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That hamdulillah Allah, the lambda to his Villa de la mia Kula who shall equally milk with me of hula hula, you may not fully work on beautiful tequila, but hamdulillah under the Nakamoto who want to stay, you know who want to start a film? I don't mean over here. I want to talk casually. When I wrote to biller, he mentioned all the unforeseen women say it I'm Melina man. Yeah, the Hila Hoefler mobila woman up lil Bella della wanna shadow Ella ilaha illallah wa hula Shanti Kala wanna shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was solo of Salaam laputa Island Buddha,

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the Yokohama who are entertained equally or Kapha be lucky shahida for some Allahu Allah, he was seldom at the Sleeman casino and kathira another thing that stuck on her DTP tabula. Well Hayden had he had you know, hamedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in a shovel or moody Martha to hop or in Aquila Mata setting with our local level attend Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah azza wa jal p w Karim bada and akula Aruba Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Yeah yohannes Anja at Kuma river from from become what Shiva only maphis Hello wahoo then more meaning will be popular he will be rock metal he fabbi Delica failure for who who will hire me manage my own Allah Medina Medina for whom I wish somebody was silly Emily Ragnarok Tata Melissa Hokulea Allah sabitha angel multi Villa ilaha illa Allah Allah much I'm now mean that you know I'm gonna I'm gonna study hard, but also be healthy, but also be something I mean, you have a blind I mean, in order to make an attempt to make the most of the hood but today, I have an outline in my mind, the first thing I'd

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like to do is to share some meanings of the word she fought with you. This is a word used in the Quran for healing. And I wanted to discuss first and foremost the the homology the Arabic origins of this word and how the Arabs understood this word. Allah chose the Arabic language of all the languages that he himself revealed to other mother who said I'm all of the languages are byproducts of what Allah has given to other monies. But Allah chose to refine and craft the Arabic language through the centuries in a way that he deemed most suitable for his final revelation. So there's something special about the Arabic language. In fact, as you become a student of the Arabic

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language, you realize there's lots of things very special about the Arabic language. And one of those things is that unlike other languages, words have a very, very interesting at Amala G. Now, a lot of you may not know what etymology means. So let me just talk to you about that very briefly.

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In typical languages, you know, for example, I'll give you an example one of my friends in college, his name was Mark, right, and mark is actually a Celtic word. So it's, you know, the rich Ireland region, etc. And the original meaning of Mark is warrior. That's where it actually originally comes from. Okay. But when somebody calls their friend Mark, nowadays, they're not thinking warrior that used to have a meaning centuries ago. And that consciousness of that connection to warrior and the word market died out over time, right. So there are lots of words in English that have very interesting etymology. Also, the origins of these words come from many different languages. Banana,

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for example, can be traced back to banana, which is the Arabic four fingers because they were shaped like fingers, and they were introduced to bananas from the Muslim world, the English language adopted this word, and then it became banana, right? So that you can have interesting origins, but we don't necessarily know you just go to the grocery store, you're not thinking of the history of the word banana and its relationship to fingers. But the ancient Arabs, interestingly, for just everyday words, they had some very interesting mental associations, they connected them to other ideas. The Arab today may not necessarily do that. But the Arabs of that time did had these

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associations with words that you wouldn't expect. And it was their way of giving you a rich meaning to every word, right? And dakara makes very strategic use of that rich foundation that a lot allowed the Arabs to cultivate in their in their language. So we're gonna see a glimpse of that today in the word that the Quran uses for healing because the next part of the ayah the series is about happiness. The next part of the ayah is about what she thought would be my Fussel daughter.

