Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 261E Tafsir Muhammad 15-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of Jana are discussed, including the use of the language to describe a woman named Jana who was kept safe and had promised something. The importance of milk in various cultures is also discussed, including the use of shiny lights to indicate when people are likely to receive a warning and the Day of Judgment signs. The speakers emphasize the need for people to be mindful of others and for forgiveness, while also highlighting the importance of being aware of physical presence and the need for people to be mindful of others.
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method description method no sliver description attribute quality because the word method is also used for description

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so for example, we're in the Quran it is said lottery Bula *, I'm Sal right and thought over there means example. But it also means descriptions right or equivalents. So methanol Jana example or rather description of Jana and Lottie worry they'll Matakohe on that which the righteous have been promised

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where either notice it's not they've been informed off. What does Allah say they have been promised and who has been promised this Jana Moton, people who live with taqwa, consciousness, awareness, carefulness,

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remembering Allah, keeping themselves within the limits that Allah has set, keeping themselves safe from anything that harms their Deen. So those people who live with the COA that Allah has promised that Jana what kind of Jana is that? Allah says fee her in it are unhealed on rivers. And this is a well known description of Jana. Right. So many times when Jana has mentioned Jannette tragedy mentality and how unharmed mentioned

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fear and heroin but what kind of rivers are they and how plural of nohoch in it are rivers mimma in off water.

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But what kind of water lady not as seen in

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one that alters

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lady as soon as sin from the root letters Hamza seen noon, Hamza seen known

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as sin is basically one that changes meaning it smell changes. It smell changes. Now when the smell of something changes. What does it mean?

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Stay away, please. Alright. So for example, there's a yogurt box in the fridge for a long time, then you open it just doesn't smell nice, just doesn't smell right. Even if you can't taste it, because you're fasting the smell will tell you Don't touch me. Right? So, Lady asin meaning one, that does not change, meaning it doesn't change in its smell. It doesn't change in its flavor.

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Lady asin meaning water that is unaltered. That is unsealing that doesn't go stale ever.

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Now what happens here?

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You put water in a bottle, right? And you have that water in that bottle for a couple of days. What happens after a couple of days? It smells right you have to wash out the bottle. Get rid of that water n but fresh water. That is how the water is in this world. Allah says the water in the rivers of Jana, Lady acid with the passage of time, the fact that it is flowing water, it will never become stale. It will never alter. It will always be pure and good and right for drinking. Men man in lady acid. Secondly, what and how on en rivers mill Lebanon have milk? LeBron means milk. Levin is also used for what

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a yogurt drink. So when you were in the Middle East somewhere and you want milk, don't say lovin. All right, saying something like Hollywood something else. Once we were somewhere in the Middle East at an airport and we needed milk, right for my son. And the only place where you could get into a line and and place the order. So we're like, you know, let's try maybe they'll give us milk. It's my husband, he went and he said, we're thinking what is milk called in the Quran? lovin, right? And he's like Laverne, right? And he gets the lovin and he pours it and we give it to our son and he spits it out. I were like, Oh, this is, you know, rotten milk. So he went again. lovin the same

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thing. Third time again. lovin, same thing where like, all their milk cannot be bad. There's something wrong over here. And then finally the guy realized this guy comes with a bottle, right with a baby bottle. And he's like Halle milk or something like yeah, milk. So finally we got milk. So remember love and in the Quran? Yes, it's milk, but many people, they use other words for milk. All right.

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In Jana there our fee her and how we met in lady Asin. What and how many Lebanon rivers of milk endless supply of milk for what kind of milk? Lamb Yet Allah your farm who? Lomita Yup, it does not change thermal, its taste, its taste does not change, its flavor does not change. And in this world what happens? The taste of milk, it actually changes depending on the season, depending on what kind of animal you're getting the milk from. All right. So for example, goat's milk, cow's milk, buffalo milk, I mean, there's such a huge difference in the taste. And then depending on the season, winter, summer, depending on what the animals are eating, if they're getting fresh grass, the milk taste is

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going to be different. And if they're getting their feed, the sad old feed, then again, it will have a different taste. So in Jannah, Allah says that malevolent lumea Talia Dharma who

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its taste does not change.

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Also, what happens in this dunya is that when you milk a cow, because of the fact that it comes from an other, and the fact that animals are not necessarily the cleanest beings on the planet, that also affects the smell and the flavor of the milk.

