after one another. Mal can also be understood as a question familiar to one another. That what what benefits have these people gained from the novel that Allah has revealed?

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What benefit have they taken? Which of the warnings have benefited them?

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Insert units I have 101. Allah says WOMAC to ONeill Aya to another rule, and Comilla you mean own, that the warnings and signs miracles do not benefit those who do not believe.

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Because you see, these people demanded to see a miracle. We want to see something amazing, then we will believe, while you don't need to see something amazing. If you're really seeking guidance, if you're seeking guidance than one ayah of the Quran is sufficient to change you. Allah says that if the Quran was revealed on a mountain, than the mountain would be crumbled, it would break.

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It wouldn't be able to stand still. Because this is the kalam of who who speeches it, it is Allah speech, it is the most powerful speech Hickmott on Balika. It is the most appropriate befitting and perfect speech, perfect warning enough to change us enough to transform us.

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So if people say oh, I need something more powerful, I need to see something more convincing. These are all excuses because the Quran is sufficient as warning. So when these people don't benefit, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has stalled fatawa lon home. So leave them leave them turn away from them. Because you don't have any other option left you've warned them. You have even showed to them the splitting of the moon they have seen physical miracles and they have seen the miracle of the Quran they have witnessed it but still they don't listen to leave them Fatah Allah and hum yo may add or dairy now a new sentence begins. And it's a threat that they will see what happens to

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them yoga on the day when you order a dairy. The dairy will call the caller will call

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yet are there any from the letters dial line. Wow. And who's the caller? It's Angel is for our field. What call is it? It is the blowing of the trumpet? What will the caller call to Isla che in Nucor to a thing? Nucor? Naco forbidding terrible known calf raw Nucor is that which is rejected, basically meaning you cannot understand it, you're not able to accept it, it's too hard to even comprehend to fathom.

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Why because of its difficulty, because if it's harder, so che in no code to something terrible. Knuckle is also the opposite of defined or defined is to recognize something and no code is to not recognize something. And what is meant is that the day of judgment is such a calamity. It is such a disaster, the likes of which humanity has never experienced humanity has never witnessed. You know, we see something extremely terrible in this world, or we hear about something very terrible. We have to read about it. We don't want to read about it. We don't want to hear about it. Because the description is so gory, or the entire scene is so horrible. It's so disturbing. Combined, every

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disturbing event in this world, everything horrible that has ever happened in this world. On one side and the day of judgment on the other. The Day of Judgment is more horrific.

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It is more horrific. Che in NuCore

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avoid the reality as much as you want. But realize that you cannot avoid this reality. fatawa Allah on home, yo murder a dari Illa che in Nicole hood, Sharon Asad whom and as the angel will call the Trumpet will be blown and the people will respond to the call what will happen who Sharon Opsahl to whom, who Shan plural of the word harsher and who is harsher, one who is humbled and submissive, one who is bending out of humility and extreme fear not out of weakness or old age, who sure is to bend to be low out of what humility and fear has shone. Obasanjo home there absorb their vision, their eyes will be humbled, meaning they will just be looking down, too frightened to look up. too scared

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to look around. This is the reality of the Day of Judgment has shone a bizarro home right now they see the miracles, they see the powerful verses of Allah and they call it magic. They laugh them off. Well that day, they will not be able to look up Yahoo June aminal edge desk, they will come out of a death or death graves Florida of the word Judith and Judith, remember is used for an old grave and old tomb, who signs have also kind of disappeared? People will come out of their graves or under home as if they are Jarrah don't locusts that are montages that are scattered when Tasha noon Shinra

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nasura When something is spread montage is one that is scattered, meaning people will come out of their graves, so many they will be so scattered, they will be that they will look like locusts. They're scattered everywhere.

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You know, like a swarm of locusts that comes. And then it dies. It happens very often, that there are certain bugs. All right, certain creatures, which only come out which only emerge once in like 20 years or something. Right? And then what happens as they emerge for those few days? Yes, they're out and then after a few days, they die. And when they die, there are so many of them. So many recently in the news, I watched about how certain places in the world can't remember the country, certain insect.