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A surface translation would be, and healing for whatever lies in the chests. So Allah has given us counsel from your Master adhyatma become in phenomenal Council has come to you from your master. We talked about that last week. And today we're looking at this part of the iOS she fought when the map is pseudo. So the word Shiva comes from Scheffer in Arabic, a chef a helpful shape. Well, how do it's the it's the edge of something, the border of something, I want you to imagine the very trim of something, right? Wolbachia to the Hill, Allah will come and help you he was chumps. And that will be like, when the sun is about to sink, and you barely see a sliver of the Sun left. Or when you see

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the slightest, most most finest remnant of the moon, that's actually called the shuffle of both of those

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at the keyboard, enhance your ability, the Hebrew and half attache, and one thought that he had me he Oh Henry, it's basically the idea that something, something that is massive, like you know, a car is massive. But if you can just see that a sliver of the back of the car for that's, that's the shefa of it, you can barely see it and most of it has been hidden from sight, or most of it has disappeared. That's the idea of chef and this is a phrase that using the Quran, for example, or quantum Allah Sha, Allah tamina now,

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Allah azza wa jal also says,

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My savonia Anna more Allah Sha, Sha, Josephine Harding and Javi Right, so the edge of a cliff because you reach the end of that Earth, that last sliver of land or rock left that's going to crack and fall, you know how, if you go to, you know, tourist places on top of mountain tops or edges of cliffs, they tell you not to go near the edge, because it's unstable, you know, rock, it doesn't have a lot of foundation underneath it, so your weight might make it collapse, etc. So that that kind of notion, that's the shuffle of the of the mountain, was the shaft of the cliff, the edge of the cliff, right, that's called the shuffle also, what mean had a shaft mean and model if what the

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hell muscle burden minimal, when modern cosafa was on and from this idea of the edge, and the very periphery of something where most of it is, is not being ignored. And the last part of it is being looked at the Arabs develop this idea that Shiva has to do with, you know, healing How so? They said, because the basic idea is that just like that, there's a there's a large body like a mountain and the the cliff, the edge is just a small part of it, right? Or the moon is a massive body, but the edge of it that you barely see is a very small part of it. The same way. The the the disease is a very heavy thing resting inside a person, it's made its way inside a person, and it's weighing

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down on a person, so it's fine. It's fine. That's what the Arabs say, right? And then, what shefa pulusu, Catherine were in her he hasn't is gone. And so Shiva is most of that weight has been removed. So you only have a sliver of it left. And this is actually why when someone gets better in Arabic, like when they were sick, and they got better. They didn't just use the word for getting the huson for example, he got better or shuffle. He got healed, but they also use hoffa, they became lighter. Right? It's interesting because for them, the idea is sickness is something that weighs on you, it's put pressure on you, and then when most of that pressure has been relieved, then you've

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experienced shifa. Now this leads to an interesting conclusion, by the way, this is this is physical, like, you know, physically, a person can feel heavy when they're sick. Like it's hard for them to go up the stairs, for example, if they start breathing heavy, when they're even walking, their steps become heavy for them, right? There's a lack of energy so everything gets heavier, getting up from bed becomes heavier, right? So it's slowing you down. That's the physical dimension of it. But it also has a psychological dimension. So they even say woman who is Hubble, how long is Hubble

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so if somebody has frustration anger rage that's kind of filled their heart, their chest they're always thinking about this frustrating thing. And it's playing in their mind over and over again. It's also weighing down on them and Shiva is also the release of that. So they talk about it in the in the literal sense, and also in the figurative sense. Finally, I'll give you one more tidbit about the etymology of this word. The owners use this word ancient in ancient times called Isha Alicia. Without a hammer it and this is only possible it Alicia myth up, I felt comfortable enough it will feature me shape for who I can IT department catheter shape imagine like, you know if something is

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filled, like you know a bag that's filled with rice or something and it's just busting at the seams and somebody stabs it and it releases all the pressure. Right? And sometimes actually in surgery

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Doctors, sometimes they see a swelling or something that's, you know, that's just really expanding, and they want to release the pressure, the dentist wants to release the pressure. So they'll actually make an incision and release the blood, when it releases a lot of the pressure. So the tool that's used to just make a sliver, and release the heavy pressure, pressure and make it lighter, again, that's actually called an issue. And in ancient times, Now, the reason I took time to get into this word and its origin is because Allah remarkably, when he's talking about whatever's in the chest, and he uses the word shelf up, or she fought here, and Shiva is in the context, what comes in

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your mind when you when you think of healing, you think of disease, right. And when we think of disease, we want the disease to be completely removed. Right? She thought only my first sudo that should be is herbal Emerald, it should be the removal of all diseases, right? But Allah did not say what it happened. He refers to the removal of what is in the chest, he said she fought for what is in the chest. And as you can tell from the etymology, it is the release of pressure, it is not the removal of pressure, it is the lightening of the burden, it is not the elimination of the burden, that doesn't eliminate your burden. What that means is actually most of what we suffer from in small

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quantities is actually necessary.

