Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 232A Translation Ya-Sin 13-32

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to sell Dr l su to heal Karim amerit For Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim are Bish roughly you saw that you were Sidley Emery. What on earth letter melissani of Kahuku. The Robina xinerama.

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Lesson number 233. So what you're seeing is number 13, to 32. Translation, what grip and strike law home for them. My Salon and example. US have of companions, I'll call you of the town of the dwelling

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is when Jaha came to it, almost Musa don't, the messengers

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is when all of a sudden now we sent la him to them, if name to circa the boomer, but They belied them to Farzana. So we strengthened, be fairly thin, with a third for Kalu so they said, in indeed we delay come to you, Marissa don't messengers, ones who are sent

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or no, they said, man, not until you all in there except by Sharon, human beings, men

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Miss Luna like us. Warmer and not unzila He sent down a man the Most Merciful min che in from anything

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in not unto you all Illa except that the Boone you all lie

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although they said, Rob buena, our year Alemu he knows in there indeed we la con do you all Lemoore saloon surely messengers

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warmer and not our Lena upon us Illa except Albula the conveying a movie in the clear.

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Although they said in there, indeed we do play Yumna we consider an evil omen become with you, let in surely if love is not done to who you will cease. Leonard Juma Nakum. Surely we will definitely stone you. Well, I am a Santa comb, and surely it will definitely touch you. Men now from us. Are there been a punishment? A Lehman painful?

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Kalu they said, for it will come. Your evil omen? Mera Kaam is with you?

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In what, indeed? What? In indeed? The key to you all were reminded. You all were advised. Bail rather. And don't you all? How much are people? Mystery phone? Ones who exceed ones who transgress?

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What Yeah. And he came main from a cosa for this part. El Medina of the city for June a man Yes, he was running Allah He said, Yeah. Oh, my people, it who you all follow, Al mousseline the messengers. It who? You all follow, man who? Law not? Yes, Aluko, he asks you agilon any reward? Well, whom and they are the ones who are rightly guided,

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warmer, and what or warmer and not leave for me. Law not

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our Buddha, I worship

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Allah the the one who sought Hourani, He created me what la he and to him toward your own. You all will be returned.

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Shall at Duffy's tuxedo, I take I adopt men from Dooney he other than him early her done gods in if you read any He intends with me a rush man the Most Merciful, below rain with a harm learn not Dagny it avails it benefits our need from me shefa to home their intercession che anything wala and not uniquely Dhoni they can rescue me they can save me in the indeed I Eden then Luffy surely in Berlin astraying more been clear in need. Indeed I am and two I have believed build become with your Rob

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First marooning so you all listen to me Taylor it was said or the whole enter Odeon the paradise honor he said yeah later I wish that oh me my people you're on the moon they know be mad because of what

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he forgave leave for me Rob be my Rob Wodeyar Eleni and he made me men from a local mean those who are honored

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warmer and not and Zelner We sent down Allah upon oh me he his people men from bar d after him men from June then any army Mina summer from the sky. Warmer and not gonna we were onesie lean wants to send down

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in not gannets. It was INLA. Except, say hittin a shout. A scream where she didn't single one for either. Then suddenly

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home they call me Don't once extinguished. One silenced.

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Yeah ye has certain or regret or sorrow.

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Allah upon Allah rebored the servants. MA Not yet de him. It comes to them. He comes to them, men from Rasul in any messenger Allah except Gano they were busy with him yesterday as the own day Mark

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Allen did not Euro they see come. How many are Lucknow we have destroyed our villa home before them. Men from Al Quran the towns the generations

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under home that indeed de la him do them. They're not your dear. They will return

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what in and indeed

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cologne all llama except for lemma surely

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gemmy are on altogether ladina near us

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Varun once presented

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Well good evening

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is our son

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man who

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Mubi Paul Oh in

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Palo Alto

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mostly Bon

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Jovi is

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Debbie signing it

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the from Bonnie your healer he told

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me early on II already in your Walkman

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to Nisha to learn

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in me than less Luffy you've

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been in ni

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Toby about vehicle

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dealer the whole engine

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dump on me.

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follow me

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on any mean mean

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he me

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you wanna

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clean it again?

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He didn't either home for me too. Yeah. Hassan's.

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Maya Dini never was holding a gun only he is his own.

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Gio, we're in Cologne,

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