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So much of it on bridges. There were so many that they look like snow. They look like snow. So basically, people had their shovels and they were shoveling them off.

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Geraldo montages

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What is this show? So many people first of all, it shows the great numbers of people on the Day of Judgment because no one will remain dead then no one can hide no one can run away. No one can say leave me in the state I don't want to face resurrection. No, every single human being will be brought out Yeah, who do nominal edge death. And secondly, as we learn that what that Anessa Socotra woman whom be so Cara, that you will see people as if they are drunken, but in reality they will not be drunken. Why will they appear to be drunken? Because of their fear, perplexity, confusion. They'll be falling tripping here and there in sort of the shooter I have 45 What are all whom you're

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a donor? I lay her her she Rena minitool young lunamon Thorfinn coffee. You will see them coming out. You will see people presented before the fire, cos your ina minitool. Afraid humbled out of disgrace, young lunamon Thorfinn coffee looking secretively as if not trying to look but at the same time cannot avoid looking, they will try not to look but at the same time they will not be able to avoid that urge to look and this is something that happens when you don't want to see something but you have to see it

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has shown up Opsahl room, Yahoo Juna Meenal edger Dotty unknown Gerardo montager in South Korea I have for Allah says yo maya Kuno NASA, Cal for Russian mega Zeus. Molina Illa dar McLean racing ahead plural of Montclair, how long are in Malta? A bar is basically Israr bar is to be quick. And when someone is moving quickly fast, then what happens? Their neck is as if protruding out. This is how they're moving. And a bar is used for a person who is running rushing with his neck forward. Maclear ina Isla de guerre the word FR is also used for when someone does not raise their sight out of humility and embarrassment.

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Multi Rena Isla de guerre, they will respond to the caller how without looking up

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and how racing your Gulaal curfew Runa that is the time when the deniers will say that had a yellow moon. I said this is a day that is I said I said one other person, a lot of verses and what is the root of difficulty. This is a very difficult day

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without any delay. Without any rest. People will gather at the hashes

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and people will realize the difficulty of that day, especially those who live their lives in denial. In total Madatha i a nine and 10 Allah says Fidel Lika Yama, even Yeoman, RCS, I ll Cafe Rena, the euro, your CS, and truthful Kanaya 26 el muku Yama even in Hochuli ramen. What can a Yeoman Alkaff Rena I see it all, it will be a very difficult day. Allah says in these verses, that one aka Jaya who Minal Umberto II, Murphy him was the jar. Is this not enough? As much as the jar? Is this not sufficient as a warning? Do you really need to see the moon split? To believe that the prophet is true and the hour is true? If this is not sufficient, well look at history. Now I'm back of the past

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are mentioned in the following verses. Allah says

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got the bug Kabila home Komono hen before them that people have new denied meaning the mystic enough mukka are not the first ones to deny their profit. The people of New Hallasan denied him.

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For camdeboo abba Donna, they denied our servant will call you and they said in their denial, my Junoon on Mad Men. They described him as a crazy person Majnoon and Allah says was do JIRA and he was rebelled he was scolded by his people. They yelled at him. They were very harsh with him,

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was do JIRA same route as most agile zijin Rob zijin What does agile mean? to scold someone harshly loudly in order to stop them from what they're doing? So no, Harley's salaam who was he he was a first Messenger whom Allah sent to people who worshipped idols. So he invited them to toe hate and the worship of Allah alone, but they refuse to listen. And they commanded one another to remain firm on shit insolate no higher 23 We learned that the people of New Harley said I'm set to one another, that latter the Runa Alia TOCOM. Do not leave your gods do not leave your idols while after the run. Now what then do not leave your idle what? Do not leave your idle suar, Yahoo's yaru, NASA, they

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named their idols and they said don't leave them. Don't stop worshipping them.