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It affects it. So let me know your thoughts on woohoo. pure milk fresh milk. All right, the taste is beautiful. What unhealed on and rivers mean hamrun of wine. Let the Tila Shaadi been delicious for those who drink leather leash shady been Sherry been plural of sharing meaning one who drinks and notice chatty bean. Once a person drinks it he wants more of it and more of it and more of it. But this is coming in. Let that delicious yummy delicious for those who drink meaning it's not distasteful. It's not such that as difficult to drink.

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What happens is that fancier drinks they have such a strong flavor that you can't exactly gulp it down you have to you have to take a sip after SIP right I remember once I saw a child drinking sprite for the first time all right and he was adamant about it because everybody was having sprite so he wanted a can also and as he's drinking it, there's tears coming out of his eyes. He's holding it looking at it with fear but he's still forcing himself to take a sip right you know poor child was like torturing himself there was no leather at all no Nether

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but in Jana, what is Hummer? It is love that Alicia dB. And of course, we learned in the Quran that it is not such that will intoxicate them fourthly, will unhealed on and also there are rivers mineral Salim Mustafa of honey that is purified will sulfur solid fat well so forth that which is clear and pure, pure honey, pure as and without any mixture. And clear. You can see through it golden, beautiful color. What happens in this world if you want to get pure honey, sometimes there's stuff in it. You want to get it straight from the hive, there will be some stuff in it bits and pieces of you know the Hive or whatever the wax. The honeycomb. Exactly. So it's not necessarily

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pure. This is unhelpful. Manasa Lin Mustafa. So basically all the things in this world which are photoshopped, right? You know, they're presented as perfect, but in reality, they're not perfect. in Jannah is perfection. And this is just description, you know, the reality of the blessings of Jannah what do we learn about them? It's only names that we can understand. Beyond that, their actual reality how they are, we don't know it. We just know the names. That's it. And that is also so that we can have some understanding of what is there well or whom fee her and for them in it are men who Lytham a lot every kind of fruit will will feel or to mirror be him and forgiveness from their Lord.

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This is Jana. The best is Mo Farah to mirror him Can you imagine complete and total forgiveness?

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This is Ridwan. This is Allah's approval for a servant when Allah who will say to him that I will never be upset with you again.

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Because in this dunya what happens one night you pray so hard, so hard, and you're hoping that maybe inshallah I will get some forgiveness for what I've been doing. What happens the moment you wake up, or after a few minutes you wake up, we start making mistakes again, again,

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Murphy's Law to mirror be him. This is one part

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sent who will get this agile? The other is command like the one who meaning can he be like the one who who went he is hardly done for now. Eternally abiding in the fire was so cool and they will be given to drink man and homie man boiling hot water for Katara Amma a home that will cut up their intestines so hot that it will rip apart their bowels.

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Thara of Bahrain, the clear Athar, you've cooked through the theory to shred cut up to pieces a ma florid of the word mirin, intestines or bowels for Katara amount of home so hard that it will

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rip apart the intestines. This is the punishment of the fire.

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So a contrast is being made. One is Janna and the other is fire. Look at Jana. Look at the variety. Look at the comfort. Look at the blessings, look at the enjoyment. And look on the other side. Women home and among them, man who, yes, thumbing through, he listens attentively ileka To you remember an early Medina and Surah.

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And this is where hypocrisy started.

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Basically, when things were all good, right at the beginning, apparently good, not good. Rather everybody was accepting Islam. There were many people who accepted Islam just because it was the thing to do. It was a new thing. And if you didn't do it, you would look bad. But then when the command to fight came, when the command to defend yourself came, then that is what revealed the true intentions of people.

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So remember that in Makkah, there was no hypocrisy, if Iraq was not known in Makkah. Why? Because you really have to believe in order to believe. Right, you really have to be in at 100% fully committed, it really has to make sense to you and you have to love it, if you want it to accept faith.

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So in Makkah, because of the opposition and the persecution that the Muslims faced, hypocrisy was unknown. But in Medina, at the beginning is when hypocrisy started. So women who may yesterday Mary lake here the hypocrites are mentioned that amongst them, meaning amongst people are those who do listen to you attentively have until either Hubbard human or Indic when they leave from you, meaning from your presence when they go away. on who they say little Edina Autoren to those people who have been given knowledge, they say to them, mother called the Antifa. What did he just say? What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam just say, Mother, Karla Antifa. And he fell from the root letters

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Hamza known for and is used for nose and figuratively the word and for an IF is used for something that is at the peak or at the top, right unfilled gerbil is the mountain top peak of a mountain and from this an F is used for beginning right at the beginning. So manakala Anika, what did he just said just right now, what did he say?