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You know, all the emotions that we have, for example, and all the physical like, you know, if somebody has a bacterial infection, for example, bacterial infection, no sigh no rocket science necessary, comes from bacteria. But our body is filled with trillions of bacteria.

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There are, you know, there are bacteria that we do need to function, our body's machinery is made up of them. So in the one on one quantity, they're a necessary component of life. But above that measure, then they become a sickness, then they become a burden, right? The same way, every one of our emotions actually in some measure is a necessary part of being a functional human being, you're supposed to have anger at some things, if you're never angry about anything, that's also a psychological problem. You're supposed to be something's upsetting things should upset you. If nothing upsets you, you've got this, you know, psychopathic disorder of some kind, because something

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should be disturbing to you. They're sad news that doesn't make you sad at all you feel nothing towards it, there's a there's that's a problem, because sadness actually is a necessary emotion. So when Allah uses the word Ma, is sudo. It's really beautiful. Because the word ma is an assemble salute. And this is also this considered Mohammed's open ended. So Allah is saying, whatever is in the chest, he gave she fought for, and that whatever is different for you than it is for me. And it may be that the sadness inside me is above the normal, quite healthy quantity. But the anger inside you is above the normal, healthy quantity. It may be that for someone else, distraction, or you

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know, their, their, their desire for entertainment, there's some at some level, all of us want to have some fun, always want to be entertained, but that that desire is above the normal quantity. Right or this seriousness is above the normal quantity. There there become a workaholic above the normal quantity, or their love for one child is above the normal quantity. And the other child is feeling like they're not loved at all. Good emotions, or bad ones can go above the normal range, you understand. And so for each of us, we have a different kind of imbalance that we struggle with, that we tend to have. And what Allah is saying is in his words, what he has revealed to us is a healing

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to undo the excess that we may get into and bring us back within like within healthy limits. And this is part of the meaning of the word really beautiful meaning of the word Shiva. The other remarkable thing about Shiva having the neck here on it, and then we non Shiva own now a Shiva, the manifest sudo. That would mean one prescription solves all drug all diseases, right? But when you say she found one, there is an ambiguity and a greatness that is implied. What that means is, first of all, this healing, this release of pressure is remarkable. Second of all, you don't exactly know how it works or what exactly it is, you don't know which idea will solve which problem necessarily.

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You can come up with your own prescription for you know, when you have this problem, read this idea and your problem will go away actually for a believer, and this is the beautiful history of Islam. The believer would recite the Quran with contemplation and they would shockingly discover that the thing that they were suffering from the thing that was plaguing them, they found the the answer to it surprisingly, in an IRA they never expected or in a story they never expected or in the hope but they never thought would have the solution to what they're going through. Right? The idea just pinpointed laser pointed there. So you know, we've got we've developed this culture, hey, by the

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way, if you have this sickness, read this. I have this many times

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That's sort of that many times and we've created a cron prescription service. Right? It's in many cultures in the world, right? And then that's what what that does is it takes our ability to our appreciation of the Qurans really unknown power of healing an unknown power of release for you, it takes that away because you think only these ions have the solution, the other ion just for information purposes, no, the healing endocrine can come from anywhere. It can come from any part of the book, as you're as you're sincerely seeking that healing and that release so that's the other side of Shiva Lima for sudo. That's important to mention. Then, what is its relationship with the

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overall subject which is the conclusion of these two IOP is going to be where I started, I began decaf and Yahoo right they should be overjoyed the series this foot, the series of habits is called where does happiness come from? And we're going back and looking at the building blocks of happiness, and the first of them was Kanyakumari bottom, the Rubicon that you have to have some source of real serious well meant counsel in your life that can put you in check. The second one is actually this shifa healing. She fought with Lima for sudo. And the the, this idea of Shiva actually is associated in pretty much any culture also in the Arabic language, with Dawa. With that, so Shiva