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Can Cebu they denied their prophet? And when they denied him, did he stop? No. He continued for 950 years. He called them by night, and by day, he called them openly and privately. But with each reminder with each invitation, they only increased in their opposition and harm to their profit. fucka Debu Arbor, Donna,

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and they said much noon you're crazy. Why did they call him much noon? Why? Because they thought that what they were upon was correct. And what no Halle sang was calling them to was madness. What were they upon worshipping idols? idolatry? What was new Hallasan? I'm calling them to DOE hate worshipping Allah alone.

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They thought Sheikh was very intelligent. And though he was foolish, so they said, Majnoon, they called him Majnoon.

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And this is something that happens with many people. They view truth as falsehood. And they view falsehood as truth. They see good as bad. And they actually see bad as good.

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Of course, even to this day. It's amazing. Sometimes you wonder, are these people serious? Or are they joking? Do they actually mean what they're saying? Are they in their right mind? To actually say something like this? You're horrified to even hear a statement like that? Well, we shouldn't be horrified is horrifying. But remember, new hallucinogen was called Majnoon simply because he called people to to hate intro to that era 52 Allah says Cavalli coma at Alladhina mon public cumilla Solon Illa Colusa, hidden homage noon, no prophet came before, except that he was called a magician and a madman and was dodges. They didn't just call him a madman. They were extremely harsh with him. They

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yelled at him, they were mean to him.

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This also applies to the religion and how closer you are to it to so somebody might be doing something that's correct, but other people view them as crazy or wrong. And that person will feel like an outcast even though they're doing the right thing. Yeah, so it doesn't. It sounds strange that when we see someone else might be worshiping something that's not correct, but how many times do we see somebody he'll be doing something in a crisis and now but just because it's we don't do it we consider matters exactly. I mean, this is how naive we are right? That we think that our perception of the world or the way we see things or the way we do things is the right and correct

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way. And the way other people are doing it is all wrong. Which is why all the time we're comparing other people to ourselves. I like this foods if other people like a good I am this color. So if this person is like my color, good and if they're not, they're slightly different in their shade, or their physical features are slightly different or their language is different or their accent is different. They're not good enough. We think we are perfection of humanity. Yes. When time and when me and my mom were crossing the street someone my mom was Nikka so one person yelled at her from the car are so loud. Where's your face and then a bunch of people started to laugh. This is was do dira

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that when someone is treated harshly verbal

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abuse because of their faith and if we ever experienced it, remember new Ali Salam Allah says was do JIRA insert the sharara i 116 Allah says that the people of New they said to him called Lulu in London to hear no let Hakuna middle module mean if you don't stop, we're gonna kill you. This is how harsh they were, we're going to kill you further our Abba who so he called upon his Lord, that aneema lube that Oh my Lord and the mullaloo I am overpowered my lube rain Lamba one Oba is to overpower someone. lib is the victorious and mahalo is the one who has been overpowered. He said a Nemo loop I am basically defeated over here. I have no power. People have overpowered me font

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asleep. So you help you assist you helped me in brutal Ambia is 76 Allah says 1018 nadelman cabelo faster Jebin Allahu funnet. Jaina who were Allahu Meenal Karbala Aleem, he was in El Karbala Aleem and Allah saved him and discovered our lien he describes it as that anemic lube and many times we find ourselves in such a state also mcglue overcome that we feel like our hands are tied. Our options are limited. We don't know what to do. But remember, there's always an option to make dua further our Abba who a NEMA Hulu urban fantasy, he called out to Allah knowing that that option was always there. For Fattah Hana. So Allah responded to him how so we opened up of a well the summer

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the gates of the sky of wild Florida of the word Bab we opened the gates of the sky and what came out be man in with water that was Munna pouring down Munna, hmil, Mohamed El hombre and hamara is to fall and flow, fall and flow keep going, keep going. Why, because there's more coming, there is force and there's huge quantity also. So, the water keeps flowing. It has had hamara Raju Raju, a person when he hamara means that he spoke a lot and very fast.