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Why would they do this? You see, when they would be with the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam, they would pretend like they are really paying attention and listening. But of course, hearts are distracted. They're thinking about something else. They're not really paying attention on the surface on the outward, they're showing that they're very interested in their hearts and their minds. They were lost somewhere else in another place. So when they would leave, and everybody's talking about what the Prophet saw a lot of send them informed them off. They have to catch up. So they would ask the knowledgeable Sahaba What did the Prophet salallahu Salam just say?

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Well, if you were there and listening, how come you don't know? If you were there and listening? How come you don't know? It's because you weren't really there. You weren't really paying attention. This is why Mother caller Anifah. Another reason is that they would say this out of mockery.

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Did he actually say that? What did he just say?

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manakala Antifa. They would say this out of mockery for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says Allah Iike those people Alladhina are the ones who Tabar Allahu Allah kulula him Allah has set a seal upon their hearts, what terbaru are who have a home and they have followed their desires.

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Allah has set a seal upon their heart so they lack the ability to learn. And and where did this block come from this mental block? Where did it come from? Due to their desires? They're following their desires

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into the Toba Iowan 24. Also, we learn what either

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Mr. Ondina to atone for men who may or Kulu Are you consider to have the Imana. When a surah is revealed, they say the hypocrites say which person was increased in his Eman because of the surah. Again, mockery when Medina Tado and as for those people who are guided, zada home Hooda, Allah increases them in guidance, or the Quran that they just heard from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it increased them in their guidance, what I tell them Toccoa home and he gave them their Taqwa meeting because of the fact that they were listening. And because of the fact that they believe and they were seeking guidance, then the new knowledge increases them in their consciousness

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of Allah, it increases them in their faith, it increases them, it improves them in their armor, while Lavina tadoba condition is a thorough, what is it though, is that though exida is basically to acquire, internalize guidance to commit oneself to hedaya Accept it, and commit oneself to it. So those who approach the Quran in this way that they benefit from the Quran, and we need to think about ourselves at this point. When we listen to the Quran, then what happens? Is it that we forget so quickly,

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you know, we have to keep asking others what was said? What does the Quran say about this? Because it went one ear and out the other? Or is it that the new part of the Quran that we have heard, or that we have learned or the ayat that we have heard, it increased us in fear of Allah in consciousness of Allah, for Halle, and Luna? So are they waiting Illa Sera, except for the hour, and Dr. Humboldt, that it should come to them unexpectedly, suddenly, meaning what are they going to change? What are they going to accept? When are they going to fix themselves? Are they waiting for the hour for the day of judgment to come upon them, all of a sudden? Well, they don't need to wait

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long because Faqad then certainly Jah it has already come ashore to her it signs its indications, meaning the hour is not far, that is not far. I should all is a floral of the workshop. And what does it mean? It's used for a condition also, basically, a chateau. The verb Estrada is to put a mark on a camel. Why, to distinguish it from the rest? Why, in order to sell it. So for example, a person has 10 candles and he decides that he's going to sell two of those candles. So he puts a mark on them, because he can't always keep candles separate, right? So he puts a mark on this is a shorter distinguishing mark fucka Jha Shraga, the day of Jeopardy is not far because it's signs have

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already appeared.

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They have already appeared for another home, then from where is it going to be for them either at home, when it comes to them, the craw home their reminder meaning for Anala home vichara?

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How will they

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get the reminder? Either at home, when it will come to them? Meaning when the Hour will come to them? If they learn if they take a lesson when the hour comes? Then what benefit is that lesson going to be for them? A lesson learned after death is useless for Anala home. Okay? You see the word vichara. Home, it's coming at the end. All right, it's connected with another home.

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So for another home, the grovel Elijah at home.

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What benefit what use will be that lesson that reminder? When it will have come to them meaning when the Day of Judgment will appear?