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is the conclusion that what is the means, right? So you would think that the Quran is like medicine, right? The Quran is because you Nobody gives you Tylenol or you know, whatever you call it in different cultures for headaches, right? Nobody gives you ibuprofen, and says, this is your healing. This is not the healing. This is the medicine which will lead to the healing. That's not the healing itself. It's the means to it. But what did Allah do with the Quran, he didn't say, this is the medicine that will lead to the healing, he called it, the healing itself was interesting, isn't it, because the thing itself is not supposed to be the healing. It's supposed to be what happens

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afterwards. This is Allah's way of giving us a guarantee, unlike any other procedure, and look unlike any other medication. And like any other Council, if the slave of Allah turns to their to their master sincerely, and seeks to be healed, there is no way they will be denied. They're not just gonna be given medication, they will be given the actual healing, they will be given the complete healing, and whatever is out of balance will be brought back inside of balance. What's also remarkable here, when Allah says she fought with Lima for sudo, Allah has solved a really big mystery for us, most of our problems, most of what we suffer from, is actually a huge part of what

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we suffer from is inside of ourselves. It's actually deep inside of our own selves. Let me just give you a couple of quick examples of how the Quran can be shipped out for you and me.

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Sometimes, someone can be, you know, not figured themselves out, really not be able to say why, you know, if I just, I'm so anxious, COVID happen. And then I got left back, couldn't finish my semester, and I couldn't finish this project. And I don't know what I'm going to get to be able to get to finish. If I could just finish it, I would be so happy. If I would just get there, then you know, and there day and night, they're thinking about what they couldn't finish, because you know, life threw a curveball, right? And so now they're like, how am I going to make that work out. And if only that worked out, then I would be happy. And for a lot of for example, sometimes I've had many

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conversations with families, women say I'm really depressed, if I just had a baby, I would be so happy.

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And then before baby, if I was if I just got married, I'd be so happy. If I could just get married, I know I'm really depressed right now. If I could just get married, I'll be really happy. Or if I just have a baby, I'll be really happy. And you know what you'll discover for a lot of people inshallah comes true. But then this, then they'll get even more depressed afterwards and say, I thought after I get, I have a baby, I'll be happy. Now I have a baby, I'm happy, but I'm still depressed. Now what do I do?

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You don't know I'm still not happy. Because we what we do is we tie happiness to these things, right? And we get them. And they may come with moments of happiness. But then you're back to who you actually were. Why? Because it wasn't the baby or the marriage or the job or the grid. That wasn't the problem. The problem was something inside your chest. So you're trying to change everything outside to solve the problem, while the problem was always inside. And so Allah doesn't come out and say he will solve your outside problems. Because actually outside problems disappear or become much more manageable and no longer become crippling and overwhelming when you solve what's happening deep

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inside. When you solve what's happening deep inside, so an easy example.

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That, again is, you know, just because gratitude,

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gratitude, you know, there, there was a time for many of you where you were in very bad financial situation, you're in a very, very bad tough spot. And if you it's hard for you to remember how stressed out you used to be at the time over things like money, things like paying the bills, things like the water, things like the electricity, things like the groceries, you know, all the forget about future plans, you can't even plan for the next week. That's how bad things were. And then Allah takes you out of that, and he brings you into a new situation. And now you have those problems, Allah solved. Those impossible problems Allah solved. Some of you were so sick that the

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doctors had given up. And then Allah brings you back to life. You're back to normal again. And after being seeing what, you know, true deprivation looks like true financial deprivation, health deprivation. Three years later, you're really upset that you know, you couldn't get that house. Or you or you you couldn't get that promotion or whatever, like these things compared to the problem that you used to have. These things are not reason by comparison. They're not reasons to be upset. They're not reasons to be sad. But how would you keep that perspective, right? Because it's a loss of perspective, isn't it? It's just a person needs to be as it's hard for somebody else to keep