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All right. So, man in Mohammed water that was flowing continuously, abundantly in perfusion coming down from the sky falling falling endlessly with a journal of Aldara Yunnan and we also cause the earth to burst. For Jonah we burst Allah the earth through union into springs, are you an employee of rain? Meaning from the earth, multiple springs, many springs gushed forth. So water was coming out from the earth also falling down from the sky coming out of the earth.

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And this was something very unusual, because yes, waterfalls down from the sky, but not in this fashion. And yes, water comes out of the earth, but not in the way that it came out at that time. Because we learned in the Quran with Farah the new the new is what an oven where bread is baked a place of fire. But from that place of fire, what was coming out water,

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waterfalls down from the sky. But how in the form of rain? Yes, sometimes rain is heavy, but this was unusually heavy. It was as if the Gates had been opened up. Just imagine a floodgate has been opened up how the water is going to flow out. This is how the water fell from the sky. And it emerged from the earth fell takelma Oh, and so iltacon It met Allah or the water. The water met which water, the water that fell from the sky and the water that came out of the earth. It met, meaning together. It joined and as it joined together, what did it accomplish? Allah Omran, according to a matter that was a coup de la, that was already decreed. And what was that matter that

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was decreed the drowning of these people. So with the water falling from the sky, and the water emerging from the earth, together, it was so much water, that this entire population was drowned.

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As we learned that there was so much water that the waves were like mountains

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and one of the sons of new Harley Sam who refused to believe in Him, when new Khalifa was on the ship, and he called his son that come believe and enter the ship. He said, No, I will go to the mountain.

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But what happened?

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A wave came and took him also

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So imagine there were so much water filled up Alma. Oh, Allah Amarin podoco dias wahama now who and we carried him I learned that he Anwar him upon something that was made of Allah, Allah plural of low and what is low aboard a plank? So something that was made of planks what we saw and nailed, those are plural of the word visa, like keytab Kutub de sel, do social right? And do sword is used for nails

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so that the Allah huadu saw something that was made of planks and nails and what is that? A ship? Remember when new hallucinogen built the ship? People laughed at him. What are you doing?

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Right They mocked at him.

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And what happened? Eventually it was in the ship that no Holly Sam was rescued. This ship Allah says 30 b Are you Nina? It was flowing be are you Nina under our eyes. Are you in Florida Bahrain, Allah says under our eyes, the ship was sailing

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under Allah's direct supervision. Imagine Allah was watching the ship. Yes, Allah sees everything, everything, there is nothing that is hidden from Allah. He sees everything. But when Allah says thank God be are you Nina. It shows the special attention that this ship was given

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and how special care and protection that the ship was given why Jezza and as reward Lehmann for the person who can Akufo era, the one who was rejected and denied, who was rejected who was manku Phila, it was new Ali Salam. He was rejected by his people, but he was not rejected by Allah Kuvira Quran is also in gratitude. People really didn't value Him. They didn't really appreciate him. They weren't grateful for him. Because remember that every prophet is a blessing. And denying the prophet is the height of ingratitude. Allah offers you this guidance, this gift, a beautiful gift in the form of a human being who lives amongst you and shows you and teaches you and suffers with you.

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fields for you, is with you. And you deny him. This is the height of ingratitude, man Kuvira people didn't value him. But Allah valued him that God be our union Jezza and Lehman Cana Kuvira

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he was rejected and abused and made fun of, but he was patient and he was firm. No one could stop him and no one could prevent him. And ultimately, when there was nothing, no option left for him. What did he do? He just relied upon Allah and Nima Lubin fantas lift da and look at the result of that Dora. The gates of the sky opened and from the earth water emerged, and the entire people who denied him drowned, and the one who was rejected no Holly Santa, he was saved. Allah says well Katara Konoha yet and and certainly we have left it as a sign left it's the Lucknow ha ha is referring either to the ship that its remnants are still there. Or the Lucknow ha ha can also refer

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to this incident.