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Then all these lessons will be useless. What do we learn in this verse, that the signs of the Day of Judgment are already here. So those who are waiting for the hour, in order to change then they should know that the hour is not far. The first sign that has already happened is what the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that I am the our or like this, and he joined his two fingers. Alright, meaning that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has come, the final messenger the last prophet has come, then what does it mean? The next major thing that's going to happen is what? The Day of Judgment. And in these we learned about many

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other signs of the Day of Judgment also there are major ones and they're minor ones. Yes, the major ones will happen very close to the Day of Judgment, like the coming of the jail, the return of resign. He said I'm yet Jude, Jude mahadi, etcetera, etcetera, they will come when very close to the day of judgment, but there are some minor signs that we learned about also. For example, in a hadith in Bukhari, we learn about off the signs of the Day of Judgment is the disappearance of knowledge.

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In the appearance of ignorance,

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knowledge will disappear. Ignorance will be widespread.

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And I'm going to mention some signs which are from different Hadees alright. So for example, beings a cat will become a burden miserliness stinginess will become widespread, charity will be given reluctantly.

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stinginess will be thrown into the hearts of people.

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Imagine when voices are raised in the mosques,

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the leader of a people will be the worst of them. Time will pass rapidly, we know Baraka in time, good deeds will decrease. A man will pass by a grave and wish that he was in it.

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Widespread consumption of intoxicants increase in earthquakes.

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These are all different signs that we learn from our Hadith that are in Bukhari Muslim as well as a Timothy farlam. Allah says so no, and know who that indeed he La Ilaha illa Allah, that there is no God worthy of worship, but Allah have knowledge about La Ilaha illa Allah, however, I am of this meaning consciously believe why know about this, because once you know, then that will be a conscious belief. So have this knowledge that there is no God worthy of worship, but Allah was still fiddly them big and seek forgiveness for your sin, who was being addressed the prophets of Allah who were to send them seek forgiveness for your sin, while in Momineen, while Mortmain at and also seek

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forgiveness for will the believing men and the believing women.

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Why seek forgiveness wasn't the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forgiven? As we will learn in sort of right at the beginning, the next Surah that Allah says that he has forgiven all the sins of the Prophet salallahu Salam, the first and the last he's forgiven. Right? And then we see that the prophets of Allah also protected against sin, meaning from committing sin.

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So then why is it being told to seek forgiveness? Firstly, because considering the greatness of Allah, even if the entire creation would beg Allah for forgiveness, it would not be sufficient. It would not do justice to his greatness. Therefore seek forgiveness. Secondly, the prophets on a lot of settlements told to seek forgiveness. Why? Because when he is ordered to do something, then what does it mean by extension? We have to do it also.

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If it's important for him to seek forgiveness, then what about you and I?

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And thirdly, we see that given his status, what was expected of him was greater. You like it a set that has Sonetel overall? So yeah, thermocol Robbie, that the good deeds are righteous people are like sins, for those who are very close to Allah.

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You understand?

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That someone, an average person, they're doing something, it's very good. It's considered as a very good deed for them. But the same action if it's done by someone of a greater status, than it's not good enough.

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You understand, it's not good enough. The higher someone's rank is, the more is expected of them. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has advised was still fairly damn big. And then seek forgiveness also for who for the believing men and the believing women. And what does this teach us? That when we make dua for ourselves, let us also make dua for who others little meaning, while Mina will Allahu Akbar Allah, and Allah knows muda kala welcome, warmest welcome, He knows your muda collab with a collab from PAF Lam bear the color and the color was fluctuation turning about so he knows your motor color meaning your movement you're going back and forth you're moving about

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and what must work on and your resting place. Meaning in this life, what place is it that you go to and just rest and sit down and take it easy? Or massage can can also be understood as what is that place where you will be put to rest to rest in peace, meaning grave math Wacom also your final abode in the hereafter. Allah knows what Allahu Yamamoto kalaba ko mommoth Welcome. He knows about what you do, where you go around and where you end up. So fear Him, be mindful of him and seek forgiveness from him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, yeah, you have nurse oh people do boo Illa have become repent to your Lord for in the Astell Fetullah Hola, tubo la he philleo me

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at thirimanne Severina Mara

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For indeed I seek forgiveness from Allah and I repent to Him in one day, more than 70 times. The Prophet salallahu Salam implemented this verse and we need to do the same thing listen to the recitation

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to you wind

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in Hawaii I seen you

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going on? Let me share it been

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Walla fie

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them out off you are no

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longer being Guerlain war Holly Do

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you also boom

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will mean me istemi en la

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either fall on Jumi nine decom compound

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don't have the upon day job

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more stones

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become a meanie no one

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will long

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Subhanak along will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta, a stuffy recover to like a Salam or Aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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