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coming and telling you, by the way, look at the bigger picture, look at where you used to be look at? No, because when you hear from people, you're like, you don't know what I'm going through. But what does Kron do? When you're when you study Allah's word, then he keeps putting you in your place, and PD putting me in my place, and keeps reminding me what he's done for me, and how far he's brought me. And he then he shows me people that were given a lot more than I was. And they were still humble. And he was me people that were given a lot less than I was, and they were still grateful. And he keeps showing me these things and showing I keep getting exposed to them. I'm

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praying with those words, I'm hearing those words, I'm contemplating those words. And you know what it's doing, it's healing my way of thinking, my emotional process. It's easing my own frustration. It's calming me down. It's relaxing. Things that used to give me high stress no longer become high stress. I often say this, I don't know if I've said it in Hobart recently, but I want you to think of it as Allah has honored human beings. Without any of them he honored us, right? He honored the children of Adam. And one of the most amazing things that he gave us that he did not give other creatures is actually our emotions, what happens inside of our chests. other creatures cannot feel

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the level of hope and sadness and you know, thinking about the future and you know, contemplating the past the the way we can use our minds and the way it affects our emotions, yes, a dog can be sad, sure. But you can go outside and yell at a bird, it's not gonna, I'm gonna get depressed, it's just gonna fly off, or my dirty or car or something, I'd take revenge, I don't know. But like, the idea it's not, it doesn't have the emotional complexity that you have. And so Allah has given this human being this profound gift of what goes on inside of their chest. That gift should not be considered cheap. It's an expensive gift. So don't spend your emotions on things that aren't worth

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Think about what I'm saying, don't spend your emotions and on things that aren't worth this is what Quran teaches you. This is how it heals you. Because there are some people who say things to you, but hearing their words and letting them get to you and then letting them relive in your mind and your heart over and over and over again. Your emotions are too expensive to be you know, contaminated by just someone who said insensitive words, they're too expensive for that. your your your anger should be. Anger is unnecessary emotion. But it should be expressed a things that are actually worth it. It's too expensive to waste on. Where's the water, who left the door open.

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Still, your emotions are too expensive for that. Don't allow yourself to get invested in things that don't matter. And this is actually one of the great healings of the Quran. Allah doesn't just give us counsel, he heals us in that he gives us bigger perspective. He gives us bigger perspective. So things that usually stress you out usually frustrate you usually circle in your mind and don't let go. You start letting them go, that release happens and you feel relieved. You get to, you know alladhina asaba, tomo Ciba Carlo in Manila, he was neither here or geralyn you know, those when a calamity strikes them, they just declared we certainly we belong to a line to Him alone, we're going

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to return their response to any calamity is this is not a calamity. For

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Getting that we have to return to Allah, that would be the calamity. That would be the tragedy this What was this? I used to have something and now we don't have it. Okay, well, I myself belong to Allah, I don't even own myself. So why am I so worried about some possession? Right? within limits, we should be frustrated within limits, we should express our emotions. But how do we not go beyond those limits. And by the way, when we do go out of beyond those limits, some of the ironically, some of the saddest people I've ever seen are people that keep saying, I just want to be happy.

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This is the saddest people I've ever met. Because they keep running after this thing they can't catch, right? And the thing that you want is actually all about Nina. It's a it's a calmness in your heart. That's what Allah is offering in His Word. What she thought only Memphis will do. I should have said this last week, but I'm going to say it this week in sha Allah, is that we, you don't you can't expect that you just open up the translation of the Quran. You start reading, like I heard this quote by Noah, I'm ready to heal myself and I'm just gonna start reading. You're like nothing happened. I read like three pages, nothing happened. How do I do this? You know, it doesn't work for

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me. Maybe it works for others, it doesn't work for me. Right? There's a legacy that is associated with the Quran. The Quran was not given to the best generation who needed healing for their hearts to it wasn't given to them in the form of a book. It was given to them in the form of a messenger sallallahu Sallam who would speak to them.