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This incident has been preserved and if you think about it, the Great Flood Noah's Ark I mean it's well known everybody not just Muslims. Everybody thought O'Connor had a ton. This has been left as a sign as a lesson for Helen me more decades. Allah asks, is there anyone who will be moved decades most decades? The route is that calf raw Vickers the word man that kid

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is actually most the kids most kids most style All right, like Mr. Mirror was the kids but most the kid is difficult. So the Arabs what they would do is that the violin the TA when they would come together they would join them and they will just replace that with the doll muda kids. All right. So for Hellmuth decades so who is mid decade? One who takes this one who receives admonition? One who bears in mind one who takes a lesson? Is there anyone who will take a lesson

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anyone into the sharara i A 121 Allah says in Nephi Valley color if Walmart can have a thorough meaning in this is certainly a sign but many of them don't believe for K for so how can I it was our the the my punishment were noodle and warning. How was my punishment and what

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Warning noodle again, floor love Nadine giving the meaning of warning.

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How was the punishment that fell on these people? And how was the warning that was given to them before the punishment came? Was the warning not clear? Was it not profound? Was it not evident? When these people didn't take it seriously? Then how was the punishment? Devastating?

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What occurred? And certainly, yes, Sonal Quran, we have facilitated, we have made easy, we have made convenient, what the Quran for what purpose for the purpose of victory, live victory. We have facilitated the Quran for the following decade. So is there anyone who will take that vicar? The word he has Sarna? Yes, sir. They see you, sir. Yes, in Well, you said his ease, and they see this to make something easy. But remember that easy doesn't necessarily mean

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All right. There could be something that is apparently very complicated that requires a lot of attention and a lot of hard work from you. But it could be easy for you. Why?

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Because you've mastered it. Or you have developed proficiency. So now it's easy.

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All right.

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There are some things that are easy to learn.

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Easy to learn, again, not simple, but possible.

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Possible. What's the proof? There's so many people who do it so many people who've done it, and they do it? Well.

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Like for example, driving, we might think it's impossible. It's very difficult. But if you look at the world, how many people drive? How many people drive seriously?

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A lot? Too many, isn't it? And you find all ages. Correct? We think it's impossible. I can't do it. You can do it. Because it is possible to learn. You just have to follow the correct steps. What are those steps? Read the book.

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Firstly, write, practice.

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And then observe. And then learn from an instructor, not from your older brother who will yell at you on every little mistake that you make. Right? Learn from an instructor and then practice, practice, practice, practice, until what will happen? Yes, you may fail the first test and you may fail the second one too. But eventually in sha Allah, hopefully you'll get somewhere isn't it? So

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this is the seed when something has been facilitated. All right. The word is actually used for inside Yes, someone fast little cool that the horse has been here sir. It has been prepared for writing. What does it mean that the horse is trained the saddle, stare a brain brains, everything is there. The horse is well fed, it's not angry or agitated. All you need to do dear writer is to have the courage to sit on the horse. All right, and start writing it. That's all you have to do your part.

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You understand? It's not that you have to ride a wild horse and figure out how to tame it yourself. No a damned horse is prepared ready for you.

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Now stop crying and stop fearing and come forward and sit on the horse and follow the instructions and right and as you write then enjoy

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you understand this Stacy's?

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Some people are afraid of swimming.

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don't even want to go near the pool. Don't you want to put your foot in the pool? Well

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follow the right steps and you'll get somewhere.

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Allah says what aka the essential Quran. We Allah has made the Quran easy. Allah is saying this. Trust ALLAH, do you trust him? Trust him. If he has said that the Quran is easy. It is possible to take vicar from the Quran, then what does it mean? It's definitely possible. Now the question is what is the secret? The secret is

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to remember. So one meaning of this is the Quran has been made easy for the purpose of memorization.

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For the purpose of memorization, secondly, vigorous to mention.

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So the second meaning is that the Quran has remained easy for recitation for reading, recitation.

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Then another meaning of liquor is to take a lesson.

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But that can only be possible if you understand the first level is you understand and then you apply right? So the Quran has been made easy for what the third mean?

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units for understanding, learning its meanings, taking a lesson.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:23

And then the fourth meaning is for reminder meaning when you have forgotten, the Quran will remind you for how many more decades then Is there anyone who will take Vickers Allah is asking the question, What is your answer?

00:35:25 --> 00:35:28

What is your answer? Say, Oh Allah, I'm ready.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:51

Well, when Allah asks for help me move decade, then how should we respond? Love bake Allah Humala bake, Oh Allah, I want to learn, I want to memorize, I want to read, I want to understand, I want to apply for this as your sub. This is the rope that you have given me. And I have taken it and I want it for home with the kids.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:10

What does this I mean, the lessons of the Quran are clear. The learning of the Quran is easy, because it's not rocket science. The message is plain and clear. It's not ambiguous riddles. The words of the Quran are for memorization and reading.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:33

Its meanings are for understanding for gaining knowledge, because it is the best speech it is the most truthful and most clear. So whoever will approach this book with the intention to learn that Allah will facilitate that journey for him. And everyone learns at their own pace is that so?

00:36:35 --> 00:36:39

Some people, they learn certain things very quickly, and other people didn't need their time.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:44

So the first thing you must do is never compare yourself to another person.

00:36:45 --> 00:36:46

Never compare

00:36:47 --> 00:37:15

because when you will compare it remember comparison is the killer of joy. When you will compare yourself to somebody else, or she recites Oh, well, they have some ijazah Right? Or they have this and they have that and she knows this meaning and that don't compare. You're doing this for yourself and you're doing it at your own pace. You will work hard and you will give it your best and Allah will give you the Quran also.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:22

Let's listen to the recitation of these verses. What are the agenda

00:37:30 --> 00:37:31


00:37:32 --> 00:37:33

Bernie wants

00:37:35 --> 00:37:36


00:37:37 --> 00:37:39

do better one

00:37:40 --> 00:37:42

yo, Maya don't

00:37:43 --> 00:37:50

rush show you in new co host Sean Bell's auto meal through June I mean

00:37:52 --> 00:37:52


00:37:54 --> 00:37:55


00:38:03 --> 00:38:05

your pool few

00:38:07 --> 00:38:09

nice you can bet

00:38:10 --> 00:38:12

oh no here

00:38:18 --> 00:38:18


00:38:28 --> 00:38:28


00:38:41 --> 00:38:41


00:38:46 --> 00:38:46

up on

00:38:54 --> 00:38:55


00:39:01 --> 00:39:10

terjadi be you Nina Jessica Lehman Kofi Walla.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:23

ver que FACA now, Obi Wan was what I'll call the

00:39:26 --> 00:39:27


00:39:30 --> 00:39:30


00:39:34 --> 00:39:42

there are so many things that we can learn. But remember that one of the easiest things to learn is the book of Allah.

00:39:43 --> 00:39:54

And what's the proof of that? Because you will see so many people from different backgrounds, different walks of life, developing proficiency in the Quran.

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

You will see children and adults and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

old people, right? People whose first language is Arabic or people who've never heard spoken Arabic? Isn't it? Everybody so many people. So this in itself is proof that the Quran is easy to learn. And it's easy to learn, you know why? Because it's relevant.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:55

It's relevant. One of the easiest ways to learn information is how, by making it relevant to ourselves, right? Why? Because when you will make it relevant to yourself, then it's easy to retrieve that information from your mind. And the Quran is always relevant to you. No matter who you are, what you're going through what day it is, you will always find relevance in the book of Allah for your life. So it is easy to remember what occurred the Osama Al Quran Allah victory for Hyundai Motor kit

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