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So they didn't just experience words, they experienced the person with whom they shared those words. And the companions understood the human dimension of sharing Allah's word. So you know what they did, or what will happen, for example, the alojado established circles where people would study Quran together,

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and you'll make sure that these circles flourish, you have to become part of something where you're engaging the word of a lot together, you're contemplating the word of Allah together, and if you can't find a circle, somewhere to go, then sit with your family and do it. And when your son and your daughter, your wife, your husband, when they have questions and they don't understand that seek out the answers but contemplate together, seek it together. But you just sitting by yourself and thinking that if that will happen, it can happen but that's at the core legacy of this is actually people helping each other look at even socialist and hackers the Quran and Huck a one of the most

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common tafasitamab of the word and help in so colossal is the Quran. But what does Allah say what the law so we'll have the council each other will hug. So this is the healing but the medicine part of it. The process part of it is actually one be engaged with the book with each other, get that data sooner who may know whom the prophets I said I would say they sit in this study together

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in their image, and then angels surround them and tranquility descends on them. Now that starts making sense how this is Shiva Lima for sudo. Right? I can tell you just a personal anecdote, and I'll conclude I used to, but when I first became like, interested in the study of the haoran, I didn't know much about the religion at all, at all. I had a lot of friends, most of my friends were non Muslim, we hung out all the time, we used to just spend time playing basketball, when I was in high school and play basketball six, seven hours a day, like after school until like one two in the morning house in the park playing ball with these guys, right? We spent a lot of time together, we

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talked about all kinds of things that shall not be shared and all about but we had all kinds of conversations, right? And then I became curious about the Koran. And one of the things that I did that I attended was there was a program in a Masjid in New York, that we literally stayed in the masjid for a week. And we wake up pray fudger have breakfast. And then we studied the Quran a little bit together, not under heavy to seriously just discuss the Koran together, and take a break and discuss together then take a break and discuss together and then I'd go to college in between go to work and come back and we discuss again. And it was like a seven day experience like that, right?

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And I can tell you, that was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

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Not for what I learned, but for what I felt in here.

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For what I felt like I know for a fact, my emotional programming completely changed because of that week.

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It completely changed. There were some things that I recognized in myself, or part of my wiring, that were keeping me from being free. And by the way, freedom is very closely associated with happiness. Right? They were keeping me contained. There were no chains on me. And I felt like those chains were removed. When I spent that time.

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It was through the word of Allah and through those friends and through those mentors, that we're sharing the word of Allah, they don't even know that they do and that's the funny thing. They don't know that they're doing that. They don't realize

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They're doing that it's the word of Allah that's doing it. All we're doing is just sharing it with each other. And then it has this default divine effect of healing that is beyond imagination. And that's Shiva only MFI sudo This is something we have to bring back into our society. This is something that is needed because we are all in need of that feeling of release that release of pressure that is inside of our hearts by hearing Allah's word being shared with each other we don't know the same the same foot but could affect one person in one way or another person in a completely other way. Because what is Matthew slip somebody he is different from Matthew, somebody here is

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completely different, right? And the way that if I hit what part of these words hit how they hit a lonely nose, that's for Allah azza wa jal to know. So that's my genuine advice to all of you is to is to institute that in your lives. Just like we worry about eating healthy just like we worry about, you know, good sleeping habits. That's why we worry about good financial habits saving properly right security habits lock the door when you come, you take care of things that's that's life, you have to take care of things. Well you have to take care of your spiritual joy and one of the ways to do that is to institute that in your life. So I pray that you're able to do that and

00:31:15--> 00:31:23

make that a, you know a legacy you can even leave behind for your children. While you will not compete for it again, when a family will come when it was

00:31:28--> 00:31:40

time to relax, or select or solo more than anybody who lived in Osaka sofa husana Fahim Mohammed Mohammed Al Ameen. What other early he was happy he is very calm. Allahu xojo figured

00:31:41--> 00:32:00

out the villa in ministry ecology in Mala Mala eco you saw lunarlon Navy, yeah, you 100 in amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Buddhists Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camisa later on earlier for him I feel I mean in Mohammed Majeed Allahumma barik ala Mohammed Ali Muhammad

00:32:01--> 00:32:19

Ali Ibrahim affilaite me in the middle Majid about Allah. Allah, Allah. In the layout model will I do a live show where you're at the quarterback weigh in here and in fascia you will Mancha will adekola en la jolla noble metal stars of Minnesota in NA salata can have many indicators on mobile